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Dragon ball O mega[]

A fan made story created by Dangerous1255 23:53, May 19, 2012 (UTC)Dangerous1255. In which humans are against Saiyans so in order to save their son Randy, a Saiyan family sents him to a nearby planet called gakin that is a planet where only Saiyans live. While there he is forced to go to a boarding school because his uncle doesn't want to take care of him any more. Then he starts giong on numerous adventures.


Randy- The main Saiyan who was sent to another planet.He has jet black pointy hair (similar to adult Goten). He is a strong Saiyan and is always getting into trouble without meaning to.

Link- The 1st enemy of Randy (although they later become friends). Link has jet black long hair (similar to Yamcha's long hair). Link is a very powerful Saiyan and is very good looking.

Kevin- The wisecrack of the group. He has pointy red hair (similar to android #15). He is lazy and enjoys eating and flirting. He is Randy's best friend and the older brother of Tammy and Luther.

Tammy - Tammy is a girl who (like many others) has devolved a deep crush on Link. She is very girly and enjoys shopping and being boss. After discovering Link's secret, Link and her become enemies. She is the younger sister of Kevin and the older sister of Luther.

Luther(Luke) - Luther is the brain of the group and likes to invent things. He is constantly being tormented by his older siblings. Although he is not a good fighter he still knows the solar flare. He is the youngest of Tammy and Kevin.