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Dragonball ROS means Return of the Saiyan. And its about a male saiyan named Dyon who loses his mother at birth and father to an unknown enemy.(named: Neon). He is sent to Planet Gorg; as the Saiyans feared of a possible rebellion. So they sent him off. When he got there he was founded by Hui's farther and took care of him along with his own son. Then a genocide strikes, killing everyone except Dyon. She heads for earth and becomes friends with an Alien Hunter named: Ryoujin Iejin. They fight through earths problems and have a child named Shiru. Thats all I'm saying, you'll have to read.

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|# of Seasons: 1

|# of Episodes: 4(as of March 15, 2009)

|Main Characters:

(current main characters)

Episode List:

Season 1: Genocide Saga

1: The Start...

2: Gallery of Elders

3: Learning Firebending: Agni Kai part 1

4: Learning Firebending: A Master is Born part 2

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