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This is a What-If story in which Vegeta was sent to Earth instead of Goku. Vegeta was sent at the age of 1. The Saiyans did this because they thought that the Prince of All Saiyans would be able to easily wipe out the humans. Any questions you may have about my story, will be answered here: Dragonball V: Explanations

Theme: varies for saga

Planet Earth Saga[edit | edit source]

Theme:TNT by AC/DC

Beginning of the End!!! For Humans!!![edit | edit source]

A space pod with a sleeping baby, Vegeta, flew towards Earth and landed in a forest on a full moon night. Vegeta awoke and heard a voice saying, "Awaken, Vegeta. Destroy all of the life forms on this planet." Vegeta then stared at the full moon. Suddenly, he started to grow and got hairy. He soon outgrew his pod. He then continued to gigantic size. By the time he was done, he had transformed into a Great Ape. He then saw an old man walking and stepped on him. He then proceeded to destroy the whole forest and 10 cities before the sun came up.

Once the sun came up, he returned to normal size and crawled back to his ship. It was night by the time he reached his ship. He quickly found a voice recorder that wasn't destroyed the night before. He played it and heard a voice saying, "Hello child. You are a Saiyan from Planet Vegeta. The Saiyans are a proud warrior race. They go around the universe and destroy all the living things on a planet. They then sell that planet to whomever will pay the most for it. You were sent to this planet to destroy all of the native life forms on it. Once you've done that just press the last button on your right and the Saiyans will come and take you home. Remember, no matter what, you must never let these people remove your tail."

It then told him how to use some of the most powerful Saiyan moves including all versions of the Big Bang Attack, Final Flash and the most powerful of all Saiyan moves: The Saiyan Energy Drainer, which can drain the energy of every Saiyan on the planet and give it to him.

He then flew into the air. He started to travel around the world and and used a Big Bang Storm at every city he sees. He soon saw an island and landed on it. He saw an old man and fired a Final Flash at him but he just dodged it and said, "It will take more than that to defeat me! But still, I'm surprised that such a young boy could have such power! But I can tell that you're evil, and that you are the one responsible for destroying all those cities. But you're no match for me!"

Roshi then prepared a Kamehameha Wave. He pulled his cupped hands to the side. He began charging blue energy around his hands. "Ka-me-ha-me-ha!" he shouted, firing it at Vegeta. Vegeta wasn't even bleeding and fired a Final Flash Storm at Roshi, which killed him.

Vegeta vs Tao and The 3 Eyed Man[edit | edit source]

Vegeta was still traveling about the globe and destroying cities. He blew up a temple. Two people rose up from the rubble. One of them was wearing a green shirt and pants. He also had three eyes. The other one’s appearance consisted of small, beady eyes, a pointed nose, a small thin mustache, black hair and a ponytail. He wore a pink chang pao (Chinese men's long coat) with the kanji for satsu ("kill") on the front.

The threee-eyed one said “You must be the one that has been killing everyone! Well, I can guarantee that you’ll pay for killing my second master and destroying his temple!”

Tao (the one without three eyes) said, “He is right, kid. We will kill you. No one kills the brother of an assassin and lives. I won’t go easy on you just because you’re young.”

Vegeta just laughed maniacally and aimed at them with a Final Flash. Tien and Tao both dodged it, but just barely.

Tien, shocked, said, “Wow, you're pretty powerful for a brat. I won’t underestimate you.” He then nodded at Tao. They then executed a combo attack. Tien placed both of his hands on his head. He spread his fingers out near his eyes. He then yelled, “Solar Flare!” Suddenly, a flash of light blinded Vegeta.

Vegeta regains his eyesight and looked around. He didn’t see Tien. He then screamed in annoyance. His infant tongue was still incapable of forming words, and this scream was the most eloquent war-cry he could muster.

Tien then attacked Vegeta from behind. He gathered a lot of energy, his hands forming a triangle. He shouted “Tri-Beam, ha!” A yellow beam of great power was then released from his hand. It hit Vegeta in the back

At the same time, Tao attacked with a Dodon Ray. He fired a super heated and very powerful beam of energy at Vegeta.

Vegeta was hit at the same time by both attacks. The Dodon Ray shattered his armor and exposed his abdomen. The Tri-Beam left a hole in the back of Vegeta’s armor. Other than this, there are no other noticeable injuries of any kind.

Regardless, this still angered Vegeta. Tien was about to attack again, but Vegeta grabbed Tao by the throat. Vegeta then fired a Ki Blast through Tao’s neck. Vegeta completely destroyed Tao’s neck. Tao’s body fell to the ground. Vegeta then threw Tao’s head at Tien. Tien was surprised, but he caught the head. Vegeta then pointed at Tien, like he was pretending to point a gun at him. Vegeta then smiled, and said his first ever word. He said, “Die!” He laughed and fired a beam of energy from his finger. The beam kills Tien.

Vegeta then resumed with blowing up cities, but this soon bores him. He decided to actually land in each city and blow up 1 building at a time to prolong his fun. He heard many screams from terrified humans. A few also beg him to spare them. He refused, of course, and killed them. It is from these screams and begs that he learned English. Vegeta managed to wipe out the humans in about 5 months

Vegeta Vs Piccolo!!![edit | edit source]

He lands on a beach (at sunset) and finds a jar and opens it. Suddenly, a green man comes out and punches him. The man says "Who has freed the great and powerful King Piccolo?" Vegeta then fires a Big Bang Storm at King Piccolo. King Piccolo dodges the attack.

Vegeta says" I did, you weird jerk." King Piccolo then fires a Finger Beam. It hits Vegeta in the shoulder. It breaks his armor.

Vegeta says" Finally, a real challenge, but it'll take more than that, to beat me. I am Vegeta, the True Saiyan Warrior. So, BRING IT ON!!!!" Vegeta then attacks with the Cosmic Cannon. This does a little damage to King Piccolo.

King Piccolo then says" Come on. That can't be all you got" He then retaliates with his Scattering Bullets attack. This attack leaves a dozen small holes in Vegeta's armor. King Piccolo then says" The end is near, poor little Saiyan" He the starts to laugh.

Vegeta says" I don’t think so, you dumb king." He then uses his Final Galick Cannon attack to weaken King Piccolo. King Piccolo gets very mad. He uses his Great Namek ability to go giant.

King Piccolo, then grabs Vegeta and says “Game Over, Boy." King Piccolo then swallows Vegeta whole. Just then, a full moon appears. Inside King Piccolo's body, Vegeta starts to change. He quickly becomes a Great Ape. The transformation causes King Piccolo to explode. Vegeta is now in Great Ape form and steps on Piccolo's Head. (This makes it impossible for him to regenerate.) Vegeta then goes on a rampage.

Vegeta reverts back to his normal form. He finds a talking cat. The cat says his name is Korin. Vegeta tries to kill Korin. But he keeps on eating beans that seem to heal him. Vegeta gets annoyed and chokes Korin. He then steals the beans. They may come in handy

Almost a year later...

The Saiyans arrive in a spaceship to pick up Vegeta. He is now, 3.5 years old and almost twice as strong as when he fought Piccolo. The Saiyans that arrive to get him are: Nappa, Bardock, Turles, and King Vegeta. King Vegeta says" Time to go home, my son." Vegeta then joins them and they all leave Earth forever and begin their journey to Planet Vegeta, home of the Saiyans.

(Both Bardock and King Vegeta are alive because this saga is before Frieza destroys their home world.)

Frieza Saga[edit | edit source]

Theme: In The End Linkin Park

Battle Of The Saiyans!!![edit | edit source]

Vegeta is now in the spaceship with the other Saiyans. They are on their way to Planet Vegeta. He has just finished telling them about how he destroyed all the humans and barely defeated Piccolo. They all start to laugh at how he nearly lost to a Namekian.

Vegeta gets mad and says “Stop laughing!!! Think any of you could do any better? Then I challenge each of you to a fight.”

Nappa says”Ok, kid. I’ll go first.” He then attacks with his eye lasers. Vegeta dodges and uses a afterimage to attack Nappa from behind with a Final Flash. It has no effect on Nappa.

Nappa turns around and says “Not Bad, kid” He then picks Vegeta up and throws him across the room and into a wall. Nappa says "But, not good, either” He then attacks with a Mouth Beam. This greatly injures Vegeta. Vegeta eats 2 senzu beans (which he took all of after killing Korin). This heals all of his wounds and makes him stronger than Nappa. He then uses a Galick Gun to beat Nappa. It nearly kills him.

Bardock then gets up and says “Ok, you little squirt, I’m next. I’ll try to go easy on you.” He then uses his Flash Spirit Attack. It does some damage to Vegeta.

Vegeta says “Not too bad. But it will take more than that to beat The Prince of all Saiyans.” He then attacks with a Big Bang Attack. Bardock dodges with ease.

Bardock then says” You think that you can beat me with a power level of only 4520?” He then strikes with a Full Power Energy Wave. This hurts Vegeta badly. Vegeta quickly eats 1 more senzu beans. It undoes the damage and makes him a lot stronger. He then defeats Bardock with a Dirty Fireworks attack. It doesn’t kill Bardock through. It just knocks him out.

The Fight Continues!!![edit | edit source]

The Next fight is with King Vegeta. Vegeta says “Bring it on, dad”

King Vegeta says” Don’t expect any special treatment, son” He the attacks with a Super Energy Wave Volley. Vegeta dodges and punches his dad in the gut.

Vegeta then kicks him in the head, and says “I don’t old man. You’re the one who should be worried.” He then fires a Galick Beam at his dad’s face. King Vegeta then collapses.

Vegeta laughs and says “Who is next?”

Turles gets up and says “I am (Pulls a weird fruit out of his pocket and eats it. He looks at Vegeta) let’s make it more exciting. (Pulls out a second fruit, throws it too Vegeta) Eat it, you’ll get way stronger.”

Vegeta eats it and says “Wow” His muscles then double in size.

Turles says “Better than those beans of yours”

Vegeta says “You can still give up, fool”

Turles says “Won’t need too.” He then starts to laugh.

<The two Saiyans begin to fight and appear to be evenly matched until Turles manages to land a few good blows on Vegeta. Vegeta realizes that he is facing an opponent who may very well be stronger than him, and starts to worry. He quickly powers up and manages to barely keep up with Turles.

<Turles is then surrounded by a bubble of pure, glowing energy. The floor shakes and the air is crackling with all of the energy floating around. Vegeta is shocked by such amazing power and seems to worry even more.Turles powers himself up and completely dominates Vegeta. Turles lands a good blow to Vegeta’s jaw and sends him flying. Vegeta hits the wall. He then attacks with Cosmic Cannon. Turles manages to dodge the blow, though it destroys his shirt. Turles mocks Vegeta, asking if that was all he could do.

