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Mega Buu[]

Mega Buu's techniques are mostly improved versions of the abilities gained from the characters he absorbed. He also has the powers of Fat Buu and sometimes uses abilities from Kid Buu.

Wolf Fang Kamehameha - A Kamehameha with a wolf's head at the front. It is stronger and is able to change direction slightly.

Spirit Disk - This is a Destructo Disk that the user can control by making finger movements. It explodes when the user wills it to.

Multi Spirit Disk - The user creates up to ten spirit disks and control each one with a different finger.

Shield Disk - A Destructo Disk that can be used as a shield.

Final tri-beam. A devastating tri beam that drain the user's life force, causing the body to shrivel up.

Super Dodon Ray strobe attack - Multiple dodon rays fired extremely rapidly.

Dodonpa-Kamehameha - A bright yellow Kamehameha that blinds and burns the target before blasting them.

Dodon Ball - A spirit ball that can fire attacks out of itself, including the solar flare and the super dodon ray strobe attack.


JanemBuu has all the powers of Kid Buu and Janemba.

Distortion Bean - A beam that warps the space around it, making it far more devastating.

Distortion Ball - A huge ball attack that distorts space.

Ultimate Buu[]

Ulitmate Vuu has all the the powers of JanemBuu and Mega Buu. He commonly sends his own attacks through portals in order to surprise his enemies.

Baby Buu[]

Baby Buu has all the power of Kid Buu, plus the Revenge Death Ball, only his version is larger and has a pink tinge. He also can create copies of himself from parts of his body.

King of Demon Rulers[]

The names of the King of Demon Ruler's attacks have an "end of the world" theme.

Apocalypse Bean - A black and red beam that vaporizes everything.

Doom Sphere - A black hole-like attack that sucks matter in and explodes when in reach a certain size.

Ending Ball - A ball that slowly expands and turns everything inside itself to dust although it fades away as it grows larger.

Ragnarok Ray - A small ray that explodes into several rays that then explode into more rays which then detonate. It looks almost like fireworks when it does this.

Elemental Ruin - He only has this attack when possessing the powers of Omega Shenron. He combines the elemental powers all at once to create a huge explosion.

Damning flash. A version of the explosive wave.

Nulling attack. cancels out energy attacks.

Hopeless Dimension Zone - He only has this attack while possessing the powers of Janemba. He creates a massive field that distorts all space except his own body.

Chaos confounding attack - An unpredictable attack that moves around randomly at impossible speed until it hits something.