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Drako father of Shoran and Kaizu

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"Even if you kill me now someone even stronger will rise up and defeat you, and that someone is my son Shoran"
— Drako to Icer

Drako is a Saiyan warrior born on the planet Saiya, He is the father of Shoran and Kaizu. He was destroyed along with planet Saiya and the saiyans that were on the planet at the time.


Drako is the father of Shoran and Kaizu, one day after mission he overheard two of Icer's grunts talking about his plan to destroy the Saiyans. Drako was shocked and tried to sneak away to tell the king but he stepped on a twig and the grunts heard the sound and attacked. Drako easily defeated them told the king, King Roku decided to confront Icer about it but he was killed when Icer fired a hell beam at his heart. Meanwhile Drako received a transmission from his son Shoran who was being attacked by Icer's grunts. Drako rushed to his rescue, luckily he made in time and killed the soldiers but his son was badly injured so he put some coordinates in his pod and sent his son away to safety. Drako returned to planet Saiya, rallied an army and rushed to Icer's base on the moon near the planet. While his army fought off the soldiers, Drako fought Icer. Surprisingly they were evenly matched but Icer decided to get serious, he killed Drako with a Hell Ball and it destroyed the planet.


Drako is tall muscular, he has spicky black hair, he was wearing red and black armour, a green scouter and a red headband.


Drako was a serious man, like his son he enjoyed a good fight. He was also very distant, he has been ever since his oldest son Kaizu was presumed dead after a planet explosion, making him very protective of Shoran.