<As a last resort, Vegeta decides to push his body to its limits by powering up as much as possible.With newfound strength, Vegeta ferociously attacks Turles. Turles counters every move, he then knocks Vegeta out with his best attack:Grave Dig. After the battle, Saiyans( besides Turles) each eat a senzu bean and continue their way towards Planet Vegeta.

A New Friend[edit | edit source]

(This chapter will be written in Forgotten style writing, because Ledas originated from that story.)


<736.5 AGE>


Vegeta: Darn it. I can’t move, what sort of trickery is this?

Nappa :< LAUGHS> Must be the gravity.



King Vegeta: Speak, Layeeck

Layeeck: My lord, I believe that my son, Ledas is should train with yours. In time they may be able to defeat Frieza.

Vegeta: I don’t need any help against Frieza. When the time comes, I will kill him myself!!

King Vegeta: Regardless son, we should still meet him

Vegeta: Whatever



Layeeck: Pretty good, right?


King Vegeta: Not too bad, for a kid


Ledas: So, can I train with you, my prince?

Vegeta: First off, I don’t need any help, and if I did, it would not be from a weakling like you.

Ledas: Fight me!!

Vegeta :< LAUGHS> You can’t possibly, hope to win.

Ledas: I am going hit you so hard.

Vegeta: Bring it on




Vegeta: I am getting tired of this< USES FINAL FLASH TO KNOCK LEDAS OUT>

King Vegeta: What do you think, son?

Vegeta: I still think that that I don’t need any help, but if I must, I will train with him


Ledas: You’re a pretty good fighter, Vegeta

Training[edit | edit source]

Training Session 1

Vegeta and Ledas are in the training room, Ledas says “Do you think I’m weak, Vegeta?”

Vegeta (looks annoyed) says “Yep, you are weak and useless. I need no help against Frieza”

Ledas replies “Then why did you let me train with you?”

Vegeta says “Because everyone else is weaker. Plus, I have no choice"

King Vegeta walks in and says “Time to start the training” A wall then, rises from the floor dividing the room into 2 sections. Vegeta is in 1 section, Ledas in the other. They will each have a different training.

Vegeta’s Training

King Vegeta says “You’re a good Offensive fighter, son. But you aren’t that good at defense. Today, You will practice that skill.(generates a small Ki Blast) This is a game called Dodge Ki. I will fire a Ki Blast at you, you will try to dodge it. You do the same to me. We will continue, until one of use is hit.” He then fires the Ki Blast.

Vegeta dodges and fires his own blast. His dad gets out of the way and attacks Vegeta from behind. Vegeta is hit.

Ledas’s Training

Turles enters the room where Ledas is. He says “Time to test your skills, kid.” He then throws Ledas a fruit. Ledas eats it. His power rises instantly. Turles then eats one as well. They then start to fight.

Ledas attacks with a Playful Galick. Turles Dodges and hits him in the face. This knocks him out.

Training Session 2

Ledas and Vegeta have mastered their previous training. It is time for the next stage.

Vegeta and Ledas are in the training room. Turles walks in and gives them each a fruit. They are then commanded to fight.

Vegeta attacks first with his Big Bang Attack. Ledas dodges and tries to hit Vegeta. He hits a afterimage. Vegeta then punches Ledas in the spine. Ledas then falls down.

He gets right back up and retaliates with Lightning Strike. This shatters Vegeta’s armor. Vegeta gets furious and attacks with his Fear of Terror. Ledas dodges and fires a Playful Galick at Vegeta’s face. The attack knocks Vegeta out. Vegeta wakes up 5 minutes later and says “I can’t believe I lost to you!!!”

Ledas says “I guess I ain’t such a weakling after all. That was a Super Special Awesome fight through”

Vegeta says “I’ll beat you next time, Ledas. I am the prince of all Saiyans. I shall be the strongest. And will be.”

Death of a King[edit | edit source]

The Age is 737; a new Saiyan baby is born. His name is Broly. Broly has an incredibly high power level for a newborn. Most adult Saiyans aren’t even this high. He has a power level of 10,000. This worries the King greatly.

Later that day...

King Vegeta is in his palace with Broly and his dad, Paragus. King Vegeta says “This discussion is over. The baby must die!!!”

Paragus replies “But my lord, Broly could be a great use to us. With his power, He could help us overthrow Frieza.”

King Vegeta says “He could also, try and overthrow me, Paragus. Your son must die, and I don’t like arguments. You will die with him!!!” He then kills Paragus with an energy wave. He King then proceeds to stab Broly in the abdomen with a knife. This kills Broly.

Lord Frieza soon hears of this event. That night, Frieza has a nightmare. He dreams of an adult Broly in legendary Super Saiyan form. Broly kills Frieza with a mere Ki Blast. Frieza awakes from that dream and is very mad.

The next day…

Lord Frieza is at a meeting with King Vegeta. Frieza says “I have heard the rumors”

King Vegeta says “What rumors?”

Frieza replies “The rumors that 1 of your pathetic monkeys was born with incredible power. Enough to threaten me if it had proper training”

King Vegeta says (worried) “Well yes, but I killed the boy. You have nothing to worry about, my lord”

Frieza replies (angry) “Still, another one could be born at any time. There can be no threats to me. Therefore, all of these dumb apes must be exterminated!!!!!!” He then kills the King with a single punch to the jaw.

1 minute later…

Vegeta, the prince of all Saiyans, returns home from a mission. He is told of his dad’s death. He then realizes the power of Frieza, and that he can’t beat him on his own. He decides to team up with Ledas, Nappa, Bardock, and Turles.

Saiyans Vs Frieza[edit | edit source]

Frieza is standing over King Vegeta’s corpse. He thinks to himself *I could just blow up the planet with one attack, but where is the fun in that?*

Frieza walks into the Saiyan delivery room. He says “No more dumb chimps” He then kills half of the babies with 1 blast of energy. He then destroys the whole room. He flies up into the air. He touches his scouter and says “Well, it appears that this planet has some slightly stronger monkeys, and they’re coming here. This should be interesting.”

Vegeta and the other Saiyans then arrive at where Frieza is. Vegeta says “What a fool, to think that you can stop us. Frieza, you should know better than to mess with the Saiyans. This is your end”

Turles then pulls out a fruit. He says “Okay guys, I only have this one left. Let’s make it count” They then each eat 1/5 of the fruit. As usual, it raises their power level.

Vegeta then punches Frieza in the face.Frieza then grabs Vegeta and throws him to the ground.

Ledas then says “This will be so Super Special Awesome!!” He then kicks Frieza in the back. Frieza then grabs Ledas and throws him into a mountain.

Frieza then laughs and says “Come On, you weak Monkeys, I know this ain’t your best.”

Meanwhile, On Namek…

Guru is in his dome, he says “Nailll, Nailll,”

Nail enters and says “Yes, My lord?”

Guru says “I saw a fish that is all.”

Nail leaves, thinking *What a lame old man, calling me in for the stupidest of things. What’s next…Darn, I can’t think of anything worse than this. All Well*

Now, back to the fight…

Vegeta and the other Saiyans have decided to work together. They each then begin to charge one of their attacks.

Sacrifice[edit | edit source]

The Saiyans have finished charging their attacks. Vegeta looks at Frieza and says “Game over Frieza, Your end isn’t just near, it is here. Your done” He then attacks with Fear of Terror.

Ledas also looks at Frieza and says “But we won’t kill you just yet, Frieza. At least, I won’t, I want to have some fun first.” He then attacks with a Kyorra Flash.

Frieza grabs Vegeta and uses him as a shield to block the Kyorra Flash at Ledas fired. He then drops Vegeta. Frieza then laughs and says “You really need to be more careful, little monkey”

Vegeta gets up off the ground and looks at Ledas and runs at him. He then hits Ledas in the gut and face. This gives Ledas a black eye. Vegeta then says “That was for hitting me with that attack. Be glad that we’re friends, if we weren’t, I would have killed you for that”

Ledas says “Sorry Vegeta, It was an accident.”

Vegeta replies (still angry) “Whatever, Let’s just focus on beating Frieza”

Bardock then says “Stop messing around kids, this ain’t a game. If we lose, the whole world is doomed”

Turles says “Your right Bardock, We must work together if we are going to win. Let’s beat this guy, that sounds totally like a girl.”

They all the use their most powerful attacks against Frieza. Vegeta attacks with Galick Storm. Ledas uses Burning Swath. Bardock attacks with Final Revenger. Turles uses his Kill Driver attack.

Frieza dodges all the attacks and says “Your all a waste of my time, Now I will show you a my third form. It’s the only one that actually looks cool.” Frieza then transforms into his 3rd form. This form looks more brutish, has a bigger head with a beak, he now has 4 horns, and his armor has shoulder pads now. This transfomation also increases his power.

Ledas: *Thoughts: This guy's really strong. I have no choice..........Father..................Vegeta............I'm, sorry*

  • Rushes towards Frieza and grabs his back*

Frieza: What are you doing?!

Ledas: You're dying with me Frieza!

  • Thoughts: Good-bye everyone..........*
  • Blows himself up*

A large smoke cloud is seen. When it is cleared, Frieza is still seen standing!

-Death Scene Credit to Lau the G.

Vegeta’s Ascension!!![edit | edit source]

Let’s get this story started, Yo

How it ends, I know

The Saiyans have put up a good fight,

But, they can’t stop Frieza’s might

Even Ledas, has been put to rest,

Could Frieza be the best?

Oh, no


Vegeta is mad

That is very bad

What’s this?

Vegeta’s power has risen, Who Knows how high it is,

He’s Super Saiyan Now


Vegeta tells the others to leave

He can beat Frieza, he believes

Frieza laughs, and says “Bring it on”

Vegeta attacks with Cosmic Cannon

Frieza dodges

Then he flies up and launches

A Death Comet

Vegeta watches it,

Gets out of the way,

The other Saiyans leave and obey

Vegeta says “That all you got?”

Frieza replies “Afraid not”

They continue to fight,

You got that right

This is an epic fight

SS11’s glad to write

Want to know how it ends, yo?

Then read the next episode!!!

Frieza No More!!![edit | edit source]

Frieza uses Punishing Blaster

To lay down the law

Vegeta Counters

Because that move is flawed,

He uses Dirty Fireworks

But it doesn’t work

Frieza Survives the attack

Then he hits Vegeta in the Back.

