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Dram was the right-hand man of Gurt.

After the Saiyan Abduc killed Gurt's son and rampaged throughout the planet, Gurt sent Dram to subdue the mad warrior and kill him. However, Dram was dominated by Abduc, who fought him in his Ascended Super Saiyan form.

Dram was mortally wounded in battle and was left unconscious. Abduc then left him to die, not knowing that Dram's alien race has a great healing factor.

Dram awoke to find that Abduc had killed Gurt, and was spotted by the Saiyan. Out of utter fear that he might be killed, Dram joined forces with Abduc, and so did all the surviving soldiers of Gurt.


Dram is a cruel, sadistic warrior. His joy is brought about by the sheer thought of death and destruction. However, when faced against someone more powerful than he, Dram uses dirty tactics in order to survive, as he fears death greatly.

Power level[]

His power nearly matches to that of a Super Saiyan.



  • Hammer Time: Dram uppercuts the opponent high in the air, flies up as well, punches his back hard, then finishes him off with a double axe handle.
  • Treachery Blast: Dram gets painfully punched by his opponent in the face, then begs for forgiveness. Just as the enemy pauses his attack, or taunts, Dram will fire a Lichek.
  • Lichek: Dram will fire a green energy ball the size of a plate.
  • Bombades: Dram will perform an extremely powerful Super Explosive Wave.
  • Phaemar: Dram will spit out an acidic liquid that not only burns anything it touches, but vaporizes it and envelops it in ghastly pain.


  • Dram's name is derived from the musical instrument known as the drum.