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Dragon Ball Z AT (Alternative Timeline).



Piccolo vs Frieza 2nd form

On Namek Frieza and Piccolo locked fists and were battling. "How the hell did a mere Namek get that strong?!" said Vegeta "After this I'll defeat you Namek!" Vegeta said.

"After this we settle this Battle!" said Piccolo.

Goku arrived after Frieza went to his third form as Goku went Super Saiyan. When Frieza was defeated Gohan,Piccolo, and Bulma returned home. Vegeta wanted to settle the battle with Piccolo, so did Piccolo.

Dark Namek SagaEdit

Vegeta had attacked Gohan."Let Gohan go!" said Piccolo. "Lets settle this fight! Namek!" said Vegeta. Vegeta kicked Piccolo in the face then elbowed him in the arm. Piccolo then pinned Vegeta into the mountain and kicked Vegeta in the face.Vegeta then teleported behind Piccolo and punched him into the mountain. "Special Beam Cannon!" Piccolo yelled firing a purple beam at Vegeta. The blast hit the mountain exploding. Piccolo then fired a kick at Vegeta who after imaged and apperead behind Piccolo. "That all you got Namek?!" Vegeta yelled then punched Piccolo in the stomach. Vegeta then began firing punchs and kicks at Piccolo who was slammed against the wall. Vegeta then gatherd a huge ball of Energy and fired the ball at Piccolo. "Galic Gun!" Yelled Vegeta. "Masenko Ha!" Piccolo yelled. The two attacks hit each other and the two engaged in a beam sturggle.Piccolo's blast overwheelmed Ve

Gohan uses Masenko against Vegeta

geta. Piccolo smashed Vegeta in the face with his fist sending Vegeta flying to the ground. Piccolo then hit Vegeta with several energy Blasts. "Die Vegeta!" said Piccolo. Vegeta got back up now severaly injuryed "You're mine Namek!" screamed Vegeta. "Bing Bang Attack!" yelled Vegeta. His attack hit Piccolo, injurying him .Then Vegeta slammed his elbow into Piccolos stomach sending Piccolo flying into the dirt Vegeta then kicked Piccolo hard sending the Green Namekian flying into the mountain. Vegeta picked Piccolo up throwing him in the air kneeing him in the stomach then firing several blasts at Piccolo who screamed in pain. Piccolo's arms had been badly injuryed and as he ripped off his arms trying to regenirate Vegeta kept attack him. "Look's like im the strongest Namek!" Vegeta laughed. "Tell me were the Dragon Balls Are!" screamed Vegeta, "Never!" said Piccolo. "Then ill have to beat you with an inch of you'r life!" said Vegeta. "MasenkoHa!" Yelled Gohan firing a yellow blast at Vegeta. "Get away from Mr Piccolo!" Gohan screamed, rushing to his best friend. Vegeta then kicked Gohan in the face then Gohan flew up into the air and punched Vegeta over and over in the face. Vegeta then kneed Gohan in the face as the young Saiyan coughed up blood "Looks like you're not so tough with out you're Green buddy or you're Daddy Kakarot!" laughed Vegeta firing a giant ball of energy at Gohan. An enranged Piccolo yelled "Special Beam Cannon!" ,hitting Vegeta in the back. "Damn you Namek!" Vegeta yelled. "Galic Gun!!" the angered sayian yelled. The attack hit Piccolo neraly killing him. "Mr.Piccolo! How dare you harm my best friend!" yelled Gohan punching Vegeta in the stomach. Gohan then kicked Vegeta into the mountain. "Masenko Ha!" screamed Gohan. His attack hit Vegeta,injurying him badly. "Im going to kill you brat!" screamed Vegeta who began pounding Gohan who dripped blood out of his mouth. Vegeta flew of yelling "I'll kill you later weaklings!". Gohan walked over to Piccolo "Mr Piccolo! are you okay?!" said Gohan. "Yeah, get me a Sensu Bean!" said Piccolo.

Vegeta went to Dr. Briefs who gave him a ship "thanks old man when i become a Super Saiyan i'll make you'r death painless!" said Vegeta flicking Doctor Briefs sending Dr Briefs flying through a wall almost killing him.

Piccolo and Gohan were at the lookout Piccolo Kami and Mr Popo were there the other Z Fighters arrived Tien Shinhan Chiaotzu Krillin Yamcha Bulma arrivied to and supplied Gohan with a Saiyan fighting suit "look when Vegeta returns he'll be stronger then ever possibly a Super Saiyan we need to prepare and get stronger we caint wait for Goku we need to get stronger we'll use the Hyper Bolic Time Chamber" said Piccolo "will get much stronger right!" said Gohan "two people will have to cupy the chamber they'll get 1 year of traning in a day" said Mr Popo "wow that could really boost our skills!" said Krillin "how about Gohan goes in with Piccolo since Piccolo knows him the best then Yamcha and Krillin go in then me and Tien" said Chiaotzu "fine" said Piccolo Gohan and Piccolo went into the hyper bolic time chamber to train.

Vegeta arrivied on a planet full of bird like people called Zorgas the Zorgas were armed "have you seen a Saiyan here named Kakrot he defeated Frieza! he goes by Goku!" said Vegeta "impossible a monkey couldint do that!" said the leader of the Zorgas "oh yeh how about i show you freaks!" said Vegeta "lemme check you'r power level" said the Zorga Vegeta powerd up "13,000...14,567...19,560,...32,046...46,000...76,456!" thats when the Zorgas scouter blew up The Zorga screamed moving back "your power levels higher then the Ginyu Force!" scramed the Bird like Alien "Hahahah aha! You weaklin

s this is only 8 percent of my power!" laughed Vegeta thats when the Zorgas attacked firing several energy attacks at Vegeta who came back unfazed "Bang!.." said Vegeta firing a red ball of energy at the Zorgas it hit them and exploded

Vegeta goes Super Saiyan

killing them "I will become more powerfull then Kakrot!" yelled Vegeta getting anrgy his energy focused in his hair turned yellow "I am a Super Saiyan!" laughed Veg

ta "who needs the Dragon Balls!" Vegeta laughed then contiuned to destroy planets looking for Goku.

A Zorga

Vegeta tortures a Zorga for information on Goku right before he goes Super Saiyan

Goku had stopped Lord Slug with the help of Piccolo right before Lord Slug died he spat a egg out of his mouth "My terror on this planet may have been short lived but my legacy on this planet will continue go forth my son and destroy this planet!" said Lord Slug who died the egg landed in the middle of a desert during the time when Gohan Piccolo Goku Krillin were on Namek the Egg grew and became a Namekian who looked just like Piccolo he had one goal in life to kill Gohan Goku Piccolo by this time he was much bigger his name was Lord Slug Jr the evil Namekian laughed today was the day he would attack he had surpassed his father by far.Lord Slug Jr then spit out three eggs out of the first egg sproted a Mutant Namekian that looked like Piano but had a perdactial like face the next two that came out looked just like Tamboruine and Drum "who do you serve my children!" said Lord Slug Jr "Lord Slug" said on of the Mutants "you shall be named Belzibub" Lord Slug Jr said pointing to the predicatol Namekian "you two shall be Devil and you shall be Macoz" said Lord Slug Jr the evil Demons flew of.

14 hours had past Gohan and Piccolo were traning Piccolo had perfected his Ultra Special Beam Cannon and he also had worked on his final form when he turns Giant Gohan also learned how to go False Super Saiyan "Take this!" Piccolo yelled "Special Beam Cannon!!!!" the blast hit Gohan sending him flyinging "Masenko Ha!" Gohan yelled his attack hit Piccolos second Special Beam Cannon the two engaged in a Beam Struggle Piccolo grabed Gohan by the foot and threw him "Brat!" screamed Piccolo punching Gohan in the stomach Gohan jumped in the air kicking Piccolo in the face Piccolo grabed Gohan throwing him up in the air "Mr Piccolo wach this!" said Gohan "Thunder Beam!" Gohan Yelled a bolt of Lighting Ki came out of Gohans hands "Demon Explosive Wave!" yelled Piccolo firing a Yellow Beam of energy which hit Gohans Thunder Beam the two engaged in a beam struggle.

Gohan's mother, Chi-Chi was worried sick about Gohan he'd been gone for a day the Ox-King conforted her so the other Z Fighters arrivied at Chi-Chis house Yamcha Bulma Master Roshi told Chi-Chi what was happing with Vegeta Chi-Chi didint like that she didint like the fact her sons best friend was a Demon.


Piccolo using Special Beam Cannon

Piccolo fired a energy ball at Gohan which exploded Gohan then punched Piccolo in the face Piccolo streched out his arm and punched Gohan in the face sending him crashing into the wall thats when a yellow aura surronded Gohan "False Super Saiyan!!!!" yelled Gohan "Bring it on!" Piccolo yelled the two clashed Piccolo streched out his arm and punched Gohan into the ground "Ultra Special Beam Cannon!!!!!!" Yelled Piccolo firing a huge red ball of energy at Gohan Gohan then headbutted Piccolo and began punching him Piccolo grabed Gohan throwing him Gohan then kicked Piccolo in the face Gohan then punched Piccolo in the stomach "Final Form!!!!" yelled Piccolo Piccolo got super big his power incrssed rapidly but his speed didint "Night Blaster!!!!" Piccolo yelled firing a Blue Beam of Energy out of his mouth the blast hit Gohan Piccolo now a Giant grabbed Gohan and crushed him slamming Gohan into the ground Gohan flew into the air grabbing Piccolo by the finger and throwing him over Piccolo then smashed Gohan with a kick the two battled Piccolo was stronger but was lacking speed.

Gohan and Piccolo traning in the hyper bolic time chamber power levels.

  • Gohan - 653,000 before hyper bolic time chamber 800,000 - 3,541,000 when mad
  • Gohan in hyper bolic time chamber - 1,435,000
  • Gohan with Super Masenko - 4,345,000
  • Gohan False Super Saiyan - 4,657,000
  • Piccolo - 1,600,000 before hyper bolic time chamber 1,800,000 full power 1,500,000 with weights
  • Piccolo in hyper bolic time chamber - 4,000,000 with out weights 3,612,000 with weights
  • Piccolo Full Power - 4,783,000
  • Piccolo Ultra Special Beam Cannon - 5,067,000
  • Piccolo Giant Form - 13,000,000 but lacking speed

"i am Lord Slug!" the Namekian yelled shooting a yellow beam from his fingertips which destroyed a huge area the Demons Devil Belzibub Lord Slug Jr Macoz were destroying everything in there path people were screaming the news was all over "thres monsters attacking west city it's in ruins!" said a reported the Demon Clan had allready destroyed all of the earths army thats when Tien Krillin Chiaotzu Yamcha arrivied "were the hell is Goku!" said Lord Slug Jr "hey you'r Lord Slug Goku defeated you!" said Krillin "i'd tell you but you wont live long enough to care!" said Lord Slug Jr "Goku aint here and Piccolo and Gohan will be out soon how about you fight use intill then" said Yamcha "yeh!" said Tien "you make me laugh! you humans are pathetic stronger then most humans but still weak!" laughed Belzibub "how about i pound you to a pulp!" Yamcha said "be carefull Yamcha this guy is super strong" said Tien grabbing his friend "all right then how about Devil vs all of you Humans! intill the fellow Namek and the Saiyan come out!" said Lord Slug Jr "Devil's the weakest of use!" said Belzibub Devil steeped up to the Human Z Fighters he looked just like Cymbal a Namekian like Dragon

Human Z Fighters vs Lord Sug Jr

  • Lord Slug Jr - 3,456,000
  • Belzibub - 2,345,000
  • Macoz - 834,000
  • Devil - 271,000
  • Tien - 98,000
  • Krillin - 64,000
  • Yamcha - 57,000
  • Chiaotzu - 10,000

Hyper Bolic Time Chamber SagaEdit

"no! Piccolo we have to help the others! theres a new evil!" said Gohan "no Gohan we need to finish our traning in here this new power is Lord Slug!" said Piccolo "Lord Slug! my Daddy defeated him!" said Gohan Piccolo the Green Namekian growled "were done traning!" Piccolo said who went to his bed and went to sleep Gohan worked on his studys "im going to do this work mommy will be proud!" said Gohan who worked on school work.

