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Right when Goku and the others were about to power up a portal opened and all the weak villains came out first were the Ginyu Force

Goku and the others said here a good time for the young z fighters to test out there new power so they powered up and went for an all out attack and were ready for there next attack but when the green eyes came up first and Rohan went up first ready to battle now the battle began Rohan decide to make the first attack but right when he was about to the 4 eyes was in his position and krillin try to tell him he power but they said no lets see if Rohan can find his weak point . Meanwhile cptn. Ginyu appeared before Goku and the others with new people on his team and with his new found powers but he was still he tried to switch bodies with goku again but Goku sensed it and moved before he attacked Gohan notice that in the sky was a black whole like before so Gohan had a plan but the others would have to fight the Ginyu force while him and Gochan and Bulma shoot Kai blasts in the sky so that when more villains appear they wouldn't be able to come to our world. So as Gohan got ready to make his move one of the villains came and attacked Gohan behind Gohan to the two boys to keep shot there special moves while he fights the bad guys