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This is a fanon that has a strong foundation built upon the established canon, but is skewed somewhat to include some of the movies and other stories (such as the interesting look into Shin Budokai 2: Another Road). In some cases, this involves making minor adjustments to the plot of the anime series or the movies to ensure they fit in.

Beyond the end of DBZ, this fanon adds additional arcs and stories to the Universe, set before and during GT. Beyond that, it has several other sequel series - first DBNG (New Generations), DBU (Dragonball Universe) and finally DBZWR (Z Warriors Reunited). Alternatively, it could be viewed that DBNG is the fourth and final instalment of the anime series, whilst DBU is the start of a spin-off.

A whole new cast of characters is added, whilst explanations are also attempted for some of the discrepancies in the established canon. Some ideas may have been subconciously borrowed from other fanon ideas - for one, the Muar idea was, but its source is unknown - and some regular ideas are apparent here - such as a return of certain old foes.

Warning - it isn't a short story!

Saga Breakdowns and Plot Overviews[]

Full episode listings can be viewed at Episode Listings (DBNG).

Dragon Ball:[]

Emperor Pilaf Saga[]

Episodes 1-13 (DB: 1-13)

We are introduced to Goku, an orphaned boy with a tail, and follow his first adventures as he meets other people for the first time, such as the shapeshifters Puar and Oolong, the ingenious Bulma, Yamcha the desert bandit. Together, they combat the dastardly Emperor Pilaf, who wants the fabled Dragon Balls, which when collected can summon the dragon Shenron to grant his wish of ruling the world. However, Bulma wants the Dragon Balls to find the perfect boyfriend, and so Goku joins her quest, naïve and eager to explore the world and initially believing that the Four-Star Ball contains his grandfather's soul.

Along the way they meet the perverted Master Roshi, who gives Goku his Nimbus cloud - and teaches him the powerful Kamehameha wave - and Chi-Chi, the daughter of the fearsome-looking Ox-King, who Goku inadvertedly agrees to marry. Ultimately, Pilaf steals their Dragon Balls, but is thwarted when Goku transforms into a great ape at the full moon, destroying his castle ... and Oolong ends up wishing for panties. With Goku's tail removed, he reverts to normal, unaware of his metamorphosis and leaves to train in the martial arts with Master Roshi, whilst Bulma realises she has found a boyfriend in Yamcha.

Tournament Saga[]

Episodes 14-28 (DB: 14-28)

Goku begins his training under the Turtle Hermit, Master Roshi, alongside another young individual called Krillin. Despite an initial rivalry, the two undergo eight months of tough work and head to the World Tournament. However, Jackie Chun (really, Master Roshi in disguise) manages to overcome both of them along the way, to ensure that they keep training rather than get complacent. Along the way Goku's tail grows back and he transforms into a great ape once again, but this time Master Roshi stopped him by destroying the moon.

Red Ribbon Army Saga[]

Episodes 29-45 (DB: 29-45)

Deciding to continue exploring the world, Goku sets off with Bulma's Dragon Radar to find the Dragon Balls. However, this time, it isn't just Pilaf who is looking for them - so too is the militaristic Red Ribbon Army, who steal and fight anyone who opposes them. Arriving in Jingle Village, Goku finds it overrun by the Red Ribbon Army and the village elder taken hostage - so he decides to attack their stronghold, Muscle Tower, all by himself. After several battles, he reaches the top, and along with his enemy-come-friend Android #8, ensures the village elder is rescued.

After this, the Dragon Radar is damaged, so Goku ventures into the big city for the first time to find Bulma, so it can be repaired. However, the Red Ribbon Army leaders are now hot on his trail and send a master thief to capture his Dragon Balls, but they don't get very far.

General Blue Saga[]

Episodes 46-57 (DB: 46-57)

Continuing the quest for the Dragon Balls, Bulma decides to go with Goku, but the next Dragon Ball is under the ocean. Borrowing a submarine from Master Roshi, they set off with Krillin, and find an underwater cavern. There, they overcome booby traps and pirate-robots, whilst battling the tough General Blue, who has telekinetic powers. After beating Blue to the Dragon Ball, they all escape the cave, only for Blue to steal it. In a chase, Goku causes Blue to crash into the strange Penguin Village, where a young Arale dispatches of Blue easily.

Commander Red Saga[]

Episodes 58-67 (DB: 58-67)

In this saga, Goku continues his quest, but comes up against Mercenary Tao, now personally sent to kill Goku for his meddling. This same Tao executed General Blue mercilessly for his failures, and goes on to murder Bora, the father of Goku's new friend, Upa. Showing his deadly power with the Dodon Ray, Tao believes he has killed Goku, but the Four-Star Ball saved his life.

Recovering whilst Tao pampers himself, Goku learns of the legend of Korin and the sacred water, and resiliently climbs Korin Tower. After undergoing training from Korin, Goku returns to Earth and defeats Tao. Realising the power increase Goku had got, Tao climbs Korin Tower, but to no avail. Goku overcomes him, and after faking surrender, Tao has a grenade blown up in his face.

Determined to now revive Bora, Goku attacks the Red Ribbon Army Headquarters single-handedly to recover the remaining Dragon Balls and summon Shenron. Showing incredible power, he overcomes everyone, but to his dismay the Radar breaks down again with still one Dragon Ball to go.

Fortuneteller Baba Saga[]

Episodes 68-83 (DB: 68-83)

Unable to locate the last ball, Goku and the gang go to Fortuneteller Baba who agrees to tell them it's location if they can defeat her five fighters. After clever tactics and tough battles, it ends up with Goku facing off against an unknown fighter. In the end, it turns out to be his Grandpa Gohan, returned to the mortal world for a day. After Gohan surrenders and reveals himself, Baba reveals that their old nemesis Pilaf has the last Dragon Ball. However, he poses little threat to Goku who quickly manages to take it from them.

After Bora has been revived by Shenron, Goku spends the next three years preparing for the next World Tournament. This time, however, his training consisted of adventuring the world, toughing it out on foot. Along the way, he made more friends, stopped more scoundrels and continued to grow in strength and spirit.

Tien Shinhan Saga[]

Episodes 84-101 (DB: 84-101)

On arriving at the next World Tournament, it was revealed that due to the success of the Turtle School (Goku and Krillin) at the last event, the Crane School had decided to participate. However, the Crane School was led by Master Shen, the arch-rival of Master Roshi who lacked Roshi's same whole-hearted principles. Quickly, a feud develops between Yamcha, Krillin and Tien and Chiaotzu (Shen's two students) and Chiaotzu uses his magical abilities to fix the matches.

Mercilessly, Tien dispatches of Yamcha in the quarter-finals, breaking his leg along the way. Soon, Chiaotzu and Tien display the ability to fly, to the surprise of the others, and more worryingly, the use of the Dodon Ray; Tao's attack. It is revealed that Mercenary Tao is Shen's brother - who, learning of his death, decides the Turtle School must be punished. In the semi-finals, Roshi (as Jackie Chun) tries to convince Tien to abandon Shen and his evil ways, but after failing to convince him, forfeits. Following that, Goku and Krillin have their first true face-off, with Goku ending up victorious.

In the final, Goku faces Tien, but is disadvantaged by Chiaotzu telekinetically immobilising him. However, Tien wants a fair fight and asks Chiaotzu to stop - going against Shen's wishes. Shen is enraged, but is stopped by Roshi. Ultimately, after a long battle, Goku ends up as a close runner-up to Tien.

King Piccolo Saga[]

Episodes 102-122 (DB: 102-122)

Here Krillin is killed whilst still at the Tournament by a demon, Tambourine. It is soon revealed that the Demon King Piccolo has escaped his prison after many, many years and wishes to exact his revenge on Earth. Fearing a powerful warrior may sacrifice themselves to have him imprisoned once again, he has his mutated offspring wipe out any martial artists that may be a threat - namely those who just fought at the Tournament.

Roshi's old master Mutiato was the one who originally sealed Piccolo away, and so Roshi tries to do the same with the life-draining Evil Containment Wave - but has the reformed Tien practice the technique in case he fails. Meanwhilst, Goku avenges Krillin after encountering the swordsman Yajirobe and killing Tambourine. In retaliation, Piccolo leaves Goku for dead and kills Chiaotzu, despite his age, and then summons Shenron, who restores the power of his youth. In return, King Piccolo destroys the magical dragon.

Yajirobe helps Goku by carrying him up Korin Tower, where Goku risks his life to take the Ultra Divine Water. Meanwhilst, King Piccolo assumes his dominion over the Earth, but is interrupted by Tien. After a battle with another one of Piccolo's demons, Goku returns, much stronger, to battle Piccolo. As their battle drags on, Piccolo threatens Goku with the death of Tien, revealing the destruction of Shenron, before breaking both of his knees and an arm. However, with just an arm left, Goku fires himself into the sky with a Kamehameha and kills Piccolo - but not before he spits out an egg containing his reincarnation.

Piccolo Jr. Saga[]

Episodes 123-153 (DB: 123-153)

Healed, Goku learns of Kami, Guardian of Earth, and climbs beyond Korin Tower, up to Kami's Lookout, and convinces Kami to restore Shenron. In return, Kami has Goku train with him on the Lookout for three years so as to help defeat Piccolo's offspring at the next Tournament. With Shenron revived, Goku's friends back on Earth bring back to life all those killed by Piccolo and his spawn.

Having had his tail permanently removed the Moon restored, Goku heads to the tournament as an eighteen-year old. In the quarter finals, Tien overcomes his former tutor, Mercenary Tao, now a cyborg driven for revenge. After, Goku fights an unknown woman, which turns out to be Chi-Chi. Being made to remember his old promise, Goku proposes to her after defeating her. Krillin then displays his ability to fly, but isn't able to overcome Junior.

In the semi-finals, Goku gets one back on Tien by beating him, whilst in the other match, a nerdy-looking guy is suddenly revealed to be Kami in disguise, as he attempts the Evil Containment Wave on Junior - Piccolo Junior. But the attack is countered and Kami is trapped in a bottle - which Piccolo swallows.

In the final Goku faces off against Piccolo, who was born to kill Goku in revenge. Soon, the spectators realise that Junior is King Piccolo reborn and flee. Intimidatingly, Piccolo swells up to a giant size, but this simply allows Goku to rescue and free Kami. Their battle then continues and Goku eventually wins - but decides to save Piccolo - and therefore Kami and the Dragon Balls - from death. Piccolo accepts his defeat, but promises to kill him one day.

With the world safe for now, Goku and Chi-Chi have a very firey wedding!

Dead Zone Saga[]

Episodes 154-160 (DB: 154-160)

With Goku now a husband and a father, he is called into action when his family is attacked by villains as they stole Gohan (Goku's son) along with his Dragon Ball. Garlic Jr., angry that Kami became Guardian of Earth instead of his father, summons Shenron and wishes for eternal life. Goku and Krillin end up striking an unlikely one-off alliance with Piccolo to defeat Garlic Jr.'s henchmen and rescue Gohan, before stopping Kami from giving in to the villain himself. After a long battle, they realise they have no hope against an immortal, despite being stronger. Finally, Garlic Jr. opens up the Dead Zone as his best bet to be rid of his opponents, but an onslaught from Gohan's hidden rage thrusts Garlic Jr. into the Dead Zone himself.

Dragon Ball Z:[]

Saiyan Saga[]

Episodes 161-186 (DBZ: 1-26)

An alien lands on Earth, quickly revealing himself to be Raditz, the brother of Goku, who is named as one of the four remaining members of the Saiyan race, known for their lust for fighting. Demanding that Goku kill innocent humans and join him, he kidnaps Gohan. Realising the danger to the whole planet, Piccolo allies with Goku and they battle Raditz. During the battle, Gohan escapes his confinement and in one blow inflicts more damage on Raditz than Piccolo and Goku could combined, despite being only four. Eventually, Piccolo kills Raditz, but it meant Goku had to sacrifice himself as well - but Piccolo revealed to a dying Raditz that the Dragon Balls would revive Goku, only for Raditz to reveal that two other Saiyans would now arrive on Earth in one year to claim the Dragon Balls.

Realising that these Saiyans would be much stronger, Piccolo kidnapped Gohan and took him as his student, seeing how his hidden powers had crushed Raditz. Meanwhilst, Krillin gathered Yamcha, Tien, Chiaotzu and Yajirobe (now known as the Z Warriors, or Earth's Special Forces) and had them train with Kami. Kami himself ordered that Goku should not be wished back to life until the year had passed - having died a hero's death, he could keep his body and train in Other World with King Kai.

A year later the last two remaining Saiyans, Nappa and Prince Vegeta, landed on Earth to claim immortality. Deciding to eliminate the planet's strongest power levels first, they battled the Z Warriors, mercilessly killing Yamcha, Tien and Chiaotzu. Goku was late to the battle, having to return to Earth from Other World - and in the time he missed, Piccolo sacrificed himself to save Gohan, who over the last year he had begun to see as a surrogate son. In retaliation, Goku defeated Nappa - but Vegeta killed him for being weak - before battling Vegeta. Displaying new techniques taught by King Kai, he held his own well, but maxed out his body, and was aided by Krillin, Gohan and Yajirobe. Eventually, Vegeta was crushed, but before Krillin could kill him, Goku mercifully let him go.

Namek Saga[]

Episodes 187-213 (DBZ: 27-53)

With Piccolo dead, Kami was also gone, so the Dragon Balls were now inert. However, the Saiyans had indentified Piccolo as a Namekian, a species which had their own Dragon Balls. So to bring back their friends, Gohan, Krillin and Bulma headed to Namek to use their Dragon Balls. Goku followed a week later, having taken a long time to recover from his last battle.

However, on arriving on Namek, it turned out Vegeta had had the same idea - except he wanted immortality. As had the universal tyrant, Frieza (who was in fact Vegeta's superior), with his countless henchmen - who had overheard about the Dragon Balls over the scouters. As the Nameks were wiped out, a struggle began between Vegeta, Frieza and the Earthlings and Namekians to gather (and keep hold of!) the Dragon Balls. When it seemed his henchmen had failed him, however, Frieza dispatched his elite fighting squad - the Ginyu Force - prompting Vegeta into an unlikely alliance with Krillin and Gohan.

Despite their massive increases in strength whilst on Namek, they fared poorly against the Ginyu Force, until Goku arrived, having trained under 100x Earth's gravity on his spaceship, making short work of the entire squad. Meanwhilst, Frieza had managed to gather all of the Namekian Dragon Balls, but didn't know the password to summon the Dragon.

Captain Ginyu Saga[]

Episodes 214-220 (DBZ: 54-60)

With Frieza heading off to find out the password from the last-surviving Namekians, the youngest of them, Dende, was sent to give the password to his friends Gohan and Krillin. Angered at the defeat of his team, Captain Ginyu battled Goku, who Vegeta feared had become the fabled Super Saiyan of legend. Seeing Goku was stronger, Ginyu switched bodies with Goku, but couldn't summon all the power out of it. After switching back, he tried to switch with a healed and strengthened Vegeta, only to accidently end up as a frog.

Meanwhilst, the last Namekian warrior, Nail, stalled Frieza, but was left for dead after revealing that the Earthlings had the password.

Freiza Saga[]

Episodes 221-252 (DBZ: 61-92)

With Goku in a healing chamber and Vegeta taking a nap, Gohan, Krillin and Dende summoned the Namekian Dragon Porunga, and returned Piccolo to life. Now with Kami back, the others could be restored. As the Namekian Dragon granted three wishes, Piccolo was sent to Namek, where he met and fused with a dying Nail, greatly boosting his power. Vegeta awoke and tried to attain immortality, but before his wish could be granted, Guru - Guardian of Namek - died, and with it, so did Porunga.

Enraged at the loss of his wish, Frieza set upon Vegeta, revealing he had destroyed his home planet, before transforming. Vegeta, Krillin and Gohan stood no chance, but the new Piccolo did - until Frieza transformed twice more, revealing his final form. Vegeta, believing that by suffering near death and recovering (causing his power to reach new heights) he had become a Super Saiyan, took on Frieza, but lost severely. He survived long enough for Goku to return to the battle, who he made promise to get vengeance upon Frieza.

Goku battled Frieza, but it soon became clear Frieza was far superior. Even his mighty Spirit Bomb failed to kill the tyrant - although it hurt him enough to make him furious, prompting him to kill Krillin. Furious, Goku's pure soul and inner anguish allowed him to transform into the Super Saiyan of legend - which promptly proved too strong for Frieza.

In return, Frieza attacked the planet, knowing Goku couldn't breathe in space. Acting quickly, King Kai had Shenron bring back all those killed by Frieza, restoring Guru and Porunga. With the last of Porunga's wishes, everyone on Namek was sent to Earth except Goku and Frieza, who continued fighting. The former won, but only just escaped as the planet exploded.

Garlic Junior Saga[]

Episodes 253-261 (DBZ: 93-101)

With the Namekians wished off to a new planet that resembled Namek and their friends restored, life continued like normal on Earth as the Z Warriors waited for Goku to return. Unknown to them, though, the Makyo Star moved close enough to Earth for Garlic Jr. to escape from the Dead Zone and capture Kami. With the Black Water Mist infecting all of humanity, Gohan, Krillin and Piccolo have to fight off Garlic Jr and his Spice Boys to rescue Kami and release the Sacred Water to cure humanity. Eventually they do so, but not before the immortal Garlic Jr. opens up the Dead Zone once again - but this time, Gohan destroys the Makyo Star, sapping him of power and sending him back into the Dead Zone.

Trunks Saga[]

Episodes 262-282 (DBZ: 102-122)

Having headed off to space to find Goku, Vegeta returned to Earth defeated, only to receive a message from the stars - Cooler, the brother of Frieza, had been tracking him to see if he had found Goku. Whilst Vegeta wanted to find Goku to find out how to become a Super Saiyan, Cooler wanted revenge for the death of his brother. Instead, realising that Goku's son resided on Earth, he began an attack on the planet - but to his dismay, Vegeta refused to side with him, instead revealing his rebellion against Frieza, and his delight that he had been killed by a Saiyan. Quickly, the Z Warriors arrived to counter Cooler. Being only marginally stronger than Vegeta and weaker than Piccolo, Cooler transformed to his fifth level and crushed Vegeta and Piccolo. Whilst an enraged Gohan fought Cooler blow-for-blow, Vegeta took the energy of the Z Warriors to send Cooler crashing into the sun.

Deciding to train at Bulma's home, Vegeta remained on Earth. However, shortly afterwards, the Z Warriors sensed that Frieza had survived and was planning an attack on Earth - along with his father, King Cold, who had rescued and cybernetically rebuilt him. The attack didn't last long though - as a mysterious Super Saiyan with a sword destroyed them both without breaking a sweat. Hours later, Goku returned to Earth, where the mysterious Super Saiyan revealed to him alone that he was the son of Vegeta and Bulma from twenty years in the future. His reason for time travel was to give Goku an antidote to a heart virus that would strike him down in the near future, and warn them that in three years, Dr. Gero (the scientist behind the Red Ribbon Army) would unleash two androids on the Earth in revenge against Goku - two androids that in his timeline had wiped out the Z Warriors.

Having warned the others, Goku and his friends began training urgently in preparation. Vegeta's determination to surpass Goku caused him a lot of damage through over-exertion; this brought him attention from Bulma, who he soon had a son with. When the three years had nearly passed, Goku received message from King Kai that New Namek was under attack - at the same time, Piccolo faced off against a number of robots on Earth. The attacker was in fact Meta-Cooler, rejuvinated by the Big Gete Star and now far more powerful - even more so than Super Saiyan Goku. Vegeta arrived, and as a Super Saiyan himself the two of them destroyed Cooler - only to face a thousand more. After being sent to the Big Gete Star themselves they realised they were up against the perfect machine, and so overload it to escape. Goku promises to not reveal that Vegeta is now a Super Saiyan.