"tell you what ill let you fools get 1 blast each on me then i'll kill you!" said Devil the Namekian moved forward "you'r mistake it will kill you!" Yelled Tien "Tri-Beam-Cannon!!!!" yelled Tien firing a yellow blast at Devil Tien flew up in the air launching his Tri-Beam-Cannon "come on come on!" said Yamcha gathering energy for his attack "Spirt Ball!!!" Yamcha yelled throwing his energy ball at Devil "Kamehameha!!!" yelled Krillin unleshing a blue blast "Super Dodon Blast!!!" yelled Chiaotzu firing a pink blast the attacks hit Devil exploding Devil came out of the attacks injuryed a little "what the hell! you cum!" yelled Devil "looks like Devil is having trouble with weaklings!" said Macoz "shut up!" Devil Yelled "oh man how did he survive that!" said Krillin who was shaking Tien moved bacl "you'r mying!" yelled Devil the Namekian charged into the air "Thunder Blast!!!" Devil Yelled gathering lighting in his hand "ah so he's using his lighting attack" Lord Slug Jr said laughing "look what he's doing what power!" said Yamcha "every one try and avoid the blast!" yelled Tien thats when Devil unlesahsed his lighting attack a lighting blast Tien Yamcha Chiaotzu Krillin all dodged the attack missing it narrowly the blast hit Tiens arm "Tien!" yelled Chiaotzu afriad for his best friend Tiens arm had been ripped of by the blast "aaaaaaaaaaa!!!" said Tien "how about another!" yelled Devil who began charging up for another lighting attack "quick scatter!" yelled Yamcha Devil unleshsed his attack the lighting went straight at the Human Z Fighters "this attack isint as strong as the last one but i'tll be enough to kill you!" laughed Devil the lighting blast hit the Humans explodoing Krillin had put both of his arms together and formed something of a energy sheild the blast had hit Krillin but not badly still Krillin was minorly ingered Yamcha had been thrown into the air by the blast sending him flying Chiaotzu had screamed taking the tip of the blast which sent the little mime sky rockting Tien had gotten hit hard by the blast about the same as Krillin "now im coming in for the kill!" said Devil who flew fast at the Humans before Tien had a chance to move Devil was right in front of him Devil punched Tien into a bulding "there goes one!" said Devil "Wolf Fang Fist!!" Yamcha Yelled punching Devil in the face several times Yamcha punched Devil in the stomach Devil was hurt by the hit gasping for air Devil got mad and swung his tail at Yamcha who ducked barly missing it Yamcha punched Devil in the stomach several times Devil gasped and spit out Purple blood "wow Devil you'r weak getting beat up by humans!" Macoz said the Demon Namekians laughed "okay Human ive had enough of you!" Devil Yelled Yamcha tryed to punch Devil however the Demon grabbed Yamchas fist blocking the attack Devil put up his hand and gatherd energy for a attack thats when a huge boulder hit Devil in the back standing there was Chiaotzu who had hit Devil with a boulder "thats for Tien!" Chiaotzu said "you Brat!" Devil yelled Yamcha struck Devil in the face "die!" Devil yelled unleashing his attack on Yamcha a yellow blast hit Yamcha blowing him up "Yamcha!!!!" yelled Krillin a astonsihed Chiaotzu stood there "he was my friend ill pay him back!!" yelled Krillin "Destructo Disk!!" Krillin fired a Yellow Disk at Devil who flipped over hoping to dodge the disk however the disk came up and sliced of Devils tail "you brat god dame you you'r mying!" yelled Devil gathering energy Devil then came at Krillin fast "this is my one shot!" Krillin said "Kamehameha!" Krillin yelled his attack hit Devil full force sending the Demon crashing into a building "Nice hit Krillin!" Chiaotzu said to his friend "thanks that was for Yamcha!" Krillin said the Demon Namekians were laughing at Devil calling him weak "thats it ill show you!" thought Devil gathering energy Devil then fired a huge energy ball at Krillin and Chiaotzu "wow!" the two yelled just avoding it Devil flew up "im going to kill you!" the Demon said lunging for Chiaotzu "Tri-Beam-Cannon!" yelled Tien the blast hit the Demon sending him into the rubble of a bulding "quick we have to hit him before he recovers!" said Tien "Tien!" yelled Chiaotzu happy to see his best friend Krillin was happy to see his friend to "Tien! Yamcha died im sorry i couldint stop Devil!!" said Krillin "Dont worry well avenge Yamchas death!" Tien said to Krillin reasurring his friend "quick we have to hit him before he gathers more energy!" said Tien Devil was badly injuryed his arms were ripped of because of Tiens Tri-Beam-Cannon which had ripped of both his arms Krillins Kamehameha had injuryed him by tearning his foot of he couldint let his father and his brothers see him they'd laugh he'd be killed thats when Devil gatherd Energy he began to regenerate he hoped they'd think he was dead then he could hit them with a lighting attack "quick we have to hit him!" said Tien "Super Dodon Blast!" Yelled Chiaotzu "Tri-Beam Cannon!" "Kamehameha!" the Humans attacks combinded full force Devil fired his lighting attack but it wasint enough to stop the Humans Beam which killed Devil "this is bad! Devil was only the weakest!" said Tien can the Human Z Fighters Tien Chiaotzu Krillin hold of Lord Slugs Demons intill Gohan and Piccolo arrive?.


Piccolo using Special Beam Cannon to Kill Macoz

Piccolo and Gohan finished there traning in the hyper bolic time chamber they were heading for the battle field "time to clean up the trash!" said Macoz who charged up a electric blast "Dodon Ray!" yelled Tien his attack hit Macoz but it did no affect "Desturcto Disk!" Krillin threw his disk at Macoz who jumped in the air doing a back flip Macoz concentrate

d his energy and grabbed the disk then fired it at K

rillin the disk sliced through him killing Krillin "Krillin!" yelled Chiaotzu "you'r gonna pay for killing my friend!" yell

ed Tien both Tien and Chiaotzufired Dodon Ray at Macoz who hit it away "Burning fist!" yelled Macoz who's fist became red Tien had no more power left he'd used up all his power on the Tri-Beam-Ca

Gohan blasts garlic

Gohan fires Masenko

nnon Tien was about to die "Special Beam Cannon!!!!!!!" Yelled Piccolo firing the attack right through Macozkilling him Gohan and Piccolo had arrived "Yay!" said Tien "youve arrivied! good now the real battle can began!" said Lord Slug Jr.

Lord Slug SagaEdit

Gohan battled Belizbub who used burning fist to try and slam Gohan who dodged the attack kicking Belzibub into the wall Belzibub grabbed Gohan slamming him through a old aprtament building Belzibub began toruturing Gohan and said he would kill his mother Gohan became enraged and beat down Belzibub "Masenko Ha!" yelled Gohan killing Belzibub.

Piccolo and Gohan fought Lord Slug Jr and were winning Lord Slug Jr transformed becoming Giant so Piccolo transformed to the two giants clashed with Piccolo winning Gohan shot Masenko at Lord Slug Jr who unleshed his ultimate power Gohan and Piccolo finished Lord Slug Jr with a Tag Team Masenko Piccolo and Gohan collected all the Dragon Balls and wished back Krillin and Yamcha Chiaotzu and Tien were givien Sensu Beans Gohan returned home Chi-Chi his mother made him study Piccolo grew much stronger during this time every one was waiting for Goku Tien Krillin Yamcha Chiaotzu were traning Vegeta returned lived at Capsule corp waiting for Goku to arrivie.Thats when Mecha Frieza and King Cold arrived Trunks defeated them Goku arrived then Trunks explained to them about the Androids and how he was Vegetas son to Goku Piccolo went to live with Gohan and Goku to train Vegeta began traning Krillin did to so did Yamcha Tien and Chiaotzu began traning to for the arrival of the androids.

Android 13 SagaEdit

The Z Fighters arrivied at west city Krillin spotted two people who looked like street performers Krillin went and told Goku who approched them "hey wach out for two killer Androids! they could be eny body!" said Goku thats when the small purple one fired a energy wave at a building blowing it up "we are them! i am 15 this is 14!" 14 was a big huge Android with a sword 15 was a small purple Android 14 tryed punching Goku in the face but Goku dodged it then punched 15 in the face thats when Piccolo Gohan Tien Krillin arrived "so these are the big scary Androids!" said Piccolo saracastically "ill show you scary!" screamed 14 who charged Piccolo.

A fat white clown and a old man were waching the battle "20 these are good Androids but they are no were near as powerfull as 17 or 18 or use" said 19 the old man 20 responded "it dosint matter as long as they kill Goku and his friends!" said 20.

Goku and 15 were locked in a battle 15 fired a giant energy wave at Goku who jumped into the air dodging it "Kamehameha!!!!" Goku yelled firing his blue blast at 15 who jumped out of the way at the last minute 15 kicked Goku into the wall of a bulding and fired a red ball of energy at Goku the blast hit the Saiyan Goku then launched another Kamehameha at 15 the blast hit the Android hard 15 then pinned Goku into the wall and fired a energy wave "Kao Ken x 10!" Yelled Goku a red aura surronded him 15 fired a explosive wave at Goku but Goku swatted it away easyly then kicked 15 into a building fisnishing him with a Kamehameha 14 exploded his energy chip flying out "i didnt even have to go Super Saiyan to win that battle!" said Goku.

