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Dyon is the main protagonist of Dragonball ROS.

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Vital statistics
Homeworld: Earth/Planet Gorg/Planet Vegeta
Species: Saiyan
Gender: Male
Birthdate: Feb. 2, 600BNG
Date of Death: Alive(varies)
Height: 5'3"
Hair Color: Black(Yellow when Super Saiyan 1 - 3)
Personal Weapons Systems
Chronological & Political Information


Father: Satur(Desceased)

Mother: Kanze (Desceased)

Son: Shiru

Wife: Iewjin


Dyon was born on Planet Vegeta. With a rebellion on the horizon, the Saiyans sent him to Planet Gorg. There, he learned how to Firebend, Airbend, Earthbend, and Waterbend. In the year 0 ANG/BNG, a Genocide accurded,many of Neon's men lost their lives but every Gorgian were killed. Dyon escaped the planet's explosion in the nick of time.

Dragon ball z budokai tenkaichi 3 conceptart dPdFJ

This is Dyon in his Super Saiyan Transformation

Earth Years

15 years later, he arrives on earth and is attacked by an Alien Hunter named: Ryoushi Iseijin. They fight and Iseijin falls for Dyon. They then got married in 20ANG. They had a child named Shiru. In the years of peace, Nemecko creates a new Sharingan Attack known as the Multicolored Sharingan Death Cannon. But deep under the earth, the terrible evil that led to the end of DBZ reawakes but not as a fat eatting machine but as a bratty little kid: Kid Buu. The EX-Fighters sping into action but are qucikly defeated by the youth's incrediable power. Kybestu uses the demon inside of him and kills Buu but with a few injuries; nothing major.

SSJ2 Dyon

This is SSJ2 Dyon, he acheves this during the Revenge

Back to the Past

A year after the Kid Buu incident, a young lad by the name of (Future) Shiru arrives in the past. He discusses a terrible future of Pain and Suffery being released. He explains that in this point of history only him survives. And just as Shiru depicked; the evil has arrived. Pain vs. Kybestu and Suffery vs. Shiru. Shiru was badly wonded but not only him but the Sharingan. So Nemecko took him out. Kybestu was already done with him.

Wa Tong City The Elementists have arrived in Wa Tong City and they kill everybody and escape into Old Wa Tong City. The EX-Fighters arrive and they battle it out underneith the city, sadly just as Dyon enters the Saiyan State, he is shot down by Fury. Dyon is sent into the Spirit World.

Spirit World In the Spirit World, he meets: Koga, Kontan, Shinzui, and finally, Gugen. He connects with them but they warn him to use the Saiyan State if it is an emergency. He returns to earth and explains whatr happen.

Revenge: Dyon seeks revenge, and he get's it. He attacks the Elementalist off guard and kills them but one, the leader: Fury. Dyon leads Fury to the beach and claims that since it's a full moon, his bending is at it's peek. Fury doesn't believe him and is killed becuase of it.

The Finally: Dyon enters a tournment that decides the strogest warrior ever. He defeats everyone except Hamachi. Hamachi fights through a hard and tough challenge. But finally, asks Dyon if he could train him by using the elements. He agrees and the leave the tournament. Never to be seen or heard from again.

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