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Chapter 1: Training Session

It has been a year since the defeat of the mighty Omega Shenron and the day Goku died (again) after giving his power to the real Shenron so everybody who was killed by Super 17 and the Evil Shenrons were resurrected. Since the Dragon Balls can't be used for another 39 years, the Z fighters train hard every day to ensure they are ready for any enemy that comes their way.

"Mom, I'm going to go train with Trunks.” Goten said as he left the house.

He took off into the air, and as he was flying, he started thinking back to the first time he met his father and how nervous he got. Then he started thinking back to the time he fused with Trunks to form Gotenks and how they fought Majin Buu.

"Man, we sure were strong when we were Gotenks.” He said out loud as if he were actually speaking with someone.

Trunks was heading for the door when he sensed a strange power which suddenly disappeared. Just then the front door opened and Vegeta stepped into the house to see Trunks with a confused look on his face.

"What?” Vegeta asked.

"N-Nothing", Trunks said as he walked past his father and out of the house.

Goten stood in the middle of nowhere. While waiting for Trunks he thought back to the day he first trained with his brother.

"Hey, Goten, snap out of it", Trunks said as he landed breaking Goten's trance.

"Sorry, just think 'bout the old days." Goten said.

"O.K. then, I guess we should get this training session started." Trunks said as he took his fighting stance.

"Lets warm up a little before we go full force." Goten said as he took his fighting stance.

Trunks nodded and with that dashed straight towards Goten. Trunks swung a punch at Goten, but was easily dodged. Goten countered the attack with a punch to Trunk's face. With that Goten attacked Trunks with fury, but each punch was dodged or blocked by Trunk's speed. The fight got more intense with each punch, but was going nowhere as the two fighters were equal in every way. Suddenly, Trunks stopped fighting as he felt the strange energy he felt earlier that day.

"Why'd you stop fighting?” Goten asked.

"Can't you feel it?” Trunks asked.

Just then Goten picked up the same strange energy Trunks felt.

"Wh-What is that?” Goten asked.

"I don't know", Trunks replied.They both looked around.

"There!” Goten shouted while pointing at someone standing on a mountain, “That must be the guy."

They both flew to the mountain with great speed. They stopped to find a red skinned, demon looking person about the size of kid buu wearing a black fighting outfit.

"Hey buddy, are you lost?” Trunks asked. Just then the demon dashed towards Trunks and tried to punch him. Trunks used his speed to disappear behind the demon.

"Wow, your fast", Trunks said sarcastically. Just then, Trunks was hit on the head from behind. He turned see his attacker only to find it was the same Demon he just dodged.

"Wow, you really are fast", Trunks said surprised with his opponent's speed.

"Trunks, he didn't hit you because he was fast", Goten said in a surprised tone.

Trunks turned around to see the exact same person standing in front of him.

"There's two of them", Trunks said. Just then Goten got kicked on the head from behind as well.

"Make that three", Goten said annoyed. Trunks turned to face the second demon to show himself.

"Well, are there more of you?” Trunks asked. As he finished his question, three more of these demons appeared in front of him.

"I had to ask", he said, “Great, now there's six of them."

"Make that eight", Goten said while looking at the four demons around him.

"Well, this training session just got a little bit more interesting.” Trunks said.

Trunks and Goten started powering up.

"Let's do this", Trunks said then dashed towards his opponents.

All four demons suddenly disappeared. Trunks stopped and looked around. As he turned to his left he was punched in the face. Then another demon kneed him in the stomach and kicked him down. Trunks managed to gain control of the fight by dodging the next two demons attacks and knocking one of then into a mountain. "Wow, these guys are fast" Trunks thought to himself.

"O.K. let's get started", Goten said looking at the four demons surrounding him.

All four demons suddenly charged Goten. Goten started flying upwards hoping that the four demons smash into each other. But they pull up just in time and started following Goten. Goten can see that the demons are so close to each other. He turns facing downwards, towards the demons and slams his wrist together. “KA-ME-HA-ME-HAAAAAAAAAAA." The blast hit only one demon (as the other three dodged it) and shot him straight into the ground followed by an explosion. "Take that" Goten thought to himself.

Trunks charged the three remaining demons and punched one of them in the jaw causing the demon to start flipping backwards. Then he grabbed the demon's leg and flew with great speed downwards and smashed the demon into the ground.

After that he charged the two remaining demons and started punching one of the two remaining demons about 20 times, hitting with everyone. Then he lifted his hand to the demons chest and blasted him with an energy blast into the same mountain he hit the first demon into, bringing down the whole mountain. “Three down, one to go” Trunks thought to himself.

Goten stared at the three demons in front of him, waiting for them to make the first move. The demons charged Goten and as they reached him, a fast moving fist fight broke out between the demons and Goten. Goten managed to hit one of the demons, and then blasted the other two into the ground with two energy waves.

“Three against one and I’m still winning”, Goten bragged. Trunks appeared next to Goten.

“Done already”, Goten asked

“Yep”, Trunks replied.

Just then all eight demons appeared in front of them.

“They’re stronger than they look”, Trunks said.

The demons began to glow a bright ruby red colour. The light got so strong that it momentarily blinded Trunks and Goten. When the light disappeared Goten and Trunks took their arms away from their faces and saw that there were only four demons.

“There are only four now”, Goten said.

“Your right, but these ones look a little bigger than before. I-I think they fused”, Trunks replied.

“And they are much stronger than before”, Goten said.

Trunks started powering up and transformed into a super saiyan as his blue aura around him turned gold.

He then said, “So are we.”

Goten also transformed into a super saiyan.

“Right”, Goten said, “Time for round two.”

Trunks and Goten stand ready to fight their four new opponents, but will they be able to beat these demons or do these new enemies have more tricks up their sleeves. Find out in Chapter 2: A New Threat.

Chapter 2: A New Threat

Last time: Goten and Trunks were training when they met eight new enemies. It seemed that the two half-saiyans had everything under control. Now their eight enemies have become four and the boys have transformed into super saiyans.

Pan is busy training for the next World Martial Arts Tournament somewhere near where Trunks and Goten train. She is practicing her fighting style when suddenly she heard something which sounded like an explosion.

“What was that?” she asked herself,” Better go check it out.”

She took off into the air and headed towards the sound.

“Nice shot”, Goten told Trunks.

“Thanks”, Trunks replied.

Trunks had hit one of the demons through one mountain and into the next, and then shot an energy blast into the mountain causing an explosion. Trunks was smiling until he saw how effortlessly his enemy came out of the mountain rubble.

“Wow, these guy are a lot stronger now”, Trunks said.

The four demons charged Trunks and Goten. Two of the demons tried to hit Trunks but missed every shot.

“Is that all you got?” Trunks asked the Demons.