Piccolo was locked in a battle with 14 "Special Beam Cannon!!!!" yelled Piccolo firing his purple blast at 14 the blast hit the Android hard sending him flying Piccolo the Namekian kicked 14 into a bulding 14 came back enraged then fired a energy wave at Piccolo Tien fired a Dodon Ray at 14 the blast did not affect 14 pulled out his word nocking Piccolo into a bulding then 14 slammed his elbow into the Namek Piccolo then launched a explosive wave which hit 14 causing him to explode his energy chip went flying thats when 19 and 20 flew into the battle "not bad Goku but you caint defeat use!" said 20 "lets take this battle to another place!" said Goku the Z Fighters flew of and Goku began to engage 19 in a battle "you caint win Dr Gero created use to be stronger then you!" 20 said "oh yeh did you'r calculations preditce Goku was a Super Saiyan!" said Piccolo thats when Goku went Super Saiyan his hair turned Yellow "impressive a Super Saiyan but we'll still destroy you!" said 20 "come on daddy!" said 19 Goku charged 19 bashing the Android in the face the Super Saiyan kicked 19 into a rock hard 19 rebounded with a punch but Goku doged it kneeing 19 in the stomach the Android gasped for breath only to be thrown into a wall and kicked over and over by Goku "weve won!" said Tien "yeh dont be worried Gohan!" said Krillin "i am worried" said Gohan "You'r right to be worried Gohan Gokus not fighting at his usally pace we should help him!" said Piccolo "wait a minute Yamcha didnt a Android absorb some of you'r energy!" said Piccolo "yeh this Android absorbs energy!" said Yamcha "we have to help my Ddaddy!" said

Android 13 fused

Gohan Goku was slowing down he launched a Kamehameha at 19 who absrobed it "Goku has a heart virus thats why he's losing to 19!" said Piccolo the Z Fighters flew to get Goku Yamcha picked him up 19 was about to charge at Yamcha when a sword sliced through 19's pointy head thing Yamcha flew of with Goku standing there was Trunks "we have no data on you!" said 20 "im gonna kill you androids!" said Trunks Yamcha had taken Goku home to get the antidote to the virus Trunks had warned him about Trunks went Super Saiyan and swung his sword at 19 who dodged the blade 19 struck Trunks in the face however Trunks was fast swinging his blade at 19 the Android grabbed the Young Super Saiyans blade and breaking it "ha you can only beat me with that sword with out it you are nothing!" said 19 "no a weapon dosint make the fighter you should no that!" said Trunks slamming his fist into 19s stomach 19 screamed Trunks kicked him in the face hard then hit 19 with a energy blast "Buster cannon!" yelled Trunks throwing a yellow energy ball at 19 the Android lifted up his hands absrobing the attack 19 then punched Trunks in the face "Trunks he absorbs energy! dont use energy attacks on him!" said Piccolo Trunks nodded the Super Saiyan continued to fight with 19 and was winning thats when a red energy blast hit 20 who jumped out of the way Android 13 was there "13 how dare you!" said 20 "i aint taking orders from you doctor give me 14 and 15s chips so i can become complete!" said 13 "never!" said the evil Android 20 13 punched 20 in the face 20 fired a energy ball at 13 who dodged it 13 then kneed 20 in the stomach and gatherd energy "Android Barrer!" yelled 13 throwing a huge red ball of energy at 20 who put his hands up manging to absorb some of the energy thats when 20 fled 13 caught up to him punching 20 in the face enraged 20 assutled 13 but was losing the fight 20 dropped the two chips and took of running "i will activate Androids 17 and 18 and you all will be sorry!" screamed 20 running of "17 and 18!" the Z Fighters screamed "more Androids!" said Tien "those are the ones i was telling you about we caint let that Android actvate them or it'll be the end of all of use!" yelled Trunks blasting 19 into the mountain side 19 fired a energy wave at Trunks who swatted it aside then finished 19 of with a energy blast thats whe Bulam arrived with Baby Trunks and explained that 20 was Dr gero (you allready knew that....." so Piccolo Gohan Trunks Tien Krillin all went after 20 meanwhile 13 absorbed both of the chips and became complete becomign Super Android 13 he was now much stronger and blue tons stronger "no one can stop me!" said Super 13 The Z Fighters arrived at the lab of Dr Gero who actavated 16,17,18 and made there goal to kill 13 to and Goku.

Vegeta now a Super Saiyan was flying towards the Androids when he spotted a giant blue monster like creatrue Vegeta couldint sense no power levels from it it was a Android "so you'r one of the big scary Androids you dont scare me you'r pathetic you'r a weakling! i will destroy you prepare to feel the power of a Super Saiyan!!!" said Vegeta 13 laughed "not quit there are 3 other Androids 16,17,18 im not one of the ones you'r son warned you about im a diffrient bean!!! much stronger then them!!!" said 13 thats Vegetas hair was yellow he powered up he was a Super Saiyan "Big Bang Attack!!!!!" yelled Vegeta firing a red ball of energy at 13 the blast hit 13 who was barley fazed by it "impossible i am a Super Saiyan!!!!!" said Vegeta 13 laughed "im stronger!!!" 13 fired a explosive wave at Vegeta the blast hit Vegeta sending him into the wall an enraged Vegeta charged at 13 kicking the Android in the face then punching him hard the Android grabed Vegeta tossing him away then punching him in the chest the Super Saiyan coughed up blood Super 13 blasted Vegeta sending the Super Saiyan flying nocking him out "i could kill you but i have more important matters to attend to!" said 13 thats when 17 and 18 and 16 came out and 17 and 18 encounterd the Z Fighters "bring it on!" said 17 "to easy" said 18 as she caught Trunk's sword breaking it nocking the Saiyan out 17 took down Tien and Piccolo and Gohan Krillin hid 18 kissed him and went of meanwhile Gohan and Trunks meet up with Bulma Trunkses mom thats when a evil energy was detected absorbing peoples life forces Piccolo knew what he had to do.

Cell SagaEdit

Piccolo1 dbz

Piccolo now a Super Namekian

Piccolo went to Kamis look out and fused with Kami Vegeta and Trunks couldint believe it Piccolo was now stronger then a Super Saiyan.

Vegeta and Trunks were to use the hyper bolic time chamber so were Goku and Gohan Piccolo would figh

t 17 and 18 but first he had to encounter 13.

Cell had finished absrobing all of the people in ginger town and was laughing thats when Piccolo arrived Piccolo was now stronger then a Super Saiyan "Piccolo how did you get so strong!! never mind! ill destroy you!" said Cell "you'r going down you monster!!!" said Piccolo who charged Cell and kicked Cell into a hard rock.

Piccolo and Cell were fighting in a desert area the remains of the city Piccolo punched Cell in the face then kneed him in the chest Cell then went on the offense throwing rapid punchs at Piccolo Cell punched Piccolo in the face Piccolo was ready for Cells fist then kicked Cell in the back "Masenko!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Piccolo firing a yellow beam of energy at Cell "no!!!" yelled Cell screaming the blast hit the Android sending him flying Cell was in the air "Special Beam Cannon!!!!!" yelled Cell firing a purple beam at Piccolo "how the hell do you know that attack thats my attack!!!!" said Piccolo blocking the attack Piccolo then caught Cell with a uper cut hitting Cell with several energy blasts then pounding Cell into the dirt "you'r not bad!! consedring im not in my perfect form!!" said Cell "Perfect Form!!" said Piccolo "Kame....Hame......HAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Cell "no!!" yelled Piccolo Cells Kamehahemha hit Piccolo "how the hell did you no that!" said Piccolo Cell then attacked Piccolo punching Piccolo in the face Piccolo caught Cell of huard with a kick but Cell grabed Piccolo stinging him in the arm thats when the army arrived Cell and Piccolo were in the air flying Cell was holding Piccolo down the army attacked Cell with there guns but with little affect Cell then destroyed the army with a small energy blast Cell had ripped of Piccolos arm absorbing it Piccolo elbowed Cell in the face Cell then told Piccolo everything about how he was from the future etc... thats when Piccolo regrew his arm arriving at the secne was Gohan Tien Krillin who Piccolo explained the deal to them Gohan said Vegeta and Trunks were in the hyper bolic time chamber Gohan went back up to the lookout to wait so he and Goku could go in and train.

Android 13 was found by Cell the two battled "i will absrob you!!! you'r power will be mying!" said Cell who attacked 13 punching him in the face 13 then batterd Cell hard in the chest grabbing Cell by the tail and tossing him into the wall Cell came back hitting Cell with a red ball of energy Cell hit 13 with a Special Beam Cannon in fear 13 ran "i would go after you but i have a date with some friends i dont want to be late!" said Cell thats when Vegeta and Trunks finished there traning in the hyper bolic time chamber Vegeta went Super Saiyan and so did Trunks thats when Vegeta and Trunks went asscended Super Saiyans 13 was then trapped by 18 17 and 16 "were going to kill you 13! you blue freak!!!" said 17 "please i could take all there of you on!!" said 13 meanwhile Dr Gero wached from the shadows hoping 17,18,16 would destroy 13 Android 16 charged 13 like a bull 13 was stronger then 16 but was weakned from his battle with Cell 13 punched 16 in the face only t be kicked hard by 17 and 18 13 launched a huge ball of red energy at the Androids 17 and 18 flew up into the air and fired a double beam attack the two yellow energy waves hit 13 16 fired a wave of energy blasts at 13 hoping to take him down an enraged 13 grabbed 16 smashing the massive Android hard 17 kicked 13 in the face then punched him in the stomach then 17 hit 13 with a red energy ball 13 enraged tryed elbowed 17 only to be hit by a energy blast from 18.

Cell' 1/4th completeEdit

Cell approched Dr Gero "Cell how did you get here! it dosint matter all that matters is we will now rule the universe!" said Dr Gero "not quite you see if i absorb you my power will be 1/4th complete when i absorb 17 and 18 my power will become even more power full!" said Cell absrobing Gero Cell looked just like his second form accept he was a little less musclear "i call this my quarter perfect form this will make me stronger then ever!!!" said Cell.

Vegetas powerEdit

Vegeta arrived "oh so you'r back!! ready to die!!!" said 13 "you'r going to die!!" said Vegeta who powerd up from Super Saiyan to Asseneded Super Saiyan Vegeta then punched 13 in the face 13 fired a red ball of energy at Vegeta who came out unnefected Vegeta then kicked 13 in the face 13 elbowed Vegeta who fired a Final Flash attack 13 fell to the floor badly beaten he was almost dead lying there barley alive.

Piccolo vs 1/4th perfect CellEdit

"i caint be defeated now when i absorb 17 and 18 ill be more power full then before my power will be 34 percent stronger!!!" said Cell meanwhile Vegeta began laughing Trunks who was a Super Saiyan was there two "now Androids die!!!" said Vegeta 18 and 17 did a dance and fired a large red ball of energy at Vegeta who slapped the blast away then kicked 17 in the face sending him flying meanwhile "HellZoneGrenade!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Piccolo firing several purple energy orbs which surronded Cell exploding "what Namek!!!" yeleld Cell "thats right!!!" said Piccolo Cell flew fast he had to get 17 he sensed Super Saiyans Vegeta and Trunks thats when at the last minute before Vegeta could kill 17 Cell absorbed 17 becoming 3/4ths complete.

3/4ths complete Cell vs Piccolo Vegeta TrunksEdit

Now that Cell had absorbed 17 plus absorbing 20 he had changed now Cell was huge the same as his second form except he was now much stronger he had a golden aura surroding Cell who charged 18 Trunks relized this and went to attack Cell "run 18 he's trying to absrob you like he did 17!!!!" said Piccolo Trunks attacked Cell Vegeta wached Trunks fired a yellow energy ball at Cell hitting him Cell kicked Trunks back the two were around equals because Cell had absorbed 20 giving Cell a huge boost but Trunks was stronger Vegeta then launched a energy attack at Cell to was slammed against a tree thats when Cell Grabed 18 and absorbed her Cell was now complete standing there was a tall Green warrior surronded by a golden auroa.

Cell in his final form with more powerEdit

Cell laughed "im so powerfull!!!!!!!! since i absrobed 20 my power is 2 times stronger in my final form!! you'r dealing with twice the Cell!!!!" said Cell "i'll destroy you!!!" yelled Vegeta who went Ascended Super Saiyan Trunks went to help his father "i can take care of this Cell easyly!!!!" said Vegeta who charged Cell with all his effort hitting him with a Galic Gun Cell Cell then grabed Vegeta punching him in the face Vegeta was done for
Piccolo light grenade

Piccolos light grenade

he charged back at Cell throwing punchs and kicked Cell hard however Cell laughed smashing Vegeta and hitting him with a Kamehameha Piccolo fired a light grenade at Cell the blast hit him doing nothing Cell fired a death beam at Piccolo nocking Piccolo out cold thats when trunks challenged Cell "you'r mying Cell!!!" Trunks yelled his musscles bulged Cell was a Ultra Super Saiyan yet his power was still no mach for Cell he had little speed Cell finished Trunks quickly at the last minute Cell decided to host a tournament called the Cell Games later Gohan and Goku came out of the hyperbolic time chamber they were asscended Super Saiyans 13's almost dead body lay around 16 joined the Z Fighters 13 decided to fight with the Z Fighters for the time being.

