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Dragonball Xz: Episode 75 by The dark TRUNKS

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Dragonball Xz: Dark Chill is a video game tie-in for the Lord Chill Saga and is the second video game for Dragonball Xz. It is the fifth game in the Legacy of Goku line, following Dark Smog.


It begins with a bunch of cutscenes at Gokuy's house & Dende's Lookout giving exposition. Vegeta, Gohan, Goten, Trunks, & Piccolo take a ship and go to get the Red Star Dragonballs. The Red Star Dragonball movie serves as the tutorial. Each tutorial segment has a little exploration part where you get to fight lesser creatures and practice what you just learned before the next big enemy. You control Trunks and learn regular attacks and beams against a solar flare dragon on the dying star (the latter which releases a Positive Biug Bang Kamehameha Masenko which destroys the star), learn transformations with Super Saiyan & Super Saiyan 2 on Vegeta against a tundra rhino on the desert planet, & learn the tag system with Gohan & Goten against a giant snake on a jungle planet. Finally you learn Fusion-Ha with Gohan & Goten and go Gohanten against Jeice on a desert planet. Once Jeice goes Two for One, the tutorial ends and the real game begins, with Kai Jeice & Demon Jeice being the first real fight followed by Doubledown Jeice. You must use everything you learned to defeat them.

Next, you go to the icy planet where it's exploration & cutscenes through finding Anddroid 18, and even more cutscenes until the fight against Succubus 18. Since Piccolo isn't playable, you take control when Vegeta holds back on killing Piccolo. There's a quick-time event where you button mash to break free. After that, you fight Succubus 18 followed by Omnibus Oolong 18. It ends with you using Light Gigantification, followed by Super Light Namekian, followed by Super Light Namekian 2, and finally Super Positive Saimekian 2 then using a Light Special Beam Cannon x1000000 which triggers a Saimekian Duo Special Beam Cannon x1000000 with Super Namekian 2 Piccolo.

After returning to Earth, Goku wakes up and joins the party. Iced appears and you fight him with Goku & Vegeta. Then Arctic, Zero, & Iceberg appear. Instead of a real fight there, you are scripted to lose before all 4 defeat you and leave to take over the planet. They never see Piccolo, so they don't go ballistic and try to fight to the death there. You have to take Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, and Goten to go fight and defeat them. The Galactic Emperors all reveal to have Coordinate Modules you gotta' collect which are feeding their location to the flagship so they can quadrangulate the planet. Their faster scouting ships also spawn Changeling grunts. Goky fights Arctic, Vegeta fights Iced, Gohan fights Zero, and Goten fights Iceberg. Each of them are in 1st Form before going 4th Form. Arctic goes Golden, Iced goes 100%, Iceberg goes 5th Form, and Zero goes 5th Form then Golden 5th Form. Goku and Veggeta kill Arctic & Iced, but Zero and Iceberg flee when they are defeated. After both are defeated, you fight them both with Gohan & Goten together. They both fuse at 5th Form into 5th Form Zeroberg. You are encouraged to go Gohanten and fight them, as they also go Golden at the end of the fight. After he's killed, he drops both Coordinate Modules. During all this, you can encounter Trunks. He's on a secret mission to track down a fifth power he felt reach the planet. You'll fight him a total of 5 times, depending on how many Coordinate Modules you've collected. At first, you can find and defeat Frozen in his 1st Form. He'll then fly away. After 1 Coordinate Module, he goes into 2nd Form and fights before leaving. This continues with 2 Modules for 3rd Form, 3 for 4th Form, and all 4 for the final fight against 5th Form. After that, he dies, relinquishing the Coordinate Console.

You discover that unfortunately, the coordinates have all been successfully sent to the flagship, but Trunks uses the Coordinate Modules and Coordinate Console to figure out where the flagship is set to land. Upon discovering it's West City, Vegeta flies off afraid for Bulma and Bulla. Trunks goes to leave, but Goku stops him, telling him it's a point of no return. Even though Vegeta isn't available, you can still 100% this half of the game without Vegeta. Upon taking the fly pad, you reach the flagship as Lord Chill destroys West City. Once you can play again, the entire planet is under seige and maps you explored before filled with people are now burning in ruins and infested with changeling grunts. You proceed to do a story driven gauntlet.

You play as Vegeta and fight waves after waves of Shocktroopers. As you do, you have a break where you control Trunks and explore the Capsule Corp ruins. As soon as you find Bulla, it cuts to Gohanten. You fight troops as you look for Pan and Videl. You find Videl injured but Hercule & Majuub appear and save her. You then take a fly pad to Majuub's village, where it cuts back to Vegeta. You fight even larger waves before Trunks returns and announced Bulma's death. Vegeta snaps and goes Legendary Super Saiyan. It cuts to Gohanten where you fight at the village until the fusion ends. Gohan holds the fort while Goten goes to save Valese. After fighting Shocktroopers and bumping into Chiaotzu and Tien. It cuts to Goku finally. You fight Shocktroopers in a ship before fighting a raid boss against Ice in his 1st form alongside a bunch of shocktroopers. The ship crashes and Ice comes out of the rubble in his 4th Form. He kills Goten and cripples Goku before Gohan appears to save the day. It cuts to Trunks who is fighting Legendary Super Saiyan Vegeta until Bulla pacifies him. It then cuts to Gohan as you fight Ice. He's killed then a huge quick-time event filled cutscene happens with the Death Ball being fired at the planet. After that's defeated, you enter the final ship level. It's filled with grunts. Upon beating the puzzle boss fight against Dr. Tundra and his gizmos and machines, you go to the throne room to have the final sequence of fights against Lord Chill & Polaris.

<more to be revealed later>


It will feature all five Saiyans as playable characters, each unlocked as the story progresses.


Just like in Dark Smog, you can scroll through different techniques, each one draining certain amounts of Energy, as well as transformations. Special moves include the Kamehameha, Masenko, and Big Bang Attack, as well as Super Saiyan 1, through Super Saiyan 5. Trunks' Light Copy techniques come into playu as well.

Additionally, once you unlock the Fusion-Ha technique, you can have Goku and Vegeta fuse into Gogeta or Gohan and Goten into Gohanten as long as both characters available. Certain fusions will be required to progress certain parts of the story.

Secret Boss[]

<the secret superboss won't be revealed until the full game is released>

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