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#7 (unamed)
Hosted By World Tournament Announcer
Ox King
Eliminated Fasha
Challenge Survive in the forest
Winner Everyone except Fasha and Videl
Writer of Episode Baby Luigi Chomps

Back to our story!

17: So, what happened?

Ox King and World Tournament Announcer: Today are challenge is to survive! Go!

Fasha: I'm scared I won't survive...

Kid Gohan: Dad!

Goku: Gohan!

Kid Gohan: I'm safe, please protect me!

Goku: Okay.

Piccolo: Gohan?

Kid Gohan: Mr. Piccolo?

Videl: Gohan!

Gohan: Videl!

Teen Gohan: Where's my broccoli?

Goten: Gohan? Gohan? Gohan?

Gohan: Goten!

Gohan: Didn't see you in a while Goten.

Kid Trunks: Goten?

Fasha: What will happen to me, Bardock?

Bardock: Go away, please.

An unknown animal looks at Fasha and Videl.

Videl: Uh oh...


Fasha and Videl didn't survive until the brush part.

World Tournament Announcer: I have some brushes in here, so if you don't get one, you are out.

Ox King and the Announcer wait.

Ox King: Yamcha.

Fasha and Videl's eyes open up with fierce.

Ox King: We have one brush left, so if you don't get a brush, you're out!

Ox King: ...

World Tournament Announcer: ...

Ox King: Videl.

Fasha then get's up and walks up.

World Tournament Announcer and Ox King: Sorry Fasha.