The Cell Games prepareEdit

Gohan and Goku came out of the hyperbolic time chamber now Full Power Super Saiyans Piccolo Vegeta and Trunks would go into the hyperbolic time chamber to train they did Gohan and Goku went home and relaxed for the last few days Gohan and Goku were home resting and Chi-Chi was happy that they were home for a little bit however soon the day came for the battle Piccolo Vegeta and Trunks had gotten much stronger the problem was Cell was now Super Perfect 2 times stronger then he was before.

Cell Games Began Edit

Super Perfect Cell

Super Perfect Cell this is Princeofallsalads

The Z Fighters arrived at the Cell Games. First Hercule arrived with his stupid manger. Vegeta, Piccolo, Gohan, and Goku all arrived with Tien, Yamcha, and Krillin there too with 16. "I am Mr Satan! The strongest fighter ever and I will destroy you!" laughed the weak Mr Satan. Cell put his hand through Hercules stomach as Hercule feel to the floor bleeding to death. Vegeta and Piccolo didint care nether did Trunks as the reporter freaked out while Cell blasted Mr.Satan, killing him. Goku went Super Saiyan and attacked Cell. The two battled, but Cell won. Thats when Goku told Gohan to batte Cel.l "You can do it son!" said Goku."What the hell Goku?! You're son is going to die! " yelled Piccolo. "Kakrot are you fucking crazy?!" said Vegeta as Gohan went Super Saiyan and attacked Cell. The battle was quick with Cell's incrediable new power. Cell dodged each of Gohan's hits then slammed Gohan into a mountain.
266662-gohan3 super

Gohan now a Super Saiyan 2

Cell hit Gohan with a Kamehameha as Gohan fired a Masenko at Cell. "I'm going in to help Gohan! I dont give a shit!" said Piccolo. "No! Piccolo!" said Goku .Piccolo flew up to Cell. "Special Beam Cannon!" yelled Piccolo, firing a purple beam at Cell who laughed as the Beam hit him. Cell fired a Kamehameha at Piccolo, killing the Namekian. Gohan became enraged and went Super Saiyan 2. "Piccolo was my best friend!" said Gohan, enraged at the lost of his best friend. "Gohan is beyond a Super Saiyan!!!!" said Trunks.The other Z Fighters were astonished as the Super Saiyan 2 punched Cell into a mountain "Kame...Hame...Ha!!" Yelled Gohan firing a Blue Blast at Cell. Cell recoverd laughing, saying "Gohan really is that the best you can do?! If I hadint absrobed 20 and got that boost in power that attack might have hurt me but it didint!" "Now let me show you some real
SSJ2 Trunks

Trunks goes Super Saiyan 2 this is Princeofallsalads property

power!!!" said Cell. "Kame...Hame...Ha!!" yelled Cell as his attack sent Gohan flying. The Young Super Saiyan screamed in pain when Vegeta and Goku entered the Battle. "Final Flash!!" yelled Vegeta .His blast hit Cell damiging him. Cell was two powerfull and killed Vegeta with a Kamehameha. "No Father!" said Trunks transforming into a Super Saiyan 2 ."Wow!!" said Krillin. "Trunks is a Super Saiyan 2 two!!" said Tien. "I never thought any one besides Gohan could do it!!" said Goku amazed.

Super Cell vs Super Saiyan 2 Gohan and Super Saiyan 2 Trunks Cell overwheelmed Edit

"this should be a good fight!!!" Cell laughed "im going to kill you for Piccolo!!!" said Gohan charging Cell the Young Super Saiyan 2 fired a Kamehameha at Cell the blast hit Cell Trunks came flew into the air enraged and began to pummel Cell so did Gohan "Cell is almost finished!!!!!" said Android 16 thats when Gohan smashed Cell hard in the face then kicked him in the stomach Cell screamed in pain Gohan and Trunks both fired energy attacks the earth shook the blast hit Cell who screamed Gohan punched Cell in the chest who spit out Android 18 "Cell's in his second form its over!!!!" said Goku "you!!!! Bastard!!!!" yelled Cell thats when he had a idea he spotted a Cell Jr which he had spit out early Cell flew over to the half dead Cell Junior and absorbed him brining him back to his
Super Perfect Cell 2

Super Cell 2

Perfect form thats when Cell had a idea he spotted Android 13 and absorbed him thats when Cell transformed lighting surronded him Cell laughed "Cells 3 times stronger!!!!!!!" said Goku "Crap!!!" said Trunks "now im going to destroy you!!!!!!!" said Cell laughing "i call this Super Perfect Cell 2!!!!!!!" laughed Cell thats when Android 16 flew over and grabed 18 and handed her to Krillin who held the unconsiences.

Super Perfect Cell 2 vs Super Saiyan 2 Gohan and Super Saiyan 2 Trunks Cell defeated!!! Gohan and Gokus death.Edit

"im going to destroy you!!!!!!!!!" screamed Gohan the young Super Saiyan 2 attacked Cell so did Trunks Gohan kicked Cell in the face Cell laughed "is that all you got Gohan!!!!!!!!" Cell said laughing "Buster Cannon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Trunks firing a yellow energy ball at Cell who kicked it away "is that all you got!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!" laughed Cell his power shook the earth destroying large parts of the world the same for Super Saiyan 2 Gohan and Super Saiyan 2 Trunks "Masenko!!!!!!! Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Gohan firing a yellow energy beam at Cell the blast hit Cell sending the Android flying Cell laughed Gohan charged so did Trunks the 3 began to battle punching and kicking Cell kicked Trunks causing him to cough up blood Gohan kneed Cell in the face Cell slashed Gohan with his hand with a swift Karta chop Cell went on the defensie then whacked Gohan with his Tail Trunks hit Cell in the face Gohan then punched Cell hard in the chest Cell screamed then laughed elbowing Trunks in the face sending him flying down Trunks lay on the floor almost Dead Cell hit Gohan and Trunks with Death Beams Gohan enraged fired a Kamehameha Cell and Gohan clashed punching each other and kicking each other Trunks eneterd the fight Goku Android 16 Tien Krillin Yamcha were waching the battle the only one of them who was standing was Goku 16 was barley standing from the power that Gohan Cell and Trunks were relesing.

Gohan and Trunks who were Super Saiyan 2s were battling Cell punching and kicking each other in the face they were barley able to keep up with Cell because of his incrediable power Cell flew up farther into the air "Kame......Hame........Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Gohan launching his blue beam of energy at Cell ""this is for you father Galic Gun!!!!!!!!!!!!" said trunks firing his blue blast the blasts came at Cell "this is one of my favorite moves!!!!!!! Special Beam Cannon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Cell firing a purple beam at Gohan and Trunks blast the blasts hit each other the earth was almost destroyed about 90percent of people were dead from this fight only 7 percent or so had surivied the battle between Cell Gohan Trunks "how dare you use Piccolos attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Gohan attacking Cell with a huge Masenko Cell screamed his arm was blown of but he regenerated it "you Monster!!!!! you blew of my arm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" said Cell "the only monster here is you Cell!!!!!!!!!!!" said Gohan Trunks was badly hurt his arm was ripped of "im going to give this next attack all i got Gohan!!!!!!!" said Trunks "now after i destroy earth im going to destroy the universe!!!!! i have a new technique!!! and im going to use it on you!!!!! you could say this attack is some what made from you'r friend Piccolo!!!!!!!!" laughed Cell Gohan became enraged "Kame...........hame...........ha!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Gohan firing a huge blue beam of energy at Cell the Kamehameha was huge full power "stay here guys im going in!!!!!!" said Goku who flew of "Goku!!!!" said Krillin who was scared of lossing his best friend "Goku you'r my best friend dont die!!!!!!" said Krillin worried about his best friend Goku then charged into the battle "Daddy!!!!!" Gohan yelled "i love you Daddy!!!" yelled Gohan "same here son!!!!!" yelled Goku "if im going to die im going down with my son!!!!" said Goku "Kame.........Hame........Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Goku firing a gigantic Kamehameha at Cell "Gal

Goku teleports Cell to King Kais planet

Goku teleports Cell to King Kais planet

ic Gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Trunks launching a hueg blue blast at Cell all three of the Super Saiyans beams combinded and went straight at Cell "take this!!!!!!!!! Super........Special........Beam Cannon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Cell Cell fired a large dark beam from his hand the power was huge a huge dark beam came out of Cells hand the beam surpassed Trunks Goku Gohans blast Cells Super Special Beam Cannon was a black blast with huge power "Gohan release all of you'r power if you dont were finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" yel led Goku Gohan Goku and Trunks the Super Saiyans beam had locked in a beam struggle with Cells dark Beam thats when Gohan became enraged and unleshed his full power "Ahhhhhahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Gohan his Kamehameha went flying and incresed his full power thebeam hit Cells beam sending Cells beam flying back thats when Cell pushed harder on his attack "Die!!!!!!" yelled Cell the Beam struggle was incrediable thats when Goku had a idea he teleported behind Cell and grabed him thats when Gohans blast overwheelmed Cell who began screaming and blew up "it's over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" said Gohan falling down thats when Cell reformed and was super big "im going to blow myself up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with this planet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then i'll reform!!!!!!!!" said Cell who was about to blow himself up "no!!!!!!!!!!!" said Gohan thats when Goku grabed Cell and teleported him to King Kais planet "hey King Kai!!!" Goku said teleporting Cell to King Kais planet were he was "Goku!!!!!!!! what the hell!!!!" said King Kai thats when Cell blew up Killing Goku King Kai Bubbles Gregory teleporting them to other world "Daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Gohan who feel to the floor crying "im sorry!!!!!!!! i failed!!!!!!!!!" yelled Gohan Krillin walked over to comfort Gohan "let it out he had to do it!" said Krillin who was crying because of the lost of his best friend thats when Cell reaperd "Cell!!!!!!!!!!" said Gohan "yes ive reapreed!! i ble my self up on purpose so i could learn the instant transmiation technique now im ten times stronger its over!!!!!!!!!!!!!" said Cell firing a huge Kamehameha at Gohan who fell down "Final Buster!!!!!" yelled Trunks his beam hit Cells beam "dont give up son!!! i believe in you let it all out!!!!" said Goku talking to his son "Kame....Hame....Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Gohan his beam formed with Trunks and hit Cells beam the beamsengaged in a sturggle 16 Tien Krillin Yamcha wanted to help Gohan but they couldint get near Cells energy it was two strong "rember all the people

Father Son Kamehameha

Father Son Kamehameha

he's killed Gohan!!!!!!!! rember Piccolo!!!!" rember me!!!! i love you son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" said Goku thats when Gohan unleshed all his power with one arm the blast overhweelmed Cells Gohan arrived at the check in station 16 Tien Chiaotzu Yamcha Krillin all decided to go to New Namek to wissh back Vegeta Goku Gohan Piccolo some people on earth had survied like Bulma Ox-King Chi-Chi who was crying over her loses Master Roshi was alive to 16 Tien Chiaotzu Yamcha Krillin all took of on the space ship going to New Namek to get the Dragon Balls and they would train on the trip there.Trunks went back to the future.

