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Vegeta's DreamEdit

In Vegeta's Dream:      

Vegeta: You darn Xoraxians!!

Xoraxian King:  (Dropkicks Vegeta)

Vegeta: AGGHH!!!!

Xoraxian King: Imbisule.

Vegeta: (Throws a punch but it misses) Darn it!!

Xoraxian King: (Beats Vegeta Senseless)

Vegeta: GAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Xoraxian King: (Continues Beating Vegeta) Hmph! Your such a disgrace, losing to a low class warrior,overpowerd by a minor, (Throws A Punch) 

Vegeta: (Grabs The Xoraxian's Fist) Thats it. JUST WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM?? RAAAAGGGHHH!!!!! (Goes SSG and blasts the Xoraxian Kings Head Off)

Xoraxian King: (Morphs into Goku) Your so pitiful (goes SSG Level 2) i'm always one step ahead of you. (shoots a giant ki blast)

Vegeta: (wakes up)   Ughh!  Wha... why, DAMN YOU KAKAROT!!!! (blasts through the window and flys away in rage)