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…Time traces back a bit directly after Son Goku, who had awakened his Super Saiyan, defeated Freeza, ruler of the entire universe, on the distant planet Namek…

While he received Goku’s final attack, Freeza barely managed to Survive…

Floating in the vacuum of space, Freeza was weight less. Only parts of him remain now after the fight with Goku. Approaching Freeza was a ship that carried his father King Cold.

“Cold Daio-Sama!!!” Someone in the ship said, “We’ve found Freeza-Sama!!!”

“Freeza!!!” King Cold said as he approached the viewing window.


Once aboard the ship Freeza was taken immediately to the healing pod, which started at once to repair the injuries sustained in the battle on Namek. The liquid bubbled around Freeza, as he lay suspended in the pod. An oxygen mask attached to his mouth and probes were hooked to him as well.

“!!!!!!!” King Cold stood in amazement, “How could this be!? To a mere Saiyan!!?”

Next to Cold stood a woman with spiky hair and a lot shorter then Cold.

Groaning in agony Freeza spoke, “It hurts. Papa, Mama…”

“Hmph.” Mumbled what appeared to be Freeza’s mother.

Walking hastily out of the chamber where Freeza was at, Cold said, “I will definitely exact revenge for him!”

Footsteps were heard coming around the corner of the ship. It was Freeza’s brother, Cooler.

“M-Mother!!!” Gasped Cooler as he came up to her.

Cooler then went in to the chamber. “F-Freeza!!! He’s Alive?!”

“I have no idea about that near dead fool,” exclaimed the mother who then began to walk away. “I no longer need a son who is not the best in the universe!”

Heading into the engine room she then exclaimed, “Prepare a ship immediately!”

“Huh?” said one of her minions, “Oh, yes ma’am!”

“The Saiyan,” started the mother again, “who brought down Freeza that far named ‘Son Goku’... Just what kind of man is he? I want to know! He will become my key to universal conquest! I must make contact with him before Cold and the others do!”

Looking around to see why then have not left yet she saw one of her men standing there, “Hurry up and get it ready!!! I am leaving immediately!!!”

The minion then scared replied, “C-Certainly!!! Lila-Sama!!!”

And now, several decades’ time has passed. A crisis unlike any before it has drawn near the peaceful Earth…

Chapter 1