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Dragon Ball Unlimited: It has been 5 years since Goku left to train with Shenron. The Earth has been in peace and harmony since. Vegeta has been training non stop since Goku left and regrew his tail and achieved Super Saiyan 4 without the need for artificial means. Trunks has achieved Super Saiyan 2 because of Vegeta forcing him to train with him. As of Goku's family, Gohan had some spare time each day and started training with Piccolo again at the Lookout. Goten has just be catching up on dates and school. Everything was just quiet without Goku. Then suddenly.

Vegeta: It can't be, its too strong to be him.

Trunks : It has to be him.

Goten: Dad?

Gohan : Can you sense that ? It has to be him.

Piccolo: yeah,but this power is different its not him.

Gohan: Im gonna go get everybody. Hes back he has to be back.

Gohan left.

Piccolo : Gohan wait dont go.

Is this mysterious person said to be who they predicted or is Piccolo predictions correct its not him !

Has our savior return or is it another threat

Next Time : Has Our Hero Returned ?