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Series/Saga Character How it's Obtained Description of Event Power Level Anime Source Other Source
Chuco Saga
Cisha Saiyan: The girl's at 5,300 Full power against King Lattice 5,300
Parslee Saiyan: And her big brother's at 5,600 Full power against King Lattice 5,600
Veijtab Saiyan: Wow, their father Veijtab is just under 11,000 Normal level 10,800
King Lattice Saiyan: But the King's at 11,500, i don't think Veijtab will win Normal level 11,500
Veijtab Full power 26,000
King Lattice King Lattice: I've only be using half my power Full power 23,000
Lattice Jr. Rebellion against new King Veijtab 27,400
Parslee After 2 weeks training for tournament 13,000
Cisha After 2 weeks training for tornament 12,800
Siban Fighting in kid's tournament 6,900
King Veijtab Fighting Chuco and his soldiers 33,000
Chuco's soldiers Normal levels 1,000-14,000
Saiyans Normal levels 2,000-8,000
Didar Normal level 31,000
Zurbian Normal level 34,500
Chuco Relaxed 250,000
Parslee Peak of rage 38,000
Cisha Peak of rage 37,800
Veijtab False Super Saiyan 383,000
Parslee Great ape=10x normal level Great ape 380,000
Cisha Great ape=10x normal level Great ape 378,000
Chuco Full power 700,000
Chuco Wounded 365,000