Vegeta attacks with Brave Punisher

Frieza gets annoyed and charges a Death Blaster

Vegeta attacks from behind with Galaxy Breaker

Frieza falls to the land,

Vegeta lands

Frieza says “You think this is over? You have started a war”

Vegeta looks bored

Scared he should be

Vegeta says “We’ll see”

(He the attacks with Burn Swath)

He says “That was for Ledas, you monster

(He then kills Frieza with Execution beam)

That was for my father.”

The battle is done

Vegeta won

Rap’s Over

Vegeta gets in a space pod. He goes to Planet Cold, Home of the Frost Demons. He quickly blows it up in order to prevent a war between the Saiyans and Frost Demons. He then returns to Planet Vegeta.

Namek Saga[edit | edit source]

( This saga is written in 1st person. This will help with the character development.) Theme: Way I Am Eminem

Legends[edit | edit source]

I watched as Ledas blew himself up. He was trying to stop Frieza. But that monster survived even that, somehow. Frieza just floated there. Unharmed he was He said “well that surprised me.” I was so mad at the fiend. Ledas had just died trying to stop him. I wasn’t gonna let him die in vain.

I was even madder at Frieza. Killing my dad and threatening my race was bad enough. But killing my only friend too was going too far. He had to pay; I would make sure of it. Then my rage overwhelmed me. It caused an incredible transformation. This made great ape look like nothing the power was unreal.

Next thing I knew, I was standing over Frieza’s dead body. I thought I had won. But then I looked up at the sky. A huge ball of energy collided with the planet. My whole world was on fire. Then a shadowy figure appeared.

Then I awoke. It was just a nightmare. But I already knew I was dreaming. I had experienced this dream before. But if it was for real, I would have killed that other creature no problem. After all, I am the new King of the Saiyans. I had defeated Frieza. No one could stop me. Especially not a pitiful Frost Demon.

The next night…

I was watching the parade. It was to celebrate my victory over Frieza. Right now I was enjoying the fireworks. But 1 of them surprised me. It exploded and spelled a message. It read “It’s not over, Frieza was just the beginning.”

I was surprised, flabbergasted even. At first, I thought it was some kind of practical joke. So I had the guy who lit it be executed. He had to be crazy to joke about such a thing. It wasn’t funny and he had to learn a lesson.

“Hello Vegeta, How do you like being king?”

I heard a voice say that. I looked around. But no one was close enough for me to of heard them. Then I realized something else. I couldn’t tell if The Voice was male or female, young or old. This was freaky.

“Don’t worry Vegeta. I won’t hurt you. Oh, and only you can hear me. I’m in your head. Anyway, that message was no joke. It was a warning. Start training. That fruit won’t be enough. I know you haven’t mastered your Super Saiyan form yet. But don’t despair, there is hope. For you, and for Ledas.”

I was flabbergasted. This voice thing was insane. And what did it mean by saying there is hope for Ledas? Well if I wasn’t crazy, it would be explained soon enough.

The next day…

“You should be training, not flying. This is serious. This threat makes Frieza look like an insect. And it is already here.”

I thought to The Voice, *Get out of my head. If there’s trouble, I will handle it. And tell me what you meant. How is there hope for Ledas?* The Voice was really annoying me. Normally I would just kill it, but that is hard to do, since The Voice was in my head. I thought I was going mad.

I then looked down and saw a spaceship on the ground. I noticed that it looks just like Frieza’s. I land to investigate. I saw a purple alien come out of the ship. I say “Who are you?”

The alien answers “I am Cooler. Brother of Frieza. Now let’s get 1 thing straight; I don’t care that you killed my weakling of a brother, it is the dishonor that you have brought to my family that I cannot and will not stand.”

I looked at him and said “I’m not going down without a fight. I killed your brother and will kill you to. All Frost Demons will die. I am Vegeta, the King of all Saiyans. Your brother killed my friend and my father. Now, I don’t care about my weak dad, but Ledas was like a brother. One that I wasn’t embarrassed about, it’s only fitting that I am the killer of both you and Frieza.” I then start to laugh.

That fool, Cooler then started to float. He put an arm up and started to gather a large amount of energy. I crossed my arms and looked at my scouter. Cooler had an incredible power level. It managed to break my scouter. That truly frightened me. I thought to myself, *This is it, the end* I was scared stiff.

“No, you ain’t done yet. Trust me. I meant it when I said there was hope. Just watch.”

So, I did just that. I only listened to The Voice because I couldn’t do anything else. Cooler then got a call on his scouter. Whatever it was it must have been urgent, because he just stopped forming his attack and said “Well I would love to finish this now, but I have more pressing matters to attend to. But I will return to wipe you out.” He then just flies away. I thought to myself *That was lucky.*

“That was not luck. It was fate. Now I will tell you what I meant by hope.”

I thought *I’m listening* “Go to the planet called Namek. It contains the 7 orbs of hope. They will grant you the wishes of 3. They can cause the revival of Ledas. This is his last hope.”

I thought *Sounds like a plan. Hope your telling the truth. If not, you will be so sorry you ever… entered my head* I must have been losing it big time.

Travel To Namek[edit | edit source]

I soon realized that it be easier to find these orbs if I had some help. So I decided to ask a few old teammates for help. It was easy to find them. Being the King has its perks. That was the easy part.

I then had to tell those fools about the Voice in my head. I lied and claimed I was going to Namek to gain eternal life. Bardock was willing to help, but not Turles. He called me crazy. He said that he was going to Namek by himself to gather the orbs and become the new king. I would have killed him then, But, I like a challenge. This would be interesting.

I decided to leave the useless Nappa in charge while I was gone. He was just deadweight in my opinion. A pathetic being less then dirt. That is the last thing I needed. I then left the castle.

“Better Hurry. You and Turles aren’t the only ones after the 7 Orbs of hope. Better be careful”

  • Great, now you tell me that?* I thought. I then looked at Bardock and said “We have to leave now.”

Bardock looked concerned and said “Why so urgent, my lord? Oh… The Voice? My lord, if you aren’t crazy, then this could be a trap.”

I was annoyed but said “I don’t like it, but The Voice seems reliable. Oh and if you call me crazy again, I won’t hesitate to kill you.”

Bardock still looked concerned, but said “Okay. I understand my lord.”

We then started to fly towards the takeoff. I had ordered for us to get an actual ship instead of just pods. Our ship even had a gravity moderator for better training. Turles was stuck with just a pod.

But that fool did have a few seeds for those fruits, so he didn’t mind. To think I thought of him as a challenge, ha. It is very doubtful that he could get in my way. All well, the other threat had to be more interesting.

“Don’t underestimate your opponents. That could get you killed. You can’t think too much of yourself. Overconfidence is your weakness. As a leader, you can have no weaknesses.”

  • Whatever* I thought to the Voice, I didn’t need to hear that. The Voice was often right, but was also very annoying. It was wrong through, nothing could ever stop me. Ledas would be revived and we would both get eternal life. It was that simple.

“It is never that simple. Was Ledas’s death that simple? No, it wasn’t. Nothing ever is.”

  • Shut up* I thought. It was wrong. It must have been. But, something wasn’t right. The Voice was rarely ever wrong. But what could stop a Super Saiyan? They were supposed to be unbeatable. True, I haven’t mastered the form. But that would soon change.

Anyway, I and Bardock then left the planet in our ship. I assume that Turles left in his pod too. But who cared if he did? He couldn’t stop me. He was just a fool, after all.

It took us 10 months to get to Namek. In that time, I did ton of training with Bardock. He was much weaker than me but I was still able to have some good training. I was out of those healing beans, so if I was ever injured too badly I had to use one of the healing chambers. I made sure this happened very often, because every time a Saiyan is hurt, they come back even stronger. I’d learned this after my first fight with Nappa.


I had just been picked up by the other Saiyans. I was on my way to our home world. The fools had been laughing at me. They found it funny that I almost lost to a mere Namekian. They thought I was weak.

That really pissed me off. No one calls me weak and gets away with it. A lesson they would soon learn. I challenged each of them to a fight. First up was Nappa. He was pretty confident. He nearly beat me. Then I ate 2 of the beans. I thought they would just heal me, but they made me stronger too. But I remembered that they didn’t increase that cat’s strength at all. So I realized that a Saiyan must get stronger after each battle.

I then beat Nappa like he was nothing. Same with everyone else, Turles was different through. Even with the help of his fruits, I couldn’t beat him. He did have a fruit too, though. But regardless of what I did, it couldn’t hurt him. Of course, now the tables have turned, and I am his superior.

End of Flashback

Anyway, this was it. It was time for my search to begin. The 7 orbs of hope would soon be mines and Ledas would return. But I knew this wouldn’t be easy. It was a race after all. This was only the beginning

Double Trouble[edit | edit source]

I was looking out our ship’s window; it was just minutes before we landed. We were above the planet’s atmosphere. Then, I noticed something. I expected to just see Turles’s pod, but I noticed a second ship too. It looked just like Cooler’s, but twice the size.

“I warned you. Both the father and the brother are after the orbs too. I told you it was never simple.” I was terrified. Both Frieza’s father and brother? There was no way I could beat them. Even with my Super Saiyan form mastered, I was doomed. Especially if they could transform like Frieza did. I had to get the orbs first. If I failed, I was dead.

“Now you understand. I suggested the revival of Ledas, not because of him being your friend, but because he could help against this great evil. The Saiyans must survive.”

  • Who are you?* I thought to the Voice.

“No, No, No, No. That’s my little secret. But I am a friend. Don’t fear me.”

Having an annoying Voice in my head was bad enough. But now, I was trying to revive a friend, gain eternal life, and also fighting Frieza’s family. This was bad.

Anyway, I was so scared that I ran to the front of the ship, and hit the acceleration button. Our ship then slammed into the planet. Me and Bardock survived, but or ship was damaged beyond repair. I swear I could hear Turles laughing at us. His pod landed several miles away.

Both I and Bardock emerge from the wreckage unharmed, but our ship was in ruins. I was determined to get the Orbs of hope first. We decided to interrogate the natives, so that they will tell us how to find the orbs.

Then I felt the ground under my feet start to shake. I thought *Damn. That idiot Turles must have planted the seeds. Great. Thanks to that moron, I only had 48 hours to find the orbs. After that, this dumb planet will of dried up and be unable to support life* This trip was getting worse by the minute. I had to hurry.

Dragon Race[edit | edit source]

Turles was starting to annoy me. First, he called me crazy. What a fool. I wasn’t crazy. Could a crazy person defeat Frieza? Nope, does hearing a voice in my head, mean that I’m wack? Not when it is helpful and knows stuff I don’t.

Maybe the death of Ledas left me a little unbalanced, he was like a brother to me. Not like Tarble. I wasn’t a shame of him. Ledas was strong and powerful. Tarble was just a weakling. Tarble even got sent a random planet because of how weak he was. I’m not even sure which planet it was. With Ledas it was different. Granted, we weren’t really related, but he was my only friend and I enjoyed hanging out with him. Allow me to tell you how I first met each of them.