Androids Saga[]

Episodes 283-296 (DBZ: 123-136)

The timeline shifted. Somehow, Goku didn't contract the virus until during the battle with the Androids - but Vegeta was there to bail him out, and crush Android #19. It was only then that Trunks returned from the future and revealed that they didn't look like his androids - Dr. Gero had stronger ones to release! Androids #17 and #18 were identical to their future counterparts, but even stronger - and they also released #16, an unfinished model of Gero's. With Goku slow to respond to his antidote and the Z Warriors completely dismantled by the Androids, the only positive is that no-one was killed. Knowing that more power was necessary, Piccolo fuses with Kami to become incredibly powerful; however, this means the Dragon Balls are gone, and any deaths cannot be undone.

Imperfect Cell Saga[]

Episodes 297-310 (DBZ: 137-150)

Disaster strikes as civilians start vanishing. It is revealed that from another future timeline, the last of Gero's creations, Cell, awoke to absorb #18 and #17 to reach his perfect form. But in that timeline, Trunks had dispatched of them, so he killed Cell and arrived in the middle of the Android conflict. The new power Piccolo had was enough to stop him, but the cunning Cell managed to escape him and keep on the run.

Finally, Goku recovered from his heart virus, and both he and Vegeta agreed that in order to stop both the Androids and Cell they must unlock the level beyond that of a Super Saiyan - and to do that they would enter the Hyperbolic Time Chamber with Gohan and Trunks, where they could train for a year in one day.

Realising that he couldn't find Cell, Piccolo tried to take out the Androids instead, but his power level brought Cell to them, where, despite the defences of Piccolo and the silent warrior Android #16, Cell absorbed #17.

Perfect Cell Saga[]

Episodes 311-332 (DBZ: 151-172)

With Piccolo out for the count, Tien gave everything he could to stall Cell while #18 and #16 escaped. Just before Cell caught up with them, Vegeta and Trunks left the Time Chamber, showing their new Ascended Saiyan forms. Quickly, Vegeta humiliated Cell and showed how much stronger he was, whilst in the Time Chamber, Goku watched as Gohan finally became a Super Saiyan at only the age of 10.

Having taken the designs from Gero's lab, Bulma created a device to deactivate (and thus destroy) #18, but Krillin, realising that he had fallen in love with her, destroyed it - just as Vegeta agreed to let Cell reach his final form so as to test his full strength. It was a move that turned out to be a bad mistake, as Vegeta was knocked out by Cell, who then fought Trunks - who went a level beyond the Ascended Saiyan, only to find that the increased body mass meant that he was too slow to fight Cell. Goku had also reached this conclusion, having attained this form in the Time Chamber, and instead decided that mastery over the Super Saiyan form was a better approach. With Trunks all but defeated, Cell decided to get as much fun out of Earth before destroying it and announced that he would host 'The Cell Games' - a martial arts tournament where he would fight the other Z Warriors to test his strength, and also, fight Goku. The next day, Cell attacked a news station and advertised The Cell Games to the world.

With ten days to prepare, Goku and Gohan left the Time Chamber. Events changed quickly though as it was revealed that two more Saiyans had survived the genocide - Paragus called to Prince Vegeta to lead New Vegeta and stop the Legendary Super Saiyan. Heading off to a ruined world with the other Z Warriors, it turned out to be a trap to get revenge upon Vegeta's family - Paragus's son was in fact the Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly. For a long time his power was unrivaled and even Vegeta was frozen with fear, but in the end, the combined power of all the Z Warriors was enough for Goku to kill Broly.

Cell Games Saga[]

Episodes 333-359 (DBZ: 173-199)

On returning to Earth, Goku realised that they needed new Dragon Balls to repair the damage done by Cell, even if he was to be destroyed. So after going to New Namek, Dende was chosen to be the new Guardian of Earth, reviving Shenron (and giving him the ability to grant two wishes!). Goku quickly recovered the Dragon Balls as the countdown to Cell's tournament continued.

The current world champion, Hercule Satan (a strong fighter but infinitely weak compared to the Z Warriors due to a lack of ki control or special training) attempted to take on Cell first, but was defeated. Next, Goku battled Cell, and nearly destroyed him with am Instant Kamehameha, only for Cell to regenerate. Drained of energy, Goku forfeited, and put Gohan in to fight, knowing that his hidden power would soon reveal itself. Initially he struggled though, and #16 stepped in, attempting to self-destruct, but his bomb had been removed by Bulma who had re-configured him. Instead, Cell destroyed him.

Seeing Gohan's reaction, Cell was inspired to see Gohan's full power, and decided to create seven Cell Jr.'s to destroy the Z Warriors, to prompt him into transforming. Finally, after a conversation with the severed head of #16 (thrown bravely back into the battle by Mr. Satan), Gohan let it go and became a Super Saiyan 2. Unexpectedly, 18 was soon regurgitated as Gohan got the better of Cell, but Cell turned the tables by self-destructing and taking Earth with him. The only way out was for Goku to teleport him off the planet, sacrificing himself. But due to the ingenuity of Dr. Gero, Cell returned stronger than ever, and killed Future Trunks. Locked in a Kamehameha battle with Gohan, Cell was nearly distracted by the other Z Warriors, but it wasn't until Vegeta attacked him that Gohan was able to finish him off. Victorious, the Z Warriors headed back to the Lookout, leaving Mr. Satan to tell the world he defeated Cell, turning him into a massive hero.

Goku refused to come back to life, so after Cell's other victims were restored, Krillin wished for #18's bomb to be removed, an act that flattered her, indicative of their later romance. Finally assured that he was strong enough, Future Trunks returned to the future and wiped out Future #17, Future #18 and Future Cell.

Great Saiyaman Saga[]

Episodes 360-377 (DBZ: 200-217)

Having blown up King Kai's planet during his sacrifice, Goku had unwittingly released Bojack, the fearsome space-pirate. Seeking to eliminate any opposition quickly in his universal conquest, Bojack and his comrades infiltrate Mr. Satan's tournament, but are soon found out by the Z Warriors. Initially his power gave him the upper-hand against them, but when Gohan rediscovered his Super Saiyan 2 form, he made short work of the space-pirate.

In the Other World, Goku began testing his strength in another tournament. In the final, he came up against Pikkon, a warrior that in some ways resembled Piccolo, but drew with him. The Grand Kai instead disqualified them both for touching the ceiling, and decided he would give both of them a lesson in martial arts in about two hundred years' time.

On Earth, seven years have passed, and Gohan now has a younger brother, Goten, and attends high school. Knowing that he must avoid attention to concentrate on his studies and yet still fight injustice, he becomes the alter-ego "Great Saiyaman" but often conflicts with Videl Satan (daughter of Mr. Satan) who is so strong that she often fights along side the police. Videl is also his classmate, and when she discovers Gohan is the Great Saiyaman she blackmails him into fighting in the World Tournament to see how strong he is. To his surprise, Goku says he will fight too, having one day back on Earth to be used up. Vegeta, Piccolo and Krillin also agree, and so Gohan begins training with Goten, who shockingly can become a Super Saiyan at the age of seven - as can Trunks. Through teaching Videl how to fly, love begins to blossom between her and Gohan.

Broly Saga[]

Episodes 378-389 (DBZ: 218-229)

Having learned of the Dragon Balls, Goten, Trunks and Videl wish to see the mighty Dragon. However, their quest coincides with the unfreezing of Broly (aided by the eerie priest Maloja), who had been trapped under the ice since his escape from Goku. Gohan quickly saves the others from Broly, and after a joint Kamehameha with Goten (and possibly a ghost of his father) Broly is put to rest.

However, Broly was cloned, and whilst meeting Krillin and #18 for a special training session, Goten and Trunks stumble across Maloja again, who they follow to a secret island where a clone of Broly is being created. Seeing the danger, the young Super-Saiyans attack it, but this awakens Broly, albiet not as he was: instead, he is Bio-Broly, a mutated creature. However, after a tough battle that sinks the island, they discover the clone is vulnerable to water, and is turned to stone before they destroy it.

World Tournament Saga[]

Episodes 390-400 (DBZ: 230-240)

As the Z Warriors and their friends reunite with Goku, they try to keep their super-strength hidden from the public, who believe Mr. Satan is a hero. Gohan enters as the Great Saiyaman, whilst other schoolmates try to work out his identity. A strange character, Shin, approaches them, and unnerves Piccolo, who later forfeits in his fight against him.

The Z Warriors' cover is blown as Trunks and Goten turn Super Saiyan in their Junior Division Final. Videl then fights Spopovitch, a former competitor, and it seems she has won, but after a long fight he seems unable to fall, and almost kills her. Enraged, when asked by Kibito, Shin's unusual accomplice, Gohan powers up to Super Saiyan 2 - only for the fight to be interrupted by Spopovitch and his comrade Yamu, who steal all of his energy and leave. Quickly, Kibito heals him and sets off with Shin to find the base Spopovitch is heading for, encouraging the Z Warriors to go with them.

Babidi Saga[]

Episodes 401-412 (DBZ: 241-252)

Shin reveals himself to be the Supreme Kai, and tells the Z Warriors of his mission to locate the wizard Babidi, Spopovitch's boss, and stop him from unleashing Majin Buu onto the world, a monster hidden under the Earth for five billion years. Realising she can't keep up, Videl returns home having worked out that Gohan stopped Cell, not her father. Babidi takes the energy of Gohan and kills Spopovitch, before sending Dabura to lure the Z Warriors into his ship. He does this by killing Kibito and turning Krillin and Piccolo into stone. So Gohan, Goku, Vegeta and the Supreme Kai attack Babidi's ship - but every ounce of energy lost by them in there fuels Majin Buu's recovery. They defeat their opponents, but Dabura notices that Vegeta is wrathful and not pure-hearted, so Babidi enslaves him.

At the tournament, Goten and Trunks had disguised themselves as one fighter in the adult rounds, but were unmasked by #18. In the showdown she agreed to lose to Mr. Satan to keep his reputation, so long as he paid her double the winnings. After his celebrations, Babidi sent them there, and to prove his evil, Vegeta destroyed the stadium. Angered, Goku gave in to Vegeta's demands to battle him, whilst Gohan and the Supreme Kai attempted, but failed, to stop Buu hatching. This was in part due to Goku and Vegeta's battle - they were both Super Saiyan 2's, giving off far too much energy.

Majin Buu Saga[]

Episodes 413-442 (DBZ: 253-282)

With Buu unleashed, Gohan and the Supreme Kai are overturned. Even Dabura is, having realised Buu's ways. Goku and Vegeta agree to postpone their fight, but Vegeta knocks Goku out and battles Buu, overcoming Babidi's control over him. Believing Gohan to be dead and not thinking he can win, Vegeta sacrifices himself for the good of the Earth, but fails to kill Buu. Piccolo and Krillin are returned to normal after Dabura's death.

With the Supreme Kai and Gohan just surviving, they head to the Supreme Kai's Planet to prove if Gohan is the chosen warrior, capable of unearthing the Z Sword. Meanwhilst, Goku begins teaching Goten and Trunks the Fusion Dance before his time on Earth runs out. Stalling Buu along the way so they can retrieve the Dragon Radar, he unleashes Super Saiyan 3, but stops the fight short, promising Buu will face a stronger fighter soon. After he leaves, he discovers Gohan is alive, but accidentally causes him to break the Z Sword, unleashing Old Kai, who begins the mystical power-up of Gohan. Meanwhilst, Goten and Trunks perfect the fusion technique.

Due to Goku's advice, the child-like Buu commits mutiny and kills Babidi. After this, he becomes softer in nature. His killings had prompted the world to send Mr. Satan after him, but realising his strength, he befriends him whilst secretly trying to kill him with dynamite. However, after Buu saves an injured dog, Mr. Satan sees another side to Buu and becomes his friend, convincing him to kill no more.

But just as the tension died down, a monster attacked King Yemma in Other World. Goku and Pikkon headed to face it off, whilst the hordes of hell poured down upon Earth. The Z Warriors tried to wish them away, but it proved impossible, so they had to manually kill them instead. Meanwhilst, Goku's Super Saiyan 3 seemed to have defeated the monster that indentified itself as Janemba, but it transformed. Thankfully, Vegeta was found in hell, and he fused with Goku to destroy the beast.

Fusion Saga[]

Episodes 443-462 (DBZ: 283-302)

Believing it to be the end of the world, two maniacs attacked the now-peaceful Buu and Mr. Satan, who was left severely injured. Trying to hold onto his peace, Buu splits in two: a good half and an evil half. Evil Buu quickly absorbs Good Buu, becoming Super Buu. Now able to sense ki, Buu heads to the lookout, where the Z Warriors and friends have evacuated to, hoping to fight the strong warrior Goku promised. After wiping out the entire population of Earth below in one attack (except for Mr. Satan, Tien and Chiaotzu), Piccolo leads Buu into the Time Chamber where he faces of with Gotenks. The fight doesn't go well though, so Piccolo destroys the door, trapping them in there forever.

Furious that he will never eat again, Buu rips a hole in the dimension by screaming, escaping to turn everyone in the Lookout into his dinner. Gotenks then shows his Super Saiyan 3 form, now able to scream loud enough to escape. He battles Buu and seems to have the advantage, but his time runs out and he defuses. Luckily, Gohan arrives in time, newly powered up to a Mystic form by Old Kai. After they find Dende (who also survived the genocide) and Mr. Satan, Buu asks to fight Gotenks again, but as soon as they fuse, he absorbs Gotenks and Piccolo. Now with more strength than Gohan, it seems over, but Old Kai reveals the other, stronger, permanent type of fusion: Potara.

With Supreme Kai and Kibito forming Kibito Kai as an accidental test, Old Kai gives his life for Goku to return to Earth, but inside Buu Gotenks defuses - before he absorbs Gohan. Out of options, Vegeta is returned to Earth by King Yemma to fight Buu, and finally Goku convinces him to fuse - Vegito is formed. He had the strength to destroy Buu, but chose to be absorbed, hoping to rescue Gohan, Trunks, Piccolo and Goten first. However, as soon as he let his shield down having entered Buu, the digestion system caused him to defuse.

Kid Buu Saga[]

Episodes 463-475 (DBZ: 303-315)

Deciding he would never fuse with Goku again, Vegeta crushed his Potara earring. After making their way to Buu's brain, they cut off their allies' pods from Buu, and after a mental image of Buu prompted Vegeta's curiosity, the pod of Good Buu. Escaping, they saw Buu revert to his original form, Kid Buu, who immediately blew up the Earth. Only able to escape with Dende and Mr. Satan, the others died with the planet.

With Kid Buu blowing up planet after planet, Goku and Vegeta raised their power levels, bringing him to the Supreme Kai's planet. There, Super Saiyan 3 Goku fought him, with Vegeta taking over when he needed to recover. Goku miscalculated the strains on a living body though; soon he was out of energy. Instead, as Good Buu was spat out of Kid Buu, he took over the battle along with Mr. Satan. Instead, Vegeta thought of a plan. Porunga was summoned, and Earth and the human race was restored. Then, with the power of every human, the Spirit Bomb was made powerful enough to destroy Buu (although the energy couldn't have been gathered if it wasn't for Mr. Satan's persuasion). Before he died, Goku wished that Buu would come back as a good person some day. With victory assured, Shenron made sure everyone forgot all about Majin Buu so that Good Buu could live on Earth as Mr. Satan's friend, in peace.

Future Saga[]

Episodes 476-509 (DBZ: 316-349)

However, similar events unfolded in Future Trunks's timeline. His power was drained at the first re-booted World Tournament, but he knew he wasn't strong enough to tackle Babidi alone, so he returned to the Z Warriors just after they had defeated Buu and brought them forward to help him.

At first, Babidi made Majin clones of each Z Warrior, but they were far inferior. Instead, he saw darkness in Vegeta's heart, and made him a Majin - however, Vegeta was able to disguise his true intentions, and simply used it as a ploy to fuse with his clone, making him stronger than Goku in base form (but due to his Super Saiyan 3 form, Goku was stronger overall). Unfortunately, Buu was still unleashed due to their battles, but after a fallout with Dabura, absorbed him and transformed into Demon King Buu, which had some similarities to Super Buu. This new power was enough to initially overcome the Z Warriors, even Gohan, who could go Super Saiyan but couldn't work out how to re-attain his Mystic form - so Future Supreme Kai took Gohan to the Other World to unearth the Z Sword. But knowing the truth, Gohan released the Sword, broke it, and had his future counterpart summoned to undergo Old Kai's powerup.

In the meantime, Babidi had escaped to New Namek, learning of the Dragon Balls and hoping to use them to put Buu under his control completely. Vegeta, Goten, Trunks and Future Trunks attempted to follow him, but he proves difficult. In the afterlife, Goku searches for Gohan, who he finds fighting Janemba alongside Future Pikkon, who they seem to defeat. Afterwards, Goku finally meets his dead father Bardock, albeit Future Bardock.

Vegeta manages to stop Babidi making his wish by first wishing for a donut, and then killing him. Porunga is temporarily disbanded. Super Buu then battles Vegeta and wears him out until Goku arrives, and the two fuse into Gogeta. But as soon as Goku left Other World, Janemba transformed, taking on Gohan again. Beating him, he faces up to Future Gohan who works out how to become Mystic ... and then become a Super Saiyan on top. Facing incredible power, Janemba seeks to ally himself with Super Buu, but seeing his chance, Buu instead absorbs Janemba. With his bout against Gogeta still ongoing, Gogeta won the fight by turning Super Saiyan 2.

With Future Gohan now alive again, Future Trunks and he settled down on Earth once again. They attempted to revive the other Future Z Warriors, but it was impossible as they had been dead too long. The other Z Warriors said their farewells and were returned home by Porunga.

Uub Saga[]

Episodes 510-541 (DBZ: 350-381)

Six years later we are introduced to Gohan and Videl's daughter, Pan, as Goku encounter's Buu's reincarnation Uub at the World Tournament. The two quit the tournament together as Goku begins training Uub to be his successor, with Gohan deciding to study rather than train. Goku soon taught Uub much about the Earth, and together they faced a crack in the Earth that was threatening a village, and after attracting the papparrazi, why the Z Warriors try to avoid making their power such a public concept.

In the mean time, Vegeta's long-distant brother Tarble finally found him, and arrived on Earth, pursued by villains. The villains, Abo and Cado, are quickly defeated, but soon afterwards, Vegeta and Tarble argue over their father, prompting Vegeta to force Tarble to leave Earth.

Only a year into his training, Goku decides Uub will have to face a major villain as Androids #13, #14 and #15 awaken, other models of Dr. Gero. At first, they are little stronger than #17 or #18 first were, and the Z Warriors treat them as light training. However, after several absorptions of power, they overcome Goten, their first opponent, so Goku puts Uub in, who manages to defeat #13, whilst Goku and the others handle #14 and #15. But just when it looked as though the fight was over, #13 absorbed special components of the other two androids, turning into Super #13. Goku, Vegeta and Trunks attacked the Android, weakening him and exposing a mechanical flaw. Determined that Uub should claim this scalp, Goku put him in again, but Super #13 seemed to have the upper hand. Desperately, Good Buu made a rescue attempt, before being beaten away - instead, he inspired Goku and the others to lend Uub their energy so he could destroy the Android.

Dragon Ball GT (Grand Tour):[]

Muar Saga[]

Episodes 542-556 (GT: 1-15)

Two years after overcoming Android #13, the Z Warriors and friends have a reunion, only for a spaceship to land - and arriving is Muar, a goat-like humanoid, with his space-faring people, the Muarians. They claim to come in peace and bring their own Blue Dragon Balls. With Piccolo leading them to meet Dende and explain themselves, he soon finds himself under attack from the aliens. Gohan is the first to respond to his crisis, but with the power levels they now fight with, the Earth is clearly unsafe. As the rest of the Z Warriors prepare to join the battle, King Kai tracks down the wizard Rodus (in the care of the Grand Kai), who has Gohan, Piccolo, Dende, the Dragon Balls and the Muarians transported to a safe battle ground.

