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Season 1 includes fan fiction made up episodes

episode 1 naughty android 30 part 1

episode 2 naughty android 30 part 2

episode 3 naughty android 30 part 3

episode 4 the dragon pirates!

episode 5 Gogeta junior

episode 6 the wrath of Rell

episode 7 cyborg ambush

episode 8 the blue dragon balls

episode 9 the dragons of the caribbean

episode 10 the end?

episode 11 the return of android 30

episode 12 android 30s death

episode 13 the super saiyan team of warriors

episode 14 Yamcha versus Rell

episode 15 Rell returns to the home for infinite losers

episode 16 the mystery of the super saiyan frog part 1

episode 17 the mystery of the super saiyan frog part 2

the main characters are

Goku jr



Vegeta jr


Son Howl