A year ago on my home world...

A baby was born. He was the 2nd son of my father, King Vegeta and my mom, his wife, Queen Raddie. His name was Tarble. He started crying right after he was born. I was his 4 year old brother, and I started to laugh and said "What a crybaby. How pathetic" I didn’t need this, It was interrupting my training.

Tarble then got mad and punched me in the arm. If, you could call that a punch. I was tempted to hit him back, but he was a waste of my time. So instead, I just laughed and said “Whoa you’re weak. That felt like I was being punched by a flower.” I turned to my dad and said “Father, This is just a waste of my time. Seriously, how strong is this weak pathetic excuse for a brother anyway?”

My father (who insisted that I come and meet my brother, instead of training) then said “Oh let’s see” He then turned on his scouter and said “Whoa, your right son. He is weak. His power level is only 1.”

I then facepalmed myself and said "This is a waste of my time. Father, let’s just send this weakling to another planet. If not, I may kill him myself."

My father then said “Not a bad idea, son" Tarble was then sent off to another planet.


It had only been a month since I returned to my home planet. I was sitting on a small throne, next to my dad’s. Another Saiyan entered the room; He bowed and looked at my dad. The Saiyan said “My lord, I believe that my son, Ledas is should train with yours. In time they may be able to defeat Frieza.”

I looked at my father and told him that I didn’t need help. I thought I could defeat Frieza on my own. He disagreed. So I, My dad, and the other Saiyan went to the training room. I see Ledas fighting 2 other Saiyans. He seemed to be holding his own. This was no great feat in my opinion.

After he beat them, Ledas walked towards me. He asked to train with me. I told him that I didn’t need help, and called him weak. He challenged me to a fight. He was indeed a skilled fighter. I soon got annoyed and knocked him out with a Final Flash.

My father asked me to train with Ledas. I thought for a second. I believed that I didn’t need help, but the kid did have potential. I also didn’t have much of a choice. I knew that it wouldn’t be too bad, so I said that I would train with him. Since then, I and Ledas became a team. But Frieza killed him. Well, Ledas wouldn’t remain dead forever, that was for sure.

-End of Flashback

Anyway, back to the Turles thing. After calling me crazy, he said he was going to overthrow me. He is the crazy one in my opinion. He’ll overthrow me? That’s insane. I am the rightful King of all Saiyans. He is lowlife trash.

“Stop thinking about Turles, You’re wasting time. Ledas must be revived in 48 hours. You have no time to waste”

The Voice was right. I was wasting time. I had to act now. I looked at Bardock and said “We better hurry, don’t want that fool, Turles to have a head start. Or the Frost Demons”

Bardock looked at me and said “Your right, my lord”

We then flew to a nearby village. The Voice told me this planet only had seven villages, 1 to protect each orb. It took us no time at all to reach the village. We landed in the middle of the village. I then grabbed one of those of those infernal green creatures. I looked at him and said “Where is the orb? Tell me or I will kill this whole village.”

The fool looked frightened and said “I will never tell, evil beings like you have no right to use the Dragon Balls”

The Dragon Balls? So it appeared the Voice had told me the wrong name. All well, It wasn’t that big a deal. I and Bardock then destroyed the whole village. I then entered one of the homes. I saw a big orange ball with stars on it.

“That is it”

I laughed and said “Oh come on, a blind man could of found that. These people are idiots.” I then took the Dragon Ball. Me and Bardock then flew to the next village. It had already been destroyed and the Dragon Ball was missing. We were too late. This was a race, and we weren’t winning it. Yet.

"This is not only a race between you, Turles and the Frost Demons. It is a race against time itself”

Halfway[edit | edit source]

(This chapter will be told from Turles point of view. Time we learn more about Vegeta’s new rival)

I thought that fruit made me invincible. I thought it was the key to becoming a Super Saiyan. For quite awhile, it seemed I was right. Perhaps by eating more than one at a time, I could have defeated Frieza by myself. But why would I want to? I understand that our people were his slaves, but I liked to conquer planets. It was fun.

Anyway, it appears I was wrong. I realized this after witnessing that brat, Vegeta become a real Super Saiyan. The same brat who less than a year ago, I bested without even trying. His power alone insulted me.This was very annoying, like a moth in my face, one that I couldn't get rid of despite my desperate attempts to crush it with my own two hands.

I knew he would become king, so this didn’t bother me. What irritated me to no end was his power and supreme arrogance. I wanted to end him so bad, but I was too weak. Plus I knew the punishment for killing your leader, anyone caught doing so would be killed brutally by attacks from all the other Saiyans

But then, I realized the truth. Vegeta had been hearing voices in his head. Surely he was crazy, but he had also somehow learned of Namek’s Dragon Balls. I had heard of them before, but I thought it was a myth. But the possibility that they may be real was interesting.

I couldn’t let our race be led by a wackjob, and with the Dragon Balls I had a chance to change that. They could give me the strength to defeat Vegeta and Bardock. When I returned home, I could simply lie about his demise and say I was too late to save him. They would believe it and my bravery would make me king. At least that was my original plan. I soon realized how dumb it was and decided to just use the Dragon Balls and wish to be king instead.

So I went to Namek. Even if the Dragon Balls were a myth, the destruction alone would be fun. I also brought along seeds for the fruits. Even as a mere strength enhancer, they were still useful. I now had a forty-eight hour time limit through, a minor problem. If forty-eight hours wasn’t enough time to achieve my goal, then I may as well not even try. I could also fly, so the nonstop namekquakes weren’t much of a problem weren’t a problem.

After planting the tree, I left to start my search for the Dragon Balls. I found 2 very easily. Each was in village, and not even hidden. It was pathetic how easy they were to find. None of the Nameks could even put up a fight. I slaughtered them in seconds. But that was before I was overwhelmed in fear.

But my search wasn’t done, so I was about to go and look in the third village, when I saw 2 large power levels on my scouter. They were getting closer. They were way too high to be Vegeta or Bardock. There power levels made Frieza look like an insect. As soon as I realized this, I started to get a little sweaty. I was very nervous. This terrified me. I knew I couldn’t beat them. I hadn’t even eaten one of those fruits yet. So I did the only logical thing, I stayed put. If I was lucky, they would let me join them. Being enslaved was better than being dead.

They then landed and saw me. They were Frost Demons. This confused me greatly. I thought that brat Vegeta had destroyed them all. It figures, that he would fail. Anyway, the tall one (which looked a lot like an older and taller 1st Frieza with much taller horns) said “What are you doing here, Saiyan?

I said “I am Turles. I used to be a loyal and respected servant of Frieza. Until that fool Vegeta killed him. I despise working for him. Can I join you?”

The normal sized purple one thought for a minute and said “Well maybe we could use some help. You have already found 2 of the Dragon Balls. That is good. So, yes you can join us.” This was a relief. I got to live. I had already been a slave once, so I thought I knew what to expect. I then started to calm down a little. Maybe things wouldn’t be so bad.

What I didn’t expect was guard duty. I understand the importance, but it is so very extremely boring. All I did was protect 4 dragon balls. I was relieved when some excitement arrived.

Vegeta and Bardock landed on the ground 8 feet from me. The annoying king said “Well if it isn’t the traitor Turles.

I said “I’m not a traitor, Vegeta. I am the soon to be king of all Saiyans. Besides, at least I’m not crazy.

That really got Vegeta mad. Or at least it seemed to. He looked very angry, but he didn’t even hit me or anything. I guess that voice of his told him to take it easy or something. All he said was “New king? That’s funny. How does rejoining the Frost Demons help that? Seems like a step backwards to me.”

I said “I’m not joining anyone. But we both know you’re not here to just talk.” I point at the Dragon Balls “you’re here for them aren’t you?

Bardock said “Yep. Now just hand them over and no one gets hurt. Otherwise, we will just kill you and take them anyway.”

I then made an offer I knew that egocentric king couldn’t resist. I smiled and said “I have another idea. You let me eat 8 of my fruits while Vegeta just goes Super Saiyan. That form should match me without you needing to use the fruit. This way the fight should be more interesting.” It wouldn’t be easy, but this way, I had a chance at victory.

Vegeta said “Ok we’ll have it your way, But I doubt it will help. I am the king of all Saiyans and you will still die by my hands.”

I just said “We’ll see about that” We all then flew to where I planted the seed. By now the tree was fully grown. So I picked 8 apples and ate each of them. Vegeta then powered up to Super Saiyan. I said “Are you ready?”

He smirked and said “Time to settle the score.”

Steal the Dragon[edit | edit source]

(Now we’re back to Vegeta’s perspective)

That foolish Turles dared challenge me to a fight? He is the crazy one. Even those fruits can’t help him now. They are no match for a Super Saiyan. But at least I can now have my revenge for that defeat months ago.

“Focus those fruits will help him a lot. Don’t be overconfident. It could be the death of you”

We then started to fight. I barely dodged his first punch. I was amazed. Turles was in his base form, but his power was much higher than it should have been. I kneed Turles in the stomach. He grabbed me by the leg, and then threw me into the ground. He fired a blast down on me, which missed slightly and came out the other side of the planet.

2 hours later we were still fighting. Both of us were extremely tired and almost totally spent but neither would give up. Turles fired a small Grave Digger which I dodged and fired a quick Final Flash not doing much damage because Turles blocked it. We continued rushing at each other at incomprehensible speeds. Eventually I took a very unfamiliar stance (unfamiliar for me anyway) and I said “Hahaha Turles I have seen you do this technique so many times and I have finally mastered it.” I then began to charge energy for my attack. I then unleashed my very own Grave Digger. Turles also fired the attack. The beams met. It was an amazing site where the beams were connected many kinds of colors were erupting and neither seemed to have the upper hand. I then said “BEAT THIS!!!" My attack then overpowered the weak Turles easily. It hit him so hard that it blasted him into the ground below him.

Turles wasn’t done yet through. He struggled to get up and said “There is no pride in losing.” He collapsed again. But he managed to rise. After that he said “No, this ain’t about the pride of 1 Saiyan. This fight determines the fate of our entire race. I won’t leave that up to an insane child. I won’t lose. I CAN’T LOSE” What happened next surprised me.

It scared me slightly. Turles yelled. I thought he was yelling in pain. But then I realized that was no yell. He was laughing loudly. His skin then started glowing. His hair was rapidly changing colors. It changed from black to red and back again. After a minute it stayed red. He then stopped laughing and said “Prepare to die. Long live the King”

I looked at him in awe. This form wasn’t Super Saiyan, what was it?

