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This article, Dragonball Xz: The Legend of the Red Star Dragonballs, is the property of dark TRUNKS.

Dragonball Xz: The Legend of the Red Star Dragonballs is the 1st movie in Dragonball Xz. It takes place immediately after the dark TRUNKS Saga and is the canonical follow-up to the story. It aired on tv as a 3 part episode, editted together into a full length movie which was released immedaitely after the 3rd and final episode of the mobie.


Goku is in a coma from using the Enraged Saiyan form in his battle against dark TRUNKS. Vegeta, Trunks, Gohan, Goten, and Piccolo travel across the universe in search of the legendary Red Star Dragonballs, the only Dragonballs in the entire universe capable of wishing Goku back.



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