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Koma Conflict Arc[]

Gat and Z a Neko-Majin Find that a sayian named koma crash landed on earth, Gat One Of The Last Sixteen Super Sayians Fight Him, Koma Is Extremely Weaker, He States That In Gat's Normal Form His Power Level Is 43,000 and as a Super Sayian It Is 5500,000, Koma Goes Super Sayian And He Claims His Level Is 6000,000 But Gat had a trick up his sleeve he went super kaioken but his power level was only 5800,000 but then he went Ascended Super Sayian His Level Was 34000,000, Z's Level Is Claimed as 32,500 but as Super Neko-Majin It Is 4900,000.

The Fight Begins But Koma Never Gets a Chance To fight, Gat Punches Him Through The Stomach, Killing Him, But Before He Dies He Says Three More Sayians Are Coming In Two Days.

Naa and Koji Battle[]

The Three Sayians Arrive On Earth There Names are Naa, Koji and Dustan, But Another Sayian Lands, His Name Is Aariono, Naa and Koji Start Fighting Gat and Skylar After There Battle Z Was Killed, Gat Beat Them With Kaioken, Aariono Blows Them Both To Smithereens.

Dustan Fight[]

Dustan and Gat Start There Fight Alone, Dustan Offers Gat a Chance To Join Him But He Refuses, They Start Fighting Equally Until Gat Uses Kaioken X 10, Dustan Threatens To Blow Up The Earth But Gat Obliterates Him With His Kamehameha.

Aariono Battle[]

Aariono Beats The Living Day Lights Out Of Gat, But Aariono Reveals He is 1,000 Year's Old and He is also The Original Legendary Super Sayian, Gat Goes Super Sayian Two, This Angers Aariono Making Him Go Super Sayian Three, He's Not A Match For Him Until Skylar Returns and Fuses With Gat Making Skyat, He Goes Super Sayian Four and Kills Aariono.

Spice Saga[]

Four Years After The Sayian Battle, Z Was Revived and Six Villians Come To Earth.