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takes place after gt 10 years have passed and the z fighters rest in peace with gohan having a another brother named gochan and a son rohan new characters to come but gohan time is out because its apart of his destiny to become the supreme kai so the supreme kai took gohan to his planet now elder kai told him its time to fulfill his destiny so elder kai restored gohans tail.the two kai gave gohan there power then elder kai made gohan a kid again at the point he became a super saiyain and told gohan there's a transformation call mystic saiyan you can only go up to level 10 but first gohan had to master going up to super saiyan 10 mystic saiyan 10 when gohan mastered both states he will have to figure a way to become a mystic saiyan .back on earth goku came and they had a reunion but right after the reunion day goku transported him and vegeta to a desert planet to train .goku explained to vegeta that in 2 years groups of people from the underworld are escaping sheron told me . back on gohans planet goan figure out how to become a super mystic saiyan by becoming a super saiyan then become a mystic when he transformed it blow up the whole planet but then gohan restored it that's one of his new powers and he has elder kais wisdom. Back on the deserted planet goku told vegeta that broly is now a good guy so when broly born hes a good guy goku then showed vegeta his power its LSS just he ascended to broly's power . It blew up that planet . then vegeta power up and his power was close to a LSS power .

Hi its piccolo I'm amazed with gohans power but why is he a kid again and where is sherone cause we thought that the DRAGONBALL FUSED with goku then how was he able to grant wish and why has gohan bringing me to the elder kai planet to train . NEXT TIME TIME TO TRAIN PICCOLO

Chapter 1[]

Right when goku and the others were about to power up a portal opened and all the weak villains came out first were the Ginyu Force

Goku and the others said here a good time for the young z fighters to test out there new power so they powered up and went for an all out attack and were ready for there next attack but when the green eyes came up first and rohan went up first ready to battle now the battle began rohan decide to make the first attack but right when he was about to the 4 eyes was in his postion and krillin try to tell him he power but they said no lets see if rohan can find his weak point . Meanwhile cptn. ginyu apperared before goku and the others with new people on his team and with his new found powers but he was still he tryed to switch bodies with goku again but goku sensed it and moved before he attacked gohan notice that in the sky was a black wholle like before so gohan had a plan but the others would have to fight the ginyu force while him and gochan and buma shoot kai blastes in the sky so that when more villians appear they wouldnt be able to come to our world. So as Gohan got ready to make his move one of the villians came and attacked gohan behind gohan to the two boys to keep shot there special moves while he fights the bad guys

Chapter 2[]

On the gohans piccolo was thinking why is gohan on the supreme kai planet and why hes gone missing Gohan said he'll explain after train him piccolo got mad but he went for it thinking gohans training would be easy. Back on the planet vegeta and goku were on vegeta said:KAKARTO HOW DID U ACENSEND then goku said thays why were going to train and go to LSS 10 vegeta was amazed . now on gohans planets gohan got a rock and made it a metal square block so piccolo carried the block while gohan was shooting ki blasts and attkaing piccolo and piccolo cant attack at the end of training elder kai explained everything and said piccolo its his destiny to help unlimated defeat the evil that comes fourth its him and nails destiny to fuse and said nails coming tommrow so they can become super nameks to level 5 then to a lengendary super namek gohan decided to show a picture piccolo was amazed and wondering whos unlimited then elder kai said in time it will be revaled they t.then they said the train will take 1 day but fells like a year gohan made a time chamber that u can change the gravity the next day nail and piccolo trained and each hour another metal block wil be placed then the gravity changed each hour the it was at 100 gravity then started running with about 5 metal blocks . then after they were done with the training they walked out there clothes ripped of on the top they got rest the next day piccolo and nail powered up and already they were super nameks 5 they test it out there power they were equally matched but thought it was the trasformed but it wasnt it then gohan said try to push your power further beyong then they started to transform but couldnt control the power then gohan said they can control the power just do it one more time they decided to try it again they got the transfomation but then kept trasanformimg till level five then gohan said its time for them to to go back then gohan wanted to do one more thing to unlock there power so on the day they unit there fusing can be even more powerful gohan told piccolo not to tell nobody he get them one by one then told nail to teach the nameks fighters the transformation and if they want to become a LSN to come to the planet days pasted gohan reaching a new mystic saiyan till level 10 each stage exploding the planet and gives big shockwaves and at level 10 expoding planets .HI it goku next time it me and vegeta it training time vegeta Vegeta : shut it Kakarot

