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Dragon Ball Z : NS ( ドラゴンボールZ:新しい記事 ) stands for New Stories.

This is my 3rd Fan-Fiction. It takes place 4 years after Goku trained with Uub.I was bored of making my last one so I decided to start over. Like in my other F-Fs, there is no GT.I will update it when I can and I won’t .Also, if you want for me to make a logo for your Fan-Fiction tell me that on talk page and I will do it ;)

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SSJ3!!!!!

This article is currently is still unfinished,and will be finished over time.

*Two official logos of Dragon Ball Z : NS*

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Did you know?Edit

  • The last and final villain of Dragon Ball Z : NS will look like Hatchiyak,because his look will fit the story.Because of that:"The plan to eradict the Saiyans" will not be canon to this fan-fiction Raging Blast
  • The 4th and 5th Saga will have Future Trunks in them.So,Trunks fans,keep waiting.... Raging Blast
  • In the main storyline of DBZ : NS,there will be no movie characters Raging Blast
  • The look of Tsufu is took from Baby Goku pictures on Deviant-Art Raging Blast
  • The idea of Goku using the fusion clothes to fight Xorcai is only used by me because I didn't had a picture of Full-Powered Super Saiyan 3 Goku with normal clothes Raging Blast


  • The third saga of Dragon Ball Z : NS is finished! Raging Blast 13:32, September 24, 2010 (UTC)
  • Questions and Answers are released for Tuffle Android saga! Raging Blast 19:55, September 24, 2010 (UTC)
  • 4th Saga has started by a name of Future Buu Saga! Raging Blast 22:07, September 25, 2010 (UTC)
  • It is confirmed that Dragon Ball Z : NS will have 5 saga's! Raging Blast 07:14, October 9, 2010 (UTC)
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List of SagasEdit

  • Pre-Dragon Ball Z : NS Saga
  • Xorcai Saga
  • Tuffle Android Saga
  • Future Buu Saga
  • Will be added when the last Saga finishes...

Pre-Dragon Ball Z : NS Saga

This saga isn't really like others in this Fanfic. It is about what has happened beetwen DBZ and Dragon Ball Z : NS. Hope you like it.

DBZ Homecoming

*Yo! Tadaima! (I'm Home)*

New transformations:Edit


In the last 4 years Goten has totally mastered the Super Saiyan form and now he is able to turn into a Super Saiyan 2. It happened one day while he was training with Gohan. Gohan was fighting suppressed and just in time to punch Goten when he transformed into a SSJ2.He got an great power up and easily blocked Gohan's attack .An spectacular fight had started and they were even until Gohan turned serious and easily outmatched Goten's powers .He congratulated him and said that he now must be serious if he don't want to get beaten by his little bro. From that day on , Goten is using SSJ2 in every tough fight.


Much like Goten, Trunks has also mastered the Super Saiyan form and trained into achieving Super Saiyan 2.He also did it while training, but with Vegeta in Capsule Corp. Gravitation chamber. The gravity in the chamber was 800 times stronger than Earth .Trunks could handle the strong gravity ,but his speed and agility was at his minimum which made him totally easy for Vegeta to lend punches and kicks on him. But in the most unexpected moment just when Vegeta was about to kick him in the head he grabbed his leg and lightnings came out of his body .His aura became sharper and he was standing there, as a Super Saiyan 2.He said:"Surprise dad, here I come!" as he landed few attacks on Vegeta. From that point on they were fighting more intense than before. Trunks had the advantage until Vegeta turned SSJ and over powered his son.


Pan also had some intense training in this last 4 years .She even became a Super Saiyan, however, it was hard to reach this form because her Saiyan blood is too diluted in her body .She achieved while she was in her toughest training ever .She was fighting with Goku on King Kais planet, where the gravity is much higher than the one from Earth .Just when she thought that she will never turn into a Super Saiyan and that her power will never even come close to Goten and Trunks she transformed .Goku said:"Pan, you turned into a Super Saiyan, that's great! You learned that turning into a Super Saiyan comes from a need, not from a desire .Now, you are even stronger than, Goten Super Saiyan when he was at your age .I must say that I'm impressed."Pan started to cry from happiness, as it was her first time turning Super Saiyan.


Bra, the daughter of Vegeta, also turned into a Super Saiyan, however, this is nothing special, as a Half-Saiyans turn can into a Super Saiyans very easily. She first transformed while training with Trunks.