Whilst away from Earth, the battle ground turned out to not be the safest as the abandoned planet, Aruba, is covered in dangerous acid. Using his Instant Transmission, Goku is able to take the rest of the Z Warriors to the battle, but under threat of divorce, is forced to go back to Chi-Chi so they can spend the day together as he had promised - but for her it backfires as he returns, suffering great burns due to the acid.

As Chi-Chi angrily resists his attempts to treat himself and head back to battle, Vegeta faces off against Muar, seemingly getting the better of him. During their fight, he reveals his motives - to seize their Dragon Balls to have the hidden Mosiquo Kai and the fabled monster Harks removed from space and time. When asked about his own Dragon Balls, he despairing replies that for an unknown reason, they have not worked for his people for three generations. Seeing his anguish, but disliking his aggressive attitude and disregard of human life, Vegeta continues to fight him - prompting Muar to transform. In the meantime, the rest of the Z Warriors defeat the rest of the Muarians that attack them.

Having the upper-hand, it seemed as though Muar was going to win. Thankfully, Goku recovered in time, and convinced Chi-Chi to let him fight - and as a Super Saiyan 3, he eventually overcomes and kills Muar, who refuses to take defeat peacefully. Strangely, after his death, a blinding light shoots out of his body, heading off into the stars. Curious, Goku returns everyone home and then heads to King Kai to work out what it was and where it ended up. King Kai then uncovers the history of the Muarians, their kingdom on the Planet Omadra and the strange exorcism Muar's grandfather underwent years ago. Learning that the blinding light was the soul of a parasite, Goku discovers it had been captured by the monster that Muar spoke of, Harks.

Mosiquo Kai Saga[]

Episodes 557-582 (GT: 16-41)

At the same time, the Z Warriors realise that the Dragon Balls had been left on Aruba. After a quick search, Old Kai reveals to them that he was watching, and saw that they were stolen by an unusual alien. Once it was established that they were not even in the galaxy any more, Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Piccolo and Uub set off in search of this alien. Using both Instant Transmission and spaceships, their progress is fairly quick.

Eventually locating the alien, who names himself as Rhagon, they spar with him, only for a strong warrior to interfere. However, when at full power, this warrior paled in comparison to the Z Warriors, and thus surrendered, introducing himself as Mosiquo Kai, someone Old Kai had considered long dead.

In fact, Mosiquo Kai revealed that he did die - but a parasite's soul was keeping him alive - the other half to the soul that was in Muar. If these two parts of the soul were reunited in one body, Mosiquo Kai revealed, then a fearsomely powerful warrior would be revived. And for some reason, the shapeshifting monster Harks wanted to unleash the monster - which would mean killing Mosiquo Kai. Knowing that he was too weak to fight Harks, the Kai had intended to use the Dragon Balls to have the soul within him destroyed, even if it meant his own death - but instead, seeing the power of the Z Warriors, trains them in his methods as Harks approaches, believing that they could overcome the monster.

Harks is limited though - with the soul of the Muar's parasite already with him, he had been able to track down the other half, but couldn't distinguish who it was inside, and so believed it to be in Rhagon - who didn't mind being a distraction for Mosiquo Kai, having been created purely to be his servant. So, valiantly defending Rhagon, the Z Warriors made it impossible for Harks to get to him. Instead, reading the mind of Piccolo, Harks summoned all of his magical power to bring Yamcha to the battle. Quickly, he seized some of Vegeta's blood, which after quick manipulation, he was able to put into Yamcha, turning him into an unusual Saiyan hybrid with fearsome power. Due to Vegeta's genetics, Yamcha was able to go Super Saiyan 2, but Harks had made sure that the injection of genes had co-incided with a total brainwash. Dubbing him 'Yamcharks', Harks sent him into the battle to fight against Piccolo and Gohan whilst he tried to get to Rhagon, fighting both Vegeta and Goku.

After Yamcha crushed Piccolo and Gohan, it seemed dark for the Z Warriors - until Harks' magic reached it limits. The shock of realising that Rhagon wasn't the soul he was searching for, and it in fact belonged to Mosiquo Kai, an old enemy of his, triggered him to unintentionally release Yamcha from his control. Seeing his potential, Piccolo leaves the battle with Yamcha to train him back in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

Back at the battlefield, Harks is enraged, havin reached Rhagon, but not his goal - so he mercilessly murders him - driving Trunks to reach Super Saiyan 2 out of pure shock. Seeing the teenage Saiyan attack him, Harks decides to split himself into five using the multi-form technique, taking on all of the Z Warriors at once. Clearly, each one is weaker, but due to magic manipulation and synergy effects, they are each closer to a third of his strength rather than a third - and when they reunite, Harks is returned to a single, fresh body with the combined power of all five making him slighlty stronger than he was before. Facing off with the Z Warriors again, he spots a weak link in Goku, who had burned up all his energy as a Super Saiyan 3 - and advances to Mosiquo Kai, who he swiftly kills.

Harks Saga[]

Episodes 583-597 (GT: 42-56)

Fearing the worst, the Z Warriors attack Harks, stopping him just enough to ensure that the soul inside Mosiquo Kai is able to shoot off into far space before Harks can capture it. However, Harks reveals that that half of the soul is in fact the body, forming into being far away - and beginning a mindless rampage across the stars. What gives it intelligence, is the other half he possesses (that was inside Muar). After Harks uses his shape-shifting abilities to escape, the Z Warriors despair. Once Goku recovers enough energy, they return to Earth and plan out their next move.

Heading into the Pendulum Room, they decide to examine Harks' past - alongside the legendary monster; or more accurately, in charge of it. Through this they learn of how he was corrupted, allied with the beast and converted into a shape-shifting creature. Also, they learn how the monster was overcome by a much younger Mosiquo Kai and a team of 'Time Warriors', before part of it assimilated with Mosiquo Kai in revenge. Goku mnysteriously disappears for a short while as the rest continue training, but returns as they reunite with Yamcha, who has finished in the Time Chamber. They then try to find Harks before he can reunite the monster with its mind.

With his new incredible power, Super Saiyan 2 Yamcha now even outclasses Vegeta, although Goku's Super Saiyan 3 form means that he remains strongest - just. Having locked onto Harks, they seem to be overcoming him easily - before realising he has divided himself again. Reuniting, they discover that they are now on his old home world, and after stalling them for long enough Harks reveals that he had been working for a long time to restore himself to his original form - a goat-like Omadran, similar to Muar and his people. However, despite their combined strength, the Z Warriors are not able to get past Original Harks and destroy the chamber where the legendary monster is being re-assimilated in time.

MosiMuar Saga[]

Episodes 598-619 (GT: 57-78)

The monster awakens and is quickly dubbed as 'MosiMuar', named after the two people his soul had been hidden in. Rather than looking huge and gotesque, MosiMuar is a tall, slender lilac humanoid with elegant, violet hair. On his perfection, a shockwave is sent out that literally strikes the entire universe. Quickly, MosiMuar displays tremendous power and defeats Yamcha. Weakened from battle, Harks fled to recover, leaving MosiMuar to defeat his foes. Sensing that they would be defeated, Goku orders Uub to return to Earth to set up a final defence there, if it came to it. However, whilst retreating in the last spaceship, Uub notices that a wave of entropy is expanding from the battlefield, following the shockwave. Slowly, the entire Universe is crumbling - and to make matters worse, the entropy wave stunk.

The effects of the wave were slowed down somewhat by the Kai's - however, South Kai unintentionally ends up resting the fate of the Universe on that battle whilst calling on Rodus the wizard - if MosiMuar is defeated, the wave will never have existed, but if he is victorious, the wave will be everlasting. Furious, the Kai's threaten Rodus, but he protests that it is all he can do, as the wave is directly connected to MosiMuar's lifeforce.

Suddenly, Harks returns to the battlefield, and after their trip into the Pendulum Room, they realise that he intends to have MosiMuar assimilate with him, so he can become the most powerful. Despite their warnings, MosiMuar takes no notice and continues destroying Vegeta, whilst the rest of the Z Warriors try to stop Harks. But tired from battle, they prove unable to stop him from absorbing MosiMuar. Now calling himself Final Harks, the villain begins a relentless attack upon the Z Warriors.

Quickly, Goku is lent the energy of his friends and fights Final Harks, but it still isn't enough. At the same time, in Other World, Rodus reveals that the entropy wave hasn't been stopped, as MosiMuar's soul still resides in the mortal world, in the body of Harks. To the surprise of everyone, Goku reveals his last weapon, and transforms into a Legendary Super Saiyan whilst as a Super Saiyan 3. Naturally, Vegeta believes this is impossible, but Goku reveals that whilst the others were training and waiting for Yamcha, he secretly summoned Shenron, begging that "an opportunity to attain enough power to stop the evil they were facing would present itself". In this case, it was a one-off transformation into the form of a legend.

But despite the advantage, Final Harks was able to use his magic to drain Goku of energy to the point of near death, causing him to lose his Legendary Super Saiyan form permanently. However, returning valiantly, the renewed Uub spotted a weakness in Final Harks and was able to reverse the energy drain - onto himself. Armed with the energy of his friends and a Legendary Super Saiyan, Uub destroyed Final Harks once and for all.

Afterwards, Goku revealed they still had a second wish. At first, they tried to revive Mosiquo Kai and Rhagon, but they refused, determined to stay together and unsure of the consequences of the parasitic life Mosiquo Kai had led. Instead, a wish was made to Shenron to revive "those of the Muarians that are content and willing to live their lives in peace". And so many were restored ... but Muar himself was not one of them.

Mystic Power Saga[]

Episodes 620-634 (GT: 79-93)

In a time of peace, Gohan begins life as a full-time scholar, whilst Trunks is fast-tracked into the upper levels of Capsule Corp, having turned eighteen. Meanwhilst, a cheeky eight-year old Pan tries to make money out of her grandfather, Mr. Satan, due to his massive reputation, causing difficulties in her school life. Goten decides that he would rather be a fighter than like Gohan, but soon gets distracted by a girl ... but then rejected.

Goku and Uub continue their training, but suffer a shock when a meteor falls from another dimension and almost wipes out the Lookout. Curiously, they investigate with Dende, who gets infused with an amazing power that outstrips the power MosiMuar had tenfold. Unable to control it, Dende is stuck in agony as an impenetrable force-field is created around him, giving off so much energy that the world is threatened. Gohan uses his role as a scholar to warn the people of the world, creating a mass panic.

Piccolo eventually manages to get close enough to Dende to help him, but all that happens is the power shifts onto him. However, he proves better at controlling it, and is able to expel it (with help from Pan) - but a strange offshoot strikes Yamcha.

Soon, Yamcha and Tien come down with an incurable virus, and after much investigation, Gohan concludes that it was caused by the same Mystic Power. Soon, he realises that it was based on the same power-boost he once received, and learns that he too, like Future Gohan, can turn Super Saiyan whilst Mystic. It was discovered that Tien was the first person Yamcha came into contact with after being struck by the offshoot, thus infecting him too. Thinking they can create a remedy, Bulma and Gohan get to work, but are too late to save Tien. They do however manage to keep Yamcha in a state of limbo, but rather as a postponement rather than an actual cure. Consumed with grief, Chiaotzu passes away in the aftermath of Tien's burial.

Black Star Dragon Balls Saga[]

Episodes 635-650 (GT: 94-109)

Recovering from the shock, irreversible death of Tien, the Z Warriors carry on with their lives - until Pilaf returns, unearthing the Black Star Dragon Balls and accidently turning Goku back into a child! King Kai horrifyingly reveals that these Dragon Balls were made before Kami split in two, and scatter themselves across the whole galaxy rather than just Earth. Even worse - if not returned to the planet the wish was made on within a year, it will blow up!

Setting off into space with Trunks and Pan (who set off with them uninvited, before Goten could get on board), they begin their quest - but gain a new companion in Giru, a small robot who assimilates with the Dragon Radar to stay alive. Along the way, they end up battling for the Dragon Balls against the Luud Cult, who are soon revealed to be working with Dr. Myuu. Conjuring a secret plan, Trunks and Giru have them arrive on Planet M-2.

Baby Saga[]

Episodes 651-673 (GT: 110-132)

The robot world of M-2 sees Goku engage in a tough battle against General Rilldo, whilst Giru acts as a double agent. Finally escaping their foes for long enough, Trunks, Goku, Pan and Giru uncover the mastermind behind the Machine Mutants, Dr Myuu - and his creation Baby. After destroying it, they set off - without realising that Baby had survived - and not only does he reveal himself to be an artificial creation of the last of the Tuffles (the race the Saiyans exterminated and stole Planet Vegeta from) - but also that Dr Myuu was a pawn of his put in place to bring him to full power.

Whilst gathering the rest of the Black Star Dragon Balls, Goku and co. encounter Baby once again. He briefly inhabits Trunks' body, but is then driven out by his Super Saiyan power. He then escapes them, using host bodies to hide himself and gain in power. Eventually, he turns his attention to Earth, determined to wipe out the last Saiyans. After infecting several humans and making them attack Mr. Satan, Goten comes to the rescue, only to be infected.

Quickly, Baby battles Gohan and moves to his body, as he is stronger, and defeats Piccolo. Later, the two brothers attack Vegeta, and after a struggle, Baby makes Vegeta his permanent host, but vows to kill him once he is done with the body. In the meantime, everyone on Earth is infected except for Mr. Satan (who hides inside Good Buu). When Goku arrives on Earth, he finds everyone against him - and soon even Trunks is converted, with Baby revealing that his previous infection left an egg in him.

Mr. Satan manages to explain to Goku what has happened, but his child's body cannot sustain the power of a Super Saiyan 3 and he quickly loses to Baby Vegeta. Transforming to Super Baby 2 due to the power of his possessed Saiyans and humans, Baby seemingly kills Goku, but in fact Kibito Kai rescued him. In the Other World, Old Kai tries to regrow Goku's tail, believing it will help him.

Uub attempts to stop Baby, but is brushed aside. Baby then uses the Black Star Dragon Balls to restore his homeplanet, Planet Plant, next to Earth, and has the population moved over. Uub then returns, now fused with Good Buu, but as Majuub, his attack is reversed and he is turned into chocolate and eaten by Baby. Goku then returns, and after looking at the Earth, manages to transform into a Golden Great Ape, and then a Super Saiyan 4 and gaining an advantage over Baby. Baby retaliates by scientifically replicating the event, but can only become a Golden Great Ape. After a long battle, Kibito Kai unleashes the Sacred Water, and Gohan, Goten and Trunks re-energise Goku whilst Majuub attacks Baby from the inside. Now weakened, Baby flees Vegeta's body, but Goku's Kamehameha sends him into the sun, killing him.

Dimensions Saga[]

Episodes 674-680 (GT: 133-139)

This is in many ways an equivalent to the filler-sagas in Dragon Ball Z.

The hunt for the Black Star Dragon Balls was in vain as Baby had used them again. Attempting to re-gather them, Goku contacts the Kais. At the same time, Yamcha regains conciousness and the Z Warriors continue their attempts to find a cure - by heading into the next dimension. Old Kai reasons that Earth is beyond saving, so Vegeta comes up with a plan to have everyone on Earth moved to Planet Plant. But along the way, Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, Goten, Gohan and Majuub find themselves trapped in the eerie Land of Strength, battling against a species with a hunger for battle that even outstrips the Saiyans. Eventually, Trunks befriends them and they are able to escape the strange lands and are thrust back to Earth, finally with a remedy for Yamcha.

SaiyaCell Saga[]

Episodes 681-712 (GT: 140-171)

With the explosion of Earth now just around the corner, the Z Warriors undergo a massive shock as Cell returns - the Cell of their timeline. The attack from Krillin and Future Trunks nineteen years previously had in fact enhanced the mechanical creature, enabling him to reach a power level that threatened them all!

Cell in this form has a strange liking for metal, able to grow massively in power. With Goten slightly weaker, Trunks instead performs the fusion dance with the revived Yamcha to form Yamunks, who overpowers Cell. However, to their surprise, it is revealed that in this timeline, Dr. Gero had calculated for such an extent of outcomes that he has devised other ways for this Cell to reach his perfect form. Taking DNA off of Piccolo, who had once battled #17 directly, he is able to reach his Semi-Perfect Form, and then his Perfect Form (after a time delay), but is still weaker than Super Saiyan Yamunks - until he defuses.

Quickly, Goku and Vegeta intervene, but Vegeta gets injured as Cell entraps him in fire - soon, he will burn to death. Exhausted but determined, Trunks frees his father, only to be killed by Cell, who unleashes a Death Bomb - however, it leaves him incredibly battle worn. This acts prompts Goten to reach the Super Saiyan 2 level, but Goku stops him from attacking Cell. However, this fight changes quickly as Cell takes the DNA of Super Saiyan 3 Goku, transforming into SaiyaCell, a form that equals Goku in power. As the battle rages on, SaiyaCell absorbs a golden gem, becoming Golden and even more powerful.

Gohan then finally unleashes his Mystic Super Saiyan form, but due to his long years without regular training, isn't able to keep up with SaiyaCell. Instead, Goten steps in, taking Gohan's power, and eventually destroys SaiyaCell.

Golden Oozaru Saga[]

Episodes 713-722 (GT: 172-181)

Goku hadn't been able to re-attain his Super Saiyan 4 form during the SaiyaCell battle, and can't use Instant Transmission without it. So he seeks to master the Golden Oozaru form once again, with Majuub going with him. At the same time, the Z Warriors contemplate reviving Trunks with the Dragon Balls, but decide to wait until after they resolve the explosion of Earth issue. Goku and Majuub end up in a dimension they have never been in before, known as 'The Sixth World', but soon anger the spirits there by their presence. Even after Goku manages to control the Golden Oozaru form, he is unable to overcome the spirits. Eventually, managing to restore himself to the Super Saiyan 4 form, Goku and Majuub manage to escape.

Super 17 Saga[]

Episodes 723-737 (GT: 182-196)

Mean whilst, on Earth, Piccolo has realised what he must do, but is angry that his power now pales in comparison to the Saiyans and that his death is inevitable - he wished to do more in his life, to help fight more. Consumed with wrath, he attacks the wilderness in the woods, prompting the Z Warriors to try to contact him - but only Pan can get through to him and calm him down. At the same time, Yamcha falls ill to the Mystic virus again, realising that by using his Super Saiyan form against SaiyaCell, he had made it worse. Knowing that he couldn't survive, he contacts the Kais, who help him to swap his life with Trunks. Although this death was not natural, if he was to be revived, he wouldn't survive very long now; the remedy no longer worked.

Quickly, the Earth is evacuated and the population is moved to Planet Plant by ship or Instant Transmission. Needing enough energy to teleport off the Earth with the last Earthlings, Goku thinks it is the end - but Piccolo gives him the energy he needs, allowing him to leave - but going down with the planet, knowing that in his death the Black Star Dragon Balls will cease to exist.

Afterwards, Porunga has Earth restored, and life goes back to normal - but soon, Trunks is attacked by a brainwashed #17, and a message is left to Goku - go to Hell, through the portal opening in the sky, or Earth will by overrun by Hell's escaping inhabitants. Goku accepts the challenge, only to face off with Frieza and Cell; he takes care of them with ease, but finds himself trapped in hell for good.

Back on Earth, the Z Warriors manage to take care of most of their old foes, but Dr. Myuu and Dr. Gero reveal they have been working together, creating a clone of #17 - Hell Fighter 17. As the two clones approach each other, #17 kills Krillin along the way. Once the two are united, Super 17 is formed, and outclasses all of the Z Warriors with ease.

