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Ch- the new start[]

a young boy in vilage of training island who doesn't know about his origin is going to see a new adventure

Rockey: hi giro, what's up? you are now five right? so what's your plans for your birthday.

Giro: i am going from village so i can train and become an martial artist.

Rockey: ya , i had told you before and i told you again you are born to be an fighter. even you look like great martial artist GOKU . i remember your father wanted you to become an fighter he loves fighting he died 4 years ago

Giro: yeah

Rockey: so on which school you are you going

Giro: saiyan's school i wish they will acept me as a student

Rockey: take this capsules they will help you good luckk bye

Giro: bye

giro goes to sea shore

Rockey: what a fearless boy. if it wasn't him i will stop him

he was wallking sudenly an cloud(flying nimbus) came across him he thinks giro is 'his master(goku)giro sat on nimbus and comand him to go to saiyan's island he was happy that he got a friendly cloud

some minutes later he arived on sayian's island on which gohan trains his student with goten and pan and sometimes trunks and bra

he came to pan .everyone was shocked to see someone who looked like her goku

Pan: whats your name?

Giro: giro i want to become a student of your school

Pan: o.k show me your strength

giro picked an big rock and brocked it into pieces . pan was impressed . he start doing his training. giro was doing te best he learned