While training in 1750 gravity stronger than earth, Vegeta achieved a Super Saiyan 3 transformation .As a SSJ3 he had incredible power, but the problem was that he could only stay for an hour in this form. While using this transformation Vegeta loses his power rapidly even while resting, much like Goku's ssj3 form, so he just use it on the toughest opponents like *Guess who*

*Gallery of characters who got new transformations.(I will add SSJ2 Goten and Trunks when I find them.)*


Is there a transformation beyond a SSJ3?Edit

One day, Goten was curious .He had many questions about Saiyans limits and transformations .Can I be a SSJ3? Can Pan Become a SSJ2? Is this my limit? He couldn't answer any of these questions, and especially one : Is there an transformation beyond a SSJ3? Because he couldn't think of everything, he wanted to ask his dad. He asked mom where is Goku and she answered that he went fishing and that he wants to catch a Giant Fish .Goten kneed the only place where he knows that giant fish lives ,so he flew as fast as he could to the river .He searched the coast and saw his dad .When he got close enough, he saw Goku sleeping and many bones next to him. He said desperate :"Dad ,you shouldn't eat the fish, you should catch it for our dinner!" Goku woke up and sleepy said:"Oh, sorry 'bout that, there are many fishes like this one."Goten said that it doesn't matter and that he will catch one for him. Then he said that he needs to ask him something .Goku said strangely:"What do you want to ask me?"Goten asked his burning question:"Is there an transformation beyond a SSJ3? Is there SSJ4?"Goku said while smiling:"Goten, why would you ask such a thing, you even aren't a Super Saiyan 3 and you talk about a level beyond .Let me explain you something .When you turn into a Super Saiyan,It's like you open a locked amount of power inside yourself, and when you turn into a Super Saiyan 2,you open even another locked mass of power .Still, Super Saiyan 3 is much different,SSJ3 is using all the energy from amount 1 and amount 2 to fight at your best for a short period .He he, even I know some math’s, right?Well, if you want to find into a SSJ4,then it would be another more hidden amount of energy inside your body which waits to be awaken .And we can't know if it exist, so the answer is that the best way to surpass SS3 is to master it, or to do as I

Uub's awakened powerEdit

Goku was teaching Uub how to do an Instant Transmission. Since he was a fast-learner, he mastered it in third try! He said:"Great, now I can pull some new combos!" Goku smiled: "Uub, you have power you don't even know you have." Uub answered:"What power? While sparring with you,I were at my max."Goku smiled again:"Uub,you have power you can't imagine, you just don't know how to use it.Remember, you are a reincarnation of Majin Buu."Uub replied:"Then how do I use it?"Goku answered:"He he, just power up to your max, and then power up even more .Just when you think that you are on your max go even higher."Uub powered up to his max:"But I can't go further than this."Goku said:"Oh, you can, you can't expect for me to believe that reincarnation of most dangerous Buu is so weak. Power up more!" Uub did as Goku said. He tried to power up and then, on the unexpected moment, he started to emit more and more energy. He felt that he was unstoppable. He was still powering up and everything around him started to tremble. He created an earthquake. Pink lightnings were all around his body. He stopped: "Woah! This power, it's, it's, it's unbelievable! Goku, you were right. I have much more power that I thought I have. Wow!" Goku: "Of course I was right! Now, ready for the next round?" Uub smiled:"Ready!"

Xorcai Saga

This is second saga of Dragon Ball Z : NS. It's about the new threat,Xorcai,pun of Xicor from Dragon Ball AF. Please comment on Discussion Page.

Two cities destroyed from nowhere!Edit

The day was like any other .People went to work, kids were playing, Goten and Trunks went to college, Uub was training with Goku. Bulma was watching her favorite show on TV when from nowhere the show stopped and the news showed on the screen:"We stopped the show because of big disaster!We can't find any connection with East and Central City!"Vegeta rune into the room:"What?"News goes on:"They seem to be perished from the face of the earth!Military sent airplanes to scan the area, however, they disappeared from our radars just when the went into the Central City .Here is the video we got from them."


The plane was flying fast and when he went into the city,there was no city! Not even ruins were there.Then, from sudden,words "Goodbye" were heard and from that moment it was clear the plane crushed as the screen was black.

Sensing a strong energy!Edit

Just after the news all Z-fighters sensed the same .An enormous energy .It even interrupted Goku's nap:"What the heck? This energy, I newer sensed it before .It is so strong ,and so.... Evil!!!"On the college Goten and Trunks knew what to do:"Sorry, Miss, we must go, Goten is feeling sick."Their teacher said:"What is it with you two, Goten is going, but not with you Trunks, Lesse, take care of Goten."Lesse answered:"Yes, miss!"Trunks smiled:"Ok, if you want it that way, Goten, Instant Transmission, fast!"Goten teleported Trunks and him to Goku.In the class their teacher fell unconscious .At Goku's house, all Saiyans came except Vegeta:"Oh, man, dad must've gone alone to face that monster."Goku said:"No way, I'm going to be there first." as he teleported himself .Uub used Instant Transmission teleport himself, Gohan .Trunks, Pan, Bra and Goten to Goku .They were in the Center of the place which was called the Central City.

