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Raditz super saiyan 3 by Gothax

Super Saiyan Edrik training with Vegeta.

Edrik came in the Frieza jr. saga. Edrik was trying to become a super Saiyan but he needed training. So he trained with Master Roshi. While training with Master Roshi, Saiyans attacked Earth. It was terrible. Later, Edrik was a teen. He entered a world tournament. Edrik lost at the world tournament because he got beat up by this kid named Timothy. It was a good fight. So Edrik trained harder. After a few years later he entered a world tournament again. This time he passed the semi-finals and finals and he won the trophy. Timothy lost. After the tournament, something good happened. Guess what? Edrik was a Super Saiyan.

Teen Goten DB Multiverse by JaworPL

This is timothy the one who beat Edrik.


This is Edrik when he was a teen