Other World SagaEdit

Gohan arriving at the check in station

Gohan arriving at the Check in station

Gohan arrived at the check in station "man i defeated Cell i wanna see my Daddy and Piccolo!!!!!" said Gohan thats when he approched a huge red ogre with horns "hey i wanna see my Daddy!!!" said Gohan the young 12 year old Super Saiyan said "hey you must be Son Gokus Son!!! you defeated Cell hold on!!!" said King Yemma thats when Goku teleported to the check in station "Daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Gohan jumping on Goku hugging him "hey son!!! i love you!!!" said Goku "i love you two Dad!!!" said Gohan "hey King Yemma can Gohan come with me to the Other World traning area!!!!" said Goku "of course Gohan can go with you!!" said
King Yemma listening to Gohan

King Yemma Meets Gohan at the check in station and summons Goku

King Yemma stamping Gohans papers "bye King Yemma!!!!" said Goku grabbing Gohan and using instant transmiation thats when Gohan and Goku arrived in the Other World Traning area "Dad were are we!!" said Gohan "son im so proud of you for defeating Cell!!! this is the Other World!!! great Heroes come here!!! theres going to be a tournament!!!!" said Goku "Awesome!!!" said Gohan thats when Goku and Gohan arrived and saw King Kai Bubbles and Gregory standing next to King Kai was Piccolo "Piccolo!!!!!!!!!!" said Gohan running up to his best friend "Kid!! it's great to see you! you destroyed Cell!! you'r incrediable!!!" said the Namekian Piccolo Piccolo smiled a rare occarince "cut it out!!! good job defeating Cell brat!!!" said Vegeta who was standing there thats when Gohan meet Olibu a tall blond warrior who was from earth and a warrior called Majirone who was a dog warrior.

New Namek Saga Android 16 Tien Krillin Chiaotzu Yamcha prepare as strong as Super Saiyans and Super Nameks?Edit

on the ship to New Namek Android 16 Tien Yamcha Krillin Chiaotzu were traning in 500 x gravity "with this traning we can get stronger then Super Saiyans!!!!" said Yamcha "oh yeh this is awesome!!!" said Krillin "i caint belive this!!!!! this is awesome our power will be incrediable!!!!" said Tien.

Gohan meets Pikkon and the South Kai Other World Traning begans Edit

Piccolo was sparring with Olibu and was stronger then the Human Warrior but Olibu manged to hold his own Gohan and Goku were sparring thats when Vegeta went Super Saiyan 2 as elctricty surronde


Pikkon appears

d him so did Goku "wow!!!!!! we can go Super Saiyan 2 here!!! at will!!!" said Goku "you'r right Kakrot!!!! i am said Vegeta "i will defeat you Kakarot!!!" said Vegeta "we'll see!!!" said Goku and he began sparring with Ve geta both went Super Saiyan 2 then Gohan was sparring with Piccolo who had thrown of his weights Gohan h

ad gone Super Saiyan
Grand Kai arrives

The Grand Kai Arrivies

the two were even but if Gohan had gone Super Saiyan 2 when sparring with Piccolo he would have had a big edge but Gohan was Super Saiyan when battling Piccolo so the sparring was close Bubbles Gregory and King Kai wached the battle "North Kai!!!!!" said a voice standing there was West Kai a small purple Kai with a spy glass standing next to him was a tall Green warrior "West Kai!!!!!!" said King Kai running angryly up to West Kai "North Kai!!!!!!!!" "argggggg!!!" the two Kais said "no matter at the Other World Tournament my Pikkon will destroy you'r warriors!!!!" said West Kai "oh yeh!!! well i doudt Pikkon could handle my Olibu plus i have 4 new warriors!!!!!!!" said King Kai thats when the Grand Kai arrived Pikkon West Kai North Kai all bowed so did Piccolo "Goku show some respect this is the Grand Kai!!!!!!!!!!" said King Kai "oh!" said Goku bowing "well hya all theres gonna be a Other World Tournament this year suggested by West Kai!!!!! thi'sll be fun the winner gets a traning lesson with me!!! now Pikkon Cell and some guy named Frieza is strating trouble down in hell with a few other Villains can you go take em down!!" said the Grand Kai "yes sir!!" said Pikkon (King Kai had explained to Goku how the Grand Kai was a legendary fighter) "wait!!!! ive fought Cell before!!! he has incrediable power!!! im going with you!!!" said Goku "Me to!!!!" said Piccolo who flew of with Goku and Pikkon "i want to see how strong this Pikkon is!!!" said Vegeta "im coming to Daddy!!" said Gohan the Z Fighters flew to Hell to confront Cell and Frieza.

Pikkons powerEdit

Goku Vegeta Gohan Piccolo arrive in Hell with Pikkon

Goku Gohan Piccolo Vegeta Pikkon arrive in Hell

in Hell Cell Frieza King Cold Ginyu Force were tourting Ogres "tell use the way out of here!!!!!!!!" said Cell picking up a ogre and chocking him then Cell threw him into the spikes thats when Goku flew in and grabed the Ogre "Goku!! Glad you and Pikkon should up!!!!" said Goz and Mez the two Ogres were clapping
Pikkon after defeating Cell

PIkkon Kicks Cell with Burning Shot

"Goku!!! how about i kill you again!!! Gohan ill get you back!!!!" said Cell "Frieza Cell!! i see you havint changed!!!!" said Goku "two bad boys!!! theres more of use then of you!!! and isee youve arrived here Vegeta!!! to die!!!!" said Frieza "im much more power full then you'll ever be!!!" said Vegeta thats when Cell powerd up to Super Perfect Cell 2 "lets get this party started!!!" said Cell thats when Piccolo punched Frieza in the stomach "ahhhhhhhhhhh
Vegeta sees Pikkons power with Piccolo and Goku

Vegeta sees Pikkons power

!!!!" yelled Frieza who blew up and went flying into the spikes

Vegeta Super Saiyan 2 this is princeofsalads uploaded photo

Vegeta Goes Super Saiyan 2 against Cell

"Namek!!!!!!!!!! you destroyed me!!!!" said Frieza "ah Piccolo so i see you destroyed Frieza!!!" said Cell "im more power full then that Lizard will ever be!!!" said Piccolo "i see that!!!!!" said Cell thats when fire surronded Pikkpon and he came at Cell full force "what the hell!!!!!!!" yelled Cell Pikkon pummled him hard intothe spikes of Hell Cell rebounded the Ginyu force charged Goku who nocked them down quick Pikkon then elbowed the Villain King Cold into the spikes of hell Cell charged at Pikkon only to be kicked by Vegeta who went SuperSaiyan "Vegeta i'll kill you again!!!" said Cell Vegeta went Super Saiyan 2 "oh yeh Cell!!!! we'll bring it on!!!!!!!" said Vegeta Cell launched a Kamehameha at Vegeta who fired a Final Flash at Cell the blast destroyed Cell Vegeta then kicked Cell into the spikes of Hell.

Other World Tournament Saga begansEdit

The Other World ring

the Other World Tournament

Goku Gohan Vegeta Piccolo Olibu King Kai Bubbles Gregory arrived at the other world tournament so did Pikkon with West Kai East Kai South Kai arrived to with there fighters "North Kai is dead!!!!!" said West Kai "oh yeh so!!!!!! my fighters are still gonna win!!!" said King Kai angryly "hey hey hey!!! lets laugh make fun of the East Kai her fighters dont stand a chance!!" said South Kai "be quite!!" said East Kai "my fighters are gonna rock this ring!!!!!" said King Kai "well Kakrot it looks like this is a tournament of real warriors!!!! i will defeat you!!!!" said Vegeta "well see about that Vegeta!!!!" said Goku "this is awesome!!!" said Gohan "yeh!! it is i can finally test out some of my new moves!!!!" Piccolo said the Namekian Warrior Smiled.

Round 1 Olibu vs ChapchiuEdit



"lets go Olibu!!!" said King Kai "my Chapchiu will win!!!" said West Kai Olibu charged Chapchiu the small alien dodged Olibus fists and punched Oliby who kicked him Chapchui made copys of himself throwing punchs at the Human Warrior Olibu "Dodge Olibu!!!!!" said Goku Olibu dodged Chapchuis hits and then smashed Chapchiu out of the ring with a swift Karta chop.

Round 2 Piccolo vs TapkarEdit

"Piccolo vs Tapkar!!!!! who has incrediable speed this is Piccolos first year in the Other World tournament this Green Warrior is a fighter for the North Quadrant!!!!!" said the Mushroom alien
Piccolo prepares to fight Tapkar

Piccolo Vs Tapkar

announicer "lets Go Piccolo!!!!!!!!!!" said Gohan rooting his friend on "come on Piccolo!!!!" said King Kai "Piccolo dosint have a chance against Tapkar!!!!" said West Kai "ohhhh you'll see Piccolo will whip the floor

Tapkar attacks!! Piccolo!

with you'r Tapkar!!!!" said King Kai "The Namek has a easy win" said Vegeta Piccolo and Tapkar stepped into the ring "Prepare to feel the power of a Namekian Warrior!!!!" said Piccolo Tapkar then started moving around super fast then got tired "i give up!!!!" said Tapkar "Piccolo wins!!!!!!!!" said the announicer "that was fast!!!" said Piccolo "looks like Piccolo won!!!!!!!!!' said King Kai laughing at West Kai "oh that rings just unfair for small people!!!" said West Kai "oh stop with your lame escuses!!!!" said King Kai.

Round 3 Gohan vs CaterpyEdit

"good luck Gohan!!!" said Goku Gohan stepped into the ring "win this one i know you will!" said Piccolo
Gohan gets ready to fight Caterpy

Gohan gets ready to fight Caterpy

"Gohan is going to win against Caterpy!!!" said King Kai


to South Kai "No way!!!" said South Kai "wach Gohan mop the floor with Caterpy!!!!!" said King Kai "Hey im Gohan!!!" said Gohan to Caterpy a huge caterpiller "well it looks like its Gohan vs Caterpy!!!!!!" said the announicer Gohan won the battle with one kick the tournament continued Gohan Goku Vegeta Piccolo Pikkon Olibu and several other aliens made it to the finals which were coming up.

The FinalsEdit

The finals began Goku Vs Froug Gohan vs Arqua Vegeta vs Marikohov Piccolo Vs Torbie Olibu vs random fighter Pikkon vs Random fighter.

Goku vs FrougEdit

Goku got ready to battle Froug "Goku has this one in the bag!!!!!" said King Kai "Froug has some tricks!!!!!!!!"
Goku Vs Froug

Goku getting ready to fight Froug

said South Kai Goku kicked Froug sending him flying into the air Froug then

Froug getting ready to fight Goku

transformed becoming Super Big "now whows the tough guy!!!!" said Froug "Kakrot is gonna win!!!!" said Vegeta Goku lifted Froug throwing him and won the mach.

Gohan vs ArquaEdit

Gohan got ready to fight Arqua Arqua then made the ring into water and kicked Gohan "wow!! not bad!!" said Gohan who powerd up firing a Masenko ha nocking Arqua out of the ring.Gohan won the mach.

Vegeta vs MarikhovEdit

Vegeta and Marikhov entered the ring. Marikhov swung his fist at Vegeta who
Vegeta getting ready to fight Marikhov

Vegeta getting ready to fight Marikhov

Maraikoh with West Kai

Marikhov getting ready to fight

caught it and kicked him in the stomach, then Vegeta flew behind Marikhov grabbing the Dragons tail and throwing him winning the match.