Meanwhile on Kami's lookout...Edit

"What is this, this evil energy?" Dende said as two towns where destroyed :"This energy, it is even stronger than Majin Buu, we are not a mach for that .There is only one energy ,and it destroyed both East and Central City in the same time!This guy, he is out of our league."Mister Popo said:"Don't worry Dende, Goku and others are already there."Dende trembled with fear:"We will need more than them to beat this guy.

The similar dialog happened between Kibito Kai and Old kai...

Where is he? Why can't we find him?Edit

Goku found Vegeta:"Hey, Vegeta, did you found that guy?"Vegeta answered:"No, it looks like he vanished .Ugh, Where are you!"Suddenly a rough voice answered:"Hahahaha, you will never find me, Goodbye, anyways!"An giant beam of energy attacked Goku and Vegeta but it was reflected .Piccolo's voice said:"Need help?".Uub and others also arrived. They searched every place but they found no one ."Damn, we can sense his energy and we can't find him!" Goten said .The same voice as before answered:"Maybe because you don't know where to search!I'll help you. Haaa!"A giant silver energy blast attacked Goten from the clouds "Goten used a Kamehameha and the beams clashed .Goten turned into SSJ2 and overpowered the enemies beam .Kamehameha continued to hit the enemy and just before it should go through the clouds it was reflected .Clouds cleared anon figure was standing there ,with sun in It's background.

Meet ZaikoEdit

Gohan said:"So you were there all the time, chicken, come down."He replied:"Oh ,I will.". In a second, he was in front of them .He said:"Frightened ,who is chicken now, Ha?"Vegeta said:"You are a Saiyan!"He replied that he is.Goten asked him who is he and he answered:"Oh ,you want to know my name .I am Zaiko ,or just call me "Your Death" .I finally found you .It was easy .Now let me enjoy destroying you.
Zaiko final version by alessandelpho


"Vegeta got angry:"Who you think you are ,we are stronger than you a million times and more!"Zaiko started smiling:"Oh really ,well you defeated my brother after all ,you should know something."Everyone was surprised:"Brother!?!"Zaiko said:"Yes ,my older brother, I guess you know him by a name "Kakarot""Everyone was shocked by this:"Goku? You are his brother!But Goku only had an brother called Raditz!" Zaiko:"Surprised? Well yes ,I am your brother,Goku, and just to know, I am stronger than you a ton..."Goku was surprised:"But....How?"Zaiko smiled:"Hpmh, ok, I will explain you everything ,even if I hate it .Me and Kakarot are twins.Kakarot was born first which makes me younger I guess.Now, when they read Kakarot's Power level of 2-3 they also read mine, but unlike his, well, mine was over 10.000."Vegeta was trembling:"Over...10.000?He's my brother to !"Zaiko went deeper into the story:"Even my mother wanted to kill me so she blasted me with everything she had.Her blast was weak, but as a baby who doesn't know to control energy, it was enough to send me deep into space .And I survived ,don't ask me how, but I did .I guess I made an energy shield .I was floating in space with shield which is full of air .Then, the planet exploded ,Frieza destroyed it, I guess, but my brother was still alive ,I could sense him .From that point, I knew that I'm betrayed from my mother ,I hated her ,and I wanted revenge .I landed on a planet Tsuku .The race that of that planet was peaceful ,but they loved fighting .They trained me, and when I was at my full power I destroyed their planet and went to get my revenge.I sensed his power which was rising with every second, but he was not a threat .Finally ,I found you,Goku.You were fighting Majin Buu.You're too lucky I didn't killed you then ,I wanted a real fight when you get stronger."
Xicor jr version by alessandelpho