One of the Demons attacked Trunks, but was kneed in the stomach and hit to the ground by Trunks’ before he could do anything. Then Trunks quickly charged the second demon and started punching him in the stomach. The demon grabbed Trunks fist after the fifteenth punch, but Trunks head butted the demon and when the demon let go of Trunks’ hands he punched the demon. The demon flew through one mountain and slammed into the rocky ground.

Pan arrived at the area she heard the sound come from. When she looked over the rock that was hiding her she saw Goten fighting two of the four demons.

“Uncle Goten”, Pan whispered to herself.

“What are those things?” she asked herself, “And where did they come from?”

“Better go tell Dad”, she said.

Goten was fighting the demons, when one of them managed to hit him.

“Not bad. Not bad at all”, Goten said.

One of the demons charged him and another fast fist fight started, but Goten got the upper hand when he hit the demon in the stomach. Goten then kicked then demon into a mountain and faced the second demon.

“Come on, lets see if you can do better than your friend”, Goten said to the second demon.

The demon lifted his hand and shot an energy ball which was easily deflected by Goten. The demon kept on shooting but Goten was having no trouble deflecting the blasts. Goten slammed his wrists together and blasted the demon with a Kamehameha Wave. The demon fell to the ground.

“Well, I guess they aren’t as strong as they thought”, Goten said.

Trunks waited for his enemies to get up. They both appeared in front of him in a matter of seconds.

“Sorry, but what ever you guys want from Earth, you’re not getting it”, Trunks told the demons.

Just then the two other demons came past Trunks and stopped by the two demons Trunks was facing. Goten arrived next to Trunks.

The four demons started glowing again and a huge flash went off and when Trunks and Goten could see again there was only one demon. Except, this demon was more muscular and bigger than the demons before.

“What kind of inhuman creature are you?” Goten asked in shock.

The demon just stood there and stared at Goten. Goten charged the demon. He swung punch, but the demon dodged it. Goten continuously tried to punch the demon, but missed every shot. Goten went to hit the demon again, but the demon made he first hit by giving Goten an upper cut. Goten flipped back and then quickly charged the demon trying to kick him on the side of head. The demon grabbed Goten’s leg before it made contact. The demon then punched Goten in the stomach and flung him to the ground and blasted him with an energy blast. The demon turned and faced Trunks. Trunks quickly lifted his hands together, swung his hands around and blasted the demon with a Burning Attack. When the smoke cleared Trunks saw the demon with out a scratch. The demon charged Trunks and in a flash knocked him into the side of a mountain. The demon then appeared in front of Trunks and started punching him in the stomach causing the mountain to crack a little. The demon final pulled his hand back and hit Trunks with such force he went right through the mountain and into the other mountain behind it.

Pan arrived home and ran into the house.

“Dad! Dad!” she screamed.

Gohan run down the stares and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Goten is busy fighting some freaky looking red guys”, she replied.

“Where?” Gohan asked.

“Get into your fighting uniform and I’ll show you”, she answered.

Trunks was on the side of the mountain. As he was about to break away from the mountain the demon kicked him in the stomach making Trunks spit blood and pushing he further into the mountain. The demon then started punching and kicking Trunks all over his body until he went out of super saiyan. The demon then grabbed Trunks’ head and smashed it against his knee. As Trunks’ head went up blood ran down his face from his forehead and the demon grabbed him by the neck and started strangling him. Trunks gathered some energy and kicked the demon in the side of the head. The demon’s head hardly moved, but the kick angered the demon. The demon then (while still strangling him) started bashing Trunks into the mountain. Just then the demon felt an energy blast hit him from behind. The demon stood still for a second then turned to see Goten (as a super saiyan) standing with his arm up.

“Leave my friend alone, I’m you opponent now”, Goten said.

The demon let go of Trunks, who fell lifelessly to the ground. Goten started powering up.

“O.k. Let’s go”, Goten said.

With Trunks unconscious can Goten beat his new enemy? And if not, can he say alive long enough for Gohan to get there? Find out in Chapter 3: Gohan to the Rescue.

Chapter 3: Gohan to the Rescue

Last time: Trunks and Goten fought the four demons and easily overpowered them, but the tables turned when the four demons became one. Trunks fell to this powerful beast and now Goten is getting ready to fight the demon alone.

Bulma was sitting on the couch reading when she heard the door open. She ran to the door to see Vegeta standing in front of her.

“Oh, I thought you were Trunks”, she said,”It never takes him this long to train with Goten.”

“Don’t worry, they probably lost track of time”, Vegeta said.

“I’m not so sure”, Bulma argued.

“Fine, I’ll go look for him”, Vegeta replied.

Mean while, Goten prepared to face the demon. They both charged each other and started a fast fist fight. Goten lifted his hand to the demons chest and blasted an energy blast. The demon flew to the ground and skidded along it. The demon then got up and flew straight for Goten, who was preparing a Kamehameha Wave. Goten blasted the demon. When the smoke cleared the demon was no where in sight, just a big crater where the blast hit. Just then the demon appeared behind Goten and kneed him in the back of the head. The demon then grabbed Goten’s leg and flew straight to a mountain. When the demon got there, he started bashing Goten into the mountain. Goten managed to gain control of himself and quickly kicked the demon in the face with his other leg. “He’s tough, he’s really tough” Goten thought. Goten faced his enemy.

“What are you?” Goten asked.

The demon just stared at Goten. Goten started powering up.

“I’m going all out you freak” Goten stated, “So you’d better be ready for me.AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!”

Goten power level had risen tremendously. His appearance had also changed slightly as his muscles were a lot bigger than before. He was an Ultra SSJ.

“Let’s go”, Goten told the demon.

Goten charged the demon and punched him across the face. The demon dodged Goten’s next punch and gave him an upper cut right in the stomach. Goten backed away for a second, holding his stomach, then charged again. A fast fist fight broke out. Goten managed to hit the demon and from there continued to punch and kick the demon non stop. Goten finally knocked the demon into the ground. He then slammed his wrists together.

“Take this!” Goten screamed, “KA-ME-HA-ME-HAAAAAAAA”

Goten’s blast engulfed the demon and a huge explosion followed.

“Not so tough now, are you?” Goten asked.

The demon, despite being hit by Goten’s blast, got up in a matter of seconds. He stared at Goten and then let off a horrible scream as he was engulfed by a red aura. Goten sensed the demons power level rising. Goten prepared to charge the demon but found the demon was already in front of him. The demon struck Goten in the stomach. Goten quickly swung his fist towards the demons face, but the demon quickly grabbed it. The demon then kneed Goten in the stomach, making Goten spit and then hit him to the ground. The demon then landed on the ground and opened his mouth wide. As Goten got up he saw a huge red energy blast coming towards him. The demons mouth blast made a direct hit on Goten and sent him flying backwards into the side of a rocky hill. When the smoke cleared the demon could see only the rubble which was covering Goten. Suddenly, the demon saw the rubble shacking and then a light coming through the holes. All the rocks of the rubble suddenly rose and the demon saw Goten, who was bleeding because of the blast, rise up. Goten screamed and the floating rocks flung in all directions. The demon stood still as all the rocks landed on the ground.

