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Dragonball TS (TS stands for The Story) is one of the Dragonball stories. it has 8 sagas.


Cell Jr. Saga episodes

A new adventure begins!!

Return of the Cell jrs

The new fight

Just getting started

The Super Cell jrs

Goku captured!

No match for the Cell jrs

The Super Cell Jrs 2!!

Super Saiyan 5???

Cell jrs goodbye!!

Cell's return

Cell gone in one hit

Kame house gone boom

Seeking revenge

Heater saga episodes

The dreaded Heater

Goku hears yelling


Heater's arrival....and Freeza too??

You can't defeat me I'm Goku!!

New powers?

Freeza's 5th form

Bad luck

The chase

Krillin helps out!

The death of Krillin

What's Goku doing??

Freeza shocked

Super Saiyan 6!!!

Freeza turns into his 6th transformation

Freeza too strong!!

Clash of the transformations

Freeza defeated!!

Heater BLAST!!

Is Goku invincible??

Heater angry

Heater goes HUGE

Is this the end of Goku


Heater defeated!

Goku wins once again

Back to normal Goku