Soon, it turns out that Super 17 responds to Dr. Myuu only, and has Dr. Gero killed. Piccolo attacks heaven so that King Yemma can move him into hell. There, he works with Dende on Earth to allow Goku to escape. Turning Super Saiyan 4, Goku teams up with a grieving #18, who helps identify Super 17's weak spot so he can be destroyed.

Shadow Dragons Saga[]

Episodes 738-755 (GT: 197-214)

With much of Earth damaged by Hell's villains, the Dragon Balls are gathered to undo the damage. But instead, they crack, and a Black Smoke Shenron appears, scattering the balls. Old Kai and Kibito Kai reveal that the over-use of the Dragon Balls has caused lots of negative energy to build up, which has escaped in the form of 7 evil Shadow Dragons. Setting off with Giru, Goku and Pan destroy the Shadow Dragons as they find them, which leaves the restored Dragon Balls behind.

However, each Shadow Dragon is stronger than the last, and weakened by hunger, Goku takes on Nuova Shenron, Dragon of the Four-Star Ball. As the battle progresses, Goku is attacked by Nuova's brother, Eis Shenron, who demands they team up and blinds Goku. Nuova Shenron is noble and doesn't like an unfair fight, and refuses to help as Goku kills Eis Shenron. He even offers Goku an antidote so they can have a fair fight, but Syn Shenron, the seventh and strongest Shadow Dragon, arrives and kills Nuova.

Still blinded, Goku suffers against Syn Shenron, but soon the other Z Warriors arrive and restore his power. Quickly, he builds up an advantage over Super Saiyan 4 - but Syn Shenron then absorbs the other Dragon Balls, becoming the all-powerful Omega Shenron. Even when cured of blindness, Goku cannot overcome him. Instead, Vegeta arrives, and using the same Blutz Wave Generator that Baby did, Vegeta turns himself into a Super Saiyan 4 and performs the Fusion Dance with Goku.

As a Super Saiyan 4, Gogeta easily overcomes Omega Shenron, causing him to lose the Dragon Balls. However, before he can be destroyed, Gogeta defuses early due to the mass power of a Super Saiyan 4. Goku swallows the Four Star Ball to stop Syn Shenron re-absorbing it with the rest, but even with a reformed Nuova Shenron on their side they stand little chance. And even less of a chance when Goku tires so much he loses his Super Saiyan 4 form.

With little hope left, everyone jumps in - but the day is saved by Goku, who conjures a Universal Spirit Bomb to destroy Omeha Shenron. Shenron then summons himself and reveals he will leave Earth for a hundred years to stop the negative energy building up again. Goku requests that Earth is healed of the damage by Super 17 and the Shadow Dragons, to which Shenron complies, but Goku must go with him to neutralise the negative power. Leaving Earth behind, Goku moves on to a new life.

Dragon Ball NG (New Generations):[]

Silboku Saga[]

Episodes 756-780 (NG: 1-25)

Goku (now physically a teenager), enfused with the power of Shenron, leaves for the stars, keen to continue exploring the dimensions. In a far galaxy, he encounters Witch Siki on the abandoned planet of Silboku. After being magically entranced, she seizes some of his flesh. She attempts to steal his love, but fails due to his pure heart. The next day, Goku recovers, and tries to leave, but is stopped by Siki, who raises an army out of the abandoned planet, but after a struggle Goku escapes.

Only a year later, Goku and Shenron part ways for a time, with Shenron keen to meet other dragons in Other World and Goku eager to train with Pikkon once again. Soon, shockwaves reverberate across Other World as Kibito Kai is ruthlessly murdered on visiting the Grand Kai as part of a rare ceremony. The killers are revealed to be Silan and Kiboku, the sons of Goku and Witch Siki that she had magically created from his flesh.

At first, Goku was reluctant to battle them, unsure if they were evil, or simply being manipulated by Witch Siki (who was determined to gain revenge on Goku). Realising that unless stopped they would go on a killing spree, Goku fights the two of them on the Supreme Kai's planet, but due to Witch Siki's enhancements, he finds the battle tough. Deciding that they didn't have enough power to destroy Goku, Witch Siki forces her sons to fuse, forming Silboku, who greatly outclasses Goku even as a Super Saiyan 4. Knowing the battle is going badly, King Kai informs the Z Warriors on Earth, who were gathered to celebrate the birth of Goten and Valese's first son, Tentuks. After a long debate, King Kai manages to locate a Yadrat in the Other World, who is able to use his day back in the mortal world to teleport the Z Warriors to the battlefield.

With the battle still going badly, the warriors from the Land of Strength arrive in Other World, and convert a mass amount of energy out of the inhabitants in that dimension. They convert it into a corporeal body, known as The Strength of the Dead. At the battle, the Z Warriors are seriously outclassed, but they manage to wear Silboku down a little - whilst Trunks displays his Super Saiyan 3 form, having unlocked it after serious training, much like Goku did.

Fed up of being pestered, Silboku kills Witch Siki. Whilst the others take over the battle, Old Kai brings out Trunks' tail, and after he achieves the Super Saiyan 4 level, absorbs the power of the Strength of the Dead and obliterates Silboku.

The Defendant Saga[]

Episodes 781-800 (NG: 26-45)

When Gohan having defeated Cell, Goku left Earth in his hands. When Goku met Uub, he decided his incredible power would be perfect to make him his successor. But when Goku left with Shenron, he left everyone else in the care of Vegeta. But now Trunks had become a Super Saiyan 4, and Goten had stopped SaiyaCell. Deciding that there was a need to establish the new leader of the Z Warriors in his departure, Goku had a tournament set up in Other World to see who would earn the title of Defendant of Earth.

Fighting initially in group stages, the tournament attracted a lot of attention from across Other World, but Goku insisted that although it was going to be a great spectacle, only residents of Earth could compete. Old friends, such as Tien, Piccolo, Chiaotzu and Yamcha appeared at the tournament, watching as Vegeta was left at the bottom of his group, unable to keep up with the power of his younger rivals.

Despite making it to the Semi-Finals, Gohan decided to resign, knowing that he wouldn't have the dedication for the role. So the final was Goten vs Trunks. After a day's wait (in which they received advice from a variety of people), the two of them face off. Fiercely determined to not let Trunks get the better of him, Goten reveals his tail, and emulates him by also becomes a Super Saiyan 4 (but bypassing Super Saiyan 3). However, as both accidentally return to their Golden Oozaru forms, they fall out of the ring at the same time.

In the rematch, Trunks goes all out. As they weaken and tire, they both lose their Super Saiyan 4 forms ... but due to his ability to reach Super Saiyan 3, Trunks puts all his power into a final flurry of attacks that sees him victorious. Returning to Earth, the Z Warriors say their farewells - and Trunks finds that not only is he the Defendant of the Earth, but also a father! His new partner - Leahin (who he began dating after the defeat of Omega Shenron) - had given birth slightly prematurely whilst he was fighting on the Supreme Kai's Planet.

Saiyagirl Saga[]

Episodes 801-808 (NG: 46-53)

With Goku now remaining in other dimensions with Shenron, life returns to normal on Earth, with Vegeta now a grandfather and Pan now becoming a rebellious teenager. Deciding to make a difference, Pan follows in her parents footsteps and becomes the SaiyaGirl - but surprisingly grows a tail, and soon turns into an Oozaru whilst on patrol at night, damaging much of the city. Vegeta sees potential in her, so manages to take her out of the city and control her until she loses her Great Ape form. He decided it was best to not cut off her tail.

However, despite his warnings, Pan carried on as SaiyaGirl. Inevitably, it backfired and whilst under attack from criminals, she turns into an Oozaru again, and this time Vegeta cuts her tail off. With SaiyaGirl now a criminal, Pan gives up her attempts to be a superhero.

King Vegeta Saga[]

Episodes 809-816 (NG: 54-61)

Six years had now passed since the defeat of Silboku. Now realising that the generation below him is far stronger than his aging power, Vegeta really settles down (but doesn't stop training completely) - but suddenly finds himself invited by Tentlai Pangar, a formiddable warrior from a southern galaxy - to take over his planet. Intruiged, knowing it is more or less his last chance before retirement, Vegeta conditionally takes up Tentlai's offer.

Quickly, Vegeta finds himself in charge of an empire, and instantly addresses the political disruption in the society. Tentlai's people are cousins of the Arcosians, and decide to crown Vegeta king. After just a week, Vegeta comes up against the Lallo race, and discovers they have a prized fighter that is even stronger than him in his Super Saiyan 4 form - with a power boost from the Pangarians. The fight was not to the death however, and was merely a spar to test their strength; and in fact, the fighter reveals himself to be Tentlai in disguise.

Vegeta had never intended to be King for a long time from the start, but was merely intrigued by Tentlai. Relinquishing his claim to Pangar's throne, he left and returned home, despite Tentlai's request for him to lead an army across the universe. However, despite Tentlai being stronger than him, he declined - but found himself wondering if there was a level beyond that of Super Saiyan 4 that could match him. So far, the Saiyans had always been able to transform when they needed it most - but surely they couldn't just keep on transforming forever...

On his return home, Vegeta simply told his family that he had been training - but from thereon referred to himself as King of the Saiyans. Vepata, his grandson through Trunks, turned six, and at his birthday Vegeta had him crowned Prince of the Saiyans (joking that Trunks already had the title Defendant of Earth). Looking around at his friends and family (Trunks, Leahin, Bulla, Bulma, Goten, Valese, Tentuks, Gohan, Videl, Chi-Chi, Pan and Majuub) he noted how the power had really shifted between the generations, and reminisced about the bravery of the Z Warriors of old.

Dark Saiyan Saga[]

Episodes 817-839 (NG: 62-84)

A whole year later, shock strikes the Earth as two old foes return. Attacking the Earth violently to attract the attention of the Z Warriors, Nappa and Raditz reveal their return to life. Shockingly, they face off against the Z Warriors and reveal that each of them can transform to the Super Saiyan 4 level. After a short debate, Vegeta concludes that the Super Saiyan 4 level, now attained by more than one or two individuals, must in fact be the Super Saiyan level of legend - the levels below are merely a branch of the real power of the Super Saiyan.

This opinion is solidifed somewhat as Nappa and Raditz explain their revival. They were wished back to life by some of the remaining Muarians, who had themselves been mercifully returned to life by the Z Warriors. Due to the terms of the wish they had made, only the peaceful Muarians had been restored - but there was a slight loophole. Some of the remaining Muarians were completely peaceful, yet incredibly vengeful for the loss of many of their family and friends who had not been revived - and of course, Muar himself. Instead, they had used their own Blue Dragon Balls to "resurrect an old enemy of Goku and his friends, and give them the power to crush and humiliate their foes on Earth". Thus, Nappa and Raditz were restored to life and given the ability to become true Super Saiyans - or, Super Saiyan 4. This had occurred four years previously (seven years after Muar had been defeated), and in that time the two warriors had been trained under Muarian scientists to get the most of their Zenkai powers to boost their base form power considerably. Of course, the two of them had already increased in strength a considerable amount over the years they had spent in the next dimension.

So a battle begins, and first, Goten and Trunks showcase their Super Saiyan 4 forms as well, but aren't able to keep up with the Dark Saiyans. Instead, Goku appears, having sensed the massive evil ki from dimensions away. On realising that it was Raditz, he decided that he would have to return to Earth one last time - as this was personal. Now Goku had grown up (again), he had the body of about a twenty-one year old. Soon, Goku gains the advantage as a Super Saiyan 4 due to his superior strength, attacking so powerfully that the entire battle falls through countless dimensions. To Goku's dismay, Nappa intercepts the battle and manages to drain an awful lot of energy out of Goku, before sharing that energy with Raditz. Now losing out (and facing off against their surroundings too as they battle across several dimensions), Vegeta steps in, despite being only a fifth of Goku's power at base level and severly outclassed by the Dark Saiyans.

After stalling Nappa briefly, Vegeta weakens quickly, prompting Nappa to mock him for his weakness. After pushing Vegeta to the limit, he changes his tune and offers Vegeta to join them - the three Saiyans, as in days of old - but no longer subserviant to Frieza. Vegeta proudly refuses, remembering his brief stint as King of the Pangarians. Instead, Nappa decides to kidnap Vegeta, and with Raditz they escape the battle.

Whilst the other Z Warriors try to work out where they had gone, Nappa and Raditz take Vegeta back to Planet Omadra, former home of the Muarians, and torture him. Vegeta is shocked to find it deserted, with ruined cities. The two Dark Saiyans reveal that once their training was complete, they destroyed the civilisation to test their strength. Angrily, Vegeta refuses to even speak to them, whilst they torture him to find out why he has become so soft and willing to denounce his Saiyan pride. Eventually, under threat of torturing his family, and fuelled by lies about his family from the next dimension, Vegeta goes insane and unexpectedly transforms into a Super Saiyan 5, a golden version of the Super Saiyan 4. However, due to his relatively weak base power and age (considering that Nappa and Raditz were revived at the age they died at), he still stands no hope.

Whilst trying to locate Vegeta, Goten suggests to the other Z Warriors that they attack the Muarians and wipe them out, as they clearly didn't deserve the second chance they gave them. Goku of course, dismisses this idea, knowing of the fate the Muarians suffered. Briefly, they return to their families, and without even realising it, both Vepata becomes Super Saiyans due to his missing grandfather - and instantly Tentuks copies, again without realising. Thankfully, as Vegeta becomes a Super Saiyan 5 (despite not being able to sustain it long due to his injuries from the torture) they are able to home in on his ki, and attack the underground base he was being held captive in.

Trunks leads the onslaught, and together the Z Warriors manage to hold the Dark Saiyans at bay for Vegeta to be rescued and for them all to be teleported away by Goku. Knowing that he was too old now to win the battle, Vegeta decides to train Trunks in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to become a Super Saiyan 5 - as he was the Defendant of Earth, after all - so that he can overcome these villains.

With their enemies escaping them, Nappa and Raditz amuse themselves by going on a 'destructive tour' across the Universe. Acting quickly, the Z Warriors send Majuub to prevent them from destroying too much whilst Trunks is prepared. Eventually, after four hours in the Time Chamber (two months), Trunks benefits from his father's training and becomes a Super Saiyan 5.

Nappitz Saga[]

Episodes 840-861 (NG: 85-106)

Gathering their strength, Goku teleports the Z Warriors (himself, Vegeta, Goten, Trunks and Gohan) across to Majuub, where the lot of them ambush the Saiyans as they attack another civilisation. Trunks, as a Super Saiyan 5, has a heavy advantage over the Dark Saiyans, especially with Vegeta guiding him (as he knows their fighting styles). Soon though, the tables turn as they fuse to form Nappitz. This fusion was neither Potara or Metamoran, but instead resembled the union of Hell Fighter 17 and Android #17. The new Nappitz reveals that the Muarians made further ... modifications to them.

Merely at a Super Saiyan 2, Nappitz was able to gain a slight advantage on Super Saiyan 5 Trunks. Slightly worn from battle, Trunks' power level now matched Goten's, so they too fused. Gotenks was stronger than Nappitz at every level, and for a while the two fought it out, both as Super Saiyan 4's. Far too quickly though, Gotenks reverted to a normal Super Saiyan - his time was running out. Desperately, the Z Warriors gambled and had Majuub fuse with Gotenks via Potara earrings. This fusion resulted in 'Gonksuub' - who quickly had the upper hand over Nappitz as only a Super Saiyan 2. However, all this added fusion had done was extend the time for Gotenks briefly - and when he defused inside Gonksuub, all three of them did.

Out of options, Goku intervened, and combined the Super Saiyan 4 with the Kaio-Ken x3. Although in this form he had great strength, he knew it was unsustainable and he would eventually lose. Instead, he urged Vegeta to perform the Kaio-Ken, so that his power would equal Goku's in his worn base state - and quickly they formed Gogeta. Due to the nature of Vegeta's Kaio-Ken power, they knew the fusion wouldn't last long, so powered up to Super Saiyan 4 and proceeded to dominate Nappitz - to the extent that a weakness was spotted in him, almost causing him to be divided.

Instead, Gogeta defused. Vegeta seemed defeated and Goku was far too tired. Despite that, he attempted to fight Nappitz as a Super Saiyan 4, but was resoundly beaten. Deciding that it was right, Vegeta swore his alliegance to Nappitz, asking him to help rediscover his pride. Lending his remaining energy to Nappitz (although it was a relatively small amount), he watched on as Goku was left unconscious. Enraged, a healed Trunks returned to the battle, attacking Nappitz, but was left shocked when he defused. It was only then that Vegeta revealed he had been bluffing - he had merely needed to get close enough to Nappitz rip out his tail - causing him to defuse.

Full of true Saiyan pride, Vegeta commanded Trunks to kill Nappa and Raditz. Easily, he does so. After recovering Goku, the Z Warriors wonder what they will do about the state of the Universe. Goku leaves and returns with Shenron, and it is agreed that he can repair the damage this one last time - but now, instead of Goku absorbing the Dragon Balls, they will absorb him. Saying their final goodbyes, Goku leaves once and for all - but mysteriously, the Dragon Balls return to Earth ... not turned to stone.

Radot Saga[]

Episodes 862-881 (NG: 107-126)

A year then passes by, in which Pan finally becomes the first female Super Saiyan during a manic final day of education that almost sees her return to being SaiyaGirl. Now an adult, she spends a lot of time with Dende on the Lookout, often attempting to contact Goku as Dende is the master of the Dragon Balls that he is now inside. However, that yields very little success.

At the same time, Pan gets help from Dende, who re-grows her tail (which was removed at birth). She begins lots of training up there, inspired by her grandfather and eager to become as strong as the other Z Warriors. Whilst attempting to contact Goku in the Dragon Balls, they decide it is best to gather them again (seeing as they are still active and can be picked up by the Dragon Radar) - but after Pan has collected them, Dende reveals that he is resigning as Guardian of the Earth.

Although he is only 39, Dende feels wearied by the role and has been drained over many years due to the strange Mystic Power that attacked him eleven years before. When he reveals this to the Z Warriors and friends, he also announces that the hopes of them all must be placed in the next generation - Pan, Tentuks and Vepata, who are 19, 7 and 7 respectively. With that, he heads down to Earth to meet with his old friend Mr. Satan.

Only two days later, before a successor had even been decided upon, Dende and Mr. Satan are bothly savagely murdered by an enemy that the Z Warriors could only identify by ki alone - a very strong ki. Very soon after though, it seemed to vanish. Shocked and horrified, Pan is determined to avenge her friend and grandfather and sets off into space, using Vepata to help her steal a ship from Capsule Corp. - but despite her protests, Vepata and Tentuks insist on going with her, reasoning that Dende wanted them to, going by his last speech. Once in space, the three of them are able to remotely lock on to a ki source that matched the murderer, and they try to home in on it.

The other Z Warriors had argued with Pan on discovering the murderer, warning her that attacking in cold blood was not right. When they discovered the trio had left, Trunks, Goten, Gohan and their respective partners were furious, and determined to head after them before they got into danger. Vegeta, on the other hand, told them to bide their time and that it was right that they were tested. However, at that moment, he also came down with a horrid disease, despite being only sixty-three, and was restricted to his bed.

Out in space, Pan, Tentuks and Vepata had a couple of adventures as they made their way towards the origin of this ki. Eventually, they found themselves on Planet Heckle, in The Thirteenth Monastery of the Oblong Star. They entered the academy there under the pretence of attempting to join, whilst they really tried to identify who their enemy was. They knew the murderer was here, but they weren't sure which one it really was as their power level was being supressed.