Piccolo vs TorbieEdit

Piccolo took on Torbie who tried punching Piccolo the Namekian Warrior kicked the red warrior Torbie then slammed him hard thats when Torbie punched Piccolo in the stomach Piccolo then fired a yellow blast at Torbie hitting him "not bad!!!" said Piccolo "come on Piccolo!!!!" said Gohan Piccolo elbowed Torbie in the face the two flew to the large astroid punching and kicking each other Piccolo then kicked Torbie into a astroid.Torbie came back "Red Ball!!!" yelled Trobie firing a giant Red energy ball at Piccolo "Masenko Ha!!!!!!" yelled Piccolo firing a Yellow beam at Torbies red blast the two blasts hit engaging in a beam struggle Torbie then fired a red disk at Piccolo who flipped in the air and launched a Explosive wave at Torbie the blast hit Torbie sending him flying Piccolo kicked Torbie in the face
Piccolo uses his Special Beam Cannon

Piccolo fires a Special Beam Cannon and defeats Torbie

Torbie getting ready to fight Piccolo

Torbie getting ready to fight Piccolo

who came back punching Piccolo in the face Piccolo flipped over the astroid and punched Torbie in the stomach then slammed him down putting both of his arms together "Thunder Grenade!!!!" yelled Piccolo firing a lighting energy wave out of his hand the blast hit Torbie "thats one of Piccolos new techniques!!!!" said Gohan to his dad Goku Torbie rebounded launching another red disk which hit Piccolo who launched a Hell Zone Grenade at Torbie sending several orbs hitting Torbie "Special Beam Cannon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Piccolo firing a purple beam Piccolos purple Beam hit Marikhov sending the Warrior flying out of the ring Piccolo had won.

The FinalsEdit

Gohan vs Olibu Edit

Gohan took on Olibu "you can do this son!!!!!!!!!" said Goku "come on Gohan!!!!" said Piccolo Olibu fired a blue ball of energy at Gohan who fired a Kamehameha "Hero Cannon!!!" yelled Olibu launching his attack at Gohan which hit the young Super Saiyan "Kame...Hame....Ha!!!!!!!" yelled Gohan defeating Olibu.

Vegeta vs GokuEdit

Vegeta Super Saiyan 2 this is princeofsalads uploaded photo

Vegeta Goes Super Saiyan 2 against Goku

"this is it Kakrot!!!!!!" said Vegeta "Yeh!!!!! Good luck Vegeta!!!!" said Goku "this is gonna be good!!!!!" said Piccolo "yeh!!!" said Gohan "go
Goku Super Saiyan 2

Goku goes Super Saiyan 2

Daddy!!!!!!" said Gohan Piccolo the Namekian Warrior smirked "Come on Goku!!!!" said Piccolo "this is gonna be awesome!!!!" said King Kai "they caint beat my Pikkon!!!" said West Kai "yes Vegeta and Goku can!!!!" said King Kai "lets cut to the chase Kakarot!!!!" Vegeta said going Super Saiyan Vegetas hair turned Yellow "what did he do!!!" said West Kai "Oh he turned Super Saiyan his power incrsed 20 times!!!" said King Kai "dang!!" said West Kai Goku went Super Saiyan and his hair turned Golden to Vegeta attacked Goku who punched Vegeta the two locked fists "wow!!!!!" the fans were screaming the two Super Saiyans began locking fists "what power!!!!" said Pikkon "this is amazing!!!" said Piccolo.
Goku unleshses a Kamehameha on Vegeta

Goku fires a Kamehameha at Vegeta

Goku flipped over and kicked Vegeta into the astroid Vegeta flew back and clashed fists with Goku the two began punching and kicking each other Vegeta then slammed Goku hard sending Goku flying Goku grabbed
Vegeta uses his Galic Gun

Vegeta uses his Galic Gun against Goku

Vegeta by the foot and punched him in the face "Kame....Hame...........Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Yelled Goku firing a huge blue beam at Vegeta who flipped over "oh yeh Kakarot!!!!! Galic Gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Vegeta launching a huge Red Beam at Goku the two engaged in a beam struggle Gokus beam overpowerd Vegeta sending the Super Saiyan flying and into a astroid thats when Vegeta came back and went Super Saiyan 2 his hair remained Golden and electricty surronded him ""time to lose Kakarot!!!!!!" yelled Vegeta who punched Goku in the stomach then kicked him in the face Goku tried to punch Vegeta caught Gokus fist kneeing him in the chest then elbowing Goku into the ground Vegeta then began firing rapid energy blasts at Goku "ive won!!!" said Vegeta "Come on Daddy!!!" said Gohan thats when Goku came out of the smoke Goku went Super Saiyan 2 and was smilling the crowd was cheering "now the real battle begans!!!!!!!!" said Super Saiyan 2 Goku.

Super Saiyan 3 Goku and Vegeta!Edit

Super Saiyan 2 Goku charged Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta punching him in the face the two golden Super Saiyans clashed Goku punched Vegeta hard then kneed him in the chest launching a Kamehameha Vegeta fired several energy blasts thats when Vegeta got the upper hand and slammed Goku into the astroid Vegeta came
Vegeta Super Saiyan 3

Vegeta Goes Super Saiyan 3

at Goku the two clashed Vegeta fired a giant energy ball at Goku who hit it
Goku goes Super Saiyan 3

Goku goes Super Saiyan 3

away "i have a new transformation Kakarot!!!!!!!!" said Vegeta thats when Vegeta transformed his hair went back and his hair changed "wow!!!!!" said the crowd "whats happing to Vegeta Piccolo!!!!" said Gohan "he's transforming!!!" said Piccolo thats when Vegeta transformed standing there was Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta."i call this Super Saiyan 3 Kakrot!!!! i have asscended Super Saiyan 2!!!!!!" said Vegeta "Super Saiy
King Kai and West Kai after Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta and Super Saiyan 3 Gokus

King Kai and West Kai after the battle between Super Saiyan 3 Goku and Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta

an 3!!!!!!!!!!" said Gohan Piccolo Pikkon King Kai "nice Vegeta wach this!!!!!!" said Goku who went Super Saiyan 3.

Super Saiyan 3 Goku vs Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta Edit

Goku Super Saiyan 3 Super Kamehameha

Goku Super Saiyan 3 uses his Super Kamehameha on Vegeta

Vegeta attacked Goku the two Super Saiyan 3s clashed Goku "Super Kam...eham...eha!!!!!!!!!" yelled Goku "Spirt.... Final Flash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Vegeta the two beams clashed engaging in a beam struggle Gokus beam won defeating Vegeta "we

will battle again Kakarot!!!!" said Vegeta who shook Gokus hand "you almost beat me Vegeta!!!" said Goku "i wont give up till i do!!!!!!!!!" saidVegeta.

Piccolo vs PikkonEdit

Piccolo took on Pikkon the winner would vrs Gohan "come on Piccolo!!!!!!!!!!
said Gohan "hes tough Piccolo!! i hope you can win!!!!" said Goku "my Pikkon is going to win this battle!!!!!!!" said West Kai "no way!!! Piccolo will mop the floor with Pikkon!!!" said King Kai.

Pikkon gettting ready to fight Piccolo

Pikkon gets ready to fight Piccolo

PIccolo getting ready to fight Pikkon

Piccolo gets ready to fight pikkon

Piccolo threw of his weights "ive seen you fight you'r good lets go!!!" said Piccolo. "well see!!" said Pikkon Piccolo charged Pikkon punching Pikkon in the face Pikkon then kicked Piccolo in the face Piccolo grabed Pikkon who jumped in the air and began firing tons of energy blasts at Piccolo who flew into the air Pikkons blasts hit Piccolo who streched his arm out super far and punched Pikkon "Hell Zone
PIccolo Hellzone Grenade

Piccolo uses Hell Zone Grenade against Pikkon

Grenade!!!!!" said Piccolo who fired several Orbs of energy at Pikkon the orbs surronded Pikkon blowing up "wow!!!! what a fight!!!!' said the Human Warrior Olibu Pikkon was hit hard then Piccolo kicked Pikkon into the air and slammed him d
Pikkon takes of his weights

Pikkon takes of his weights

own Pikkon threw of his weights "time to get serious!!!" said Pikkon Piccolo and Pikkon flew into the air and began punching and kicking each other "there the same strength!!!" said Goku "Hyper Tornado!!!!!"
Piccolo fires a light grenade

Piccolo fires a light grenade at Pikkon

yelled Pikkon trapping Piccolo "Ultra Beam Cannon!!!!!" yelled Piccolo who burst out of the blast firing his attack "Burning blaster!!!" yelled Pikkon his attack hit Piccolos the two engaged in a beam struggle "light Grenade!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Piccolo launching a light grenade at Pikkon the blast hit Pikkon who went flying "i have one last attack!!!" said Pikkon who after being hit by the light grenade fired a energy bomb at Piccolo cuasing Piccolo to fall out of the ring Pikkon barley won he was a little stronger then Piccolo.

Gohan vs Goku Father vs Son the battle of the Super Saiyans can Gohan win!Edit

Gohan super saiyan 2

Gohan Goes Super Saiyan 2 to fight his father Goku

"beat you'r father kid!!!!" said Piccolo "thanks Piccolo!!!!" s
Goku super Saiyan 2

Goku goes Super Saiyan 2 to fight his son Gohan

aid Gohan "you ready son!!!!" said Goku "its father vs son!!!" said the announicer Gohan went Super Saiyan 2 Goku went Super Saiyan 2 the two battled hard Goku launched a giant Kamehameha against his young Super Saiyan 2 son Gohan fired a Masenko ha Gohan kicked Goku into the Asteroid Goku fired several blasts Goku and Gohan were alost even the two ended up both being nocked out of the ring but Goku hadn't gone Super Saiyan 3 but Goku had fallen out 1 second afterGohan so Goku barley won.

Goku vs PikkonEdit

Goku fought Pikkon the mach wasint fair since Goku had surpassed Pikkon who was around Cell and Piccolos strength Goku went Super Saiyan and used the Super Kao Ken and defeated Pikkon who used a hyper tornado.after the battle Pikkon got much stronger 4 times stronger then before.

Arrival on Namek Tien Vs Super Saiyan Paraguas Edit

Android 16 Tien Krillin Yamcha Chiaotzu all arivied on Namek and meet Moori who was happy to see them so
Namekians greeting the Z Fighters

Namekians greet 16 Tien Krillin Yamcha Chiaotzu

Paragaus arrives on New Namek

Paragus arrives

were the Namekians 16 Krillin Yamcha went to get the Dragon Balls so Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu waited with the Namekians and Moori thats when a ship landed and several aliens came out thats when a Saiyan came out he had a messed up eye and a white shirt "i am a Saiyan my name is Paragaus!! mind if we live on this planet to!!" said the Saiyan "no sorry but this planet is only for Namekians!! besides theres no food here for you!!!! sorry!" said Moori "i wasint asking you im moving in wether you like it or not!!!" said Paraguas several alien soilders pulled out blasters "i'd advise you to stop!!!" said Tien "oh wow were so scared lets get a look at his power level!!!!" said a Soilder "lets see wow!!!! the three eyed one has a power level of 70,000!!!" said a Soilder backing up "and im suppersing my full power!!!" said Tien "the mimes at 13,00!!" said a Soilder the "cowards!!!" said Paraguas who blew up all the soilders "so i see you have some power!!!! well you'r no mach for Broly!!!!!" said Paragaus "whos Broly!!!" said Tien "you wont live long enough to find out!!!" said Paragus who transformed his hair turned yellow "he's a
Paragaus Super Saiyan

Paragus Super Saiyan

Super Saiyan!!!" said Tien "thats right!!!" said Paragaus. "you caint be Tien!!!" said Chiaotzu "bring it on!!!!" said Tien Paraguas powerd up then fired a large green ball of energy at Tien the blast hit the Tri Cloypis
Tien uses Tri Beam on Paraguas

Tien uses Tri Beam on Paraguas

sending him flying

Tien fired a lasser out of his third eye hitting Paraguas Tien then fired a energy ball at Paraguas Tien kicked Paraguas in the face who fell to the ground "dame you!!!! you'r power level is 234million!!!!!! myings 179million!!!" said Parguas The Namekians and Chiaotzu were rooting on Tien Chiaotzu was cheering on his best friend "Tri Beam Cannon!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Tien firing a yellow blast at Paraguas killing him.

