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Echoing Effect
Manga name Echoing Effect
Debut Prince Vegeta Saga
Appears in Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten
The Great Sushi-Eating Contest
Inventor The Benefactor
Users The Benefactor
Class Ki
Color Colorless

Echoing Effect (エコイングエフェクト, Ekoingu Efekto) is a sub-type of the ki-based effect "Aura of Fear". This technique is purely unconscious - an imprint of The Benefactor's ki signature is left on all planets he has ever visited. When Ledas absorbed some of The Benefactor's power, he was then able to see these visions of the alien on several different planets. It is unknown if The Benefactor could see any visions of himself, but it is unlikely. As of The Great Sushi-Eating Contest, The Benefactor seemed to have gained some conscious control over this power and used it to harass Ledas on Earth, even though he was many light-years away. He was even able to conceal his Echoing Effect within the form of humans he had previous killed.

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