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Toriko Emperor Land Shark

Emperor Land Shark

Unlike the regular King Land Shark, the Emperor Land Shark was saved by the Saiseya Ganchoku, who enhanced the abilities of the King Land Shark to what it is seen today. Unlike regular King Land Sharks, the Emperor Land Shark is easily more than thrice the size of the regular version, being 18 kilometers long and 12 kilometers tall. Its strength is also far greater than that of the Derous Dragon, and can easily wipe the floor with Bisani Toribra’s Nitros, proving that this Emperor is one level above the rest. The Emperor Land Shark is also capable of fighting on par with all of Bisani Toribra’s pets, most notably his Dharma Horse.


It has a blue tinge to it, unlike regular King Land Sharks, which are beige in colour.


It has an absurd strength for its species, and has mastered Food Pressure, strengthening its own will and strength. The Emperor Land Shark has powerful regenerative capabilities, and more importantly highly dense musculature, being capable of thrashing through the toughest of Anti-Ki with casual ease. The Emperor Land Shark weighs a total of 40 Quintillion tons, and each step shakes the landscape of the Primordial Gourmet World. Its speed is also something to behold, as it is so quick that it does not make a sound despite its astounding mass and bulk, requiring only the slightest of touches to kick off into relativistic speeds.

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