Chapter 3[]

if my spelling is bad ill improve on it

Back on the desserted planet ,Vegeta started to ask goku questions like why is broly now a good guy good question said Goku. Then goku began telling the story he was training from each planet to the next at the last planet he went to he didn't realise that broly was on the planet training . he thought that him, Gohan ,Goten destoryed broly . but he still manged to survive so they had a battle at first goku couldn't go lss so he tried going to his new form to ss5 but broly had the upper hand cause he was a lss3 so he nealy was about to kill goku then goku thought of what would happen to the earth and its people and thought would gohan and the others stand a chance and they dont have the dragonballs cause he fused with me. Then it happened i started my power started to rise just as a near super saiyan and just with one kamehaha wave it blow him up but at the same time i want to fight broly again as a good guy in then after the battle was over my eyes started to glow . on Namek all the dragonballs started to act strange the namek dragon appeared and said your wish has been granted the namek people were thinking what just happened the the dragon left then the elder namek thought of the legened . then the training started for vegeta and after 2 days goku became a lss2 and vegeta became a lss1&2 . on gohans planet gohan felt power risining and it felt like dad then they powered down then gohan decided to power up to give the a sign that it me gohan so the kais got in there place to hide while gohan powers up he started to give a sign the goku and vegeta felt the power and it felt the same as a lss and it feels like gohans then goku thought some one was missing and vegeta started to remeber that gohan started missing so we started to search for him then piccolo but he return before you not telling what happen and something felt different about him it was like he was hiding something then i was going to see him but you came. then vegeta thought could it be possible that gohan became a lss the goku said lets find out .

Next time : Hi Gohan

Chapter 4[]

On gohans planet Goku and and vegeta appeared before gohans eyes seeing his he started to cry then Vegeta with a mad voice what is gohan doing here and what was that power level then gohan said i was giving sign by powering up so you guys can come here .then vegeta said start explaining why gohans here

ill finish the story later today

Hes here because hes the new Supreme Kai then Vegeta was in a shock so was goku shock in excitement happy for gohan . then gohan started talking he explain everything and his new powers and he had nail and piccolo to come here so he can train them then vegeta was in a shock again then he came to remeber how piccolo was hidding something. then Vegeta started to ask why was he train them and arent you to young toto be training someonr his age.then Vegeta had one more question it was how strong is piccolo

Because i trained him at first he was thinking why would you train piccolo then gohan said let me show u why i had to train piccolo gohan started to power up to sms 3 goku and vegetas face were in a shock looking at gohans form then said why didnt piccolo show his real form gohan said because the time wasnt right then gohan asked what they were doing then goku explain everything then elder kai said so u sense it to. Goku said i did after the conversation gohan want to gather the group so he can train them but goku said let me train then and you help them boost there power so after i train them ill send them back you get them and train them so it happened goku and vegeta train them and them others went to gohan . Then tien and yamcha said they will train people of the earth and teach them how to use kai some didnt do it but little people did like chi chi bulma and videl

Chapter 5[]

So Goku and Vegeta went to earth and took Goten ,Trunks , Krillin ,Piccolo,Rohan,

Gochan,Buma,Rillin Krillins son ,Pan,Pans son Kateyo, Broly,future trunks and 18 they went to a desserted planet

and started to train while gohan went to earth and had a reunion with earths people then saw dende and explained everything then dende went to tell tein, yamcha and chaichtzou[1]

they came with bulma chi chi and videl they were so happy to see him but why in kid form then gohan explain eveything more clearly back on the planet the team was training at the gravity was 100 and rohan,gochan , buma were already fighting in 100 gravity gohan decide to train chi chi ,videl and bulma and and the other 3 z fighters leaving master roshoi to keep track .