“You’re not going to win!” Goten shouted as he was covered in a golden aura.

Goten started blasting energy balls at the demon, while the demon just stood there a took them. Finally, Goten let off a huge energy blast which hit the demon directly. Goten finally stopped shooting, but when the smoked cleared he saw the demon standing there without a scratch.

The demon then charged Goten and as he reached him the demon put out his hand and a wave of energy consumed Goten. When the blast stopped, Goten went out of super saiyan and the demon then grabbed Goten’s face and started ramming his head into the ground. The demon let go of Goten, who landed on the ground, and put out his hand to blast him. As the blast was charging the demon was kicked on the head from the side. The demon turned to see his attacker to find it was Gohan.

“Pan, get Goten to safety then do the same for Trunks when you find him”, Gohan ordered, “I’ll deal with this guy”

Gohan transformed into a super saiyan.

“I don’t know who you are and what you want”, Gohan said, “But you hurt my brother and for that you will pay”

Gohan charged the demon and started punching the demons face. Gohan finally hit the demon into the side of a rocky hill. The demon sprung out of the rubble and charged Gohan hitting him in the stomach then in the back of the head. As Gohan’s head went down the demon hit Gohan’s face with his knee. As Gohan’s head went up the demon punched him across the face. Gohan fell sideward’s, but managed to flip onto his feet. Gohan wiped the blood off the side of his lip and started powering up.

“You really strong, I’m impressed”, Gohan said.

Gohan transformed into a super saiyan 2 and struck the demon, hitting him back.

“Time for round 2”, Gohan said.

Gohan has gone into a super saiyan 2 and is ready to fight this new foe. Can he take down an enemy that has defeated two super saiyans with ease? Or will he also fall? Find out in Chapter 4: Return of the King.

Chapter 4: Return of the King

Last time: Goten fell to the might of his new enemy. But Gohan arrived on the scene just in time. Gohan has now transformed into a super saiyan 2 and is ready to fight.

Pan drops Goten onto the ground.

“Jeez, you are heavy”, she said, “Well, time to find Trunks”

She started walking off when she heard Goten say something.

“What?” She whispered to herself.

“I’m going to find Trunks, gather your strength and you can say what you want later” she said as she walked off.

The wind started picking up as Gohan and the demon faced one another. Gohan made the first move and swung for the demon. The demon blocked Gohan’s attack. Gohan attacked the demon continuously, but all his hits were blocked. Gohan stepped back. The demon went to kick Gohan, but Gohan disappeared. The demon looked around. Gohan suddenly appeared behind the demon and kicked him in the back of head. The demon flipped forward and landed on his feet. Gohan went to attack again and managed to hit the demon on the face. The demon sprung for Gohan, who easily hit the demon into a mountain. The demon came back to hit Gohan, but Gohan kicked him into the ground. Then Gohan jumped up and came down at an angle crashing his feet into the demon and sliding him across the rocky ground. Gohan waited for his enemy to get up. The demon got up and when he looked at Gohan he saw him smiling. The demon got mad.

“What’s wrong, can’t hit me”, Gohan said taunting his enemy.

The demon (to Gohan’s surprise) started laughing. The demon started glowing a ruby red and a big flash went off. Gohan saw the demon, but noticed no difference.

“What did you do?” Gohan asked.

Pan returned to Goten with Trunks. Goten was lying up against a rock.

“Oh, good. Your up”, Pan said, “So what did you want to say?”

“Can you feel that energy?” Goten asked.

“It’s my dad, he’s fighting that thing”, Pan answered.

“No, not that energy, someone else is here”, Goten stated.

“Where?” Pan asked.

“Somewhere down there”, He said as he pointed to a huge mountain.

Pan looked from where they were and saw a cave along the mountain.

“I’ll go check it out”, She said.

Back at the fight Gohan was trying to figure out what his enemy did.

“Well, answer me!” He shouted, “What did you do!”

The demon sprung forwards towards Gohan. Gohan shot an energy blast at the demon, but the demon split into two different people. Gohan started fighting the two demons while still trying to figure out what just happened. Gohan hit one of the demons face, but was hit by the other demon in the stomach. Gohan jumped back while holding his stomach. The demons came to both of Gohan’s sides and charged him. Gohan put out his hands and blasted both demons with energy blasted, but the two demons both split into two demons (making four demons) dodging the blasts. All four demons attacked Gohan at the same time, making it impossible to defend himself. Then two demons jumped up into each other fusing into one looking down to the front of Gohan. At the same time the two other demons did the same thing, except they ended up facing Gohan’s back. Both of the demons shot mouth blasts directly hitting Gohan, causing an explosion which shook the earth a little.

Pan made it to the cave and as she landed she felt the earth shake a little and heard the explosion.

“Dad”, Pan Whispered.

As she turned she saw a red energy blast coming for her just in time to dodge it. Just then something flew past her.

Gohan got up (beaten and bruised) to find the two demons in front of him.

“What’s wrong boy?” a voice said behind Gohan.

“I know that voice”, Gohan said as he turned to see a familiar face.

“Dabura!” Gohan said surprised.

“That’s Demon King Dabura to you boy”, Dabura demanded.

“Like I’d ever call you king”, Gohan said.

“I see Octagon’s giving you problems” Dabura stated.

“Who?” Gohan asked confused.

“The demon you’ve been fighting you idiot”, Dabura replied.

“Octagon” Gohan said.

“Yes, but I’m not here for introductions, I’m here to destroy you”, Dabura stated.

“How?” Gohan asked partially laughing.

”You’re weaker than your Octagon over there” He said while pointing at Octagon.

“Fool, I’m the demon king”, Dabura said, “Come to me Octagon”

Gohan saw Octagon glow bright red.

“What are you doing?” Gohan asked.

“You’ll find out soon enough” Dabura answered as a red aura transferred from octagon to Dabura.

Dabura has returned! How did he? And what does he plan to do with his henchmen Octagon? Find out inChapter 5: Super Dabura.

Chapter 5: Super Dabura

Last time: Gohan began fighting the demon that beat Goten and Trunks. He was winning until the demon started splitting itself. Now Dabura is here and is doing something with the demon.

<Flash Back>

Dabura is amazed at Majin Buu’s power. Buu gets bored and turns Dabura into a cookie. After that Buu picks up the Dabura cookie and eats it.

