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Dragon Buster(ドラゴンバスター Ryu no jouhanshin) is one of Gohan (DBSF)'s modes

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In Dragon Buster mode, Gohan's hair turns crimson red, his eyes turn teal (like in Super Saiyan) and his skin tone becomes somewhat lighter.

Gohan's height and weight are increased; his hair also gets longer (Although, due to the fact that his hair is pointed up, it's hard to tell.)

Gohan(Dragon Buster mode)

Gohan in Dragon Buster Mode

Powers & Abilities[]

In Dragon Buster mode, Gohan's physical abilities are increased ten-fold. He becomes faster and stronger than before. His physical and energy attack rate is doubled, as well as his defense. Gohan swordsman's skill is also increased to the point of where he can use up to four swords at a time. Gohan also gets animal like senses, such as seeing and hearing farther than normal humans, and a keen sense of smell.

Dragon Buster mode comes with its own assortment of attacks:

Ryuga (ドラゴンの牙Dragon Fang)

A powerful energy attack Gohan sends from his sword. It is shaped like a Dragon's fang

Kin Ryuga

Kin Ryuga in use

Kin Ryuga(金武ドラゴンの牙 Gold Dragon Fang)

A golden version of Ryuga. It is not as powerful as the original, but it is faster.

Kenkau no Moui (剣士のフューリー Swordsman's Fury)

Gohan takes a sword in each hand, and spins them 360 degrees. While spinning, Gohan is unable to see,but he uses his keen sense of smell to find his opponent. He can cut through just about anything.

Roku Ryu no Geki (陸龍スト Six Dragon Strikes)

One of his most powerful and rarely used techniques. Gohan's Swords glow bright blue,he jumps in the air and makes a circle with his blade,them the kanjis for 1-6 and he fires six blue-energy dragons at his enemy.

Kendo Ryuga (剣道ドラゴンの牙 Way of the Sword,Dragon Fang)

The energy of Ryuga contained within the sword, Gohan does a basic Kendo strike, releasing the energy, dealing a great amount of damage to his opponent.

Roku Renzoku Giri (一つで六つのスラッシュ Six Slashes in one) This is one of the most powerful and dangerous of Gohan's techniques. When the attack is first used, it is hard to tell if it was used or not (due to the fact that he simply draws his sword,strikes once and his opponent falls.) The main use of the technique is speed. Gohan moves at a blinding speed, performing six slashes at that speed. The most dangerous part about this attack is because Gohan cannot see while using said attack. If he is not careful, Gohan can hurt himself or another person(outside his opponent). Gohan uses his sense of smell to find his opponent. This could be considered his most dangerous technique, due tothe  lack of control.


  • In Dragon Buster mode,Gohan looks close to Crono from Crono Trigger (however, Gohan's eyes become slit.)
  • Gohan uses a sword style very close to the one Roronoa Zoro from One Piece, uses.
  • The Name of Gohan's sword style is "Shichi Oushou no Jutsu" (Which means "Art/Technique of the Seven Kings")