Xorcai as a kid


Xorcai finished the story. Everyone powered up .Vegeta said while rushing at Xorcai:"Let's see what you've got .Xorcai dodged:"Pathetic."Vegeta transformed into a SSJ .He attacked again with a barrage of punches and kicks but Xorcai blocked them like child's play:"Ugh, only thing you know is dodging and blocking."Xorcai said:"Really, see this."He punched Vegeta and then kicked him as he fell on the ground .Goku, Gohan, Goten, Uub, Bra, Pan, Trunks and Piccolo attacked Xorcai all at the same time but he dodged them all like nothing:"This is all you've got? Hpmf..."Goku answered:"Not even close."Goten ,Goku and Trunks transformed into SSJ2.Pan and Bra turned into a SSJ .Goku managed to hit Xorcai few times but then he gained the upper hand .He blasted Pan and Bra away:"Super Saiyan 2,huh.You're still weak."Gohan burst into rage:"Playing time over ,let me show you a power up that is even stronger than a Super Saiyan 3."He powered up to his ultimate form .He totally outclassed Xorcai, hitting him many times .He finished with a Kamehameha and sent Xorcai flying .He landed on the opposite side of ruins .Gohan said exhausted:"I put everything I got into that attack."Uub replied:"Why do I have a bad feeling about this?"Goten surprised:"Because of that!Gohan, get away of the blast!"A giant beam attacked Gohan from behind, It was to late for him to dodge .A second before the blast would hit him Uub pushed Gohan to evade the beam and then he absorbed it .Trunks was surprised:"What?"Uub explained:"I discovered that I can absorb the beam and use it energy .I am a part Majin, aren’t I? Still, this beam is made of negative energy ,I need to release it .Uub started releasing the power he just absorbed:"Good trick you have, your friend won't be so lucky next time .Goten started firing many blasts from his hand to hit the Xorcai but he dodged them all .Goku said:"Time to get serious." as he transformed into a SSJ3.Vegeta did the same:"Time to meet your end Xorcai!"They attacked at the same time .They were evenly matched .Goku yelled:"Kaaaa- Meee -Haaa- Meee- Haaaaaaaaa!"It was a direct hit .Vegeta gained the upper hand .Xorcai smiled: You are fighting with all your strength and you are even with me suppressed .Funny."Xorcai punched Vegeta in stomach so hard that he fell on the ground, then, he did the similar with Goku .Goten said:"Trunks, Let's fuse."Trunks Nodded. Words:"Fuu-sion Haaa" were heard and Gotenks was standing there .Xorcai said:"Ah, so you fused with that fusion technique .Nice, Let's see what you've got Gotenks .He was surprised:"How do you know my name?"Xorcai answered:"I was there all the time you were fighting Buu, remember?You didn't saw me, of course .Now, Let's fight."Gotenks nodded. A clash of two great powers started .Gotenks transformed into a SSJ .He was gaining the upper hand, still ,as hard as he hit him ,Xorcai always looked undamaged:

SSJ Adult Gotenks by WilliamLionheart

Gotenks SSJ

Why can't I hurt you!He yelled:"Big Tree Kamehameha!"The beam hit Xorcai, but again, it was nothing to him:"The truth is, I'm holding back at all of you .Even if you turn into a Super Saiyan 3,you could only stay in that form for few minutes as you already used all of your energy. Also, you won't be a threat to me even in that form."Gotenks knew Xorcai was right, It would be foolish to use a SSJ3 while he is already exhausted of fighting .He infused. Goku told Vegeta:"We need to fuse ,Vegeta , there is no other way."Vegeta said:"Kakarot ,how many times do we need to fuse to beat our opponent! We must do something on our own!"Goten got an idea:"Dad, even if you fuse,the result will be the same,or at least you'll be matched.Xorcai is holding back at us and doesn't even try to be serious .We are nothing compared to him, however, I've got an idea."He walked to Xorcai:"Xorcai,I will promise we will be a match for you, in three days!"Xorcai said surprised:"What ,three days?If it was three decades you wouldn't become stronger than me."Goten smiled:"Oh really. Well, if you give us three days of training, we would became even stronger than you .Are you up to the challenge?"Xorcai laughed:"Heh, okay, I will give you three days .I will not kill an ant in that time."Goten said:"Ok, Xorcai .Now, let me explain the plan to others."Xorcai replied:"Hpmh ,to make thing easier to you, I would go,but I hope you get at least a bit stronger than now.I didn't had a real challenge from when I was born .You should be lucky."He flied of. Everyone was surprised by this .What is Goten's plan? Will it work? Will they beat Xorcai? What kind of training is it? Vegeta said:"Goten, what are you up to .Do you thing we will really be able to defeat him just by training for three days?"Goten smiled:"Chill off ,I will explain you everything .We have just three days.We need to use them wisely."