Dabura laughs on as Gohan watches him absorb Octagon.

When Dabura is finished absorbing Octagon he turns to Gohan and says, “Where were we?”

“I was just about to ask how you are still breathing”, Gohan replied.

“Fool, your evil friend revived me” Dabura answered, “What was his name again? Ah, yes, Vegeta.”

“No way!” Gohan protested, “Vegeta would never revive you!”

“Oh please, that fool didn’t even know he was doing it”, Dabura said, “I was revived when he revived everyone that little pest, Majin Buu, killed”

“What? Vegeta only resurrected the good people” Gohan argued.

“Yes, well since you put it that way, you can blame King Yemma”, Dabura said confusing Gohan.

“And why’s that?” Gohan questioned.

“Because, he put me in heaven”, Dabura replied, “Said I was going to enjoy hell due to the fact I was the Demon King.”

“I know your kind Dabura and I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to kill you”, Gohan informed Dabura.

“What makes you think you can?” Dabura asked.

Gohan charged Dabura and hammered him in the gut. Gohan then hit Dabura to the ground followed by a lot of energy blasts. It took Gohan longer to power up the last blast and then fires it causing a huge explosion. Gohan watched as the smoke cleared, but when he saw the ground, Dabura wasn’t there.

“Wow that actually might have hurt, if it hit me”, Dabura said from behind Gohan, “My turn.”

Dabura charged Gohan and started punching his face. Dabura ended his attack with a punch to the stomach and a hit to the head sending Gohan crashing into the ground. Gohan got up coughing due to the hit to his stomach. “Man, he’s a lot stronger than before” Gohan thought.

He slowly floated upwards to Dabura’s level. Gohan started powering up and so did Dabura. In a flash they were in front of each other throwing fists.

Pan landed by Goten and Trunks. Trunks was still unconscious.

“What’s going on?” Goten asked.

“Honestly? I have no idea”, Pan replied.

Gohan and Dabura continued to attack each other, but no one could make a hit. The fight continued until Gohan hit Dabura in the gut, after that Gohan continued to hit Dabura in the gut and then punched him in the face sending him flying. As Dabura flew back Gohan came in his path and blasted him with an energy blast sending him flying back to where he started. Gohan again intercepted Dabura’s path and as Dabura’s head reached Gohan he kneed him in the face, making Dabura flip backwards. When Dabura got control of himself he looked at Gohan with his bloody face.

“How dare you!” Dabura shouted.

Dabura charged Gohan and started punching Gohan in the face. Gohan grabbed both of Dabura’s fists as he swung them and kneed him in the stomach. Then he gave Dabura a head butt and kicked him down. Gohan pulled his hands back. ”Kamehameha” he screamed. The blast hit Dabura as he stood up. Dabura lay on the floor, as Gohan landed near him. Dabura slowly pulled himself up onto his feet and faced Gohan.

Covered in blood and bruises, Dabura asked, “Is that all you got?”

Dabura charged Gohan and began punching and kicking Gohan all over his body. Finally, Dabura placed his hands at Gohan’s chest and blasted Gohan into a mountain. Gohan came out of the rubble bleeding from his forehead.

“You just made a big mistake”, Gohan said.

Gohan then stopped and started powering up. The golden aura around him got bigger and bigger and finally Gohan charged Dabura. Gohan hit him hard about five times before Gohan hit him away. As Dabura flew back Gohan followed him then hit him down. Gohan stopped and went back as Dabura got up elbowing Dabura in the back of the head making him spit blood. Gohan stood by Dabura with a big grin until he saw Dabura get up laughing.

“You think you’ve won?” Dabura asked. “You’re not even close”

“Oh yah?” Gohan said.

“Yes, soon my foolish friend you will find death” Dabura stated

“You first” Gohan responded.

Dabura quickly blasted Gohan with a massive energy blast, but when the smoke cleared Dabura saw Gohan’s arms covered in blood from blocking the giant blast.

“What’s wrong?” Dabura asked.

“Nothing!” Gohan shouted.

“That’s too bad, but don’t you worry.” Dabura said, “You’ll be begging for death soon”

“And why’s that?” Gohan asked.

“Because my friends are here”, Dabura said before he started laughing.

“There are more of you”, Gohan said surprised.

Just then Gohan saw to energy balls coming for him, but easily dodged them. He quickly looked up and saw two familiar faces.

“Th-That’s impossible”, Gohan said surprised.

Gohan has just seen two familiar faces. How are they? How did they get here? How does Gohan know them? What are they planning? And are they as strong as Dabura thinks? Find out in Chapter 6: Unexpected Guests.

Chapter 6: Unexpected Guests

Last time: Dabura absorbed Octagon and got more powerful. Gohan and the New Dabura fought but Gohan over powered Dabura no matter how hard Dabura tried. Now Gohan has seen two familiar faces.

“What’s going on there?” Goten asked.

“Two guys just showed up”, Pan replied.

“What guy’s?” Goten and Pan heard Trunks say.

“Finally! You’re awake”, Pan said.

“What did I miss?” Trunks asked.

Pan started filling Trunks in.

“N-No way!” Gohan said in shock.

“What’s wrong boy?” A familiar voice asked, “Well, what’s wrong nephew?”

“Ra-Raditz!” Gohan said while turning his head to the second person, “And Nappa!”

“So you remember us” Nappa stated.

“How could I forget you monsters” Gohan replied.

“Nephew, it hurts that you think I’m a monster” Raditz said sarcastically

“What is this, a reunion?” Gohan asked, “So where’s Frieza?”

“Oh, I didn’t see fit to pull him out of hell”, Dabura said interrupting.

“What?!” Gohan asked confused.

“You see boy, as the Demon King I can yank people right out of hell”, Dabura explained.

“Well, you must be idiot”, Gohan said with a smile.

“And why’s that?” Dabura asked.

“For someone who has the power to pull people out of hell”, Gohan said, “I’d think you would have brought back someone stronger than these two”

“You think we’re still the same weaklings as before?” Raditz asked

“We’ll show you”, Nappa said as he and Raditz started powering up.

A blue aura covered the two saiyans and in a massive surge of energy the aura’s turned golden. The two saiyans stopped powering up.

“You seemed surprised nephew”, Raditz pointed out.

“You can go super saiyan!” Gohan said shock.

“Now boy, you’ll die”, Dabura stated as the three enemies attacked Gohan.