After two days and two nights of prowling and investigating, Father Halls reveals that Brother Radot was dismissed from the academy three weeks beforehand, and investigates why he has returned. Realising that he was the murderer, Pan attacks him straight away, and the battle spills over to the wilderness of Planet Heckle. To their surprise, when asked questions, Radot answers straightly and willingly - for example, he admits to the murder, and explains that Mr. Satan only died because he tried to defend Dende. It is also noticed that he has a Saiyan tail, and despite only being ten years old, he becomes a Super Saiyan, a Golden Oozaru, and then a Super Saiyan 4. But to each other's astonishment, Pan, Tentuks and Vepata mirror his transformations (Tentuks and Vepata had had their tails kept since birth, once the other Z Warriors had understood it was necessary for Goku to be a Super Saiyan 4 - and Vegeta had reasoned that they would be able to control their Great Ape forms anyway. Here it is finally established once and for all that the Super Saiyan 4 is the true level of Super Saiyan - as soon as a Saiyan has the ability to turn into a Super Saiyan, but instead transforms into an Oozaru, they automatically become a Golden one and can harness that to become a Super Saiyan 4).

As the three young Saiyans face off against Radot, their respective power levels alarm the Z Warriors back on Earth. Realising that he might have made a mistake, Vegeta leaves his bed and heads to the Lookout to get a better idea of things. Meanwhilst, Radot reveals that he doesn't wish or intend to kill Pan or the others - he is only fighting in self-defence; the battle continues however, as Pan wants revenge.

Super Omeshenku Saga[]

Episodes 882-914 (NG: 126-159)

Vegeta notices that the Dragon Balls are still intact, and concludes that Dende must have produced an offspring, like King Piccolo had once done - and now the Dragon Balls were attatched to their life-force. Despite his misgivings, he realises that Pan and co. are too far away to be reached in time now, seeing as none of them can use Instant Transmission - so he summons Shenron once again; not wanting a wish - just to ask if it is possible to reach them in time and save them.

Instead, on being unleashed despite the warnings, Shenron manages to pull himself entirely out of the Dragon Balls - followed by Goku, and then Omega Shenron. A shocked Vegeta and Popo watch on as the three beings fuse into one, greating a shockwave that throws Vegeta and Popo off of the tower. The being descends towards them, revealing himself as Omeshenku, the ultimate deity of destruction. As Vegeta had summoned Shenron to ask about Vepata and his companions, Omeshenku decides that he shall head over to them now.

Back on Heckle, Radot reveals that he is the result of an experiment - he is in fact the son of Raditz - or more indirectly, a clone created by the Muarians to kill Dende and make sure the Z Warriors and friends had no Dragon Balls to revive their allies with after the battle with Nappitz. However, as a result of his creation, Radot was aging twice as fast as normal, and had initially escaped from the Muarians, scared of what he was. However, his motive to have the Dragon Balls destroyed was a dark one, and was still engrained in his head. Before he could get to Earth though, he met Father Halls and was inducted into the monastery, as an attempt to subdue his dark motive. When he had been kicked out (due to an accident caused by his overwhelming strength) his motive had kicked in, and he had journeyed to Earth to follow his mission. After that was complete, he was left without purpose in life, and so returned to Heckle and tried to sneak back into the monastery.

Eventually, this realisation causes Pan to stop her attack, and gradually, the four of them become friends. This soon becomes crucial as Omeshenku arrives, having obliterated much of the universe on his way, and destroys the monastery. Vegeta is returned to his bed, now heavily injured, whilst Trunks, Goten and Majuub contact Fortuneteller Baba, who manages to take Trunks to the Yadrats, where he learns Instant Transmission. The three of them then head off to the battle and face-off against Omeshenku.

Worryingly, Omeshenku constantly and steadily grows in strength the longer he lives. Only when Trunks becomes a Super Saiyan 5 do they have an advantage over him, but Omeshenku transforms into his 'Super' state - harnessing Goku's abilities to multiply his powers with a Saiyan-like transformation. Now vastly overpowered, the Z Warriors take a battering. Vegeta senses that he is on his death-bed, and so summons Gohan to him (who hadn't gone because he was so comparitively weak). Vegeta tells him he must fight for him and in memory of his father, and gets him in contact with Baba, who takes him to Other World. There, the Kai's reveal their fear, and North, South, East, West and the Grand Kai unite to form Uni-Kai, a spirit-like creature that enters Gohan. Blessed with their power, he is able to teleport to the battle, which like the one with the Dark Saiyans, is raging through the dimensions. Now with the same base power as Trunks, they fuse using the Potara earrings to form Trunhan.

Due to Trunks' ability to go Super Saiyan 5 and Gohan's Uni-Kai and Mystic powers, Trunhan is incredible, but even as a Super Saiyan 4 is exactly equal to Super Omeshenku, who continues growing in strength whilst the battle tires Trunhan. Whilst he attempts to recover, Radot unleashes a portion of hidden force, attacking Super Omeshenku as a Super Saiyan 4, but it does little. Returning to the fight, Trunhan transforms into a Super Saiyan 5 (even though he was initially unsure whether he could even transform himself) and proceeds to gain a strong advantage, even when the battle moves back to Earth.

Back on Earth, Vegeta is surrounded by Bulma, Bulla, Chi-Chi, Valese, Videl and Leahin, but dismissed them all save Bulma. Telling her that Trunks will win, and that he loves her, he passes on with a smile.

The greatest shock changes the battle completely. Just as Trunhan was pressing home his advantage, he explodes. Gohan is seen dying for a split second - before Omeshenku absorbs all the energy of the explosion, almost doubling his power. The others speculate that there was something unusual about the power of the Uni-Kai, but they never really know. In the meantime, Trunks is heavily injured and watches on as Goten, Pan, Radot, Vepata and Tentuks become Super Saiyan 4's and attack Super Omeshenku alongside Majuub, but even combined they all stand no chance. Thankfully, when Gohan arrived, he brought Senzu Beans, and after having retrieved one, Trunks returns to the battle.

With the collective energy of all the others at full power, his base power is ten times stronger. Powering up to Super Saiyan 4 he duels Super Omeshenku, but is slightly disadvantaged - he wonders, can Goku be saved if they destroy this monster? However, when news files through to him that his father had passed on, he transforms into a Super Saiyan 5 and outclasses Super Omeshenku, ultimately destroying him. With it clear that the Eternal Dragon no longer exists, the Z Warriors (now Trunks, Goten, Majuub, Pan, Radot, Vepata and Tentuks) contemplate the loss of Goku, Gohan and Vegeta, as well as the mass damage Omeshenku had inflicted upon the universe.

Budokai Tenkaichi 35 Saga[]

Episodes 915-946 (NG: 160-191)

Six years later, the world has moved on. Vepata and Tentuks are now teenagers, Pan is an adult that has spent a long time trying to win the affections of Majuub (two years her elder) but he has been too naïve to pick up on her subtle hints. Meanwhilst Radot is now twenty-two, aging at double the age of everyone else, but happily integrated into Earth society. Videl, Bulma and Chi-Chi carry on with their lives, extra dedicated to helping Trunks, Pan and Goten when they can, seeing as they are all now widowed. Earth itself had suffered a few losses in the conflict with Omeshenku, and that had taken a while to repair in the absence of the Dragon Balls.

Soon enough, the 35th World Tournament comes around, and all of them decide to enter. Even old friends, such as Krillin, Roshi and #18, turn up for the event. To their disappointment, Trunks and Goten find themselves up against each other in the first round. After a long battle, Goten emerges victorious due to an incredible combination of Super Saiyan 4, the Kaio-Ken x3 and his late father's Dragon Fist that forces Trunks out of the ring, even as a Super Saiyan 5. In the other battles, Pan is overcome by Vepata and Majuub comes up across Cyborg Tao, a further enhanced version of the old villain. Although Majuub comfortably wins, he finds himself suffering from unusual spasms. Lastly, Radot comes up against Tentuks, but despite his superior strength, Tentuks repeats his father's move to advance (although he could only muster an ordinary Kaio-Ken).

In the next round, Majuub faces off against Goten, and at Super Saiyan 4, it seems Goten is fairly stronger - however, Majuub has several more spasms and undergoes a dark power-up, overpowering Goten. As the fight continues, Majuub gets distinctly more aggressive and ends up killing several spectators in the stand behind Goten, who dodged the attack. Majuub is instantly disqualified, but refuses to stop. Realising something big is up, Goten teams up with Pan and Tentuks, and after performing a family Kamehameha he is thrown skywards and falls into the city beyond, unconscious. Pan, Trunks and Radot, now out, head to retrieve him, but are followed by Cyborg Tao, who protests that Majuub is possessed and that he would have won if he was not.

Mean while, the tournament continues and Tentuks faces Vepata in the next semi-final. Due to the intensity of their fights in the last round and subsequent recoveries, Tentuks has increased in strength a little and that advantage allows him to progress to the final, where he faces his father. Though both of them were wearied due to their battles in the tournament, Goten's superior power prevails and he overcomes his son with relative ease in the end, becoming world champion.

Lord Gohan Saga[]

Episodes 947-971 (NG: 192-216)

Things quickly take a turn for the worst. Whilst recovering from their wounds, the Z Warriors try to figure out what is wrong with Majuub, who seems to be in some sort of coma. Worryingly, he comes round but only yells and struggles with himself. Roshi deducts that there is something attacking him from the inside. Fearfully, Krillin asks if it is Buu.

However, it is not Buu - it is much, much worse. Whilst outside, Vepata and Tentuks see fire in the city, and head to investigate. Quickly they find themselves face to face with a character that somewhat resembles Gohan - an evil Gohan. Before they can power-up they are brushed aside - just as Majuub awakens and starts attacking all in his path. Despite being weary from battle, Goten and Trunks begin fighting against him - completely destroying the arena in the process - but individually Majuub is stronger than them as Super Saiyan 4 (and even in Trunks' case, Super Saiyan 5). The evil Gohan soon makes his way forward to their battle, revealing that he is behind Dark Majuub's power. Vepata, Tentuks, Radot and Pan attack Dark Majuub while Goten and Trunks turn their attention to this manifestation of Gohan - but Goten is soon left with a serious, long-term spinal injury. Gohan (calling himself Lord Gohan) gives Dark Majuub a power-boost, and he knocks out all his fighters before attacking Trunks. Eventually Trunks manages to repel him, but now, so battle worn as he is, Lord Gohan delivers a Super Kamehameha to his face at point-blank range, killing him.

While the battle was going on, Bulla had been sent on an urgent mission by the Z Warriors. Long had they neglected the truth - that Dende had spawned a reincarnation - and now they needed to find him; if not to make the Dragon Balls work once more, then at least for his healing powers. She eventually finds him in a small village just after Trunks is killed, but before anything can be done, Lord Gohan emits an Earth-encompassing attack - now everyone on Earth with a power level less than ten is under his sway. Thankfully, Leahin, Bulma, Marron and Valese (the only friends of the Z Warriors left with such minor power levels) were protected by an energy barrier erected by Pan. Quickly realising how they were now the only ones on Earth to oppose Lord Gohan, they quickly gathered all their friends and retreated, creating an underground hideout far in the wilderness - but they were too late to rescue Goten, who Dark Majuub kidnapped.

And so a year passed under the rule of Lord Gohan. During this year, Bulma passed away with grief. Soon, the Z Warriors began to realise that this warrior had no connection to their Gohan at all - in fact, in many ways, at close detail, he looked fairly different. And his leadership of the human race ... was to let them war with each other. No laws, no defences, nothing. Planet Earth became a savage wasteland with mindless parasites attacking each other. Kami's Lookout was destroyed, and the location of the Sacred Water was unknown. The situation was dire.

After Korin began re-growing Senzu Beans for them, the Z Warriors began plotting. After months of planning, they managed to storm Lord Gohan's fortress and rescue Goten. Dende began healing him, but warned that it would be a long process. Quickly, they began teaching Vepata and Tentuks the Fusion Dance, hoping to form a warrior to overcome both Dark Majuub and Lord Gohan - who, after a year as his prisoner, Goten assured them was not his brother. A second plan was devised - they were currently trapped on Earth, but needed to get assistance from Old Kai. But none of them knew how to teleport to his world, and so the next stage of their plan began, to call down Baba and seek her help.

All this time, they had been keeping their power levels down. But once they began the Fusion training, this became impossible. Quickly, Lord Gohan identified their location, and headed towards them - but Radot valiantly drew him away - and in fact, as a Super Saiyan 4, he had the upper hand. Until Dark Majuub joined the battle. Despite Roshi's attempts, Baba could still not be contacted, and their attempts to speak to Old Kai were nearly in vain - until a yell in anger from Tenpata - the fusion of Tentuks and Vepata - briefly ripped a hole in the dimensions. It allows Old Kai to poke his head through and explain that he will send Baba immediately.

Tenpata then attacks Lord Gohan, and as a Super Saiyan has the advantage, even when Gohan is in his Mystic form. This doesn't last long though, as he defuses, and Lord Gohan swiftly kills Tentuks. Shocked, the Z Warriors all jump in, but to no avail as Majuub stops them. Finally, Baba arrives, and escorts Goten, Radot and Vepata to Other World. At the same time, the others in the base have to flee for their lives as Lord Gohan destroys it - whilst showcasing that he had been toying along - he transforms into a Mystic Super Saiyan, Mystic Super Saiyan 2, Mystic Super Saiyan 3 and finally - a Mystic Super Saiyan 4.

Time Thief Saga[]

Episodes 972-991 (NG: 217-236)

Baba reveals that Dende Jr had the ability to ferry them across to Other World, as he is now technically the Guardian of Earth, but he simply didn't know how to access the ability. She quickly locates Trunks in the Other World, and once reunited with him, he teleports them to Old Kai, who offers to exchange his life to return Trunks. Goten then asks if Trunks can receive the power-up Gohan once had, but Kai refuses. Trunks then decides that perhaps Kai is looking towards a younger generation, and has Tentuks restored to life instead. Old Kai then surprises them all by refusing to give him the power-up either. When the others protest, he explains that the opportunity will present itself shortly.

They turn to his crystal ball and watch as Future Trunks' Time Machine appears in the middle of the woods, where Korin, Yajirobe, Roshi, Pan, Vepata, Popo, Dende Jr., Videl, Bulla, Leahin, Valese, Chi-Chi and Krillin and his family had re-gathered. Future Trunks stumbles out, grey-haired and incredibly old. Suddenly he comes under attack from a liquified substance, which attempts to strangle him. Eventually, he becomes a Super Saiyan 2 and overpowers it, before blasts it to smithereens.

He collapses and is healed by Dende Jr., but he reveals that he is on his deathbed anyway. He is over ninety-four years old, and reveals how only four years ago in his timeline, it was laid to waste by an attack from a similar, larger, liquified substance. It identified itself as the 'Time Thief' before killing Future Gohan, but taking his body as a host, preventing him from moving on to Other World. Future Gohan had become Lord Gohan and ravaged their world for two years, until there was nothing left, so using his Time Thief powers, he had arrived here, solely to conquer and destroy. With that, he passes away. Old Kai then reveals that 'his father' will be the one to receive the power boost, and points to the Time Machine. Despite a slow response, Trunks realises - they are going to head back in time and bring Vegeta forward, before his death.

Old Kai instructs them to head back to a point eight years previously, just before Dende Jr. is murdered, assuring them that his disappearance from his time will not affect the timeline too much. So after the Z Warriors reunite, they begin working on the Time Machine, trying to figure out how to configure it. It is agreed that Tentuks, Vepata and Pan will be the ones to travel in time. Soon though, Lord Gohan learns of their location (but is unaware of their plans) and heads to wipe them out. This time, Trunks returns to Earth (given permission by Old Kai and King Yemma, although he remains dead) and faces Lord Gohan as a diversion. Trunks' Super Saiyan 5 form is now stronger than before, and this time he is fresh, but Lord Gohan's Mystic Super Saiyan 5 form far outclasses him. However, he stalls him for long enough for the others to escape.

Arriving eight years in the past, they meet Vegeta and Bulma straight away, who were on a night-time walk through the countryside. Before they can introduce themselves, another off-shoot of the Time Thief attacks Vegeta, having travelled back in time with the trio without them realising. Vegeta tells Bulma to run and powers up to Super Saiyan 5 to overcome the monster - but to everyone's surprise, during the battle, one of it's attacks is reversed, and Vegeta is restored to the prime of his youth - physically appearing to be about twenty-two - with his power ten times of that in his older form. Quickly, he destroys the monster.

Delighted that they now have another valuable warrior in their ranks, the trio begin to explain to Vegeta who they are. Although he was used to the concept on time travel, with Future Trunks, it took him a little while to get to grips with Vepata, who was eight years older than the Vepata he knew. Once they explain the situation - and his approaching death - he agrees to go with them and help, but asks to say goodbye to Bulma first. Awkwardly, Pan refuses his request, unsure as the consequences of having Vepata meet his younger grandmother and the potential delays this could cause.

However, soon after setting off, they find themselves trapped in a Time Limbo, an unusual dimension surrounded by Time. Whilst they are there, their Time Machine breaks. Vegeta leads them in training, confident that the chance to escape will soon present itself - and indeed it does, a month later they find an exit, returning to a world of ruin.

Mystic Vegeta Saga[]

Episodes 992-1018 (NG: 237-263)

Initially Vegeta is horrified by the state of the world - and even more shocked when it turns out that they have returned to the present where Bulma is dead. Worryingly for the other three, they have skipped a whole year on their return, but thankfully everyone else is still safe. However, the others wonder about the effects of the loss of his wife and being pulled out of his own time when he starts seeing ghosts of Goku that no-one else can.

But Vegeta pulls himself together and is led to Old Kai by Trunks, who begins his power up. During this, he undergoes a nightmare during the day in which the soul of Goku, stolen from hell, is brainwashed and made to fight for Lord Gohan as a Super Saiyan 5. Horrifyingly, Old Kai confirms that this is not merely a nightmare - but in fact a vision; Lord Gohan had spent the last year examining how to open a portal to the immortal worlds where he could not only enslave the souls of the powerful, but also unlock the power to become immortal himself without use of the Dragon Balls.

Roshi contacts Old Kai through Dende Jr., warning Trunks, Radot and Goten, who had been on the Supreme Kai's Planet, that Gohan is on the attack again. Again, with permission from the Old Kai and King Yemma, Trunks returns to Earth along with the other two, to hold their enemies back until Vegeta is ready. On fusing into Gotenks, Goten and Trunks realise that they can unlock Super Saiyan 5 in this form, and proceed to overwhelm Dark Majuub considerably. Instead, with Majuub knocked out, Lord Gohan steps in, but his Mystic Super Saiyan 5 form is only half of Gotenks' power. Instead, Lord Gohan reveals that he has accessed more souls from the Other World, and uses Guru's potential unlocking power upon himself to give himself a tremendous power boost.

Lord Gohan then overpowers them, but toys with Gotenks until he defuses. Instead of killing them, he sets his newest recruit upon them: Dark Goku, an emotionless reincarnation of Goku's soul (that was previously trapped in hell as part of Omeshenku). Completely subservient to Lord Gohan's will, this Goku acted roboticly, and attacked the Z Warriors when commanded. But before he could seriously damage any of them, Vegeta arrived on the battlefield, fully powered up.

However, Dark Goku's base power was nearly double that of Vegeta's. The two sparred, raising their states periodically, until they fought as Super Saiyan 4's. After it was clear that Dark Goku had the upper hand, Vegeta reverted to his base form and unlocked his Mystic Power - before going beyond that, as first Future Gohan and later Present Gohan had done, becoming Mystic Super Saiyan, which was stronger than Dark Goku's Super Saiyan 4.

Lord Gohan then revealed that he had used his powers to tap into the maximum Saiyan potential - due to his growing powers he was able to grant Goku the ability to reach the final Saiyan level - Super Saiyan 5. It seemed like Goku had the upper hand, but then Vegeta turned the tables once more by going Mystic Super Saiyan 5 and greatly outclassing his opponent. Instead, seeing how Saiyan transformations multiply base power, Lord Gohan had Dark Goku take almost all the energy Dark Majuub had to give and then return to a Super Saiyan 5 form, now stronger once again.