“Correct. This is not Super Saiyan, but it is close. Turles is now a False Super Saiyan. It still gives him a huge power up. Be very careful.”

I then calmed down. I smirked and said “Impressive, now let’s see what you can do” We then started to fight again. Turles teleported in front of me and punched me in the stomach. I doubled over in pain and Turles kneed me in the face. I flew up and punched Turles into a tree. I was exhausted from the fight before Turles went False Super Saiyan. But I had to win, for our world and for Ledas.

I powered up and launched a Final Flash at Turles who dodged. The jerk was starting to annoy me. Just how much of a power up did this form give him? All well. I would still win in the end and the battle was fun.

Turles' knee buried itself in my stomach and, despite the pain, I hurled my fist forward and punched him in his nose. Turles kicked me in the side while I punched him in his stomach. We went flying and I launched a Big Bang Cannon while Turles launched a Super Calamity Blaster. They collided. My beam was slightly stronger so I won. But that wasn’t enough to win the fight. So we continued.

Turles looked at me and said “You poor fool. With the power I possess, you don't stand a chance against me! You're going to die just like this planet! It'll be your grave! But I'll give you a decent burial at least. After all, you're a Saiyan.”

I smirked and said “You’re the Fool. I am The King of all Saiyans. You can’t beat me. I’ve nearly eliminated the Frost Demons. Only 2 left. They’ll be dead soon enough. Surely I can handle a traitorous punk like you.”

Turles said “So you still have some fight in you. Good.” Then our fight continued. I charged Turles, he but afterimaged and punched me from behind. He charged back at me and punched me in the face. I was pushed back by the punch, but managed to kick him in the face

“The time has come, Vegeta. You are tiring, it is now or never. He is still virtually uninjured, Do it now or it is game over for the Saiyan race, forever. Turles can’t protect it. Only you have that potential.”

I thought *Do what?*

“Think about it. When are you the least predictable?”

This is why I hated The Voice. It rarely gave me a straight answer. It had to be an annoying prick. It answered my questions with another question. But I already know the answer. So I thought *when I’m angry. You want me to unleash my rage?*


I then used my favorite attack. I used my “Fear of Terror” move. This was the first time I ever used it while in my Super Saiyan form. The attacked drained me of more energy than usual, but it was worth it. The attack gave Turles a black eye, bloody nose, and his cheeks were badly bleeding too.

I reminded myself of all the trouble Turles caused me. Including calling me crazy, trying to overthrow me, endangering my chances of reviving Ledas, and everything else he had done that pissed me off. That renegade was going to pay. I was the living embodiment of rage. Nothing could stop me.

I yelled at him “YOU PUNKISH FOOL, YOU THINK YOU CAN OVERTHROW ME? YOU THINK YOU CAN BETRAY YOUR RACE AND LIVE? THINK AGAIN” I then elbowed him in the back, followed by a quick uppercut to the chin. I was beating him now. The tables had turned. I was too mad to notice through. All I wanted at that moment was him dead. He would die by my hands. It was lights out for him.

I flew up to his face and unleashed a Big Bang Storm on his face. He then fell from the sky to the ground. I assumed he was dead. Too bad, I wanted to prolong his suffering. All well, not too big a deal. I then landed. Without even looking at his remains, I took the 4 Dragon Balls and left. Combined with the 3 me and Bardock had already gathered, I now had all 7. This was perfect. For once, thing were going my way. Ledas would be revived for sure. Nothing could stop me now.

Suffering and Near Revival[edit | edit source]

Struggle[edit | edit source]

"It may sound absurd,

but don't be naive.

Even kings have the right to fear

I may be disturbed

but won't you concede:

even killers have the right to dream

And it's not easy to be a king."

-Superman (words altered slightly to fit this story)

This was it. Now was the time. Nearly a year ago, My friend Ledas died. He sacrificed himself trying to kill a monster. Some would call that noble, imbeciles they are. For me, it was tragic. I felt like I was watching the death of a worthy brother. He also left no remains so he couldn't have a traditional saiyan burial.

To make matters even worse, the demon survived. He was laughing about Ledas's death. This angered me greatly, I wasnt going to let my only friend's death be in vain. I screamed in rage. The rage overwhelmed me and caused an amazing transformation. I suddenly had new-found power which I used to my advantage, I killed that son of a bitch, Frieza. Ledas's death was avenged, but I still wanted him back. Sadly, I knew that wasn't possible, you can't bring back the dead. Or so I thought.

After his death and the Frost Demon's too, I tried not to think of him too much. I decided to worry about being the new king instead. It was a decent distraction. It worked until I heard "Don't despair, there is hope for you and for Ledas". A voice in my head told me that. Immediately I thought I may have gone crazy, but it also might be true. Maybe I could somehow revive Ledas. Just the possibility brought a smile to my face.

Later that day, The Voice told me what it meant. It mentioned a planet called Namek, and the Dragon Balls. 7 orbs that are my last hope for reviving Ledas. I decided to give it a try. I had to if I ever wanted to see Ledas again in this lifetime.

I figured that I couldn't do this alone. Well I could, but it would be quicker with a team. So I demanded help from Turles and Bardock. I lied to them and claimed I seeked immortality instead. After I told them about The Voice, Turles called me crazy and decided to rebel and attempt to overthrow me. But Bardock was willing to help.

So me and him went to Namek. Turles went too, but of his own intentions. I was on a mission to revive Ledas. I knew that he wanted to overthrow me, but I doubted he could succeed. After all even with those fruits, he was nothing compared to a Super Saiyan like me. So instead of worrying about him, I focused on Ledas. The revival of my friend, was my main concern.

We landed moments before Turles did, Almost right after we left our ship, there was a namekquake. The ground was shaking like crazy. It wasn't stopping anytime soon either. I quickly realized the cause. Turles must have planted a seed for his fruits. That meant that instead of about a month (would be a year, but the trip to Namek alone took eleven months), I now only had two days. Two days to revive Ledas. Turles had just endangered Ledas, he would pay for that. I would make sure of it.

At first, finding the Dragon Balls was very easy. I found 3 rather quickly. Then I got lucky. The last four were all in same spot. This was great. Only problem was Turles protecting them. Only he stood in the way of me being reunited with my brother-from another family, Ledas. My new rival Turles, was the final obstacle. After a long battle, I was the winner. So I took the last of the Dragon Balls and left.

Now I was about to revive my only friend. All my hard work would pay off. This was the moment of truth.

"The Dragon Balls only work if you speak in Namekian. I will tell you what to say"

So The Voice had kept this secret from me. This angered me but I listened. I placed the Dragon Balls in a circle, and did as instructed. I said "Reappa won Porunga, retnarg fo smaerd"

Suddenly, a bolt of Lightning hit each of the Dragon Balls and the sky was covered in dark clouds. Then a genie like dragon called Porunga appeared. He spoke "What are your 3 wishes?"

I listened to The Voice and said "Gnirb eht luos fo Ledas ot Namek."

Torture[edit | edit source]

(This part will be told in 3rd person and will be about Ledas. Now we will learn about his time in Hell.)

There Ledas was, waiting in line to be judged. He believed that his attempt to kill Frieza would be enough to guarantee him an eternity in Heaven. But it was clear that he had failed, since the Frost Demon's soul was nowhere to be seen.This changed things greatly. Upon realization of this, he had a fit of rage and yelled "NOOO!!!! THAT MONSTER CAN'T BE ALIVE!!! MY WHOLE RACE IS DOOMED, THIS AIN'T POSSIBLE!!!!!."

His new rage seemed to briefly cause change to him. His hair even briefly turned red. He then unleashed a powerful beam of blue and purple energy onto the crowd. This of course, temporarily destroyed tons of souls. After that, Ledas's new-found power was suddenly gone, as if by godly intervention. His hair returned to normal and he calmed down. He was slightly confused by the lack of power, but instead of worrying, he just flew to the front of the line before the other souls reappeared. (Obviously, since they were already dead, they couldn't die again. So their souls just reappear seconds after their demise)

Once he reached the front of the line, he saw a gigantic red man in a suit. The man was sitting in his desk and looked very mad. The giant looked mad and said "You shouldn't have done that lad, you have just earned yourself a oneway trip to hell. But you did die noblely, so you can keep your body."

Suddenly, Ledas's halo caught on fire and a hole opened up below him. He fell all the way down to Hell. Ledas looked around and said "This is so not super special awesome" He then started punching a wall. " HOW COULD I BE SUCH A FAILURE!!!" he screamed in anger. He continued to take out his frustration on the wall.

2 days later...

Ledas had calmed down a bit. He was still mad, but he no longer hitting a wall. Now he was taking out anger on the other inhabitants.As a saiyan, He loved to fight. But very few were a challenge for him.So most of the time, he'd just beat them to a pulp. But this was all about to change. He was going to become the victim. And his torment would be worse than imaginable.

Frieza had just arrived in Hell, along with most of the Frost Demons. They all wanted revenge on Vegeta for puting them there. But they knew that wasn't possible yet. Frieza was sure Cooler would kill Vegeta. True Cooler never cared about Frieza at all, but the dishonor to their family should be motivation enough. But in the meantime, they would enjoy making Vegeta's best friend Ledas suffer.

At first, they were fine with just beating Ledas to death over and over, but soon they got bored with that. So they decided to use other ways of torture. They burned him (the flames were very painful. Ledas could feel the heat as his body burned into nothing), drowned him in a lake of blood, had him ripped apart by dragons (caused incredible amount of pain that didn't stop until after being ripped in two.), they even tied him up and let him be eaten by Ligers , and used many other ways of torture. Then one day, Ledas passed out from pain and just vanished.

Ledas resurrected on Namek

Result of Wish[edit | edit source]

(back to Vegeta's point of view in first person)

Moments after the wish was made, Ledas appeared. I was first glad, but then I noticed something. He was hurt badly. He also had a burning halo above him and was unconcious. He soon awakened and saw me. He said "Vegeta? but you're not dead are you?"

I said "Ledas, No I'm not dead, my friend. I came to this planet to bring you back to life. Also, I need your help. There are still two Frost Demons left. That fool Turles has betrayed me. I need you to help me defeat these Demons." Then asked The Voice what was going on. I demanded to know why Ledas look like this.

"I tell you what to do, not the other way around. But if you must know, I slightly changed the wish. Ledas is now an immortal Saiyan ghost from hell, he will never again die, but those wounds he has now will remain forever. You're welcome"

The Voice was really annoying me. It tricked me and now Ledas was permantly scarred. I wanted to beat it to a pulp for this, but I couldn't because it was in my head. I was pissed off about this. But Ledas being immortal, was the plan anyway. So The Voice did that for me. After I realized this, I calmed down a little.