Gohan took Dabura and the two super saiyans head on and a fight broke out, with the fighters moving all over. Gohan got a hit on Raditz, but then was hit by Nappa into Dabura. Dabura grabbed Gohan and hold him so Nappa could knock him in the gut. Nappa continuously punched Gohan in the gut, until Gohan kicked Nappa in the head. Gohan managed to break out of Dabura’s hold and then blasted him into a mountain. Gohan waited for his enemies to strike. Nappa and Raditz attacked Gohan, but Gohan blocked every attack until Dabura blasted him in the back. Gohan stood still taking in the pain, but then Raditz hit him in the stomach, followed by a punch across the face by Nappa. As Gohan fell Raditz and Nappa grabbed his legs, threw him into the air and both blasted him with energy blasts. Gohan fell out of the smoke onto the ground. Gohan pulled himself up, covered in blood, cuts and bruises. Gohan faced his enemies who were laughing. Gohan smirked a little and then screamed as a golden aura surrounded him. Bits and pieces of the ground rose as Gohan powered up. Gohan screamed louder as the golden aura got bigger. Gohan stopped powering up and dropped his head to face his enemies. His opponents were shocked at his power.

“WH-What?” Dabura said in shock.

Gohan moved to fast for Dabura to anticipate and got kneed in the stomach by the half saiyan. Dabura dropped to his knees holding his stomach. Gohan kicked Dabura in the head while he was on the ground and then charged Nappa and Raditz. Gohan pummeled Raditz in the face and hit him into Nappa. As Nappa caught Raditz Gohan shot an energy blast directly hitting the two saiyans. Dabura appeared behind Gohan and swung for the back of his head, but Gohan dodged Dabura’s fist, grabbed his arm and threw him forward. Dabura gained control of himself and attacked Gohan. Gohan dodged every shot and punched Dabura away, who just came back. Gohan punched Dabura in the face a number of times, then punched him in the gut and as Dabura bent forward Gohan punched him away. The two saiyans attacked Gohan, but Gohan disappeared. As Raditz and Nappa looked around Nappa was hit by an energy ball. Raditz turned to see Gohan on a mountain. Raditz charged Gohan, but was hit by other one of Gohan’s energy balls. Raditz kept going despite being hit. As he got to Gohan, Raditz swung a punch, but missed. Gohan appeared above Raditz and hit him into the top of the mountain. Gohan then blasted an energy blast at Raditz. As the blast hit, it dragged Raditz down the centre of the mountain and exploded as the blast and Raditz hit the ground. Gohan suddenly sensed a massive power level and as he turned he saw Dabura powering up on another mountain. Gohan flew to Dabura and landed on the mountain as Dabura stopped powering up. The wind got stronger and the sun had completely set as Gohan and Dabura faced each other. The two warriors charged each other and swung a punch. Both their fist connected which brought down the whole mountain and started a battle. Gohan and Dabura fought for a while before Dabura got a shot on Gohan. Gohan blocked Dabura’s next punched and countered it with a kick to the head. Dabura backed off then charged Gohan and gave him an upper cut. As Gohan went back, Dabura punched him in the stomach and then the head. Dabura continued his assault on Gohan, but Gohan managed to dodge one of the attacks and back away. Breathing heavily Gohan stared at Dabura and started smiling. This annoyed Dabura and he attacked Gohan. Gohan quickly struck Dabura first and continuously punched in the gut. Finally, Gohan bashed Dabura into the ground. Gohan came down to the ground while Dabura was climbing to his feet.

“I-I won’t lose” Dabura stated, “If I can’t beat you then this whole planet is doomed”

Dabura flew into the air and a placed his arms out gathering energy. Gohan pulled his arms back.

“KA”, Gohan started.

Dabura slowly moved his hands in and placed them next to each other (not touching) and continued to gather energy.

“ME-HA-ME” Gohan continued.

Dabura finished gathering energy, opened his mouth and shouted, “Darkened Destroyer!”

A massive red energy wave blasted from Dabura’s hands.

“HAAAAAAAA!” Gohan shouted blasting his energy wave at the same time as Dabura. The energy beams slowly advanced on each other, finally colliding causing a struggle between Gohan and Dabura. Everyone watched in awe as the beams collided and the struggle started. Gohan had sweat pouring down his face as he struggled to hold his beam in place. Dabura also struggled, but was a lot calmer than Gohan.

“You can’t win boy!” Dabura stated

“We’ll see about that!” Gohan shout as he pushed his beam harder.

“You’re nothing!” Dabura screamed.

“I’m still stronger than you!” Gohan replied.

Dabura’s seemed to be getting closer to Gohan.

“I can’t lose”, Gohan whispered to himself, “I-I mustn’t lose”

Gohan pushed harder and managed to push his beam forward towards Dabura.

“Give it a rest boy”, Dabura said, “You can’t win!”

“Yes I can!” Gohan screamed pushing his beam forward some more.

“What?” Dabura questioned, “How can you still have so much power?”

“This is the end Dabura!” Gohan said getting control of the situation.

“No, I can’t lose!” Dabura shouted, “I won’t lose!”

“You don’t have a choice”, Gohan screamed, “I’m sending you straight to hell!”

Gohan pulled his hands back a little and screamed as he pushed them out again. The Kamehameha Wave hit Dabura and carried him straight into the sky as the energy started dissolving his body. Gohan dropped his arms and looked at Raditz and Nappa.

“One down, two to go” He said with a determined look in his eye while breathing heavily.

Gohan has defeated Dabura and now stands ready to take on Nappa and Raditz. Can Gohan beat the two saiyans? Or do these two enemies have plans of their own? Find out in Chapter 7: Terror of the Moon

Chapter 9: Vegeta’s Fury

Last time: Gotenks took on super saiyan 4 Raditz, while Pan ran away from super saiyan 4 Nappa. Pan was in big trouble when Raditz attacked her, but Vegeta arrived just in time to save her.

“Dende, Dende!” Bulma screamed while running into the lookout’s building.

“What is it?” Dende asked.

“You have to wish Goku back to life with the Namekian Dragon Balls”, Bulma replied.

“Why?” Dende questioned.

“I don’t know”, Bulma said, “Vegeta wouldn’t tell me”

“Well I’m sure it’s important” Dende said, “I shall contact Namek”

“Nappa and Raditz” Vegeta said slowly.

“Vegeta you worm”, Nappa shouted, “This time I will kill you”

“Nappa, I’ve sent you to hell twice already” Vegeta replied, “Don’t make me kill you a third time”

“Like you could”, Raditz said as he placed his hand facing Vegeta.

Raditz blasted an energy ball at Vegeta, who easily dodged it. Vegeta lowered to the ground and placed Pan on her feet.

“Thanks Vegeta”, Pan said.