Goten's plan!Edit

"This will not be easy to do, and we have very little time, so listen me carefully" Goten said .Uub was curious:"So, what's the plan?" Goten answered:"First ,we need to find the Dragon balls .It would take 1 hour or less if we use instant transmission .Trunks, I will teleport us to your mom to give us 6-7 radars."He used instant transmission .They were back in ten minutes .Goten explained:"I will go with Trunks, Uub will go with Pan, Goku will find them alone, same with Vegeta and Bra .Now, Let's find them."Everyone started searching .Searching didn't take long .Goku ,Uub and Goten used their Instant Transmission to teleport them wherever they want .In half of hour all dragon balls were found .Goten summoned the Dragon:"Arise, Shenron!"Shenron was summoned:"Tell me

Shenron summoned

Your wish!"Goten asked:"Shenron ,can you read my thoughts?"Shenron answered:"Yes I can."Goten said:"Great, my wish is hard to explain ,so can you just read my thoughts and see what I want?"Shenron answered positive .He readied Goten's mind:"Your wish is hard to grant ,for what you want, one dimension needs to be destroyed, so that I can place another in her place."Goten :"Then use the Hyperbolic Time Chamber dimension!It is corrupted ."Shenron said:"If you wish...Your wish has been granted, just for one use, but you don't have another wish as this used almost all of my energy."Vegeta was impatient:"Okay ,so what do we do now, Goten .We have little time you know!"Goten smiled:"Relax Vegeta .Dad, teleport us to Kami's lookout."Goku nodded .He teleported them .Dende was there:"Ah, so here you are, good thing you aren't killed by that monster."Uub replied:"Yeah, now Goten, where is your wish?"Goten sad to follow him .Trunks was surprised:"Don't tell me, you asked Shenron ,for a..."Goten interrupted him:"Yes ,for a new Hyperbolic Time Chamber .Still, this one is better."Everyone was surprised ,Vegeta the most:"What ,you think that Hyperbolic Time Chamber will make us stronger than Xorcai, only two can be in there!"Goten smiled:"You thinks, this HTC can have as much users as you want, also ,the gravity is much stronger, around 800,also,one day here is three years there ,so we will be there for three years, just training and training .Still, we could only use it for once, as the dimension itself is too strong .We should grab this chance."Everyone looked him by surprise .Trunks said:"We will be there for 9 years!We will get much older!Just pan will have 19.What do you think Goten?"Goten laughed:"Don't worry ,we don't age in that dimension .Ah, here we are .Get ready for the most intense training in your life."Everyone walked into the new dimension ,and started training.


Xorcai was hungry .He was eating some fruit he found .He had an idea : Heh, I'm going to make some fun ,I said I wouldn't kill an ant ,but I didn't said that I won’t kill a human..."Xorcai was interrupted as something flied over his head .He flied and grabbed it .It was a round stone .He knew it was the Dragon ball and that Z-fighters asked Dragon for something .He got an idea to find all seven of them and then wait to make his wish of immortality:"Heh ,humans ,this is your lucky day.He went flying.As he didn't had an radar,he didn't have a clue where are they,but he knew they aren't on the ground and that they are still flying all over the planet,and that he still has a chance.He tried to find them as hard as he could,but he wasn't successful.Then he remembered the Dragon Radar:"How could I be so stupid."Xorcai went in the way of Bulma to get the radar...

Training and training and training...Edit

Z-fighters didn't waste any time .They were all training in the best way they could .Gotenks was creating new moves .Goku was sparing with Uub and Vegeta was training by himself .For Bra and Pan it was hard to walk on such big gravity, but they managed to keep up .Gohan was pushing his limits .He couldn't turn into a Super Saiyan as he was in his Ultimate state .Piccolo was wearing his heavy suit to make his progress faster .Everyone was becoming stronger and stronger and more and more close to defeat Xorcai.

New Super Saiyan 2!Edit

Pan and Bra were fighting seriously .As Bra is older, she was a little stronger than Pan .She became an Full-Powered Super Saiyan .Pan was being badly beaten .She attacked with a kamehameha, but Bra dodged it and kneed her .Pan spitted out some blood .She became angry and managed to kick Bra in head which sent her flying .Bra said:"Good, Pan .This training works .We became much stronger ,but I am still stronger than you."Bra punched Pan in face and then kicked her in stomach .Pan said:"Heh, heh.I guess You didn't expected this."Pan powered up. Her power was rising in astonishing speed .Lightnings came out of her body .She became a Super Saiyan 2:"How do you like it?"Pan attacked Bra so fast that she couldn't even see .She said:"I think I need some rest .At least I won the round!Yeaaah!"