Porunga then said "I am growing impatient. What are our next two wishes?"

Ledas then looked up and saw the dragon for the first time. He said in a frightened tone" Vegeta, why is there a dragon here?"

I said "He's the one who brought you here." Looked at dragon "I hsiw ot eb lanrete" Then a beam of light hit me and I felt slightly different. After 10 seconds, the light faded.

Porunga said "Your wish has been granted."

Baardock then told Vegeta his wish. Vegeta said "I hsiw rof eht laviver fo Bardock's nos no ruo pihs."

After a minute, I heard a annoying crying sound Porunga said "Your wish has been granted" The dragon then vanished and the Dragon Balls then flew into the air and spread themselves around Namek.

"Vegeta, The Frost Demons are on their way here."

Great, Just great. Right after Ledas finally returns, those cursed Demons are on their way. All well. Now I could settle the score. After this day, the Frost Demons would be no more. They would be extinct and the Saiyan race would be the mightiest race in the universe again. With Ledas back, nothing could stop me now

Anger & Power[edit | edit source]

V Vegeta Vs Cooler.jpg

This day just kept on getting better. First, I had the pleasure of defeating Turles. Then I got my friend Ledas back from the dead. He may of been a bloody mess, but atleast he was here. And now, to top it off, I was now about to have my chance to end the Frost Demons once and for all. This day was incredible.

"Vegeta, be careful. Remember that these Frost Demons are way stonger than Frieza. They make Frieza look like an ant by comparison. This won't be easy at all."

I thought *Shut up Voice. It's your fault that Ledas is like this. I am done listening to you. You're lucky I can't strangle you*

"Ledas has to survive any event that may come to be,the Saiyans need him. All I've done is ensure his survival"

After that, I thought *That could of been done without him being a living ghost. I could of just revived him unharmed, and used the other 2 wishes to make us both immortal.*

"But if you did that, Bardock's son would still be dead and-"

I got annoyed and thought *You mean that annoying cryer that I am tempted to kill just to shut it up? That brat's existance is not worth Ledas's wounded state. Now shut up you imbecile*

"Everyone has the right to live. If Bardock's son were to remain dead, you would have two traitors instead of just one."

The Voice was getting on my last nerve. I turned Super Saiyan and yelled "SHUT UP YOU PIECE OF TRASH VOICE. YOU ARE A PAIN IN THE BUTT AND IT'S YOUR FAULT THAT LEDAS IS LIKE THIS. GET OUT OF MY HEAD AND GO TO HELL WHERE YOU BELONG!!!!" Still pissed off, I flew towards the Frost Demons. I wanted to hit something and decided to unleash my rage upon them.

"Calm down. You can't beat these 2 on your own. Go back now and get Ledas and Bardock's help"

The Voice just didn't know when to shut up. I had enough. I stopped flying and was just floating. I pointed my right hand at my face. I began to charge energy for an attack. I said "Listen, you son of a bitch Voice. You are not the boss of me. I have had it with you. Now either leave me alone forever or I will unleash my energy upon myself and end it all right NOW!!!!!" I screamed the last part. The Voice had annoyed me so much I was ready to end my life just to shut it up.

" You are too important to die now."

After The Voice said that, I put my hand down. But not of my own free will. It was like some incredibly powerful force made me stop. Then my body turned around and started flying back to the ship where Bardock and Ledas were. I couldn't control myself. Then I realized it, The Voice. It was controlling me now. The Voice had stopped me and taken over my body. This was infuriating.

The Voice forced me to go back to base. It had taken my body. I was trapped in my own mind with no way out. I was a prisoner of my own body. My body soon reached the base. The Voice then looked at Bardock and Ledas and used my mouth to say "I am The Voice that Vegeta hears in his head. I have taken him over for his own protection. Now listen, The fate of the Saiyans and the universe itself will be determined today. If you are to survive this day and defeat the last 2 Frost Demons, you all must work together. None of you can defeat them on your own."

Ledas looked mad and said "Get out of my friend's body. Leave Vegeta alone"

I knew the Voice wouldn't listen. One of the most annoying things about it is that it don't follow orders. I hated the Voice with every fiber of my being. I wanted it to be eradicated from my mind forever. But it seemed that would never happen. That seemed to be one wish I would never have granted.

Then the Frost Demons arrived and I was releashed from The Voice's control. It was impossible for me to fight them alone now. So with it's intent done, the fiendish Voice gave control of my body back to me. I looked at the Frost Demons and said "Your end is here, fools. You doomed yourselves the moment you landed on this world. I know you can transform, but it don't matter. The end of your entire filthy race is now here."

Cooler laughed and said "You really are a fool, Vegeta. You think 3 monkeys can stop us? Either you overestimate yourselves, or you underestimate us. Now I will give you one last chance to reconsider, You can work for us, or you can die in battle."

Bardock looked at Cooler and said "Our people have been free of your kind for eleven months. The Saiyans will never be slaves again. This is not our end, Demons."

My ghostly and brother-like friend Ledas, looked at the Frost Demons and said " I am not dying again any time soon. I was tortured for eleven months by your kind down there. It is their fault I am this badly injured. But they also made me stronger than ever before. I can also assure you this, your deaths will be very SUPER SPECIAL AWESOME." Ledas than began to power up. This was the start of the final battle between Saiyans and Frost Demons.

Friends Vs Family[edit | edit source]

Power to Transform[edit | edit source]

My ghostly and brother-like friend Ledas, looked at the Frost Demons and said "I am not dying again any time soon. I was tortured for eleven months by your kind down there. It is their fault I am this badly injured. But they also made me stronger than ever before. I can also assure you this, your deaths will be very SUPER SPECIAL AWESOME." Ledas than began to power up. This was the start of the final battle between Saiyans and Frost Demons.

"Turles is not dead, just knocked out. He should be waking up now, have Bardock go and get his help."

I looked at Ledas and Bardock and said " Bardock go get Turles, you and him fight the tall one. Ledas and me will handle the purple fool known as Cooler." Looked at Ledas "Hope you can still fight well with all those injuries."

Ledas looked at me and said "Don't worry Vegeta. I will be fine. All the pain in the universe couldn't stop me from ending these monsters" He then finished powering up and his hair spiked upward and turned bright red. He was also surrounded by a yellow and green aura. He had transformed into a False Super Saiyan.

Ledas V False Super Saiyan.jpg

He and me then both attacked Cooler, while Bardock left. The tall one just stood there and waited for his battle.

I used my great speed to rush up to Cooler and than put my hands on his stomach. I then unleashed a beam of yellow energy. This caused him to bleed a little. He retaliated by punching me in the face. He then threw me to the ground. Ledas then held out his hands. In them, silver orbs formed. Out of the orbs several large beams of energy came. They all hit Cooler repeatedly, dealing alot of damage.

Cooler smiles and says "You think these attacks can hurt me? I am holding back. You dimwited monkeys can't begin to comprehend my real power."

I looked at him and said "Show us it then. Show us your next form."

Cooler then said "You should honored, monkeys. You two will be the first to see this form, and the last" He then started to change. He grew five horns on his head in the form of a crown. Spikes formed on his back. A backwards blade formed on the bottom part of each arm. His tail also grew a spike and a mouthpiece formed. His transfomation was complete. It was time to find out just how much a upgrade it gave him.

Help or Not[edit | edit source]

(This part will be told in 3rd person as Vegeta was not in this area to witness these events. I will resume using first person when his fight continues)

Bardock soon reached Turles's location. He landed and looked at Turles. He said "We need your help. The Frost Demons are attacking. Vegeta, Ledas, and me can't beat them on our own. "

Turles look suprised and said "I won't help that insane fool known has Vegeta. He would no doubt kill me as soon as the battle was over. I can't beat him right now."

Bardock said "Have you no concern for your own race? If those Frost Demons win, they will either wipe out Planet Vegeta or enslave the Saiyans again. How can you just stand by and do nothing?

Turles said "Fine, I'll help. But only to protect the Saiyans. If Vegeta ends up in mortal danger, don't expect me to save him"

Bardock said "He won't die. He already made himself immortal"

Turles balled up his hand into a fist and said "Dammit. I know I am destined to be king. There must still be a way. Maybe if I just beat him badly. That's how it was back before the Tuffles. Back then, the greatest fighter was in charge. Vegeta's family may of earned their royality by leading us to victory against te Tuffles, but they haven't changed that law yet."

Bardock said "Well, before you fight Vegeta, You'll have to get pass me. He revived my son Kakarot with one of those wishes. The least I can do is protect him from traitors like you. We may work together today, but attack Vegeta and I wont hesitate to destroy you."

Turles said "We'll see." They then flew towards the fight.

Fateful Fights[edit | edit source]

(Now we're back to the fight. This part of the chapter will have four different viewpoints, one for each saiyan)

Vegeta[edit | edit source]

I checked my scouter to see how strong this new form had made Cooler. Th number just kept on rising until it broke. I was tempted to use my new form, but then I was told this,

"No, not yet. You can't risk watsing the amount of energy that form requires. Wait until there is only one Frost Demon left. Then use it."

I had no desire to be taken over again, so I listened to The Voice. It may of been annoying as hell and it was also responsible for Ledas being a ghost, but it did have a point. I couldn't be in my new form for very long because of all the energy it watsed. I could only maintain it for 1 hour at the most. Made sense not to use it before it was needed. So I continued to fight as Super Saiyan.

The demonic Cooler attacked Ledas first. He grabbed my friend by the neck. He said "It is believed that you monkeys live for battle, this one has the scars to prove it. Let's put him out of his misery." He then attempted to choke Ledas. I extended my arm and looked at Cooler. I then unleashed a strong energy blast from my hand. It hit him but seemed to have no effect.

Ledas kicked Cooler in the gut, causing the demon to let go and said "I told you, I am not dying again. I spent eleven months in hell being torture by your kind. It is their fault I look like this. So now I will have revenge by killing both you and your dad in the most painful way possible. Both demises will be Super Special Awesome."

I looked at Ledas and said "You can't die. The Dragon Balls made you a ghost. You'll live forever but also remain the way you are forever. You'll be able to train and always feel pain but no matter what you'll survive"

Ledas said "I'm a ghost? That's so SUPER SPECIAL AWESOME!!!" He now knew the downside, but he didn't seem to care. He was just so excited about being immortal. My friend soon got all serious again and said to Cooler "Now that I can't die, all your effort in pointless. You might as well just run away and hide."

Cooler said "I aint running, chimp. You may be immortal, but that don't scare me. I'll just torture you for all eternity. Or maybe I'll throw you into a black hole. You'll never beat both me and my father. Your whole race wouldn't stand a chance against me alone."