With Dark Goku burning up his energy quickly, Vegeta has an idea to rescue the soul of Goku. He believed it needed clearing with a pure soul - and so held Dark Goku down long enough to force a Potara Earring on him, with himself wearing the other - and once again Vegito was formed. However, with Vegeta's soul pure and Goku's pure evil, a battle waged on inside him as he struggled to understand himself and his purpose, leaving him inactive for a while. Furiously, Lord Gohan took back control of the battle, but was stalled by Goten, Trunks and Radot, until Vegito returned to the battle, assured that the forces of good were strong within him.

Vegito then took on Lord Gohan, as first a Super Saiyan and then a Super Saiyan 2. He was massively overpowering Gohan, who then used another one of his developing powers to absorb the power of every single connected soul in the Other World - that is, the strength of every Earthling and Saiyan that had ever lived. The negative effects of this power were tremendous though - but rather than be burdened with them himself, Lord Gohan pushed them onto Dark Majuub, who was left cursed. With his power now boosted tenfold, Gohan seemed to have an advantage, until Vegito transformed into a Super Saiyan 5, where he was able to hold a slight edge over Gohan.

Final Fusion Saga[]

Episodes 1019-1045 (NG: 264-290)

Suddenly, Gohan reveals his true plan - to gain the power of all the Z Warriors' oldest foes and become truely invincible. He rips open the dimensions, and at first the Z Warriors think they are facing off against ghosts, but soon they realise their old foes are being unleashed once more, stronger than ever. Many of the weaker ones are overcome easily, but Cell, Freiza and Baby reveal what they have been working on all these years trapped in hell - they unite to become Baby Cellza, an incredible warrior, although still not much compared to the powers currently at battle. Vegito splits as soon as the dimensions are opened, and this isn't explained at first. Meanwhilst, Lord Gohan uses the power of Time between the dimensions to power himself up even further to intimidating heights. However, one villain that Lord Gohan hadn't intended to encounter was Super Omeshenku, who also escapes and returns to Earth.

With strength four times that of Baby Cellza, he launches himself at the combined enemy and after a fierce battle, absorbs the three villains in one, causing him to reach a power level that tops even Lord Gohan's Mystic 'Time-Power' form. Super Omeshenku then states his intention to absorb Lord Gohan as well, who is horrified and powers up to Mystic 'Time Power' Super Saiyan 5. With Vegeta injured after the split of Vegito, the Z Warriors can only watch on as Super Omeshenku and Lord Gohan battle across the Earth. It seems that Lord Gohan has the advantage, but Super Omeshenku uses Goku's multi-form technique to surround him, and begins absorbing him. Trunks then realises that Goku vanished because his soul had returned to the reformed Omeshenku.

Lord Gohan breaks free eventually, but the powers in the battle have shifted once again. Eventually, as Gohan wears down over the length of the battle, he realises his folly - and in an attempt to stop Omeshenku from destroying the universe, he echoes Vegeta's final atonement, trying to wipe his foe out. In the aftermath though, it is realised that Omeshenku simply absorbed the entire attack, practically doubling his already seemingly-invincible power.

It looks like it's going to be the end, so Vegeta resorts to a final plan. He has no idea if it is possible, but decides that there is nothing left for it. He has Radot take Dark Goku's Potara earring, and they fuse to form Rageta, whilst Tentuks, Vepata, Goten and Trunks form Tenpata and Gotenks. Gotenks and Tenpata then repeat the fusion dance, with Tenpata going to Super Saiyan to balance their power levels. The result, Tenpatenks, knows that they have hardly a minute in this form before defusing, so Rageta re-uses the Potara Fusion with Tenpatenks to form a final form. The combined warrior simply refers to himself as 'Saiyan'.

Pan collapses unconscious, having struggled to stall Super Omeshenku. The new warrior takes to the battlefield and slowly but continuously raises his power, eventually overpowering Omeshenku vastly. He eventually reaches Super Saiyan 4, but fears for his own life-force if he was to go to the final level. Despite being worn to half his power, Omeshenku still boasts that he is the ultimate warrior - with the power of Shenron, Goku, the seven Shadow Dragons, Gohan, the Mystic Power-Up, the life-force of every Human and the power of Time, the Time Thief, Guru's Potential Unlocking powers, Baby, Frieza and Cell (and therefore many other warriors) all within him. He uses a paralyzing attack on Saiyan, and pounds him - just as the fusions within Saiyan split, and he defuses.

The fallout from the defusion triggered Goten's crippling wound, making it worse than ever. He was out of the fight. Radot is also slightly injured and Vepata and Tentuks are heavily worn too. Vegeta takes over the battle single-handedly, and works out how invert the Mystic powers, manipulating his ki so much that he ascends to a 'Double Mystic' form. From there he becomes Double Mystic Super Saiyan 5, but due to Super Omeshenku's continuously growing strength, the battle begins to slip away from him.

Super Omeshenku then fires up his Silver Bomb attack, ready to finish Vegeta once and for all. Trunks, having had his father die once already before the timeline was changed, takes the blast for his father - but even as a Super Saiyan 5 he cannot beat it away. Tragically, he is killed whilst already dead, his soul disintegrating into complete nothingness. Furious, Vegeta attacks Omeshenku with everything he has. Finally, with the combined power of everyone else, Vegeta honours his old rival Goku and destroys Super Omeshenku with a terrifyingly powerful Super Kamehameha. The world is battered and destroyed, and its inhabitants are still infected and warring with themselves ... but the pressing danger is gone.

Endings Saga[]

Episodes 1046-1055 (NG: 291-300)

Old Kai is contacted by Baba and soon the dimensions start returning to how they were. An echo of Goku is held in place for a little while, but Trunks cannot be recovered at all. As Goku announces how proud of Vegeta he is, Vegeta's power breaks and he returns to his aged form. With Goten crippled and the others recovering, Goku's echo and Vegeta set off across the Earth, hunting down the Sacred Water. After fighting off corrupted humans, they eventually recover it and are able to spread it across the world due to their Super Saiyan powers. When that is done, Goku announces that he can hold on no more, sparing enough time to say goodbye to Goten, Tentuks, Pan and Videl before dissolving for good, along with the last of Omeshenku. Before his final disappearance, Videl pleads with him to find Gohan, but his last, quiet words are simply "I don't know how."

After that, the world is slowly rebuilt bit by bit. Finally, Vegeta's last request to the deities is approved, and he able to spend one last day with Bulma, in which he apologises for missing her before she died - even though in her timeline, he died before she did. Finally, after slowly restoring the world, Vegeta decides to leave Earth for good and heads off to space. After a while, Goten finds that with his disabilities, he too can no longer stay on Earth - he heads off into space too; not following Vegeta, but hoping to either find an explanation for what happened to his older brother, or a cure.

Those left on Earth resume their ordinary lives - aware that Dark Majuub is out there in the wilderness, alive but cursed - but more worryingly, hidden. Pan vows to search for her lost love, whilst Tentuks and Vepata reluctantly start thinking about careers. As for Radot, as the last remaining full-blooded Saiyan, he decides to seek some time in solitude, aware that the adventure of life would never end. Heading off into the wilderness alone, he vowed to return when danger struck once again.

Dragon Ball Universe (DBU):[]

Pikkon Saga[]

Episodes 1056-1069 (DBU: 1-14)

Parsen Saga[]

Episodes 1070-1086 (DBU: 15-31)

Enhancement Saga[]

Episodes 1087-1107 (DBU: 32-52)

Power-Orb Saga[]

Episodes 1108-1134 (DBU: 53-79)

Changeling Empire Saga[]

Episodes 1135-1146 (DBU:80-91)

Dende Junior Saga[]

Episodes 1147-1173 (DBU: 92-118)

Collifor Saga[]

Episodes 1174-1198 (DBU: 119-143)

Origin Point Saga[]

Episodes 1199-1221 (DBU: 144-166)

Ondod Saga[]

Episodes 1222-1240 (DBU: 167-185)

Yugni Saga[]

Episodes 1242-1256 (DBU: 186-200)

Maled Saga[]

Episodes 1257-1285 (DBU: 201-228)

Froztio Saga[]

Episodes 1286-1316 (DBU: 229-259)

Smaltett Saga[]

Episodes 1317-1337 (DBU: 260-280)

Aerolian Saga[]

Episodes 1338-1356 (DBU: 281-299)

Agrandol Saga[]

Episodes 1357-1382 (DBU: 300-325)

Melika Saga[]

Episodes 1383-1398 (DBU: 326-341)

Kallaka Saga[]

Episodes 1399-1414 (DBU: 342-357)

Goku Saga[]

Episodes 1415-1429 (DBU: 358-372)

Dragon Ball ZWR (Z Warriors Reunited):[]

Leading Protagonists[]

Dragon Ball [1-160][]





Master Roshi[]





Dragon Ball Z (Up to Cell Arc - [161-359])[]





Future Trunks[]







Dragon Ball Z (to End - [360-541])[]




Supreme Kai/Kibito Kai[]

Mr Satan[]



Android #18[]



Good Buu/Mr Buu[]



Future Trunks[]

Dragon Ball GT (Up to Mystic Power Saga - [542-634])[]








Mosiquo Kai[]



Dragon Ball GT (Up to End - [635-755])[]









Android #18[]



Dragon Ball NG (Up to Radot/Omeshenku Arc - [756-914])[]











Dragon Ball NG (to End - [915-1055])[]










Dragon Ball Universe (Power-Orb Arc - [1056-1316])[]







Dende Jr[]







Dragon Ball Universe (Up to End - [1317-1429])[]















Battle Listings[]