Pushing it to the LIMIT!Edit

Vegeta was fighting vigorously, as he was determined to find a way to surpass a Super Saiyan 3. Vegeta mumbled, "I have to increase the gravity, and this Hyperbolic Time Chamber is just at X800..." Goten interrupted Vegeta:"Oh, to get the stronger gravity just go far more from the entrance. Vegeta flew far from the entrance where the gravity was X3200. "UGH! Super Saiyan 3!",then he put the gravity to x3900,and than x400. He kept trying to transform above a Super Saiyan 3, but with no resort he couldn't. The only thing he succeeded at was making a larger lightning aura. "WHY... CAN'T... I... SURPASS... A ... SUPER... SAIYAN... 3!?"

Training to the Third...Edit

While Vegeta was training alone, Goten and Trunks were training in the most serious way they could. "KAMEKAMEHA!" Goten then fired his Kamekameha at the ceiling so it will bounce off the ceiling so multiple rays will bounce off in all directions. Trunks obliterated all of them with multi-Flash Bangs. "Not bad Goten, but try avoiding this! SUPER EXPLOSIVE WAVE!" "AfterImage Technique!" Goten said. Trunks became confused when all of the illusions disappeared. "SUPER SAIYAN 3!" Goten then fell out of the ceiling. "Gah!" Trunks then vanished. He was one step ahead of Goten . "Not bad Goten, but let's if you can find Super Saiyan 3 Trunks!" "Hurry up!" Goten and Trunks both clashed. The battle ended in a tie...

Ascended Super Saiyan 3!Edit

Goku was in his Super Saiyan 3 form. He fought Gotenks. He kneed Gotenks and then kicked him .Gotenks said:"Heh, Is that all you can do!"He punched Goku and then fired a Big Tree Canon .Goku countered with True Kamehameha .The beams clashed, and Gotenks won the struggle .Goku fired multiple Ki blasts to Gotenks .It was a direct hit .Goku smiled:"Got you!Double Kamehameha!"Goku fired a kamehameha from both hands .When the smoke cleared Gotenks was standing there, unharmed:"Is that really all you can do?"Goku said:"You talk too much."Goku kicked Goten in head from behind:"That happens when you think you are the strongest!" Gotenks became angry:"Goku, you really think I am using everything I got?"Goku answered:"Of course I don't think that!"Gotenks laughed:"Then I will show you!Multiple Kamehameha!" Gotenks fired Kamehameha rapidly from both hands but they weren't attacking Goku.He made 100 of them and then said:"Now, prepare for Kamehameha Grenade."All Kamehameha's turned into spheres .Then, Gotenks moved two fingers and all spheres attacked Goku .Goku avoided them, but they were always following him .Goku yelled:"Double kamehameha!"He used Kamehameha's from both hands and started splitting all spheres in two .Gotenks laughed:"So, you managed to get out of that, I'm impressed .But how will you get out of this .Massive Rapid Grenade Kamehameha!"Gotenks fired almost ten thousand of Kamehameha spheres and then, ordered them to attack Goku .Goku was out ached, He couldn't dodge all of them .It looked like he was hit. Smoke cleared .Gotenks could not believe .Goku was standing there

Goku,an ascended Super Saiyan 3

,unharmed ,with bigger muscles ,and Shockingly Strong Lightnings around him .He smiled:"Gotenks, that is a good move .If I was a Super Saiyan 3 I would be heavily wounded, but as you see, I'm not anymore .See, the power of Ascended Super Saiyan 3!"Goku punched Gotenks so hard that he couldn't fight anymore .Vegeta got angry:"How can he be an Ascended Super Saiyan 3 and I'm just a Super Saiyan 3!I should be stronger than that!"From that moment on ,Vegeta trained at the gravity of 4000.

More Majin than we thought!Edit

Piccolo was training with Uub:"Hellzone Grenade!"Piccolo fired multiple Ki Blasts .Uub deflected them back:"Kamehameha!"Piccolo dodged it .A middle air battle started .Piccolo punched Uub to the face .From that hit, Uub was in a disadvantage .He used the Instant Transmission to teleport behind Piccolo and kick him .Piccolo fell on the ground:"Good hit, but not enough."He fired multiple homing Ki blasts to hit Uub .Uub was busy avoiding those blasts so Piccolo had a chance to do a sneak attack .After Piccolo hit him Uub spitted some blood:"Heh, Piccolo,I didn't show you my real power yet."Uub powered up to his maximum .