Vegeta just looked at her and rose into the air, but Pan could have sworn she saw Vegeta smile a little. Vegeta faced Nappa and Raditz and quickly blasted an energy blast at the two saiyans. Nappa and Raditz jumped out of the blasts way, but Nappa was struck in the face by Vegeta. Vegeta and Nappa began fighting and Raditz quickly joined in the fight. Vegeta started hitting both the saiyans and had no problem blocking their attacks. Vegeta hit Raditz back and then hit Nappa to the ground. Vegeta began beating Raditz and smacked him into a mountain. Then, as Nappa was getting up, Vegeta struck him in the back of the head and then, using his speed, kneed Nappa in the stomach. As Nappa dropped, Vegeta kicked him in the head which made Nappa roll backwards and then slide across the ground. Raditz charged Vegeta, but was elbowed in the face by the fast Vegeta.

Dende came out of the outlook’s building and said, “Bulma, we have problems”

“What kind of problems?” Bulma asked

“Porunga says that due to the way Goku died”, Dende started, “he can’t revive him”

“WHAT!!!” Bulma freaked.

“But”, Dende began to speak, “Porunga said there is one way to get Goku back, but he has to pass a test”

“A test?” Bulma questioned, “What test?”

“Porunga says that he resurrect Goku if he passes three tests in another realm”, Dende explain, “But I’m not sure of the tests details.”

“Can you tell me what kind of tests they are?” Bulma asked.

“Yes. Three fights, but each fight a twist somewhere in it”, Dende replied, “And if Goku loses he disappears forever”

Bulma thought for a second and turned towards Dende as she said, “Do it”

Raditz and Nappa stood in front of Vegeta.

“What’s wrong super saiyans?” Vegeta asked taunting his opponents.

Nappa and Raditz immediately moved in to hit Vegeta, but they couldn’t lay a hand on him. Vegeta hit Nappa in the head and punched Raditz in the stomach. Vegeta started beating Raditz, but Raditz manage to grab Vegeta’s fists. Vegeta started kicking Raditz, until Raditz let go. Vegeta quickly kicked Raditz in the head. As Raditz hit the ground Vegeta let off massive balls of energy which all hit Raditz. Vegeta’s final blast made a huge explosion. Nappa went for Vegeta but Vegeta easily knocked him through a mountain into the ground. Vegeta then smacked Nappa deeper into the ground by slamming his feet into Nappa’s stomach.

Goku appeared in a strange area. It was completely dark and very cold.

“What am I doing here?” Goku asked himself.

“Your friends wish to revive you” A strange, deep voice said out of nowhere.

“Who’s there?” Goku said.

“That’s not important”, the voice said, “What is important is your friends wish”

“What wish?” Goku continued his questioning.

“Your friends wish to revive you. Do you wish to be revived?” the voice said.

“Well, I guess so”, Goku said rubbing the back of his head in confusion, “I mean it must be important for them to revive me”

“Then you must pass three tests”, the voice continued, “If you loss one fight, you will disappear forever”

“Fine”, Goku said, “let’s do this”

Vegeta punched Nappa, who landed by Raditz feet. Nappa stood up.

“You can’t keep this up Vegeta”, Nappa said.

“Yes, sooner or later, you will tire out”, Raditz added.

“Please, I am the price of all Saiyans”, Vegeta said, “You can’t beat me”

Vegeta began powering up and Raditz and Nappa started powering up as well. “Where are you Kakarrot” Vegeta thought to himself.

O.K. Goku”, the voice said, “Are you ready for your first test?”

“Yes”, Goku said with confidence.

Vegeta has held off the saiyans with ease, but can he keep it up? And can Goku pass all his tests so he can come to help Vegeta? Or will he suffer defeat? Find out in Chapter 10: Goku’s Ordeal (1)

Chapter 10: Goku’s Ordeal (1)

Last time: Vegeta fought Raditz and Nappa, while Bulma tried to revive Goku. But it seems reviving Goku is going to be a little harder than Bulma thought. Goku has now been transported to another realm.

“What’s happening Dende?” Bulma anxiously asked.

“Goku’s in the other realm”, Dende replied, “I hope he makes it”

“Oh, he will”, Bulma said with confidence, “Just watch”

Dende turned to Bulma, but she suddenly disappeared.

“Bulma?” Dende said confused.

Goku stood in the dark and in a flash he was suddenly in a ruined city.

“Hey! How did I get here?” Goku asked.

“I bought you here for your first test”, the strange voice said.

“You again”, Goku said.

“Yes it’s me”, the voice said, “Time for your first test”

Goku looked forward and saw Trunks standing in front of him.

“Hey, Trunks!” Goku said excited to see the young saiyan.

Trunks gave Goku an evil smirk, and then Goku turned around because he sensed something. Behind him stood Gohan and Goten, looking fierce.

“Something’s wrong here”, Goku whispered to himself.

“Nothing’s wrong”, the voice said, “This is your first test. Your friends are evil and you have to kill them”

“They’re not real, so there shouldn’t be a problem”, Goku replied.

“Oh, but there is a problem”, the voice said, “Look up. My clones aren’t real but they are”

Goku looked up and saw Bulma, Chi-Chi, and Videl all with floating in mid-air and cuffed with strange handcuffs.

“What’s going on?” Goku asked getting angry.

“You can’t touch Trunks, Goten or Gohan”, the voice explained, “because if you do you will also hurt your friends. You see, they all have a bond. If you hit Goten, you hurt Chi-Chi, if you hit Gohan, you hurt Videl and if you hit Trunks, you hurt Bulma”

“So how do I win?” Goku asked.

“You must find three keys, hidden somewhere in the city, that unlock the hand cuffs on your friends’ wrist”, the voice explains, “After they’re free, you can kill your opponents. The game begins now and be careful when looking for the keys. Your enemies will try to hurt you, and they might destroy one of the keys in the process. Then the only way you’ll win is to sacrifice the ones you love”

“Save us Goku!” Chi-Chi screamed.

“Begin!” the voice shouted echoing through the city.

Goku used instant transmission to teleport to the opposite side of the city. He began his search for the keys on foot.

Vegeta charged Raditz and hit him to the ground. Vegeta then began fighting Nappa. Vegeta began to punch Nappa’s face and then slammed him into Raditz on the ground.

Goku ran through the first building he saw, and with luck already found the first key. The key had a purple shine to it. Goku sensed the three half-saiyan clones on there way. As he got out of the build the three half-saiyan clones, in super saiyan form, were standing in front of him. Goku jumped into the air and flew off, but was being shot at by his opponents. Goku dodged the blasts with ease, but was hit by one and then three more. The three half-saiyans arrived in the air as the smoke cleared. Goku wasn’t there. He was on the ground making his way to his trapped friends. As he ran, an energy blast came through the building to his left, but Goku dodged it. Out of the smoke as the building fell came the second key. Goku smiled and jumped to grab it, but was kicked to the ground by the Goten clone. Goku looked up and the key was gone. Goku was going to have to look for it on the ground, while holding of the clones. The Goten clone attacked Goku and Goku could do nothing but block the attacks. “If I find the last key, I could at least set two of my friends free. That way I could destroy two of my opponents and only have to worry about one, while looking for the key I just lost” Goku thought to himself. Goku punched Goten away.

