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Dragonball AF season 2 episodes are

episode 18 the super saiyan mutant

episode 19 Majin Marble

episode 20 the good the bad and the stupid

episode 21 Majuub versus Majin Marble

episode 22 Super baby Gohan!

episode 23 Oozaru super baby Gohan attacks!

episode 24 Super Baby Gohans rage

episode 25 Super Baby Gohans end

episode 26 Gohan is good again.

episode 27 the Z fighters vs the robotic fighters

episode 28 Gohan is cloned

episode 29 Gohans evil clone Rage attacks

episode 30 the death of Rage

episode 31 android 31s wrath

episode 32 the new and improved Vegeta

episode 33 Vegeta versus android 31

episode 34 android 92 part 1

episode 35 android 92 part 2