Episodes - Hero - Opponent

5 Goku vs Yamcha
6 Goku vs Yamcha
7 Goku vs Ox-King
9 Goku, Yamcha vs Boss Rabbit
13 Goku (Oozaru) vs Pilaf, Mai, Shu
14 Goku vs Krillin
21 Krillin vs Bacterian
22 Yamcha vs Jackie Chun
23 Goku vs Giran
24 Krillin vs Jackie Chun
25 Goku vs Nam
26-28 Goku vs Jackie Chun
33 Goku vs Colonel Silver
36 Goku vs Metallitron
37-38 Goku vs Murasaki Ninjas
40 Goku vs Buyon
41 Goku, #8 vs General White
52 Krillin vs General Blue
53 Goku vs General Blue
57 Goku vs General Blue
57 Arale vs General Blue
60 Goku vs Tao
63-64 Goku vs Tao
65-69 Goku vs Red Ribbon Army
70 Krillin vs Fangs the Vampire
70 Puar vs Fangs the Vampire
71 Yamcha vs Invisible Man
71-72 Yamcha vs Bandages
72 Goku vs Bandages
73 Goku vs Spike
74-75 Goku vs Grandpa Gohan
76-77 Goku vs Pilaf, Mai, Shu
87-88 Yamcha vs Tien
89 Jackie Chun vs Wolf-Man
90-91 Krillin vs Chiaotzu
92 Goku vs Pamput
93-94 Jackie Chun vs Tien
95-96 Goku vs Krillin
97-101 Goku vs Tien
102 Krillin vs Tambourine
103 Goku vs Tambourine
104 Goku vs Yajirobe
105 Yajirobe vs Cymbal
106 Yamcha vs Tambourine
108 Goku vs Tambourine
109-110 Goku vs King Piccolo
118-119 Tien vs Drum
119 Goku vs Drum
120-122 Goku, Tien vs King Piccolo
134 Goku vs King Chappa
135 Chiaotzu vs Tao
136 Tien vs Tao
137 Goku vs Chi-Chi
137 Piccolo vs Krillin
138 Kami vs Yamcha
139-141 Goku vs Tien
142 Piccolo vs Kami
143-148 Goku vs Piccolo
154-155 Kami vs Garlic Jr
155 Gohan vs Spice Boys
156 Goku, Krillin, Kami vs Garlic Jr, Spice Boys
157 Goku, Piccolo vs Garlic Jr, Spice Boys
158-159 Goku, Piccolo vs Garlic Jr
160 Goku, Piccolo, Gohan vs Garlic Jr
161 Goku, Krillin vs Raditz
162-163 Goku, Piccolo vs Raditz
163 Gohan vs Raditz
163-164 Piccolo, Goku vs Raditz
176 Piccolo, Krillin vs 6 Saibamen
177 Tien vs Saibamen
177 Yamcha vs Saibamen
177 Krillin vs 4 Saibamen
177 Piccolo vs Saibamen
178 Tien vs Nappa
178 Chiaotzu vs Nappa
179-180 Piccolo, Krillin, Gohan vs Nappa
180 Tien vs Nappa
180-181 Piccolo, Krillin, Gohan vs Nappa
182 Goku vs Nappa
183-184 Goku vs Vegeta
184-185 Goku vs Vegeta (Oozaru)
185 Gohan, Krillin, Yajirobe vs Vegeta (Oozaru)
185 Gohan vs Vegeta
185 Krillin, Gohan vs Vegeta
186 Yajirobe vs Vegeta
186 Gohan (Oozaru) vs Vegeta
194 Vegeta vs Cui
196 Krillin, Gohan vs Dodoria
197 Vegeta vs Dodoria
200 Vegeta vs Zarbon (1)
200 Vegeta vs Zarbon (2)
204-205 Vegeta vs Zarbon (1)
205 Vegeta vs Zarbon (2)
210 Gohan, Krillin vs Guldo
210 Vegeta vs Guldo
211-212 Vegeta vs Recoombe
212 Gohan, Krillin vs Recoombe
213 Goku vs Recoombe
213-214 Goku vs Jeice, Burter
215-217 Goku vs Ginyu
218-221 Nail vs Frieza (1)
218-219 Krillin, Gohan vs Ginyu
219 Vegeta vs Jeice
219-220 Vegeta, Goku vs Ginyu
223 Vegeta vs Frieza (1)
224-225 Gohan, Krillin, Vegeta vs Frieza (2)
226-227 Piccolo vs Frieza (2)
227-228 Piccolo vs Frieza (2)
228-229 Piccolo vs Frieza (3)
229 Gohan vs Frieza (3)
230-231 Vegeta vs Frieza (4)
232-233 Goku vs Frieza (4) [1%]
234-238 Goku vs Frieza (4) [50%]
238-239 Goku, Piccolo vs Frieza (4) [50%]
241-243 Goku (SSJ1) vs Frieza (4) [50%]
243-245 Goku (SSJ1) vs Frieza (4) [100%]
245 Gohan vs Frieza (4) [70%]
245-250 Goku (SSJ1) vs Frieza (4) [100%]
253 Kami, Popo vs Garlic Jr, Spice Boys
254 Gohan, Krillin vs Spice Boys
254 Piccolo vs Spice Boys, Yamcha
255 Gohan, Krillin vs Salt, Mustard
256-257 Gohan vs Piccolo
258-260 Piccolo vs Garlic Jr
258-259 Gohan, Krillin vs Spice Boys (Transformed)
260-261 Gohan, Krillin, Piccolo vs Garlic Jr
264-265 Vegeta vs Cooler (1)
265-266 Piccolo vs Cooler (1)
266-267 Piccolo vs Cooler (2)
267-268 Gohan vs Cooler (2)
268 Vegeta vs Cooler (2)
272 F. Trunks (SSJ1) vs Mecha Frieza
272 F. Trunks (SSJ1) vs King Cold
277-281 Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, Tien, Yamcha, Chiaotzu vs Cooler's Bots
278 Goku vs Meta Cooler (1)
278-279 Goku (SSJ1) vs Meta Cooler (1)
279-280 Goku (SSJ1) vs Meta Cooler (2)
280-282 Goku (SSJ1), Vegeta (SSJ1) vs Meta Cooler (2)
284 Yamcha vs #19, #20
285-286 Goku (SSJ1) vs #19
287-288 Vegeta (SSJ1) vs #19
289 Piccolo vs #20
290 Krillin vs #20
291-292 #20 vs #17, #18
293-294 Vegeta (SSJ1) vs #18
294 F. Trunks (SSJ1) vs #18
294 Piccolo, Tien vs #17
300-302 Piccolo vs Imperfect Cell
304 Krillin vs Imperfect Cell
305-307 Piccolo vs #17
307-308 Piccolo, #17 vs Imperfect Cell
309-310 #16 vs Imperfect Cell
310 #16 vs Semi-perfect Cell
310-311 Tien vs Semi-perfect Cell
312 #16, #18 vs Semi-perfect Cell
313-315 Vegeta (USSJ1) vs Semi-perfect Cell
316-317 F. Trunks (USSJ1) vs Semi-perfect Cell
317 F. Trunks (USSJ1) vs Vegeta (USSJ1)
317-318 F. Trunks (USSJ1), Krillin, #16, #18 vs Semi-perfect Cell
318 Krillin, F. Trunks (USSJ1) vs Perfect Cell
319-320 Vegeta (USSJ1) vs Perfect Cell
320-322 F. Trunks (USSJ2) vs Perfect Cell
328 Vegeta, F. Trunks (USSJ1) vs Broly (SSJ1)
329-330 Goku (FPSSJ1) vs Broly (LSSJ)
330 Piccolo, F. Trunks (USSJ1), Gohan (FPSSJ1) vs Broly (LSSJ)
330-331 Vegeta (USSJ1) vs Broly (LSSJ)
331-332 Goku (FPSSJ1) vs Broly (LSSJ)
341 Mr Satan vs Perfect Cell
342-345 Goku (FPSSJ1) vs Perfect Cell
346-348 Gohan (FPSSJ1) vs Perfect Cell
348 #16 vs Perfect Cell
349-350 Goku (FPSSJ1), Vegeta (USSJ1), F. Trunks (USSJ1), Piccolo, Krillin, Tien, Yamcha vs 7 Cell Juniors
350 Gohan (SSJ2) vs 7 Cell Juniors
351-352 Gohan (SSJ2) vs Perfect Cell
352 Gohan (SSJ2) vs Power-Weighted Cell
352-353 Gohan (SSJ2) vs Semi-Perfect Cell
355 Vegeta (USSJ1) vs Super-Perfect Cell
355-356 Gohan (SSJ2) vs Super-Perfect Cell
356 Gohan (SSJ2), Piccolo, Krillin, Tien, Yamcha vs Super-Perfect Cell
356 Gohan (SSJ2), Piccolo, Krillin, Tien, Yamcha, Vegeta (USSJ1) vs Super-Perfect Cell
362-363 Gohan (SSJ1) vs Bojack
362-363 F. Trunks (SSJ1), Krillin, Yamcha, Tien vs Bojack's Crew
363 Piccolo, F. Trunks (SSJ1) vs Bojack
363-364 Vegeta (SSJ1) vs Bojack
364 Gohan (SSJ1) vs Bojack (2)
364 Goku, Gohan (SSJ2) vs Bojack (2)
368-369 Goku (SSJ1) vs Pikkon
380 Videl, Trunks, Goten vs Broly
380 Videl, Trunks, Goten vs Broly (SSJ1)
380-381 Gohan (SSJ1) vs Broly (SSJ1)
381-382 Gohan (SSJ2) vs Broly (LSSJ)
382 Gohan (SSJ2), Goten (SSJ1), Trunks (SSJ1), Goku (SSJ1) vs Broly (LSSJ)
387-389 Trunks (SSJ1), Goten (SSJ1), Krillin, #18 vs Broly (LSSJ)
393-394 Trunks vs Goten
394 Trunks (SSJ1) vs Goten (SSJ1)
398-399 Videl vs Spopovitch
401 Gohan (SSJ2) vs Spopovitch, Yamu
403 Piccolo, Krillin, Vegeta, Kibito vs Dabura
404 Vegeta vs Pui-Pui
405 Goku vs Yakon
406-407 Trunks, Goten vs #18
407-408 Gohan (SSJ1) vs Dabura
408 #18 vs Mr Satan
412-416 Goku (SSJ2) vs Majin Vegeta (SSJ2)
415 Dabura vs Fat Buu
416 Gohan (SSJ1) vs Fat Buu
417 Supreme Kai vs Fat Buu
417-419 Majin Vegeta (SSJ2) vs Fat Buu
426-427 Goku (SSJ1) vs Fat Buu
427-428 Goku (SSJ3) vs Fat Buu
433 Gotenks vs Fat Buu
437-438 Pikkon vs Janemba
438-439 Goku (SSJ1) vs Janemba
439 Goku (SSJ3) vs Janemba
439-440 Goku (SSJ3) vs Super Janemba
440-441 Pikkon, Gogeta (SSJ1) vs Super Janemba
442-443 Mr Satan vs Van Zant, Smitty
443 Good Buu vs Evil Buu
443 Super Buu vs Smitty
445-446 Gotenks vs Super Buu
446-447 Gotenks (SSJ1) vs Super Buu
449-450 Gotenks (SSJ3) vs Super Buu
451-452 Gohan (Mystic) vs Super Buu
454-455 Gohan (Mystic), Goku vs Super Buu (Gotenks)
456 Goku (SSJ2), Vegeta (SSJ2) vs Super Buu (Gohan)
457 Vegito vs Super Buu (Gohan)
458-460 Vegito (SSJ1) vs Super Buu (Gohan)
464-465 Goku (SSJ1), Vegeta (SSJ1) vs Kid Buu
467 Goku (SSJ1) vs Kid Buu
467-468 Goku (SSJ2) vs Kid Buu
468 Goku (SSJ3) vs Kid Buu
468 Vegeta vs Kid Buu
468-469 Goku (SSJ3) vs Kid Buu
469-470 Vegeta (SSJ2) vs Kid Buu
470-473 Mr Satan, Mr Buu vs Kid Buu
473-474 Vegeta, Mr Buu vs Kid Buu
474 Goku/Goku (SSJ1) vs Kid Buu
478 F. Trunks vs Spopovitch, Yamu
478-479 F. Trunks, Kibito, Supreme Kai vs Dabura
481-483 Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Piccolo, F. Trunks, Kibito, Supreme Kai vs Dabura, Yamu, Spopovitch
484-488 Z Warriors vs Majin Z Warriors
488-489 Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Goten, Trunks, F. Trunks, Supreme Kai, Kibito vs 2 Majin Vegeta, Majin Piccolo
490 Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Goten, Trunks, F. Trunks, Supreme Kai, Kibito, Vegeta vs Dabura
491 Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Goten, Trunks, F. Trunks, Supreme Kai, Kibito, Vegeta vs Fat Buu
492 Dabura vs Fat Buu
492-493 Goku (SSJ2), Vegeta (SSJ2), Gohan (SSJ2) vs Super Buu (Demon King)
493 Gohan (Mystic) vs Super Buu (Demon King)
493-494 Gohan (SSJ2) vs Janemba
494-495 F. Gohan (SSJ1), Gohan (SSJ2) vs Janemba
495-498 Goku (SSJ3) vs Super Buu (Demon King)
495-496 Gohan (SSJ2), F. Trunks (SSJ2) vs Janemba
496 F. Gohan (Mystic) vs Janemba
501-502 F. Trunks (SSJ2), Gohan (SSJ2) vs Super Janemba
502-504 Gogeta/Gogeta (SSJ1) vs Super Janemba
503 F. Gohan (Mystic) vs Super Buu
503-504 F. Gohan (Mystic SSJ1) vs Super Buu
505-507 F. Gohan (Mystic SSJ1), Gogeta (SSJ1) vs Super Buu (Janemba)
507-508 Gogeta (SSJ2) vs Super Buu (Janemba)
512-513 Goku vs Uub
521-522 Goten, Trunks vs Aba, Cado
522-523 Gotenks vs Abacado
524 Goku vs Abacado
530 Goten vs #14, #15
531 Goten (SSJ1) vs #13, #14, #15
532 Uub vs #13
533 Uub vs #13, #14, #15
533 Uub, Goku, Vegeta, Trunks vs #13, #14, #15
534-535 Goku (SSJ2) vs Super #13
535 Vegeta (SSJ2) vs Super #13
536-537 Uub vs Super #13
538-539 Uub, Mr Buu vs Super #13
544-546 Piccolo vs Muarian Army
545-547 Gohan (SSJ2), Piccolo vs Muar, Muarian Army
549 Goku (SSJ1) vs Muar
549-551 Trunks (SSJ1), Goten (SSJ1) vs Muarian Army
549-551 Vegeta (SSJ1) vs Muar
552-553 Vegeta (SSJ2) vs Muar
553-554 Vegeta (SSJ2) vs Muar (Goat-King)
555 Goku (SSJ2) vs Muar (Goat-King)
555-556 Goku (SSJ3) vs Muar (Goat-King)
564-565 Goku vs Harks
565-566 Uub vs Harks
566-567 Goku (SSJ1), Vegeta (SSJ1), Gohan (SSJ1), Goten (SSJ1), Trunks (SSJ1), Piccolo, Uub vs Harks
568-569 Piccolo vs Yamcharks
569 Piccolo, Gohan (SSJ1) vs Yamcharks (SSJ1)
569-571 Piccolo, Gohan (SSJ1) vs Yamcharks (SSJ2)
569-571 Goku (SSJ2), Vegeta (SSJ2) vs Harks
573-574 Gohan (SSJ2), Trunks (SSJ1), Goku (SSJ2), Uub vs Harks
574-575 Rhagon, Trunks (SSJ1) vs Harks
576 Trunks (SSJ2) vs Harks
576-577 Goku (SSJ3) vs Harks
577-579 Goku (SSJ3), Vegeta (SSJ2) vs Harks
580-581 Goku (SSJ2), Vegeta (SSJ2), Gohan (SSJ2), Trunks (SSJ2), Goten (SSJ1) vs 5 Harks
581-582 Goku (SSJ3) vs Harks
582-583 Vegeta (SSJ2), Gohan (SSJ2), Trunks (SSJ2), Goten (SSJ1), Uub vs 5 Harks
592-593 Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Piccolo, Yamcha, Uub vs 5 Harks
593-595 Yamcha (SSJ2) vs Harks
595-597 Goku (SSJ3), Vegeta (SSJ2), Gohan (SSJ2), Yamcha (SSJ2), Goten (SSJ1), Trunks (SSJ1) vs Harks
597-599 Uub, Trunks (SSJ2), Goten (SSJ1) vs Harks
597-601 Yamcha (SSJ2) vs MosiMuar
601-603 Goku (SSJ3), Vegeta (SSJ2), Gohan (SSJ2), Piccolo, Goten (SSJ1), Trunks (SSJ2) vs MosiMuar
603 Uub vs MosiMuar
604-606 Goku (SSJ3), Vegeta (SSJ2), Gohan (SSJ2), Piccolo, Goten (SSJ1), Trunks (SSJ2) vs MosiMuar
606-609 Vegeta (SSJ2) vs MosiMuar
607-608 Goku (SSJ2), Gohan (SSJ2) vs Harks
608-609 Piccolo, Goten (SSJ1), Trunks (SSJ2) vs Harks
609 MosiMuar vs Harks
609-610 Vegeta (SSJ2) vs Final Harks
610-611 Gohan (SSJ2), Piccolo, Trunks (SSJ2), Goten (SSJ1) vs Final Harks
611-616 Goku (SSJ3/LSSJ) vs Final Harks
616-617 Uub vs Final Harks
639 Goku/Goku (SSJ1) vs Ledgic
647-648 Goku (SSJ1), Trunks (SSJ1) vs Lord Luud
650-651 Goku, Trunks, Pan vs Sigma Force
652 Goku vs Sigma Force
653-655 Goku (SSJ1) vs General Rillido
656 Goku, Pan, Trunks vs Baby Rillido
658 Goku (SSJ1), Pan, Trunks (SSJ1) vs Baby
659 Goten vs Baby
660 Gohan (SSJ1) vs Baby Goten
660 Piccolo vs Baby Gohan
661 Vegeta (SSJ2) vs Baby Gohan (SSJ2), Baby Goten (SSJ1)
662 Goku, Pan vs Baby Gohan, Baby Goten
662 Goku vs Baby Gohan (SSJ1), Baby Goten (SSJ1)
663 Goku (SSJ3) vs Baby Vegeta
663 Goku (SSJ3) vs Super Baby Vegeta 1
666 Uub vs Super Baby Vegeta 2
667 Majuub vs Super Baby Vegeta 2
668 Goku (SSJ3) vs Super Baby Vegeta 2
669-670 Goku (SSJ4) vs Super Baby Vegeta 2
671-673 Goku (SSJ4) vs Oozaru Baby Vegeta
683-685 Piccolo vs SaiyaCell
686 Goku (SSJ1) vs SaiyaCell
687 Vegeta (SSJ1) vs SaiyaCell
688-690 Gohan (SSJ1), Goten (SSJ1), Majuub vs SaiyaCell
691-695 Yamunks/Yamunks (SSJ1) vs SaiyaCell
695-696 Vegeta (SSJ2) vs SaiyaCell
696-697 Trunks (SSJ2), Yamcha (SSJ2) vs SaiyaCell
699-701 Goten (SSJ2) vs SaiyaCell
702-703 Majuub vs SaiyaCell
703-704 Goku (SSJ3) vs SaiyaCell
705-706 Gohan (Mystic)/(Mystic SSJ1) vs SaiyaCell
707-710 Goten (SSJ2) vs SaiyaCell
710-711 Vegeta (SSJ2) vs SaiyaCell
711-712 Goten (SSJ2) vs SaiyaCell
732 Mr Satan vs Majuub
733 Vegeta, Goten, Trunks, Pan vs #19, Pui-Pui, Nappa, Yakon, Red Ribbon Army
734-735 Goku vs Frieza (4) [50%], Super Perfect Cell
734 Trunks, Goten, Majuub vs Saibamen
734-735 Gohan vs General Rillido
735 #18, Krillin vs #17
735 Vegeta vs Hell Fighter 17
735-736 Vegeta (SSJ2), Trunks (SSJ2), Goten (SSJ2), Gohan (SSJ2), Majuub, Pan vs Super 17
736-737 Goku (SSJ4) vs Super 17
737-738 Goku, #18 vs Super 17
740 Goku, Pan vs Haze Shenron
741 Goku, Pan vs Rage Shenron
741 Goku (SSJ4) vs Rage Shenron
742 Goku, Pan vs Oceanus Shenron
743 Goku, Pan vs Naturon Shenron
744 Goku (SSJ4) vs Naturon Shenron (Pan)
745 Goku vs Nuova Shenron
746-747 Goku (SSJ4) vs Nuova Shenron
747-748 Goku (SSJ4) vs Eis Shenron, Nuova Shenron
748-749 Goku (SSJ4) vs Syn Shenron
749 Majuub, Gohan (Mystic SSJ1), Goten (SSJ2), Trunks (SSJ2) vs Syn Shenron
749 Goku (SSJ4) vs Syn Shenron
750 Goku (SSJ4) vs Omega Shenron
751 Gohan, Goten, Trunks vs Omega Shenron
751-752 Gogeta (SSJ4) vs Omega Shenron
752 Goku (SSJ4), Vegeta (SSJ4) vs Omega Shenron
752 Nuova Shenron vs Omega Shenron
753 Goku vs Omega Shenron
753-754 Vegeta (SSJ2), Gohan (SSJ2), Trunks (SSJ2), Goten (SSJ2), Majuub vs Omega Shenron
754 Goku vs Omega Shenron
764-765 Kibito Kai vs Silan, Kiboku
767-772 Goku/Goku (SSJ1)/(SSJ2)/(SSJ3) vs Silan, Kiboku
774-776 Goku (SSJ4) vs Silboku
777-778 Vegeta (SSJ1)/(SSJ4), Gohan (Mystic SSJ1), Trunks (SSJ2), Goten (SSJ2) vs Silboku
778-779 Trunks (SSJ3) vs Silboku
779 Trunks (SSJ4) vs Silboku
779-780 Trunks (SSJ4), Strength of the Dead vs Silboku
783 Goten vs Pan
783-784 Gohan vs Trunks
784 Majuub vs Vegeta
785-786 Goten vs Trunks
786 Gohan vs Vegeta
786 Majuub vs Pan
787 Goten vs Vegeta
787 Gohan vs Pan
787 Majuub vs Trunks
788 Majuub vs Trunks
789 Gohan vs Goten
794-796 Goten/Goten (SSJ1)/(SSJ2)/(SSJ4) vs Trunks/Trunks (SSJ1)/(SSJ2)/(SSJ3)/(SSJ4)
797-800 Goten/Goten (SSJ1)/(SSJ4) vs Trunks/Trunks (SSJ1)/(SSJ4)
805 Vegeta vs Pan (Oozaru)
813-814 Vegeta/Vegeta (SSJ4) vs Tentlai Pangar
821-822 Vegeta/Vegeta (SSJ1) vs Nappa/Nappa (SSJ1)/(SSJ2)/(SSJ3), Raditz/Raditz (SSJ1)/(SSJ2)/(SSJ3)
822-823 Trunks (SSJ3)/(SSJ4) vs Nappa (SSJ3)/(SSJ4)
823 Goten (SSJ4) vs Raditz (SSJ4)
824-826 Goku (SSJ4) vs Raditz (SSJ4)
826-828 Goku (SSJ4) vs Raditz (SSJ4), Nappa (SSJ4)
828-829 Vegeta (SSJ4) vs Nappa (SSJ4)
828-829 Goku (SSJ4) vs Raditz (SSJ4)
833-834 Trunks (SSJ4) vs Raditz (SSJ4)
838-839 Majuub vs Raditz, Nappa
840-842 Majuub vs Raditz (SSJ1), Nappa (SSJ1)
842-843 Trunks (SSJ5) vs Raditz (SSJ4), Nappa (SSJ4)
843-845 Trunks (SSJ5) vs Nappitz/Nappitz (SSJ1)/(SSJ2)
845-847 Gotenks (SSJ2) vs Nappitz (SSJ2)
847-848 Gotenks (SSJ4) vs Nappitz (SSJ4)
849-851 Gonksuub/Gonksuub (SSJ2) vs Nappitz (SSJ4)
852-853 Goku (SSJ4) vs Nappitz (SSJ4)
853-854 Gogeta/Gogeta (SSJ1) vs Nappitz (SSJ4)
854-856 Gogeta (SSJ4) vs Nappitz (SSJ4)
857-858 Trunks vs Nappitz
859 Trunks (SSJ3) vs Nappa, Raditz
860 Trunks (SSJ5) vs Nappa (SSJ4), Raditz (SSJ4)
876-877 Pan vs Radot
877-879 Pan (SSJ1) vs Radot (SSJ1)
879-881 Pan (SSJ4), Tentuks (SSJ4), Vepata (SSJ4) vs Radot (SSJ4)
883-884 Trunks, Goten, Vegeta, Gohan, Majuub vs Omeshenku
886-888 Pan (SSJ4), Tentuks (SSJ4), Vepata (SSJ4), Radot (SSJ4) vs Omeshenku
889 Trunks, Goten, Majuub vs Omeshenku
890-891 Trunks (SSJ4), Goten (SSJ4), Majuub vs Omeshenku
892-894 Trunks (SSJ5) vs Omeshenku
894-895 Trunks (SSJ5) vs Super Omeshenku
896-897 Gohan (Mystic SSJ2), Trunks (SSJ5) vs Super Omeshenku
898 Goten (SSJ4) vs Super Omeshenku
898-899 Trunhan/Trunhan (SSJ1) vs Super Omeshenku
899-901 Trunhan (SSJ4) vs Super Omeshenku
901 Radot (SSJ4) vs Super Omeshenku
902-904 Trunhan (SSJ5) vs Super Omeshenku
905-906 Radot (SSJ4), Pan (SSJ4), Tentuks (SSJ4), Vepata (SSJ4), Goten (SSJ4), Majuub vs Super Omeshenku
906-907 Trunks/Trunks (SSJ1) vs Super Omeshenku
908-911 Trunks (SSJ4) vs Super Omeshenku
911-913 Trunks (SSJ5) vs Super Omeshenku
925-927 Goten/Goten (SSJ1) vs Trunks/Trunks (SSJ1)
927-928 Goten (SSJ2)/(SSJ4) vs Trunks (SSJ3)/(SSJ4)
928-929 Goten (SSJ4) vs Trunks (SSJ5)
930 Pan (SSJ4) vs Vepata (SSJ4)
932-933 Majuub vs Tao
934-936 Radot (SSJ1)/(SSJ4) vs Tentuks (SSJ1)/(SSJ4)
937-941 Majuub vs Goten (SSJ4)
942-943 Tentuks/Tentuks (SSJ4) vs Vepata/Vepata (SSJ4)
945-946 Goten (SSJ4) vs Tentuks (SSJ4)
948-949 Tentuks, Vepata vs Lord Gohan
949-951 Trunks (SSJ5) vs Dark Majuub
952-953 Goten (SSJ4), Trunks (SSJ5) vs Dark Majuub
953-954 Pan (SSJ4), Radot (SSJ4), Tentuks (SSJ4), Vepata (SSJ4) vs Dark Majuub
954 Trunks (SSJ5)/Trunks vs Lord Gohan (Mystic)
959-960 Pan, Radot, Tentuks, Vepata vs Dark Majuub
964-965 Radot (SSJ4) vs Lord Gohan (Mystic)
965-966 Radot (SSJ4) vs Lord Gohan (Mystic), Dark Majuub
967-969 Tenpata/Tenpata (SSJ1) vs Lord Gohan (Mystic)
970-971 Pan (SSJ4), Vepata (SSJ4), Radot (SSJ4) vs Lord Gohan (Mystic)
971 Pan (SSJ4), Vepata (SSJ4), Radot (SSJ4) vs Lord Gohan (Mystic)/(Mystic SSJ1)/(Mystic SSJ2)/(Mystic SSJ3)/(Mystic SSJ4)
975 F. Trunks (SSJ1)/(SSJ3) vs Dark Majuub
979-980 Trunks (SSJ5) vs Lord Gohan (Mystic SSJ5)
984-986 Vegeta/Vegeta (SSJ5) vs Time Thief
990-991 Trunks (SSJ5) vs Lord Gohan (Mystic SSJ5)
990-991 Radot (SSJ4) vs Dark Majuub
999-1000 Gotenks vs Dark Majuub
1000-1001 Gotenks (SSJ5) vs Dark Majuub
1001-1003 Gotenks (SSJ5) vs Lord Gohan (Mystic SSJ4)/(Mystic SSJ5)
1003-1004 Trunks (SSJ5), Goten (SSJ4), Radot (SSJ4) vs Lord Gohan (Mystic SSJ5)
1004-1005 Trunks, Goten, Radot vs Dark Goku
1005-1007 Vegeta/Vegeta (SSJ2)/Vegeta (SSJ4) vs Dark Goku/Dark Goku (SSJ1)/Dark Goku (SSJ4)
1008-1009 Vegeta (Mystic)/(Mystic SSJ1) vs Dark Goku (SSJ5)
1009-1012 Vegeta (Mystic SSJ5) vs Dark Goku (SSJ5)
1014-1017 Vegito/Vegito (SSJ1)/(SSJ2) vs Lord Gohan (Mystic SSJ5)
1017-1020 Vegito (SSJ4)/(SSJ5) vs Lord Gohan (Mystic SSJ5)
1020-1022 Z Warriors vs Former Enemies
1023-1024 Baby, Super Perfect Cell, Frieza (4) [50%] vs Super Omeshenku
1024-1025 Baby - Cellza vs Super Omeshenku
1026-1032 Lord Gohan (Mystic SSJ5) vs Super Omeshenku
1034-1035 Pan (SSJ4) vs Super Omeshenku
1035-1038 Saiyan/Saiyan (SSJ1)/Saiyan (SSJ2)/Saiyan (SSJ3)/Saiyan (SSJ4) vs Super Omeshenku
1039 Vegeta (Mystic) vs Super Omeshenku
1040-1041 Vegeta (Double Mystic)/(DM SSJ1) vs Super Omeshenku
1041-1042 Vegeta (DM SSJ5) vs Super Omeshenku
1042-1043 Vegeta (DM SSJ5), Trunks (SSJ5) vs Super Omeshenku
1044-1045 Vegeta (DM SSJ5) vs Super Omeshenku
1065-1066 Piccolo, Pikkon vs Nagrod
1079-1082 Parsen vs Ninja School
1085 Parsen vs Bluesword
1086 Parsen vs Pan
1098-1101 Parsen vs Ninja School
1106-1107 Parsen vs Yajirobe
1109 Parsen vs Yajirobe
1122 Parsen vs Dark Majuub
1123-1124 Pan vs Dark Majuub
1127 Krillin vs Collifor
1128-1130 Parsen vs Collifor
1138-1139 Yadratians vs Ognaught's crew
1142-1143 Collifor, Tarble vs Ognaught's crew
1145-1146 Unknown Super Saiyan 4 vs Froztio (1)
1161 Parsen vs Slug-man
1162 Krillin vs Nammil
1163-1164 Parsen vs 6 fighters in a battle royale
1165 Parsen vs Sheni
1166-1167 Nammil vs Dark Dende Jr.
1167-1168 Parsen vs Dark Majuub
1168-1169 Parsen vs Dark Dende Jr. (Mystic)
1169 Yajirobe vs Dark Majuub
1170 Yajirobe, Krillin vs Dark Majuub, Dark Dende Jr. (Mystic)
1171-1172 Parsen vs Dark Dende Jr. (Mystic)
1180-1182 Parsen vs Dark Majuub
1185 Bulla vs Dark Majuub
1186-1188 Collifor vs Dark Majuub
1188-1192 Parsen vs Dark Majuub
1193-1196 Parsen, Collifor vs Dark Majuub
1201-1203 Parsen vs Dark Majuub
1208-1211 Parsen, Yajirobe, Bulla, Melika vs Cursed Namekians
1215 Yajirobe, Namekians vs Froztio's Armarda
1216-1217 Parsen vs Froztio's Armarda
1217-1218 Parsen, Namekians, Para-Paras, Imeckians vs Froztio's Armarda
1239-1241 Parsen vs Yugni's Armarda
1241, 1243 Parsen, Pan vs Yugni's Armarda
1245-1246 Parsen, Pan (SSJ1) vs Yugni's Armarda
1246-1249 Pan (SSJ4) vs Captain Yugni
1246-1248 Parsen vs Yugni's Armarda
1249-1251 Parsen vs Captain Yugni
1252-1254 Collifor vs Captain Yugni
1254 Collifor, Yajirobe vs Captain Yugni
1255 Pan (SSJ4) vs Captain Yugni
1269-1270 Parsen vs Collifor
1270-1271 Parsen vs Collifor, Tarble
1273-1276 Parsen vs Froztio (1)
1276-1278 Pan vs Froztio (1)
1278-1280 Tarble vs Froztio (1)
1280-1281 Collifor, Tarble vs Froztio (1)
1281-1283 Froztio (1) vs Anglen
1283-1285 Collifor, Tarble, Pan vs Anglen
1285-1286 Anglen vs Dark Majuub
1286 Pan vs Dark Majuub
1286 Piccolo, Pikkon vs Dark Majuub
1286-1287 Collifor vs Anglen
1288-1289 Collifor vs Froztio (1)
1289-1290 Tarble vs Froztio (1)
1290-1291 Tarble vs Froztio (2)
1291-1292 Pan/Pan (SSJ1)/(SSJ4) vs Froztio (2)
1292-1293 Pan (SSJ4) vs Froztio (3)
1294-1296 Radot/Radot (SSJ1)/(SSJ3) vs Froztio (3)
1296-1301 Radot (SSJ3) vs Froztio (4)
1301 Radot (SSJ3) vs Froztio (5)
1301-1302 Radot (SSJ4) vs Froztio (5)
1302-1304 Collifor (SSJ1) vs Froztio (5)
1305-1306 Parsen vs Froztio (5)
1306-1307 Parsen (SSJ1) vs Froztio (5)
1307-1308 Parsen (SSJ2) vs Froztio (5)
1308-1309 Parsen (SSJ3) vs Froztio (5)
1309-1310 Parsen (SSJ3) vs Froztio (6)
1310 Tarble vs Froztio (6)
1311 Pan (SSJ4) vs Froztio (6)
1311-1312 Piccolo, Pan (SSJ4), Parsen (SSJ3), Froztio (6) vs Dark Majuub
1312-1313 Parsen (SSJ3) vs Dark Majuub, Froztio (6)
1313-1314 Parsen (SSJ4) vs Dark Majuub, Froztio (6)
1314-1315 Pan (SSJ4), Piccolo vs Dark Majuub
1314-1315 Parsen (SSJ4) vs Froztio (6)
1315-1316 Parsen (SSJ4) vs Dark Majuub
1316 Parsen (SSJ4) vs Froztio (6)
1324 Piccolo, Pikkon, Smaltett vs Dark Majuub
1328-1329 Radot (SSJ4), Collifor (SSJ1), Pan (SSJ4) vs Parsen (SSJ3)
1329-1330 Radot (SSJ4), Collifor (SSJ1), Pan (SSJ4), Parsen (SSJ3) vs Aerol, Andol
1344 Collifor (SSJ1) vs Anglen
1345 Parsen vs Aerol, Andol, Anglen
1345-1346 Parsen vs Anglen
1346 Collifor, Pan vs Dr. Myuu
1346 Collifor (SSJ1), Pan (SSJ4) vs Aerol, Andol
1346-1347 Collifor (SSJ1), Pan (SSJ4) vs Aghol, Astol
1347-1351 Collifor (SSJ1), Pan (SSJ4) vs Aerol, Andol, Aghol, Astol
1347-1348 Parsen (SSJ2) vs Anglen
1348-1350 Parsen (SSJ4) vs Anglen
1350-1351 Radot (SSJ4) vs Anglen
1351 Bulla (SSJ1) vs Anglen
1352-1356 Collifor (SSJ1), Pan (SSJ4) vs Agrandol
1352-1355 Radot (SSJ4) vs Anglen
1357-1358 Anglen vs Agrandol
1361-1364 Radot (SSJ4) vs Agrandol
1365 Collifor (SSJ1) vs Agrandol
1366-1367 Majuub vs Agrandol
1367 Majuub vs Agrandol, Anglen
1368-1369 Collifor (SSJ1), Pan (SSJ4) vs Agrandol, Anglen
1370-1371 Goten (SSJ1) vs Anglen
1371-1374 Goten (SSJ4) vs Anglen
1374-1375 Goten (SSJ4) vs Agrandol, Anglen
1375-1377 Parsen (SSJ4) vs Agrandol, Anglen
1377-1378 Dr. Myuu vs Agrandol
1378-1379 Anglen vs Agrandol
1381-1382 Tenpata (SSJ1)/(SSJ3)/(SSJ4) vs Anglen
1382 Vegeta (DM SSJ2)/(DM SSJ4) vs Agrandol
1386-1388 Parsen (SSJ4) vs Tentuks (SSJ4)
1391-1393 Parsen (SSJ1), Vegeta (Mystic SSJ1), Tentuks (SSJ2), Vepata (SSJ2), Collifor (SSJ1), Radot (SSJ2) vs Purgatorians
1393-1397 Parsen (SSJ4), Vegeta (DM SSJ1), Tentuks (SSJ4), Vepata (SSJ4), Collifor (SSJ1), Radot (SSJ4) vs Purgatorians, Kallaka
1399-1400 Goten (SSJ4) vs Kallaka
1401-1404 Goten (SSJ5) vs Kallaka
1405-1406 Parsen (SSJ4) vs Tentuks (Kalla SSJ4)
1406-1407 Parsen (SSJ4), Vepata (SSJ4) vs Tentuks (Kalla SSJ4)
1406-1407 Goten (SSJ5) vs Kallaka
1407-1410 Parsen (SSJ4) vs Tentuks (Kalla SSJ4)
1407-1408 Vegeta (DM SSJ4) vs Kallaka
1411 Tentuks (Kalla SSJ4) vs Kallaka
1412-1413 Panulla/Panulla (SSJ1)/(SSJ2)/(SSJ3)/(SSJ4) vs Kallaka
1414-1418 Panulla (SSJ5) vs Kallaka
1419-1420 Parsen (SSJ4) vs Kallaka
1421-1422 Collifor (SSJ1)/(SSJ2)/(SSJ3) vs Kallaka
1423-1425 Goku/Goku (SSJ1)/(SSJ2)/(SSJ3)/(SSJ4) vs Kallaka
1425 Shenron vs Kallaka
1426-1427 Gogeta/Gogeta (SSJ1) vs Kallaka
1428-1429 Goku (SSJ4), Shenron vs Kallaka

