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This article, Dragon ball AT, takes place in an alternate universe or timeline,
and is not considered a part of the main Dragon Ball Timeline.

It was 2:35 a.m. in West City. Two twin babies are crying out for the 1st time in their life. This is how the story starts...

"WAAAAAAAAA WAAAAAAAAAAA WAAAAAAA"- cried the twins. "Awww"- said their mother, future Bulma. "Ugh, get those brats to stop!!!!" -said their dad, future Vegeta (duh). "Oh come on Vegeta"- said future Bulma. "Ugh, be quiet bull-moose!" -yelled future Vegeta.

"My name is Bulma!" -said future Bulma. "Whatever" -said future Vegeta. "Well, how are you going to name them?" -asked future Bulma's mom. "I do not know mom" -said future Bulma. "How about Trunks and Sara?"- -said future Bulma's dad. "Dad, those are really good names. Well then, your names are Trunks and Sara!" -said future Bulma.


6 years later. Future Trunks's POV:

"Mom! mom! MOM!!!!" -yelled a 6 years old me. "Yeah Trunks, what is it?" -said future Bulma. "Mom, have you seen Sara?"-I asked. "No, I have not Trunks, why?" -said future Bulma. "I just have not seen her" -I said. .*BOOM* "What the H.F.I.L was that???!!!" -I yelled. "Oh no, the androids, come on Trunks!" -said future Bulma.

"O.k. mom" -I said. "Guys!!!!!!!!!" -yelled future Sara. "SARA!" -I yelled to my sister. "Huh? oh sorry Trunks, I was walking and I got lost" -said future Sara.

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