Chapter 6[]

When gohan took the others to the planet the were so shocked then Chi chi said she may leave a new house here so did bulma and videl so it happened but the thing that shocked gohan was the chaitzou got taller and buffer.

pt2 comeing soon

gohan told the moms to do what every while gohan and the others to the time chamber to train gohan said to the two z fighter to grab a object that looked like a sword then said it an object that you can shaper into any kind of energy that you think of the gohan said just put you energy into it. then on the planet goku and the others were on goku ,vegeta, trunks were fireing there greatest blastes to gochan,rohan,buma to help them be come super saiyans the the three were get weakend but then rohan got so weakend the gochan and buma mad cause the couldnt get it the they both shouted and and they redectied it then they became super saiyans able to handil the power but rohan then rohan whished he had gohans power was still struggling the vegeta said to goku hes not going to make it then gohan sensed rohans problem and rohan heard a voice saying you can do it then rohan was ready and rohan rederected it as a super saiyan but then rohan had so much power that became a super saiyan 2 the an ultimate super saiyan 2 like gohan did vs cell but it kept on growing he couldnt change back the gohan sensed it transported there got rohan and back nobody saw it because smoke came when the smoked cleared he was gone the were thinking if he got blowen up by his own power then goku said he still alive but were back on gohans planet rohan said were did come from and he cant power down then gohan said to queit down moms were worried then chi chi said to put him in the house but gohan said no the kais came and said that some big power then rohans power kept grewing it almost blew up the planet then gohan said to get evrybody and go to goku and the others the they went to goku gohan then saw rohan becoming a ssj3 goku and vegeta went to go see rohan and gohan said to hold his hand tight goku said why then gohan said youll see half of the planet was in peices then gohan touched rohan on the chest then he powered down vegeta and goku were shocked how rohan became a ssj then ssj2 then ssj3 but gohan said he didnt become a ssj3 gohan restored the planet then then goku what he did gohan said he locked rohan hidden power away the two were again shocked vegeta said so that why he was struggling with becomeing a ssj because his hidden power was blocking him of becoming super saiyan the when it was unlocked he then became super saiyan the but he kept going on wered then vegeta asked if his power is larger then theres goku said it larger the a lssj1 but two no gohan said he ll keep rohan to help control his power gohan said not to tell what happened to the others vegeta said buma and gochan must train to become stronger . chi chi and the others came back seening rohan sleep ing peaceful chi ch asked is he going to stay with use gohan said yes gohan then realised that chi chi was young cause of goku on the goku was on

sorry some spelling is wrong

Chapter 7[]

After rohans hidden powers awakteing rohan began to wake up and see he was on a other planet then he saw gohan,chi chi,videl ,bulma and the 2 other z fighters. He began to ask gohan what happened gohan decide not to tell him then he said it time for him and rohan to train and to become sms so it began. back on the planet were goku and the others were train it began right after gochan grabed the wave something just hit him it began he began to become a ssj 2 but not as powerful as rohans then he began to become a lssj

Chapter 8[]

After gochan became a lssj buma thought why is it that if he doesnt become a lssj he will be use less and he said to vegeta come at me with everything you got so vegeta did a galic gun buma struggled but he thought how useless he be if he cant become lssj so he transformed to a lssj vegta said he is stronger then gochan but goku said lets see then they began to battle there speed and power began to grow stronger each hit then goku thought that he should wish for a new chamber that will let any amount of people enter so his wish was granted but on the planet namek once again the dragon appeared then the elder started wondering so goku and the others enter gochan and buma were so excited that when they went on the floor they fell then broly went far away with future trunks then F trunks said that its exactly like the one on earth they began training they stared at with a smile for fighting then broly said hes been tired of holding his power back then he F trunks said same here but there training so they began to power up then broly turned into a lssj then F trunks said youll be suprised the others were just watching vegeta said lets seer what you have been training for then F trunks began power up he began to turn into a ssj ,ssj2 ssj3 ssj4,ssj5 then he said ill show you my real power then he became a lssj then gochan and buma powered up to lssj then goten and trunks began to turned into lssj krillin and his son decide to watch then vegeta and goku turned into a lssj then there battle began

