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Emiko is the daughter of Arashi and Nicole. Despite being a Saiyan hybrid she does not have the ability to turn Super Saiyan. She is also the sister of Ryuu. In her childhood, Emiko had longer hair with a red bow in her hair. She also possessed a tail similar to Arashi. Emiko is a skilled fighter and has been described as "tomboyish" just like most of the females in her family, as she was trained by Cream Corn. Her family lives in Shigai Valley, but the government has her address listed as EST 0825 Sardine Way. She has her trademark shaggy hair, fighting gloves with a white tank top, yellow/green undershirt, and black tights.


Emiko was apparently born sometime after the arrival of Vegeta on Planet Earth, though it is never specified. It is revealed however that she is the younger sibling, being born after her brother Ryuu. Her alternate timeline counterpart differs from her greatly. Future Emiko is a great deal more hostile and less affectionate towards others due to the Neo-Saiyan takeover that would create the timeline she resides in. The normal Emiko is a caring person and was trained in discipline by Cream Corn and her father's family. Emiko visually takes inspiration from Cream Corn's early appearance. 

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