As he flew off he said to himself, “Chi-Chi’s going to kill me for that”

Goku landed on a building and looked around to see if he could find anything purple or shiny. He managed to spot the third key after looking around for a minute. “Wow, lady lucks on my side today” Goku thought. He flew into a building through a window and as he grabbed the key, Gohan and Goten bashed through the floor and into the room. They immediately attacked Goku. Goku went super saiyan as he flew out of the room via the window and began to block Gohan’s and Goten’s attacks. Goku managed to break away and flew off. He got to his friends who were being watched over by the Trunks clone. Goku began to fight Trunks (actually Trunks did more of the fighting, while Goku just blocked), and managed to get to Bulma. Goku placed the key in the lock and turned it. Bulma disappeared, and Goku moved onto Chi-Chi, who also vanished after she was released. Goku transformed into a super saiyan four, flew up to Trunks and fired a Kamehameha Wave right in front of Trunks, destroying the clone.

“I’ve looked everywhere Mr. Popo”, Dende said, “but I can’t find Bulma”

Just then Bulma appeared behind Dende in the air and fell to the floor.

“Ouch!” Bulma screamed.

“Found her”, Mr. Popo said.

The Gohan and Goten clone waited as Goku got to the area where he lost the key. Goku landed and as Goten charged him Goku blew him up with a Kamehameha x10. The Gohan clone watched as Goten blew up. The Gohan clone attacked Goku, but Goku dodged every punch. Goku spotted the key while fighting and dived for it. As Goku grabbed the key he flew for Videl. But Gohan intercepted him. Gohan started shooting huge energy blasts, which destroyed half the city after Goku dodged them. Goku decided to use instant transmission to get to Videl. Goku freed Videl and when the Gohan clone arrived Goku blew him to bits.

“Congratulations Goku”, the voice said, “Test 1 is complete. Time for number two.”

Vegeta was pummeling Raditz into a mountain, and as Nappa attacked from behind, Vegeta turned around and shot him with an energy blast. He then continued hitting Raditz.

Goku has past his first test, but can he survive his second one? And can Vegeta keep up his assault? Find out in Chapter 11: Goku’s Ordeal (2)

Chapter 11: Goku’s Ordeal (2)

Last time: Goku had to find three keys to free Bulma, Chi-Chi, and Videl. Goku succeeded and with that, pasted his first test. Vegeta is giving a beating to Raditz and Nappa.

Vegeta was fighting Raditz and Nappa. It seemed as though Vegeta couldn’t touch the saiyans, but they couldn’t hit him either. It seems they’re evenly matched.

Goku appeared in the middle of a bunch of mountains, back to his normal state. On the one side stood 5 Piccolo’s and on the other stood 5 Vegeta’s in super saiyan.

“Now what?” Goku asked.

“This is your second test”, the voice explained, “You must defeat your opponents”

“No problem”, Goku said, “I’ll just go super saiyan 4”

Goku began to power up, but when transformed he was a super saiyan 2.

“What?” Goku said confused.

“Did I mention you can only go super saiyan and super saiyan 2 in this test?” the voice asked.

“Fine!” Goku said as he attacked Piccolo.

Goku swung a punch at the first Piccolo, but he went right through him.

“What the?” Goku said.

“You never let me finish explaining”, the voice said, “There are 5 piccolos, but only one can be hit. You can’t hit four of the fighters, but all of them can hit you. The same thing happens with the Vegeta clones.”

“That’s not fair!” Goku complained.

“Life’s not fair!” the voice said loudly, “Begin!”

One of the Piccolo’s attacked Goku first. Goku tried to punch him, but his fist went right through the phantom. Goku started dodging the phantom’s attacks. One of the Vegeta’s appeared behind Goku and whacked him into the ground. As Goku got up from the whole he’d create, he found that the 5 Piccolo’s were right in front of him. They all attacked Goku, who dodged the attacks while thinking of a plan. Goku swung his foot through the piccolo’s heads until hit the right one. “Got ya” Goku thought. Goku began beating the Piccolo and the others seemed to just stand, watching in pain. Then Goku was blasted in the back by a Vegeta. Goku climbed to his feet and as he looked up, another Vegeta flew towards him like a bullet and kicked him in the head, sending Goku flying into a mountain.

There was silence, while Vegeta stood on a mountain looking around. It was dark as the clouds hid the moons light. The silence was broken by an energy blast from one of the saiyans. Vegeta deflected the blast and began fighting one of the saiyans, but it was to dark to see which one.

Goku climbed out of the mountain bleeding from his forehead. Other Vegeta appeared in front of Goku and began punching his face. Goku put his hands in front of his face and grabbed the Vegeta’s fist. Goku realized he caught the one Vegeta he could hit and began pulling his arms downwards and kneeing him in the head several times, before punching him back. Goku put out his hand and in a flash of light blew the Vegeta to the far side of the mountains, causing an explosion which turned the surrounding mountains into dust.

“That’s it!” Goku shout with anger as a bright golden aura surrounded him, “I’m not playing these stupid games any longer! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”

Goku began powering up. The ground began to shake as the pebbles rose, which were followed by bigger stones. Out of nowhere Goku began firing giant blasts at the piccolo’s and when he hit one he continued his assault on that one. As Goku’s last blast exploded, he appeared in front of the piccolo and punched him all the way to the where the Vegeta had landed. “Now I got both of you” Goku thought. He appeared in front of the two clones and attacked both of them.

Vegeta was fighting both Nappa and Raditz. It was easier to see as the clouds weren’t blocking the moon anymore. The wind picked up as the battle raged on. Vegeta had sweat pouring down his face and it seemed the saiyan prince was weakening.

Goku attacked both clones and began beating them both. He then hit the Vegeta away and beat the piccolo some more. Then Goku pulled his arm back and screamed as he pulled it forward to hit the Piccolo. Goku’s fist went straight through the piccolo. Goku jumped back, with sweat pouring down his face, and blasted the piccolo destroying it. The blast carried on going and blew as it hit the Vegeta.

Goku slowly walked up to the bleeding and bruised Vegeta clone, breathing heavily, and said, “I win”

The Vegeta rose to his feet, but as it got up it was engulfed with a Kamehameha Wave.

“In deed”, the voice said, “You do win. And now, you have past your second test and it is time for the third and final one”

Goku disappeared from the mountains, leaving it in silence.

Nappa pummeled Vegeta into the mountain.

“What’s wrong my Prince?” Nappa said sarcastically.

Vegeta could do nothing but take the punches.

