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Jake T Austin as Goku Son

Unknown as Bulma

Chow Yun-Fat as Master Roshi

Bella Throne as ChiChi

Justin Chatwin as Lord Vegeta

Noah Ringer is Kurrin

Joon Hynung as Yamcha

Voice Actors[]

Brad Jackson as Oolong

Monika Antonelli as Puar


The movie starts out as a planet called Vegeta where the lord lives talks about a kid named Kakarot living on Earth and it cuts to Goku Son wearing goggles chopping wood with his hands.Then he finds a magic ball with 4 stars on it so he picked it up and took it home but when he came home his grandpa left a video on the television saying that he went for a morning hike but won't be back for a while so Goku Son has to lock up.One day later Goku Son's grandpa was still not home so Goku Son wanted to catch a killer shark.Meanwhile A young teenager with blue hair is fishing for some fish also but when Goku Son comes along and catches all the fish and runs back to his home and Bulma chases after him to get at least one fish back but when Bulma runs into Goku Son she see's Goku's full star ball and takes it a runs off.Goku then searches reallu far until he finally finds Bulma at a Capsule House so he runs to her and tells her its his ball.Later Bulma explains the dragon balls to Goku but he does'nt want to give it to Bulma,so she offers him to touch her butt.