Chapter 9[]

Piccolo came in the middle of gohan and rohan also the other 2 z fighters gohan and rohan were train in sms1 form and the 2 were fighting in super human form1 piccolo had a shocking face when looking at the others .gohan ask piccolo what hes doing here then nail come with other namikains piccolo said he wants to train more and the the others to piccolo said his power is great but he wants put his forms to its ultimate forms so did the others so gohan said ok he said to rohan hes doing the training too so did the other 2 so gohan gave them metal block piccolo, tien,chaitzou,nail,rohan said this will be there ready gohan said that the new guys do the basic but the others will do level 2 of the training the new guys started whispering that this is what they went through gohan gave the new guys the metal block then told the girls to start hiting them with kai blastes and said you cant attack or drop it then gohan said to the others you can attack me but not drop the block.

Chapter 10[]

After every bodies 2 months of training it was time to go back to earth so piccolo and the nameks ascended but before nail and the nameks leave gohan wanted them to do the fusion dance and later when needed more power the earings he made .they did the new namek apperaed he said his name is unlimated namek the power was so strong when powering up with no transformation it plow up the planet but it go restored his power is have of a lssj5 next was tein he startd powering up his power just began to exploed it was nearly about to blow up then planet without even transforming that he powered down everyone was with a shock just like when unlimated namek powered up same with chaitouzu and the other nameks then piccolo saw that something was going one with gohan like hes hiding his new power and rohan cant show any thing they all left and nail left with the others and gohan and the others went back to earth while there gohan just had a supices smile goku and the others then arrive at kamis place they greeted each other both of the groups cloths were tarred goku also had the same smile like gohan and vegeta they said are you ready and he said oh yeah.

Chapter 11[]

Gohan told Rohan stepped forward and begin powering up .When powering up a big shock waves bursted and he became a sms2 he became so powerful that he decided to not to transform to higher levels or it will blow up the earth . Next up as Gochan he began powering up his hair started flickering yellow and black also his eyes then his power was growing so strong that when he was about to turn into a LSS 3 Goku said stop or else he'll blow up the earth as well Goku said it goes for the others as well. Buma was next his power seemed equal to the other boys then it was the adults turn but before goku said lets take to a another planet were we wil all power up.IN the H.F.L the villains were wanting to get out but how then something hit Cell he thought that if he has Piccolos cell then he can create dragonballs so cell began talking to all villains saying he has a plan that will let them escape he told that he was piccolos cells and can create dragonballs so there plan began cell splited the weak from the strong and the strongest in private

The Plan has begun are the Z fighters ready for the evil that awaits them

Chapter 12[]

After they all showed their power they were ready for battle. With no doubt they thought of a back up plan if they come back 10 times stronger . In H.F.L cells plan was in work and he was planning to let the weak go first and then raditz came and heard the whole plan and wasnt pick as one of the strongest . So he got mad and started to complan to cell saying hes a ssj but cell wasnt sure he wanted to know if he can go ssj2 and wanted to know if he know goku and gohan and vegeta strenght but raditz kept saying he is not strong then him because he thought he didnt reach ssj but cell so he did and beyond then bardock said you shouldnt doubt your brothers power raditz. Back on the another planet goku and the others decided to train show they can get to the next level . Then plan is on cell summoned the dragon and wished the portal was opened ( It is not in my power) then cell powered up and the dragon got more power ., And the portal opened and The Z fighters went back to earth and the battle is about to begin . What is the secret the Z fighters are holding if the fight is greatest they have to face and will cell work to over the universe . Find out what happens in the next db unlimited