Uub fires a Majin Kamehameha

Pink lightnings came out of him:"How do you like it take this?Majin Kamehameha!"Uub fired a giant pink Kamehameha that hit Piccolo directly to the face.His arm was torn apart:"Hh,hh,hh,how can you be that strong."Piccolo, used Sai-Sei to make a new arm and attacked Uub, but he had a big disadvantage .Uub first kneed him, and then kicked him .Just when Piccolo was about to crush on the ground, Uub kicked Piccolo in stomach .He sent him flying to an impressive height .He fired another Kamehameha on him that Piccolo couldn't dodge in his state .Kamehameha sent him even more up in the air .Just before Piccolo would gain balance, Uub teleported right in front of Piccolo .He kicked him as many times as he could .Piccolo was falling faster and faster until he hit the ground .He was heavily wounded, but he got a Senzu he had to restore his full power .Piccolo got angry:"Uub, you are strong, I could've died then, but it is time to turn the tables .Light Grenade!"Piccolo fired his strongest attack with great speed .It hit Uub and sent him flying. When he crushed, he had an open wound .He was barely alive .Piccolo flied to him:"How do you like that, here, eat a senzu."Just before Uub could ate a senzu bright purple light emitted from him .His wound was full of light, so nothing could've been seen .When the light cleared, Uub's wound disappeared .Everyone was surprised .Goku said:"Uub, you got regenerative abilities!Great, I guess you are more a Majin than we thought!"Uub, smiled:"Great!!! Ready for a rematch Piccolo, It's not going to be so easy this time!"Piccolo nodded, as they clashed again...

Another Ascended Super Saiyan 3?Edit

Vegeta flied to Goku:"Let's settle this down, Kakarot!Who is stronger, you, or me?" Goku smiled: "Vegeta? Long time we didn't battled seriously, ha? Did you ascended?"Vegeta transformed into SSJ3: "Oh I did" Vegeta's muscles were growing bigger, a shockingly lightning type aura appeared around him. Vegeta was an Ascended Super Saiyan 3 too. "Impressive, Vegeta... but let’s put your new power to the test. SUPER DRAGON FISTS!" Two golden dragons flew out of both of Goku's fists. Vegeta retaliated with 2 Final Galick Guns. The dragons ate the blast and turned into Kamikaze Dragon Fists. Vegeta attacked the dragons, but they exploded on impact .Vegeta got angry:"Good trick you have, but let's see how are you doing with this attack. Haaaaaa! "Vegeta used his strongest attack:"Remember my final flash ,Kakarot? Now multiple it with 100!Dimension Flash!!!"A huge yellow concentrated beam of energy came out of Vegeta's hands .It had giant speed .Goku tried to use his Instant Transmission but a Ki Blast hit him from behind, ruining his concentration .Goku was caught in the blast .Vegeta was exhausted:"Huf, like it.."Goku was far away from Vegeta, covered with wounds .He could barely walk:"Good Vegeta, I would've died if I didn't made a Ki shield around me, and I wouldn't even do it if you didn't shot that blast behind me .You knew that didn't you, as a Super Saiyan 3,we always have a weak Ki shield around us, and when anything attacks us, the shield becomes stronger up to 100 times and more immediately .Still, if you didn't fired that blast, I would use Instant Transmission to dodge it .Now, Let's finish this."Goku and Vegeta battled in Mid-Air, at the end ,Goku won .Vegeta became desperate :"Why... can't I... beat you... Kakarot?"Goku reversed into base:"You could beat me Vegeta, but you used Dimension Flash, and it was a big mistake, as it took almost all of your energy, and I was still able to fight .Come on, take a senzu, then prepare for a new round!"

Pushing Ultimate Further...Edit

Gohan split into 2 and trained with himself. "Ugh! Must... train... myself... to... the... LIMIT.I must..reach...the...ssj form...while..being in...ultimate form.." First he tried his new signature move, Ultimate Masendan Barrage. Multiple Masendans flew in the air, then he tried his ultimate Masenko and Kamehameha supposedly attacking the air ,but still,no Ultimate SSJ .Then he tried the Gekiretsu Madan one of the barrage attacks he used on Frieza long ago, all the blasts crashed down, like a Hellzone Grenade, with Gohan finishing his attack with a really super strong kick to the face ,but again,no Super Saiyan ... " Gohan screamed out of anger. Then, suddenly out of nowhere a golden aura was surrounding him. "What?" Did he succeed? Is he an Ultimate Super Saiyan? Only he knows...