I said "It would be foolish to underestimate us, Cooler. Me and Ledas were trained to fight best together. Our power levels have always been very close. Ledas may not be a Super Saiyan like me, but he is still very strong. To underestimate either of us is a death wish." Cooler then sped towards me and attempted to punch me. I grabbed his hand and kicked him in the neck. He then thew me into a nearby mountain. I emerged with only a few scratches. Ledas then kicked Cooler between the shoulder blades and ripped off one of the demon's horns.

Turles[edit | edit source]

Me and Bardock soon reached the battlefield. I saw how unrightful king and Ledas's fight was going. They were fighting the smaller purple Frost Demon, which had undergone an impressive transformation. The first thing I noticed was the large amounts of injuries Ledas had. It was clear that either the demon had done him far more damage to him than to Vegeta, or the wish didn't go according to plan. How inconvenient.

I then looked at our opponent. It was the tall one. He was just standing there. He didn't seem to really care about his son's battle. He soon looked at me and Bardock. He said "So my competition has arrived, it's about time. I was becoming rather bored waiting for you. Now lets see how much of a challenge you are."

I transformed to my red haired form. It wasn't quite exactly Super Saiyan, but since I couldn' achieve that form yet, it would have to do. I said "I am no longer your servant. Today is the day the Saiyans end your race once and for all. Never again will we obey your commands, this is your final hour"

Bardock said "I may not be able to transform like the others, but you won't be winning this battle. I can assure you that. I will protect my people and family to my last breath." He then flew up to the demon and grabbed it by the tail. He spun it around and threw it to a random direction. I then proceded to punch the demon in face with enough force to give him a black eye

The demon then let out a large amount of air. The air began to spin and formed as tornado. The tornado surrounded me and Bardock inflicting a small amount of damage. I simply flew through the tornado and punched the brute in the gut.

I then unleashed a powerful attack. I punched him into the air and then kicked him back to the ground. I then rapidly fired large beams of engy at him. I thought to myself *Dammit* as I saw that that my attack had little to no effect.

Bardock[edit | edit source]

I was glad to have Turles help. At this point, I didn't care if he ws a traitor. Better to have help from a rogue than no help at all. I would need it against this Demon.

I looked at him. I knew that if we failed, nothing could stop him from finding and killing my son. The brat's crying may of annoyed me, but I had to protect him. So I unleashed my most powerful techique. I held my fist out and charged a blue energy spere. I then drew my fist back and put even more energy into the spere I gave it as much energy as I could. Finally, I brung my hand forward and, shouted "This ends everything!", I than fired the attack at the evil demon. It caused a little bleeding.

Ledas[edit | edit source]

I hated these monsters, Their kind had tortured me for eleven months straight. They set me on fire, beat me to pulp, had me ripped apart by dragons, and drowned me. It was their fault I was injured this badly. Now that I was a ghost, I would make sure the last two of their kind payed for it by dying tbhe most painful ways possible.

I looked to my right and saw Turles and Bardock's fight against the other Frost Demon. It seemed like they were losing. I decided that even if Turles was a traitor, he didn't deserve to go to hell and recieve the same torture I did. So I decided to help them.

I blasted a hole in the planet straight to the core. The namekquakes caused the lava to rise to the surface. He then yelled to the taller Frost Demon, "Hey ugly, why don't you fight someone alot stronger like me? What are you?Chicken?" He opened his mouth to say something. But before he could, I blasted a ball of energy into it. Upon entering his mouth, the energy exploded. It destroyed his entire head. I then threw his body into the lava.

Cooler looked pissed off and said "Why you little twerp, dishonoring my family again. Now my whole race has been annilated by monkeys. I won't allow this to continue, you will all die." Hethen began to change as new power flowed through him. His armor-plated skin changed in look and became black and white. The horn I ripped off not only regrew, but he now had six of of them that were in a different order. After a minute, he finished his transformation. His new form was vastly different from his orginal. He said "A new form, I deem this Omega Frost Demon. Now let's have some fun"

Demonic Extinction[edit | edit source]

(back to Vegeta's point of view) Cooler looked pissed off and said "Why you little twerp, dishonoring my family again. Now my whole race has been eliminated by monkeys. I won't allow this to continue, you will all die." He then began to change as new power flowed through him. His armor-plated skin changed in look and became black and white. The horn Ledas ripped off not only regrew, but he now had six of them that were in a different order. After a minute, he finished his transformation. His new form was vastly different from his original. He said "A new form, I deem this Omega Frost Demon. Now let's have some fun"

Ultra Icejin Cooler.jpg

I looked at the fiend and said "Foolish Frost Demon, Your not the only one who has reached a new level of power." I began powering up. I surrounded myself with pure power. I grew wings made of pure energy. My strength increased by 150%. My transformation was complete. I looked at Cooler and said " Behold, I have gone beyond a mere Super Saiyan. I am now Vegeta, the first ever Energy Saiyan. This form shall be your demise."

Energy Saiyan Vegeta

Cooler said " We'll see. No more holding back from any of us. No time to waste. Your friend's attack on the planet along with the namekquakes did more than creatively kill my father. Namek is now unstable. It will explode in about three minutes give or take"

I said " Well, good thing we're right next to your ship. After I kill you, I'll take your ship and return home while this pathetic orb of dirt explodes like fireworks"

"Be careful, don't destroy him. Kill him, but try to keep the body intact. His blood could be useful"

I thought *OK, I'll listen. I don't want to be taken over again, But no more tricks.* I then tried to punch Cooler, but he vanished. I then watched as Turles and Bardock vanished too. Cooler then reappeared and kicked me in the face. I grabbed his foot and twisted it backwards. I said "What have you done to the traitor Turles and my teammate Bardock?"

Cooler said "I locked them in the ship by using a favorite technique of mines called Instant Transmission. It lets me literally move at the speed of light. I wanted this fight to be just you, me and the little ghost."

I punched Cooler in the face and said "That trick won't save you, scum." I then grabbed him by the throat and said "tell me where you learned that technique or die now"

Cooler then said "I learned it on a planet called Yadrat. The inhabitants taught me it in exchange for their lives"

I said "I'm guessing you killed them shortly after mastering the technique"

Cooler said "No, I am not as despicable as my brother was. I am a man of my word" He then kicked me to the ground.

Ledas landed next to me and said "Vegeta, I learned a technique while in hell that could be useful. It's called the fusion dance, and is incredibly non-warrior like, but it may be the only way to win."

I looked at him and said "No, Saiyans are warriors not dancers"

"You have to do this Vegeta, or the saiyans are doomed"

I thought *Shut up Voice, I will never do a dumb dance. I'd rather die*

"Then you leave me no choice" The Voice then took me over again and said to Ledas "Ledas, It's me, The Voice. Vegeta refuses to listen, so I'll be forcing him to do the dance, which I already know"

Ledas wasn't glad that I was being controlled, but he understood. So we did the dance.

(remainder of chapter will be told in 3rd person)

So the warriors did the dance and fused into a new warrior. A warrior that was neither alive or dead. The warrior had pale white skin and still had Ledas's scars. He also resembled both warriors and had a power level that was way higher than either Vegeta or Ledas. He said "Cooler, prepare to die, Now you face Legetas."

Legetas, The fusion of Vegeta and Ledas.

Cooler said "Bring it on"

Legetas said "One final beam struggle. We each charge our most powerful attacks and fire at the same time. Mines is clearly stronger, but I don't want a long fight. This pathetic excuse of a planet only has a minute left. This ends now"

Cooler said "Okay lets end this"

Legetas then charged a powerful blast called the Final Kyorra.

Cooler teleports behind him and fires his Death Flash. Legetas quickly turns around and unleashes his attack. The beams collide and Cooler's quickly loses to Legetas's. The Final Kyorra then kills Cooler, leaving only an arm of Cooler's intact.

Legetas grabbed the arm and said "What ever that annoying Voice has planned better work with only this." He then entered Cooler's ship and left seconds before Namek exploded.

When the ship was halfway to Planet Vegeta, Legetas defused back into Vegeta and Ledas. Vegeta said "Well that was effective, but I am never doing that dance again" Vegeta then locked Turles in a escape pod and sent him to a random planet.

29 minutes later...

Vegeta, Ledas, Bardock, and baby Kakkorot returned to Planet Vegeta. Vegeta then resumed his role as Saiyan king.

(please read Dragonball V: DNA of Friendship before you start reading the final saga)

Revenge Saga[edit | edit source]

Theme:Will not Bow by Breaking Benjamin

Demon vs. Dragon[edit | edit source]

(third person)

A shadowly figure was talking to a wizard known as Babidi. Babidi said "You want the power to kill Vegeta?"

The figure said "Yes. The Saiyan King must pay for what he did to me. The Saiyans will be enslaved again"

Babidi said "Well your in luck The king is about to fight his rival Turles. If you do a favor for me, I will transfer all the energy that is lost from that battle to you, along with Turles remaining energy if he wins. Since you current power level is almost equal to his, this increase should ensure your victory."

The figure said " What is the favor?

Badidi said "An old enemy of mine is going to meet Vegeta soon. Kill the enemy and Vegeta, after the fight of course"

(rest in 1st person Vegeta)

The Voice's experiment was a complete success. I was now the universe's only Saiyan Demon It had been 10 years since Namek. I knew I was ready for any threat.

Vegeta is now half Frost Demon

"The Dragon is here" 

I checked my scouter and flew in the direction of the highest power level. My ghostly friend Ledas soon joined me I said "Bro, Can you go Energy Saiyan yet?"

Ledas said " No, not yet."

We soon reached the power level's location. I then saw Turles. I told Ledas to stay down. I had to face this traitor alone. I looked at Turles (who was now part dragon) and said "Well, it seems that I'm not the only one who has been genetically improved."

Saiyan Dragon Turles

Turles said "Vegeta, you hypocrite. Just 10 years ago, you criticized me for rejoining the Frost Demons, and now you've become one of them. I knew you were crazy but this is plain retarded. Becoming the race responsible for torturing your best friend, Oh how the mighty has fallen"

I said "I just improved myself. You were letting yourself be a slave. As for Ledas's suffering, despite being the cause of it, I am not responsible for his pain, you fool."

Turles said "Well, your time as king is over. In accordance with the laws set before the Tuffle war, I challenge you to a fight. The winner will be king."

I said "You cant kill me, imbecile"

Turles said "I don't have to kill you, I just have to win."

I laughed "We'll see." I then powered up to Super Saiyan and and said "You can't win"

Fight For The Crown!!![edit | edit source]

I looked at Turles. I had yet to see him eat a single Fruit He was a fool if he thought being part Dragon and his False Super Saiyan form would be enough to beat me.

