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Dragonball Xz (Also known as Dragonball Extreme Zero) takes place after Omega Shenron is defeated. Everything afterwards happens in an alternate timeline. The clean version can be found here: Dragonball Xz: Cut Version.


dark TRUNKS SagaEdit

After recovering the seven Earth Dragonballs from the Shadow Dragons, Trunks takes the honor of taking them back to the Lookout. On his way, he is possessed by Black Smoke Shenron and turns into dark TRUNKS.

to be continued


Dragonball Xz: The Legend of the Red Star Dragonballs is a movie that takes place immediately after the dark TRUNKS Saga. Many years in the making, Dragonball Xz: The Legend of the Red Star Dragonballs is finally here. It involves the Z-Fighters and Piccolo traveling across the universe to find the original Dragonballs, the Red Star Dragonballs. But they aren't without their own share of difficulties. Old enemies return. New enemies appear. And an evil in the heart of it all, pulling every string. All to bring Goku out of his coma.

Video GamesEdit

Dragonball Xz: Dark SmogEdit

Dragonball Xz: Dark Smog is a video game tie-in for the dark TRUNKS Saga and is the first video game for Dragonball Xz. It is the fourth game in the Legacy of Goku line, following Buu's Fury. It covers the entire plot of the dark TRUNKS Saga from dark TRUNKS' birth to the currently withheld conclusion coming out soon. It will feature all five Saiyans as playable characters, each unlocked as the story progresses.


Good GuysEdit

more to be added

Bad GuysEdit

more to be added

Minor CharactersEdit

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