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Dragon Ball Z United is a novelization of the cancelled Dojinshi series, Dragon Ball United. It follows the same plot and overall the same story.

Vulgor Saga[]

Ch-1: A New Threat![]

[Opens with a camera shot of the outside of Capsule Corp. Quick establishing shots of birds flying around, small animals scurrying in the woods, and more fly by.]

Narrator: Several years have passed since the ressurection of Goku via the White-Star Dragon Balls. However, peace will not last for long!

[Camera returns to Capsule Corp, and a close up shot of two fists colliding, sending a small shockwave. Goku and Vegeta, in base form, back away from each other, slowly. They then exchange another quick round of blows, before backing up again.]

Vegeta: Gah! This is child's play! C'mon, Kakarot, let's go at it with our full power!

Goku: You know we can't do that, Vegeta! If we did, the whole city would be destroyed!

Vegeta: ... And?