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This article, Dragonball tenkaichi z, takes place in an alternate universe or timeline,
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dragonball tenakaichi z takes place in an alternate timeline from the dragonball world.

Evil Gogeta

zaken, in his dark ssj form

it starts out when zaiko kills golen, the father of gogen. later on gogen meets senzai, who helps him on his missions. and then they come across a guy named zaken, who is evil in the first place but was being controlled by sankaio, and evil mastermind supirior to the fault of golens death. so they go on a quest to defeat zaiko, sankaio and the evil man behind all of this, GOHAN.

SSJ5 Rigor

sankaio's evil super saiyan state 7, the final state

Vegeta ssj5 by 9TS

vegeta's golden ssj4 tutorial for gogen