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#4 (unamed)
Hosted By World Tournament Announcer
Ox King
Eliminated Great Saiyawoman
Challenge Find the big stick
Winner Kid Gohan
Writer of Episode Baby Luigi Chomps

18: What?

World Tournament Announcer: Our challenge is to find the biggest stick!

Kid Gohan: Dad, will I be okay?

Goku: You could do it Gohan, I love you, son.

Great Saiyawoman: F*ck! Goku and Little Gohan are in love!!!!!!!!!!

World Tournament Announcer: Go!

Kid Gohan: Got it!

World Tournament Announcer: Kid Gohan won this challenge!

Everybody: *cheers*

Kid Gohan: I love you dad and Mom. Thank you, everyone!

Goku and Chi Chi: We love you too, Gohan! Congrats!

World Tournament Announcer: I have only some brushes in here. When I call your name, you are safe. The person who does not recieve one...

Ox King: Will walk in a car to the forest of losers.

Ox King: I am going to pick Kid Gohan first sins he won the challenge!

Ox King: Videl! Goku! Teen Gohan's! Ultimate and Future Gohan! Chichi! He gives one to everybody except Great Saiyawoman, Android 18, Krillin and GT Vegeta.

Ox King: I only have 3 left. The person who does not get one will walk to the FOREST OF LOSERS!

Ox King: GT Vegeta! Krillin!

The remaining ones were 18 and Saiyawoman Videl.

World Tournament Announcer and Ox King: We only have one brush left. The person who does not get one will walk to the forest of losers.

Krillin was wishing for 18 to get it, so he shaked his head very fast.

Ox King: Android 18!

Krillin: 18!

Great Saiyawoman: I had enough! I am F**CKIN LEAVING THIS PLACE FOREVEEER!!!!! (She slaps Ox King)

Kid Gohan, Goku and Chi Chi: He hehe!

Kid Gohan: Mom, Dad how are you doing?

Goku and Chi Chi: Good! We love you, son!

Kid Gohan: Thank you. I love you, too.

kid Gohan hugs his parents. The End.