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Epic Rap Battles of Dragonball Fanon Wiki (ドラゴンボールファノンウィキアの壮大なラップバトル, Doragonbōrufanon'u~ikia no sōdaina rappubatoru) is a one-on-one series created by Guysponge22. It will feature characters from the official Dragon Ball animes as well as user-created characters. Once battles are finished, you can choose who you think won that battle. To make a request go here. As of October 2012, Guysponge22 is no longer editing, and instead, the series will be ran by TeamUnitedNerds. Note: Episodes might contain swearing; also, non-linked episode titles are not yet confirmed as episodes.


Season 1[]

  1. Justin Chatwin's Goku vs. Kid Goku
  2. Bulma vs. Emmy Rossum's Bulma
  3. Android 18 vs. The Benefactor
  4. Bulma vs. Krillin
  5. Kid Buu vs. Majin Buu
  6. Ledas vs. KidVegeta's Frieza
  7. Vegeta vs. Nappa
  8. Shenron vs. K.M. Richardson's Shenron
  9. Justin Chatwin's Goku vs. Kid Goku REMATCH
  10. KidVegeta's Prince Vegeta vs. KidVegeta's King Vegeta
  11. Kid Gohan vs. Kid Trunks

Season 2[]

Season 2 is not confirmed by the creators, and will only be created based on the popularity of Season 1

Special Guest Writers[]

More soon!

User battles[]

User battles are one-on-one raps between two users. The users must write their raps, otherwise a new user will be suggested.