"i sense Tien is battling a opponet who is a Super Saiyan!!!!" said Android 16 "what a Super Saiyan!!! thats impossible!!!" said Krillin "dont worry this Super Saiyan is not very power full Tien defeated him im detecting another very high power level!!!" said 16 "wow!! we gotta help Tien!!!" said Yamcha the other Z Fighters flew over to Tien Chiaotzu and the Nameks who told them what happend "so who is this Broly!!!" said Yamcha "i dont no but he must be the one with power!!! he's a Super Saiyan!!!" said 16 thats when 2 Nameks arrivied


with high power levels "Greetings Carge and Zargo!!" said Moori "glad we could make it!!!!" said Zargo "were were you guys on Namek i dont mean to be rude" said Krillin "well after Frieza attacked we decided to get more powerfull so me and Carge fused w
Broly arrives

Broly arrives

ith a bunch of other Nameks and got strong!! we decided to become stronger!! were strong but were not as strong as Piccolo the Namekian warrio but we ave high power levels!!!" said Zargo thats when a a Saiyan came out "i am Broly were is Paraguas my father!!" said Broly "Tien defeated him!!!!!!!" said C

hiaotzu "well im going to destroy this planet you insects are nowere near as strong as me!!!!!" said Broly "Moori!! get the children out of here hide!! we'll take care of this jerk!!!" said Zargo.

Broly curshes the Z Fighters all that traning for nothing!Edit

Broly Super Saiyan

Broly goes Super Saiyan

Broly powerd up to Super Saiyan his hair turned Golden "all right tough guy!!! how about i show you my Wolf Fang Fist!!!" said Yamcha "No!!!!!!! dont Yamcha!!!! his power level is two high!!!!" said 16 trying to stop his friend Yamcha hit Broly with Wolf Fang Fist the attack did nothing Broly laughed "now die insect!!!" Broly punched Yamcha in the face then slammed him into the mountain killing him "you bastard!!!!!!! you killed him!!!!" said Krillin who began crying "Desturcto Disk!!!" yelled Krillin throwing a disk of energy at Broly Krillins attack wasint very strong the disk went right through Broly who laughed and kicked Krillin into the mountain who was barley alive "Krillin!!!!!" said Tien "get out of here Chiaotzu!!!!!" said Tien "Mystic Blaster!!!!!!" said Zargo firing a yellow blast his attack hit Broly Carge fired several energy blasts so did Tien the attacks did nothing "wach this!!!" said Broly "eraser Cannon!!!!" yelled Broly firing a green ball of energy at Carge the blast
Android 16 uses inferno blast on Broly

Android 16 uses Inferno flash on Broly

hit the Namekian warrior blowing him up "Carge!!!!!" you bastard die!!!!" screamed Zargo Tien 16 attacked Broly and began punching him Broly laughed and slammed each of them away "inferno blast!!!!!!" said Android 16 his attack hit Broly doing nothing Broly laughed then slammed Tien away like he was nothing "all that traning for nothing!!!!!" said Tien "quick you must Chiaotzu you are my best friend you must wish back Goku Piccolo and Gohan!!! there the only ones who can stop this guy!!!!" said Tien "right!!!" said Chiaotzu who flew of 16 charged Broly punching him in the stomach Broly kneed 16 in the face then blasted him 16 went flying and his face tore of the Android Hero was almost dead Zargo charged Broly only to be smashed in the face and hit by a Eraser Disk Chiaotzu found the Dragon Balls which were being held by the Namekians and wished for Goku to be brought back to life Goku said no Vegeta said no two saying he wanted to train with Goku "what do you mean!!!!!! a Super Saiyan with incrediable power!!!!" said Piccolo Gohan and Piccolo were wished back to life once on Namek they flew to battle Broly.

Piccolo and Gohan Super Namekian and Super Saiyan vs Broly the legendary Super Saiyan the fusion.Edit

Piccolo and Gohan arrive on Namek

Piccolo and Gohan arrive on Namek

Gohan and Piccolo arrived and saw Broly "fight me Broly!!!!" said Piccolo who fired a Special Beam Cannon at the Super Saiyan Tytant Broly laughed
Broly Legendary Super Saiyan

Broly Legendary Super Saiyan

"Green Freak!!! feel the wrath of a Super Saiyan!!!!" Broly said firing a Eraser Disk at Piccolo the blast hit the Namek sending him flying "Piccolo!!!! thats it Broly!!!! you'r going down!!!!!" said Gohan who went Super Saiyan 2 "Kame...Hame...Ha!!!!!!!" yelled Gohan the blast hit Broly sending him into a mountain Broly became enraged and went Legendary Super Saiyan Gohan attacked Broly punching Broly in the face Broly laghed then unleshed a kick to Gohans face sending the young Super Saiyan flying into the wall Gohan fired a Kamehameha at Broly the
Gohan Super Saiyan 2

Gohan goes Super Saiyan 2 when fighting Broly

blast hit Broly but did nothing "is that all you got!!!!!" said Broly laughing "you'r a discarrce to Super Saiyan Pride!!!" said Broly "brother fuse with me!!
Piccolo after fusing with Zargo

Piccolo after fusing with Zargo and becoming as strong as Broly

you'r Nail right!!!" said Zargo "no im Piccolo!! i allready have two Nameks in my body and i dont plan to add 3 more!!!" said Piccolo "you'll have the same power level as Broly!" said Zargo "fine!!!" said Piccolo thats when Piccolo and Zargo fused "i can do this im as strong as you Broly!!!" said Piccolo "ill destroy you!!!" said Broly "nice Piccolo!!! were now at Brolys power level lets destroy him!!!!" said Gohan thats when Gohan and Piccolo unleshsed a tag team Masenko on Broly killing the Super Saiyan Tytant.

A New guardinEdit

Piccolo and Gohan who had the same power levels as Broly due to Piccolos fusion with Zargo and his other world traning Gohan was almost a Super Saiyan 3 Gohan and Piccolo found Krillin Tien and the other Namekians Chiaotzu Dende would become the new guardin of the earth in 1 year they would wish back Android 16 and Yamcha who were tranning in the Other World Krillin was going to use the hyper bolic time chamber so was Tien and Chiaotzu.

Other World Trouble SagaEdit

3 years later Gohan was 14 and could go Super Saiyan 3 in the other world everything was normal intill a mysterious Demon attacked thats when the Villains from Hell escaped Gohan and Piccolo encounterd Frieza "you you'r that Saiyan brat on Namek!! and you'r that Namekian who killed me before!!!!! ill get my revenge!!!!" said Frieza thats when Gohan punched Frieza in the stomach his punch went trough Frieza's stomach killing the Villain "take that!!" said Gohan.

Janemba 2

Janembia in his final form

Meanwhile in the other world King Yemma was locked up "help me!!!" said King Yemma Pikkon and Goku arrived "Goku what the hell is going on!!!!" said Pikkon "i dont no Pikkon!!!!" said Goku thats when a huge Golden giant Deon apperared laughing Goku punched the Demon so did Pikkon "what the hell is this thing unbetable!!!" said Pikkon thats when the Demon plowed Goku and Pikkon trough the floor of the other world

Janembia in his first form

Goku went Super Saiyan 3 "you act inacient!!! but you'r not!!!" said Goku Janembia laughed thats when a Giant Demon that looked just like Janembia attacked Janembia firing a bubble of energy at Janembia "who are you!!!" Goku said "my nmae is Daniel i have the abilty to transform into a Super Demon!! i am a Ogre who can transform!!!" said Dani
207 Daniel-02

Daniel the Good verson of Janembia Daniel posses the same powers as Janembia except Janembia is stronger Daniel in his final demon form

el "i am the good verson of Janembia!!" said Daniel "well hey!! thanks for helping use!!" said Goku thats when Janembia transformed to his second form "oh shit this is bad!!!!" said Daniel Goku charged Janembia launching a Kamehameha Jamembia exploded Pikkon launched a giant Green energy ball at janembia Daniel fired a colofull energy white / black ball at Janembia who reformed with his spear then grabbed Goku usuing his mystic attack and slammed Pikkon into the wall a

Super Saiyan 2 Goku and Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta take on Janembia


Gogeta Prince of Salads uploaded this photo

long with Goku Daniel in his Golden Demon form attacked Janembia who was quick and punched Daniel hard sending Daniel flying Daniel was the good verson of Janembia and had the same powers but he was weaker then Janembia by a little thats when Vegeta arrived as a Super Saiyan 3 and headbutted Janembia launching a Galic Gun and Janembia "Vegeta!!!!!!!!!!" said Goku "kakarot whos the big Golden guy!!!" said Vegeta "his names Daniel hes the good verson of Janembia!!!" said Goku Daniel got up and transformed into the same form as Janembia "this is my 2nd Demon form!!" said Daniel who looked just like Janembia Daniel swung his sword through Janembia who fired a ki lasser out of his eyes hitting Daniel Vegeta and Goku both Super Saiyan 3s attacked Janembia there power wasint enough "we need to fuse Vegeta!!!!" said Goku "what Kakarot!!! hell no!!!" said Vegeta "its the only way we can beat Janembia!!" said Goku "fine!!!" said Vegeta Goku and Vegeta fused forming Gogeta.

Hell SagaEdit

The Villains of hell had escaped Gohan and Piccolo meet up Gohan was now 14 "what the hell is happing!!!!!" said Piccolo "it looks like Frieza and some other Villains have escaped from Hell!!!" said Gohan the Villains were flooding the streets Krillin flew up to the look out with 18 and his daughter Marrion the other Z Fighters arrived Gohan went down and brougt Goten and Chi-Chi to the look out Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu arrived two so did Yamcha "what's happining guys!!!!!" said Krillin "apperntly Frieza and several Villains have escaped from Hell!" said Piccolo "im not worried Piccolo you'r stronger then 20 Friezas!!! and Gohan you'r stronger then 30 Friezas!!" said
Krillin18Marrion arrive at Kamis lookout

Krillin 18 Marrion arrive on Kamis lookout

Krillin "no more time to talk lets go!!!!!!!!.

The Z Fighters took of and flew to earth the Villains were recking every thing standing there was Super Perfect Cell.

Hell-Villains escape from Hell

The Villains escape from Hell!!!

