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Emperor Shisaku

Emperor Shisaku

Dragonball: Raiden Chronicles Episode 1 The Beginning of Chaos
Appears in
Dragonball: Raiden Chronicles
Birth Date
Age 200
Raiza (Son)

Rukara (Son)

Oraku (General)
141 lbs.

Emperor Shisaku is a Changeling, father of Raiza and Rukara and the emperor of most of the known universe, Shisaku ruled the Saiyan planet, Saiya, over many years and over time he realised that the more they suffered the more powerful they became and was worried that they become powerful enough to overthrow so he ordered the extermination of the Saiyans.


Not much is known about Shisaku's past, only that he hungers for power so he began his empire. He spent all of his life conquering planets and destroyed those who stood in his way, one day he came across Planet Saiya but before he could purge it the king offered the services of the saiyans in exchange that he spares them. Shisaku ruled the planet for many years along with his two sons Raiza and Rukara, over the years he began to notice the saiyans getting stronger after every mission so he decided to do research on them and learned that saiyans become stronger after every near fatal injury then he discovered a legend about a saiyan with unbelievable power; this worried Shisaku because if the saiyans became powerful enough they could overthrow him so he ordered their extermination. But then King Satoshi confronts Shisaku only to be killed by Raiza, then Shisaku was confronted by a low class named Rokai. Shisaku decided to fight him because Rokai defeated Oraku, one of his generals, but Rokai was no match for him. Then Shisaku killed Rokai and destroyed Planet Saiya. Shisaku then had Raiza search for Raiden and Kuro; when Raiza asked why Shisaku then told him the reason why then one of Raiza's scouts came and told them thy found Raiden and Kuro on a planet called Earth. Shisaku decided to go to Earth bu was stopped by his son Rukara, Rukara was able to convince his father to let him go instead and to give him some of his Generals so he could test his "Secret Weapon" then Rukara departed for Earth.


Shisaku is a large humanoid figure with purple skin and blue sections on his legs, shoulders, chest and head and he has a long purple tail.


Shisaku is ruthless, evil and power hungry he will not show the slightest bit of mercy and he's convinced he's the most powerful being in the universe. But he fears the Saiyans, ever since he learned of the Super Saiyan legend and since he grows weaker due to his age he's worried that a Super Saiyan will rise soon and that's why he killed off their race.


  • Flight- the ability to fly through the use of ki.
  • Hell beam- Shisaku's signature attack where he fires a black and red beam out of his finger.
  • Hell ball- One of Shisaku's most powerful attacks where he raises his index and a large black energy ball covered with red lightning appears this technique is so powerful it can destroy planets.