Power Level Listings[]

Check out the incredible power levels that trade blows at Power Level Listings.


(Notable Events Only) - Ages of characters at some points indicated (Brackets indicate physical age; italic event indicates Future Trunks' Timeline)

Please note, a few changes have been made to the established timeline - such as only a 6 year gap between the defeat of Kid Buu and Goku meeting Uub.


Vegeta Born


Bulma/Tien/Yamcha Born. King Furry becomes King


Yajirobe Born


Krillin/Mr Satan Born


Goku/Chi-Chi/Tarble Born


Chiaotzu Born


Baby infects Dr Myuu and begins plotting his revenge


Bulma finds first DragonBalls and meets Goku; quest begins, meeting Yamcha etc, defeating Pilaf; meets Krilling, start training

Bulma: 16; Goku 12; Yamcha 16; Krillin 13


Roshi wins Martial Arts tournament and Goku defeats Red Ribbon Army


Tien wins Martial Arts; Goku kills King Piccolo
Bulma 20; Goku 15; Krillin 16; Yamcha 19; Tien 19


Goku beats Piccolo Jr at 3rd martial arts attempt, marries Chi-Chi
Piccolo 3; Goku 18; Bulma 23; Chi-Chi 18; Yamcha 23; Tien 23; Krillin 20


Gohan/Dende/Videl born


Garlic Jr falls into Dead Zone; later in year Raditz arrives, killed with Goku. Gohan trained by Piccolo

Goku 24; Gohan 4-5; Piccolo 8; Krillin 25; Yamcha 28; Tien 28


Yamcha, Nappa, Piccolo, Tien, Chiaotzu die in Saiyan battle. War on Namek, Vegeta, Krillin killed, Frieza defeated and Goku lost in space. Piccolo revived
Goku 25 (24); Gohan 6; Vegeta 30


Tien, Krillin, Yamcha, Chiaotzu revived, Garlic Jr Saga, Cell arrives


Future Trunks kills Frieza, Goku returns to Earth
Gohan 8; Goku 27 (26); Vegeta 32


Trunks is Born; Future Goku dies of Heart Virus


Androids Arc, Cell Games, Broly and Bojack battles. Gohan reaches SSJ2, Goku dies again. Goten Born

Gohan 11; Goku 30 (29); Vegeta 35; Piccolo 14; Krillin 31; Yamcha 34; Tien 34


Marron Born


Great Saiyaman. Buu Arc, Majin Vegeta's final atonement, Goku goes SSJ3, End of Earth, revived.

Gohan 18; Goku 37 (29); Vegeta 42; Goten 7; Trunks 8


Bulla born


Pan is born


Goku meets Uub and leaves to train. Future Gohan killed by Androids

Goku 43 (35); Vegeta 48; Gohan 24; Goten 13; Trunks 14; Pan 4; Bulla 5; Uub 6, Tarble 43


Androids 13/14/15 attack


Muar arrives. Harks Arc, Yamcha mutated into a Saiyan

Goku 46 (38); Vegeta 51; Gohan 27; Goten 16; Trunks 17; Pan 7; Bulla 8; Uub 9


Tien dies of virus, Yamcha fatally ill. Mystic Power outburst. Future Trunks heads back and kills Frieza


Goku turned to child. Hunt for Black Star Dragon Balls, Baby battle on Earth. Tuffle wished into existence. Future Trunks kills Future Androids

Goku 12 (48); Vegeta 53; Gohan 29; Goten 18; Trunks 19; Pan 9; Bulla 10; Majuub 11


Battle SaiyaCell, Earth explodes, wished back by Porunga. Hell opened, Super 17/Shadow Dragons Arc


Goku meets Witch Siki


Silboku arc. Tentuks and Vepata born, Defendant of Earth tournament. Future Trunks kills Future Imperfect Cell

Goku 15 (51); Vegeta 56; Gohan 32; Goten 21; Trunks 22; Pan 12; Bulla 13; Majuub 14


Raditz and Nappa restored, Radot created. Future Trunks fights Majin Buu and calls the Z Warriors forward. Future Gohan revived

Future Trunks 24; Future Gohan 32 (22)


Vegeta becomes King but refuses Tentlai's temptation. Vepata's ceremony and Nappitz Arc, Super Saiyan 5 achieved by first Vegeta and then Trunks. Goku's soul is traded in exchange for a final wish.

Goku 21 (57); Vegeta 62; Gohan 38; Goten 27; Trunks 28; Pan 18; Bulla 19; Majuub 20


Dende murdered. Pan, Vepata, Tentuks leave Earth, battle Radot. Omeshenku formed and destroyed by Trunks as Vegeta passes away, Gohan dies in mystery explosion.

Timeline later changed by Vepata and Tentuks who return to save Vegeta, who is returned to youth after a battle with the Time Thief.

Radot 10; Vegeta 63; Gohan 39; Goten 28; Trunks 29; Pan 19; Tentuks 7; Vepata 7; Majuub 21


Melika Born


Parsen Born


Goten becomes world champion, Lord Gohan attacks from the future
Radot 22; Trunks 35; Goten 34; Pan 25; Majuub 27; Tentuks 13; Vepata 13; Lord Gohan 90


Future Trunks returns and dies. Goten escapes, head back in time to Vegeta
Future Trunks 94; Radot 26; Goten 36; Pan 27; Dark Majuub 29; Tentuks 15; Vepata 15; Bulla 28; Lord Gohan 92


Finale of NG, Omeshenku returns, Lord Gohan defeated. Fusion 'Saiyan' created. Trunks killed whilst dead and ceases to exist. Vegeta and Goten leave for space. Radot begins life as a hermit.

Vegeta 22 (64); Vepata 17; Tentuks 17; Pan 29; Dark Majuub 30; Radot 28; Bulla 29; Goten 37; Lord Gohan 93


Vepata and Tentuks vanish, #18 malfunctions and Roshi heads out to sea

Vepata 18; Tentuks 18


DBU Begins, Melika meets Parsen, who joins Pan's Academy and trains with Krillin. Vegeta is frozen by the Aerolians, deep in space.
Parsen 12; Melika 14; Krillin 74; Pan 35


Froztio conquers Tarble. Parsen defeats Collifor


Next World Tournament ends without winner. Power-Orb found, Goten rescued, Radot returns, Parsen mutated into a Saiyan, Froztio defeated. Vegeta, Tentuks and Vepata recovered, Aerolians defeated
Yajirobe 77; Parsen 14; Collifor 18; Tarble 75; Krillin 76; Pan 37; Dark Majuub 38; Bulla 37; Radot 44; Goten 45; Dende Jr 17


Kallaka Arc - Majuub healed of darkness but killed, as is Pan. Tentuks corrupted and kills Vepata, later dies himself. Goku returns and Shenron is restored

Parsen 15; Melika 17; Krillin 77; Bulla 38; Radot 46; Goten 46; Vegeta 29 (71); Goku 40 (76), Vepata 26; Tentuks 26


Future Gohan becomes Lord Gohan after parasite attack. Future Earth laid ruin


Lord Gohan travels back to the main timeline (Age 801) to take over world


Future Trunks manages to build a new time machine and heads to 803, he dies


  • The Budokai Tenkaichi 35 Saga is the first Saga where all of the fighters that make up of the Z Warriors were not introduced until the Cell/Android Arc of Dragon Ball Z (Present Trunks, Majuub, Goten, Radot, Pan, Vepata, Tentuks). In fact, from the start of the Radot Saga, none of the characters from the original Dragon Ball series make up the main ensemble of Z Warriors - (present Trunks, Majuub, Goten, Pan, Gohan, Vepata, Tentuks, Vegeta).
  • Krillin remains the highest-killed character with a total of four deaths.
  • Goku is the original leader of the Z Warriors (albeit informally at first). He later hands over this role to Trunks in episode 800 (45 of Dragon Ball NG): Trunks, Defender of the Earth. Trunks keeps this role until his death while dead, and the Z Warriors disperse later at the end of Dragon Ball NG. When evil is afoot once again in the Universe, Pan intially leads the new cast of warriors being the strongest one left (at first).
  • Dragon Ball Z is the longest instalment of the program, with 381 episodes. This is followed by Dragon Ball Universe, with 374, NG, with 300, GT with 214, and lastly, Dragon Ball with 160.
  • Despite GT, NG and DBU not having manga counterparts, they tend to stay true to the foundations of the anime, featuring both short and multi-episode filler sequences, dragging out both fights and plots.
  • The Dragon Ball Z Movies revamped and integrated into the storyline include: Dead Zone, Cooler's Revenge, The Return of Cooler, Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan, Super Android 13!, Bojack Unbound, Broly: Second Coming, Bio-Broly and Fusion Reborn. Cooler's Revenge, the three Broly films and Super Android 13! involve considerable alterations, with the latter actually being moved completely to the very end of Dragon Ball Z and heavily featuring Uub.
  • Although timeline-wise, Wrath of the Dragon would fit in relatively well, it was not included. Instead, the opening Arc of Dragon Ball GT (the MosiMuar/Harks Arc) is a loose adaptation of the movie, featuring two split souls forming an incredible monster.
  • Present Trunks is the only un-fused character across all 1429 episodes to naturally reach all five levels of Super Saiyan.
  • Goten and Vegeta both access Super Saiyan 5, but only achieve this whilst transforming as a Super Saiyan 4. They used the Golden Oozaru to bypass the Super Saiyan 3, and thus neither ever achieve it.
  • Goku achieves the first four levels naturally, but only ever becomes a Super Saiyan 5 as Dark Goku with extended manipulation from Lord Gohan. When he returns at the end of Dragon Ball Universe, he cannot go beyond Super Saiyan 4.
  • Barring Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr., by the end of Dragon Ball Universe, each "good" Saiyan or Saiyan hybrid has been involved in at least one fusion.
  • Explanations for Gohan's inability to achieve the Mystic form in Dragon Ball GT are given, and attempts to re-include former characters more are attempted (such as Yamcha's manipulation by Harks and subsequent fusion with Trunks during the SaiyaCell Saga, Tien's viral attack and the extension of Piccolo's suicide in Dragon Ball GT along with Earth and the Black Star Dragon Balls).
  • The two new "Saiyans" introduced in Dragon Ball Universe have the same pun - Parsen is based on Parsnip, and Collifor's name derives from Cauliflour.
  • Essentially, Dragon Ball Universe is a re-imagining of Dragon Ball. Krillin plays the role of Roshi, Dende Jr. is the Kami and Parsen is the young protagonist. Parsen fights an old foe of the planet at the World Tournament (the Time Thief/Piccolo), Collifor's arrival on Earth can be roughly equated to the Saiyan Saga and Froztio is essentially a stronger version of Frieza. After that, the series diverges further.