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This what if is about Kid Vegeta,Kid Raditz and Kid Turles and takes place on planet vegeta.

What If... Planet Vegeta wasnt ruled by Freiza?[]

Kid Vegeta: Father, i want a mission.

King Vegeta: Alright why dont you go sign up for that tournament were having in the kids division.

Kid Vegeta: But i want a mission not a tournament!

King Vegeta: You cant have a mission yet son.

Kid Vegeta: Why not!

King Vegeta: Because your only 12!

Kid Vegeta: Alright i'll do the tournament (Walks to the Tournament)

Kid Raditz: Oh hey Vegeta!

Kid Vegeta: What do you want Raditz.

Kid Raditz: Well in some of the matches you need two partners so i need one more partner.

Kid Vegeta: Whos your other partner Raditz?

Kid Turles: I am.

Kid Vegeta: Turles?

Kid Raditz: So do you want in on the team?

Kid Vegeta: Hmm...

Kid Turles: We're gonna end up fighting eachother in a three way match in the final round anyway so want in?

Kid Vegeta: Sure why not.

Announcer: Alright we are getting ready for the reveal of the rounds of the kids division!

Round 1

Raditz's Team vs Melks' Team

Octus' Team vs Harts' Team

Fwuit's Team vs Aple's Team

Announcer: Now lets start Round 1!

Kid Vegeta: Lets get ready weaklings.

Kid Turles: Alright!

Kid Raditz: (Shoots ki blasts at Melks' team)

Kid Vegeta: (Kicks Melks across Arena)

Announcer: Hes out! Team Raditz wins!

(Later at Round 2)

Announcer: Now it shall be Team Raditz vs Team Octus vs Team Fwuit