He started to power up and said "I shall show you the true power of a Super Saigon" As he powered up the ground started to shake. Fire then surrounded him. The flames kept on getting brighter and brighter. I soon had to close my eyes to prevent blinding. When I opened them again, he was a Super Saiyan.

Super Saigon Turles

I pulled out my sword and said "Bring it on" We then started to fight. He shot fire at me from his hand. I dodged and jumped behind him. I then cut off his tail and said "This is your last chance, traitor. Run now or die"

I was suprised to see his tail regrow. He then wrapped it around my neck and pointed his hand at me. He said "It is you who should of ran"

I briefly went Energy Saiyan and the electricity caused him to let go of me. I hen powered down, hot wanting to waste energy. I said "New body and your still scum, you could never kill me, I'm immortal.

"Vegeta, your not immortal, your just eternal"

I thought *What?*

"You were 5, you wished to be eternal, not knowing the difference."

I thought *Shit* but was careful not to show that I was worried.

Turles then dodged as I tried to hit him with my sword. He said "Are you really trying to threaten me with a sword?" He then burned it with fire "Never bring a sword to a power fight."

He then punched me and shot fire again. I dodged the flame and said "Bravo Turles, your performance is so convincing I almost want to applaud."

"Oh how generous of you, here let me give you a big hand." said Turles. He then fired a boulder-sized blast of energy that was shaped like a fist and it slammed me into a mountain.

I looked at him and said "So it seems you can still do energy attacks. Good I was getting bored of the fire. But this is far from over, fool" I then kicked him in the face and ripped his tail off. "That's for burning my sword, bitch." I then threw his tail in the air and destroyed it with a ki blast.

Turles smirked and said "Your the fool, Vegeta. That was your last kingly mistake.

I looked at him and said "If you believe that, then your the crazy one, Turles"

Turles laughed and said "You're the fool. For when a dragon's tail is cut off for the second time, it does not grow back and the dragon's power level triples. Say goodbye to being royalty."

I said "Your bluffing. That's not even logical"

"No he's not."

Turles then hit me with a with a giant blast of energy that slammed me into the ground. He then landed and said "Long live the king" I laid there in a crater unable to move. What happened next surprised me. I watched as Turles turn to dust.

The next day...

I emerged from a healing chamber. I was still king and still had no clue what caused Turles to turn to dust. A servant informed me that a large spaceship had just landed on Planet Vegeta. Once I learned the location, me and Ledas flew to the ship expecting the worst. We landed right in front of it. A minute later, the ship's door opened.

Reunion[edit | edit source]

The ship's door opened and I was surprised what by I saw inside. First thing I saw was an saiyan. One that I hoped I would never see again. This saiyan was an insult to the race and was my own brother. Tarble was wearing armor, but it was not saiyan armor. He also had on a crown which suggested that he was the leader of the inhabitants on this ship.

Tarble, Vegeta's little brother

Behind Tarble and the other saiyan was a lot of wolf-like creatures. There seemed to be about 200 of them all together. Tarble looked at me and said "Hello Vegeta, It's been awhile. About 12 years to be exact. I don't even remember that day, but I'm sure you do. Shouldn't of sent me away, brother. Now it's payback time."

A wolf-like servant to Tarble.

I laughed and said "You can't beat me."

Tarble said "I will beat you Vegeta. Me and my Lupine army have been cocuring planets for years now. Now we will concur Planet Vegeta"

I said "Lupine army? So those creatures behind you are servants to such a weak ruler?"

Tarble said "Yes, I am their emperor. I'm not weak anymore. I am stronger than you could imagine. Turles was just dust compared to me"

"Strange choice of words, don't you think?"

I agreed with the Voice. It seemed suspicious that Tarble even knew who Turles was and would compare him to dust. Does he know why Turles turned to dust aftr our fight? Time for answers. I said "Two questions. One, how do you know Turles? Two, Do you know what happened to him?"

Tarble said "I will answer both of those at once. I know about Turles because I absorbed his energy after his last fight with you. As for how I made him turn to dust, that is my secret."

Ledas said "Tarble, how did you come to be emperor of these Lupine?"

Tarble said "After Vegeta sent me away, my pod landed on their home world, Lupia. I landed on a full moon night. This made me become a giant ape. The Lupine were so amazed that once I was old enough to speak full sentences, they made me their emperor. Then we soon started concurring planets. On and I don't intend to fight Vegeta today."

I said "Why not? you have so much power, Why wait?"

Tarble said "There will be a tournament between my Lupine and your Saiyans. The strongest of each of our races will fight each other. If you win all your matches then you'll face me. Should you refuse to fight in this tournament I will blow up this world."

I said "This tournament is an interesting idea. I will join it."

Ledas said "I will also join this tournament."

Tarble said "Then you have four days to gather this worlds strongest fighters."

Preparation For Tournament[edit | edit source]

So, Tarble wanted an tournament. One's that winner is going to determine the fate of the saiyan race. I had to be that winner. Beating Tarble is something that I would of never considered to be a challenge, until now. The Voice told me to never underestimate an opponent. I am the king of all saiyans, I can't let overconfidence get in my way.

"Your learning from your mistakes"

But it is hard to see Tarble as a real threat. He was so weak last time we met. But a lot can happen in 12 years. A weakling can't gain control of a Lupine army.

Anyway, after meeting Tarble, Ledas and I flew to the nearest training room. I knew that a certain saiyan child was there. A 11 year old saiyan named Kakkorot. He was


friends with Ledas. Kakkorot was half as strong as Ledas. This meant that Kakkorot was the 3rd strongest saiyan that was raised on Planet Vegeta. His father, Bardock was the fourth. Ledas was the 2nd. I was the 1st.

We landed and we were greeted by a stranger. The stranger said "Hello Vegeta, I am the Supreme Kai. I will help you defeat Tarble."

I said "Are you a good fighter?"

Supreme Kai said "I know a few techniques, but I meant that I can help you get stronger. I know of a place where you can get 2 years worth of training in only 2 days."

Ledas said "That sounds Super Special Awesome."

I said "Where is this place?"

Supreme Kai said "The place is known as the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Once you go inside, you will spend 2 years inside. Stay no longer than 2 years. Otherwise, you will be trapped inside the chamber forever. This chamber is back on earth."

I said "We don't have time to travel to earth. It takes a saiyan space pod a year to travel there."

"You don't need a space pod when you have a Kai."

Supreme Kai said "I know a technique called Instantaneous Movement. It allows me to teleport us from here to earth instantly. All you need to do is hold onto my shoulder when I teleport."

Ledas said "Supreme Kai, let me go inside and get Kakkorot. I know he would hate to miss this opportunity."

Supreme Kai said "I already teleported him to the chamber"

Ledas an I then held onto the Supreme Kai's shoulders as he teleported us to a strange landmass that seemed to be floating high above earth. A building was on the landmass. The Supreme Kai said "Welcome to the earth's Lookout. Inside that building is the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Inside the chamber is a very special sword that was made for Vegeta."

I said "A new sword? That is very good, Kai. Now take me to it" I was excited to get a new sword so soon after the destruction of my old one. I was also curious about why it was so special.

Ledas and I followed the Kai to the chamber. Once there he said "The Chamber has a entrance limit. Only 2 warriors can enter at a time. So Vegeta, you will have to wait 2 days. I can assure you that your sword is worth the wait." I was furious I was a master swordsman. I could cut two boulders in half with one swing of my blade. Vegeta without a sword was like a saiyan without a tail. I wanted to have my new blade now. The Kai was a fool to demand that I wait 2 days. I punched him in the gut and said "Imbecile, the king of all saiyans never waits. If you value your life, you'll take me to my sword now."

"Vegeta, you can't be so impulsive. If you kill the Kai you'll have no way home. Listen to him."

The Kai said "Kakkorot is already inside the chamber. If I let you in, then Ledas will have to wait 2 days. Power level wise, Ledas is far closer to his level than you are. You're both far stronger than him but it is best if he trains with someone who is stronger but not too much stronger. "

I said "I refuse to stand here doing nothing for 2 whole days"

The Kai said "Well everyone on this planet is already dead, so you can't kill them. But you could fly around the globe blowing up random mountains for 2 days. that should keep you entertained."

Not a bad idea. I said "Okay Kai, I will do that, but my sword better be inside when I get back." Ledas then entered the chamber and I left the lookout to start blowing up mountains.

2 days later...

I returned to the lookout just when Ledas and Kakkorot left the chamber. Ledas looked about the same since his hell-body never aged. Kakkorot was now 13 and looked a little taller. They were both more muscular now. Me, Ledas, and the Kai entered the chamber. The Kai explained that as long as me and Ledas left the chamber at the same time, Ledas shouldn't be stuck inside. The Kai then led us to the sword.

Dragon Yamato, Vegeta's new sword.

When we reached the sword, the Kai said "This sword is called the Dragon Yamato. It was made from the stone forms of the Earth's and Namek's Dragon Balls. Being made from the Dragon Balls makes the sword virtually unbreakable. After I finished crafting the sword, I bathed it in the blood of the legendary saiyan Celroli and the Frost Demon Shimo. This bathing process and the magical properties of the Dragon Ball will allow Vegeta to achieve a new form that is a merger of the most powerful known forms from each race. The Legendary Super Saiyan form which power level is constantly rising, and the Ice Devil form which is 20x stronger than Cooler's Omega form. The merged form will only be available when you have the sword with you. Lose the sword and you lose the forms as well. I proudly give this sword to you, Saiyan Lord Vegeta."

He then handed the sword to me. He warned me to only use the merged form when I needed to and not during training. Legendary seems to induce temporary insanity which could be very dangerous. After the warning, the Kai left the chamber so that Ledas and I could start training.

2 years/ 2 days later...

Ledas' and mine's training was complete. We both had grown in power enormously. I was now 17 and Ledas still looked about 5. We may of both gained in power, but we were still equals. We both left the chamber at the exact same time. The Kai then teleported us and Kakkorot back to Planet Vegeta.

Someone was waiting for us when we returned. It was Tarble. Tarble looked at the Kai and killed the Kai with a ball of red energy. He said "Well Vegeta, you look older and stronger. My tournament begins today. It is called the Fate Tournament. It will start in 5 hours. Hope your ready to die."

I said "Foolishness, Tarble, Foolishness. Might controls everything - and without strength, you cannot protect anything; let alone yourself. "

Tarble replied "We'll see who's stronger, Vegeta."

Tournament Begins[edit | edit source]

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Simply Epic(series finale)[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

-The last Saga has 2 references to Devil May Cry.

-This story is in competition with What_It_Means_To_Be_King_(If_Only_I_Were_Greater_Premiere)

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