Piccolo the Super Namek got ready to fight."all right guy's!!! me and Piccolo will take care of Cell and Broly you guy's take on the rest!!!" said Gohan the Z Fighters nodded.Krillin and Yamcha spotted some Sabiyman beating up people "lets get em!!!" said Yamcha Krillin nodded the two shot energy blasts at the 4 little evil Saiybman blowing them up.Meanwhile the Ginyu Force was going on a rampage "this is to easy guy's!!!!!!" said Reccome Captain Ginyu laughed "it feels so good to get my body back!!!!!' Ginyu said thats when Krillin and Yamcha Tien and Chiaotzu flew down with 18 "these guys are wimps!!!!" said 18 "oh yeh!!! how dare you insult the mighty Lord Cooler!!!!" said Salza who flew at 18 18 punched Salza in the stomach killing him meanwhile there were Zombies every were "you'r one of those guys that was on Namek!!!! fighting Frieza!!!" said Burter to Krillin "lemme kill him!!! Burter!!" said Guldo "fine!!" said Jeice Guldo charged Krillin "eat my mind binds!!!!!" said Guldo Krillin avoided the attack "what how did he avoid my attack!!!!!" said Guldo "oh please!!!! ive gotten way to strong for you'r little weak attacks!!!!" said Krillin who elbowed Guldo in the chest killing him."not bad!! but theres no way you can defeat me Burter!!!!" Burter Said Burter charged Krillin and threw a kick at him Krillin caught Burters foot then punched Burter in the stomach killing him Reccome launched a full power breath blast at Tien who easily slapped it away "Dodon Ray!!!!!" yelled Tien his attack killed Reccome.Jeice charged

Cooler attacks 18 only to be defeated by 18.

Chiaotzu firing several red energy blasts at Chiaotzu "Purple Comet Attack!!!" yelled Jeice his attack hit Chiaotzu but did little damage Chiaotzu headbutted Jeice then finished him of."so i'm gussing you defeated the Ginyu force eh!!!" said a voice standing there was Cooler "how about i kill you!!!" said 18 "die!!!" said Cooler.Cooler pointed at Android 18 and yelled "Death Ball!!!!" Cooler fired a Black Ball of energy a Death Ball at 18 who took the blast full force 18 flipped into the air and dodged Coolers fist 18 came back at Cooler with a Android Blast the blast sent Cooler into the Rubber "Desurcto Disk!!!!" yelled 18 firiing her attack as it sliced through Cooler "wow babe!! thak's for using my attack!!!!" said Krillin 18 just shurgged the Z Fighters began to take care of the other Villains Turles Nappa Dr Kochin Red Ribbon Army and several other past Villains such as Android 19.

Piccolo vs Super Perfect Cell form 2 Gohan Super Saiyan vs Broly!!! Gohan a Super Saiyan 3!!!!! Piccolo a little bit stronger then Super Perfect Cell form 2!.Edit

Super Perfect Cell form 2

Super Perfect Cell form 2 gets ready to fight Piccolo

"ah Piccolo i see youve improved!!!!!!! by tons!!! so have you Gohan!!!" said Cell "i fused with a nother Namekian named Zargo!!!! me and Gohan are much more powerfull then you could ever be!!!! im stronger then a Super Saiyan 2 now Gohan is a little stronger!!!" said Piccolo the Super Namek threw of his cape "yeh!!! Piccolos super strong so am i!!!!" said Gohan Cell laughed "well then we'll just even the score!!!!" said Cell thats when Frieza and Broly came out of nowere with the evil King Cold."im going to kill you Saiyan brat!!!!!" said Frieza who attacked Gohan.Gohan punched the evil Frieza in the stomach and killed the tyrant Frieza."we'll then now let's get down to bussines!!!" said Cell thats when King Cold transformed
Piccolo uses his Omega Special Beam Cannon

Piccolo uses his Super Special Beam Cannon on Cell Piccolo is fighting Cell Piccolo is a little bit stronger then Cell.

into his final form.Piccolo flew into the air King Cold attacked Piccolo who blocked King Colds attack Piccolo punched King Cold in the stomach then hit King Cold with a explosive wave King Cold blew up Piccolo had killed him.

Gohan and Broly got ready to fight so did.

Piccolo and Cell got ready to fight.

Piccolo attacked Cell launching a explosive wave at Cell Piccolo after fusing with Zargo was s

tronger then a Super Saiyan 2 but Gohan was a little stronger.Cell enraged attacked "Kame

Gohan Super Saiyan 3

Gohan goes Super Saiyan 3

hameha!!!!!!!!" yelled Celllaunching a blue blast at Piccolo "Super Special Beam Cannon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Piccolo launching a purple beam at Cell the blast sent Cell flying into a building.Meanwhile Gohan was battling Broly and had a lead Piccolo was a little stronger then Cell and was winning."Eraser Cannon!!!!" said Broly throwing a huge green ball of energy at Gohan the blast hit Gohan who lifted up his hands and yelled "Masenko Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Gohan firing a yellow blast of energy at Broly who began screaming tha

ts when Broly went full power and attacked Gohan "give up!!!" said Gohan who punched Broly in the stomach the Super Saiyan Titan feel to the floor enraged Broly keept coming back "oh well i mying as well use my transformation here!!" said Gohan thats when Gohan transformed his hair became slung up on his back Gohans hair turned golden Gohan's hair was Super Spiky Gohan was a Super Saiyan 3 "Gohan!!! youve done it!! you'r a Super Saiyan 3!!! im a little stronger then Super Perfect Cell but now you'r stronger then me by alot!!!" said Piccolo "thanks Piccolo!!!" Gohan said congrajulating his friend "no way!!!!!" said Cell "i wont die!!!" said Broly firing a ton of Eraser Disks at Gohan "Kame...Hame...Ha!!!!!!!" yelled Gohan Gohans blue blast hit Broly killing him meanwhile Piccolo had Cell defeated thats when 18 Krillin Tien Chiaotzu arrived "weve won!!!" said Tien "no you havint!!!" said Cell "how Cell im stronger then you and Gohan is now a Super Saiyan 3 and is much stronger then both of use!!!! this fight is over!!" said Piccolo "no i have a little secreat you see well you Piccolo and you Gohan but i have a little super power!!! you see i have Saiyan blood i have a power!! my tail can be used for something else!!! i can turn into a Great Ape!!! multplying my power by 10 times the only diffrience is my Oozaru form is multypled by 40 times!!!" said Cell "shit!!!!!!" said Krillin "this is bad!!!" said Tien thats when Cell threw a ball of energy into the air Cell transformed he was a giant Green ape Piccolo and Gohan got ready to fight Green Great Ape Cell.

Great Ape Cell vs Super Saiyan 3 Gohan and Piccolo the Super Namek and the other Z Fighters!!!Edit

Great Ape Cell

Great Ape Cell Darth Venom uploaded and drew this picture check out Coolers power in Hell which is one of the best dbz fan fictions ever!!!!

Great Ape Cell charged and fired a blue blast out of his mouth at Gohan and Piccolo 18 fired a blue energy blast at Great Ap

e Cell but it didint do eny affect Krillin hurled a Destructo Disk Tien fired a Tri-Beam-Cannon at Cell it had little affect Yamcha gatherd energy and

Piccolo uses Guided Scatter Shot

Piccolo uses Guided Hell Zone Grenade on Great Ape Cell

Gohan Super Saiyan 2

Gohan powers down from Super Saiyan 3 to Super Saiyan 2 Gohan is stronger then Piccolo Piccolo is stronger then Super Perfect Cell form 2.

fired a Spirt Ball the blast didint affect Cell at all Gohan launched a Kamehhameha at Great Ape Cell who blocked it with ease Piccolo fired a Guilded Hell Zone Grenade at Cell the blast did little affect "Hahahah!!!!! you caint beat me!!!!!" said Cell who launched a green blast out of his mouth nocking out Yamcha Great Ape Cell then wacked Krillin with his tail 18 screamed "no!! Krillin!!!" said 18 enraged by her husbands injury Gohan and Piccolo both fired Masenkos at Cell doing little damge Cell wacked 18 and Tien away.

"we have to cut of his tail Gohan!!!!" said Piccolo "right!!!" said Gohan "Special Beam Cannon!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Piccolo his purple beam blowing up Great Ape Cells tail "no!!!!" screamed Cell "Kamehameha!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Gohan his attack killed Cell.Gohan powerd down to Super Saiyan 2.

Piccolo flew down and picked up Gohan giving him a sensu Bean Gohan thanked his best friend the Super Saiyan and the Super Namek gave sensu beans to Yamcha Chiaotzu Krillin Tien 18.

Gohan after killing Cell.

Gohan after he and Piccolo defeat Great Ape Cell.

Gohan and Piccolo returned to there homes Gohan was gonna vist Piccolo every day and train Piccolo would proably Train Goten the Z Fighters were at peace meanwhile a battle rages on in the other world.

Janembia SagaEdit

Janembia and Gogeta duke it out

Gogeta dukes it out with Janembia

Gogeta attacked Janembia the two exhancged blows "come on Kakrot!!!! lets win this you moron!!!!" said Goegta "all right Vegeta!!!!" said Gogeta Gogeta punched Janembia in the face "Galick Gun Kamehameha!!!!!!!!!" yelled Gogeta firing a blue blast which hit Janembia who screamed "Die!!!!" yelled Janembia "morpher cannon!!!!!!!" yelled Janembia who fired a black and white orb at Gogeta which hit the Super powerfull Super Saiyan Gogeta charged and
Gogeta attacks

Gogeta attacks Janembia

launched himself full force at Janembia punching the Demon in the face Janembia remorphed then pulled out sword slamming Gogeta hard then Janembia began firing Energy Blasts Gogeta was fast and kicked Janembia in the face then slammed him in the air "Kame....Hame......Ha!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Gogeta launching a full power blue blast at Janebia the blast sent Janembia flying Janembia fired several bubbles at Gogeta who smacked them away "face it freak it's over!!!!!!! feel the power of a Super Saiyan!!!!!" said Gogeta who punched Janembia in the face and began beating the crap out of the Demon thats when Janembia became enraged and screamed
Janembias final form Prince of Salads uploaded this photo

Janembias final form Princeofsalads drew / uploaded this photo

the Demon Janembia began to transform."wow so you change you'r apperince im not scared of you!!!!" said Gogeta "Big Bang Kame...Hame...Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Gogeta launching a giant blue blast at the Demon Janembia who launched a black demon beam the two blasts engaged in a beam struggle Gogeta came at Janembia kicking him hard Janembia teleported behind Gogeta "what the hell!!!! how did he!!" said Gogeta Janembia grabbed Gogeta from behind and began chocking him thats when two green energy blasts hit Janembia standing there were Pikkon the Green Warrior and Daniel the Heroic Demon "we need to fuse Daniel!!! it's the only way!!!!" said Pikkon "right!!!!" said Daniel Pikkon and Daniel fused.Standing there was a red verson of Pikkon with a sword he looked like Daniel the Demon with his color and his b
Gogeta Kamehameha

Gogeta kills Janembia with a huge Kamehameha

ody but had the face of Pikkon "wow!!!!!" said Gogeta "i am Pikaiel!!!!!" said Pikaiel "Good Demon Blast!!!!!!!" said Pikaiel firing a huge blue blast at Janembia the Demon was hit hard by it then charged at Pikaiel punching Pikaiel who knnedthe Demon Janebia Gogeta ambushed Janembia "Kame.....Hame....Ha!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Gogeta lanching a huge Kamehameha at Janembia the blast killed the Demon the 4 heroes unfused Goku the Super Saiyan Pikkon the Green warrior Vegeta the Super Saiyan Prince and Daniel the Good Demon peace was restored the 4 heroes returned to the other world tournament to resume the tournament stay tuned for the sequel!!.

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