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Chapter 5/6

So Goku and Vegeta went to earth and took Goten ,Trunks , Krillin ,Piccolo,Rohan,

Gochan,Buma,Rillin Krillins son ,Pan,Pans son Kateyo, Broly,future trunks and 18 they went to a desserted planet

and started to train while gohan went to earth and had a reunion with earths people then saw dende and explained everything then dende went to tell tein, yamcha and chaichtzou


they came with bulma chi chi and videl they were so happy to see him but why in kid form then gohan explain eveything more clearly back on the planet the team was training at the gravity was 100 and rohan,gochan , buma were already fighting in 100 gravity gohan decide to train chi chi ,videl and bulma and and the other 3 z fighters leaving master roshoi to keep track .

Chapter 6 : finsh trainin in 2 months