Goku has past his first and second test and now moves on to complete his third one. Can Vegeta hold off just a little while longer? And can Goku pass his final test? Find out in Chapter 12: Goku’s Ordeal (3)

Chapter 12: Goku’s Ordeal (3)

Last time: Goku fought 5 Vegeta’s and Piccolo’s for his seconded test. He beat the test and has one more to go. Vegeta is tiring out, because of his fight with the 2 super saiyan fours.

The sun began to rise. Nappa kicked Vegeta into the air and Raditz kicked Vegeta back into the ground. Vegeta climbed to his feet beaten and bruised. Nappa punched Vegeta in the face, then kneed him in the stomach, then kicked him away.

Goku was transported to a city full of people.

“Am I alive again?” Goku asked, “And why am I a Super Saiyan 4?”

“Because I made you that way”, the voice replied, “Your next test is about to begin”

Just then an exact copy of Goku SS4 appeared in front of Goku.

“Your next test is to defeat your greatest enemy”, the voice explained, “Yourself. And you have to do it in this city, where these humans are real. If you die, you lose”

“Now wait just a second”, Goku protested.

“Begin!” the voice shouted.

The clone punched Goku through a building into the ground. The building came crashing down as the clone advanced towards Goku. Goku stood up, wiped the blood off his lip and attacked the clone. Goku began punching the clone in the stomach, then gave the clone an uppercut, kicked him away, teleported behind the clone and slammed him, with both hands, into the ground. The clone rose and immediately attacked Goku, who blocked and dodged the attacks.

“You can’t win”, Goku said.

“Yes I can”, the clone said confidently.

Goku backed off surprised and said, “You can talk”

“Of course I can”, the clone said.

He charged Goku and punched him in the face, then punched him in the stomach, then face again. This continued until the clone stopped, put his hands up and shot Goku into a building. The blast exploded blowing up the surrounding buildings as well. The smoke cleared revealing a giant crater. As Goku got to his feet, he was kneed in the stomach by the clone. The clone rose into the air.

“This is my challenge?” The clone said disappointed as he lifted his hand, “How disappointing”

An energy ball formed in the clones hand and he threw it at another building, causing an explosion, taking two other building to the ground.

“No, stop that!” Goku shouted.

“Why should I?” The clone responded.

Goku charged the clone and punched him in the stomach. While holding his fist in the clone’s stomach, Goku flew to the ground and smashed the clone into the ground, followed by a wave of energy, which caused an explosion, taking out the remains of the destroyed buildings as well as the ground. Goku jumped back, as the clone got up.

“You surprised me”, the clone said, “Alright, you’ve won round 1, time for round 2”

Vegeta flew into the mountain with force. Raditz appeared in front of him and began punching. The prince had blood all over his face, his armor was cracked and dented, and his clothes were torn. Vegeta was not going to last much longer.

An explosion went off in the city. Then another one and another one. The clone was shooting energy balls at Goku. Goku charged the clone, grabbed his face and pummeled it into the ground. Goku jumped into the air and began shooting energy blasts at the clone. When Goku stopped, the clone flew out of the smoke and elbowed Goku in the face. A fast paced battle began. Goku hit the clone, and then the clone hit Goku. Finally Goku shot the clone into the ground causing an explosion. The whole city was practically destroyed. The buildings (or what was left of them) were on fire. Goku saw three people rise out of rubble, and breathed with relief. Suddenly, all three of the people were blown up. As Goku looked down, he saw his clone standing up with his arm straight out pointing in the direction of the people.

“You monster!” Goku screamed.

The clone appeared in front of Goku and punched him in the face. Goku attacked the clone and kicked him to the ground. The clone rose, but Goku appeared in front of him and kicked him into a ruined building. The clone dashed out of the rubble sending it flying everywhere. He attacked Goku, who punched him into another ruined building.

The clone climbed up, pulled back his arms and began to say, “KA-ME”

At that moment, Goku did the same thing, “HA-ME”

“HAAAAAAAAAAA!!” They both screamed as the blast was released.

The blasts torn through everything in their path, and finally collided in a massive burst of energy, completely taking out the surroundings. The warriors struggled to hold their own. Goku couldn’t hold for much longer and the clone was pushing with all of his power. Goku thought he couldn’t hold his blast, but he thought of his sons and wife and all his friends back on earth.

“I don’t know why”, Goku said, “but for my friends to be so desperate to get me back, something’s gone wrong on Earth. And I’m sorry, but I can’t allow you to win. This ends now! Goodbye!”

Goku used all his might and pushed the blast as hard as he could. The blast engulfed the clone and a huge explosion went off nearly wiping out what was left of the city. Goku had transformed back into his normal state.

“That’s it”, Goku said, “I’m beat”

“You got that right”, the beaten, bruised and bleeding clone said as he began to laugh.

“You’ve got to be kidding”, Goku said.

The clone grabbed Goku’s face and rammed him into the ruined building behind Goku. The clone blew Goku through the building with an energy blast. Goku stood up weakened. Goku held one hand to his waist. The clone began hitting Goku, who did nothing to stop him. The clone hit Goku through another ruined building. Goku stood up, and in his hand he had a ball of energy a bit bigger than his hand. It was…A Spirit Bomb. As the clone came for Goku, Goku lifted his hand.

“This is for the innocent lives destroyed today!” Goku shouted, “This ends right here and right now!”

Goku through the Bomb at the oncoming clone and the bomb made a direct hit. The bomb exploded and completely tore apart the clone. Goku dropped to his hands and feet, completely out of energy. Suddenly, Goku screamed as a burst of energy ran through him and he transformed into a Super Saiyan 4.

“What happened?” Goku asked as he climbed to his feet.

“I’ve healed you and now you can go back to Earth”, the voice said, “I will transport you to the lookout on earth, from there go to Vegeta, who needs your help against the saiyans, Raditz and Nappa”

“Raditz and Nappa are alive?” Goku asked in shock.

“There is no time to explain”, the voice said, “Goodbye, Goku. Oh, and the people that were killed today weren’t real”

Goku appeared at the lookout. Everybody was happy to see him. The whole gang was there, except Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Pan and Vegeta.

Goku told the gang that he knew what was going on and jumped into the air with a bag of Sensu Beans.

Vegeta was on the ground and could hardly move.

“Time to die, Prince”, Nappa said.

Just then Super Saiyan 4 Goku landed in front of the saiyans and without saying a word gave Vegeta a Sensu Bean. Vegeta stood up and powered up followed by Goku and then the two saiyans.

“Finally, we shall be avenged”, Raditz said.

“Don’t count on it”, Goku replied, while getting into a fighting stance.

Goku has arrived and Vegeta is healed. But can these two defeat the saiyans? Or will the fall? Find out in Chapter 13: Gogeta Returns