Nine years have passed!Facing Xorcai again!Edit

Goten just punched Uub while training when the Sand clock has ticked nine years .It was time to face Xorcai ...Everyone was asking the same question:"Are we now really strong enough to face Xorcai?"Goku was the only one feeling seeming confident .Uub was somewhat encouraged by having the ability to regenerate, but, will that really help him? Finally, Goku said:"Ok, I guess the time has come!"Vegeta nodded .They flied to the direction of Xorcai's Ki, but hey really didn't expected what they saw .Xorcai, their biggest foe, was standing there, with seven stones around him, and a radar-like machine in his hands .Trunks yelled:"What did you do with my mother!"Vegeta got lost in thoughts:"Did he killed...Bulma...?"Xorcai looked at them:"Heh, so you came, Let's see what you've got?"Trunks repeated the question:"What my mother!"Xorcai replied:"Bulma, you mean? Let's say, well, she took an one-way trip to the other-world."Trunks was just going to attack Xorcai but Goku stopped him:"Trunks, stop!If you rush like that you would be killed just like your mother."Trunks calmed down:"Hh..."Goku smiled:"So, Xorcai, Want to see the result of our training .Let me suggest one thing .One on one .You will fight, one on one with each of us, or the fused us..."Everyone was shocked:"What!We can't beat him one on one!"Goku laughed:"You have more power that you imagined, you are strong enough to give a good match for him, and you don't even know it!Xorcai, you agree?"Xorcai laughed hard:"One on one?!You make me laugh!Even all combined, you couldn't even scratch me, but okay, let it be as you want."Bra got encouraged by Goku's words:"Then I will fight you first, with Pan."

Female fusion!Edit

Bra laughed:"Xorcai, get ready to get your butt kicked!Pan, you are ready?"Pan answered:"Yeah!"Bra smiled:"Xorcai,I guess you didn't expected this!Let's do it Pan."Pan nodded .They said:"Fuu-sion!Haaa"Xorcai:"What, they learned to fuse?"Giant light covered the new fusion .When it faded, one girl was standing there:"You like it, Xorcai?
Bran Fusion of Pan and Bra by Macilento


I am Bran!"Xorcai smiled:"Than let's see how strong you really are."Xorcai fired an grey blast on Bran but she kicked it into the air .She multiplied herself and attacked Xorcai from every side .Goten was impressed:"They are actually doing better than Gotenks."Xorcai dodged every her attack and fired multiple ki blasts but she rushed to him deflecting them all .She managed to punch Xorcai in stomach .Xorcai smiled:"How can you be so strong!You are doing better than Gotenks and Goku before three days!"Bran smiled and slapped Xorcai several times .He got angry:"Ugh .You are doomed!"Xorcai fired power full blast Bran could not deflect .It exploded with contact with Bran .Xorcai was laughing .The dust of dirt cleared, but Xorcai could not believe it. Bran was standing there, unharmed, as a Super Saiyan .She laughed:"The
Ssj bran

SSJ Bran

fun just started Xorcai!"She attacked with Kamehameha which Xorcai dodged, but it was just a trap for other blast which hit him head-on .Bran used the chance to put few strong kicks on Xorcai, and then, he kneed him in face .He laughed:"How do you like that, ha?"Xorcai laughed:"Hhhhh,Hahahahaha!You gave me a god challenge ,but I think it is time for me to finish this .Evil Beam!"Xorcai fired an powerful concentrated beam at Bran .She countered with Galick Kamehameha .The beams clashed, but Xorcai was easily wining .Bran said:" be...this strong?Then I will give my all out to stop you!"Bran attacked with full power, in attempt to overpower Xorcai's beam, but she failed .The bam was going to hit her ,but she infused into Pan and Bra and managed to dodge it .Goten asked:"Pan, are you good? Tell me something!"Pan said weakly:"Something..."Gohan smiled:"That's my sister!"Trunks rune to Bra:"Bra, Bra, are you okay?"Bra answered:"Sure I am, what did you expected from your sister?I'm sorry ,I couldn't defeat him..."Trunks smiled:"It doesn't matter, and I must say, I'm impressed!"Xorcai spoke:"That one was easy, but I must admit ,she was stronger than I thought, but still nothing compared to me .I wonder what kind of training you had .Now, who is next?"Piccolo said:"I would be the next one who will fight you, and beat you, and just to know, It's not going to be as easy as with her."Xorcai said:"Hpmf,I hope it won't, that was boring .I never really had a real challenge."

Battle with Piccolo…Edit

9 years have passed since the last time Piccolo and the others faced Xorcai .Since that, Piccolo has been in a serious training, to become stronger.Now Piccolo is ready to face Xorcai for the second time.Piccolo : now is my turn.Xorcai: lets see what you got, we will fight in a desert 50 meters away from here...Piccolo:"okay, than i guess I'll bury you alive!" Flied to the desert.Piccolo and Xorcai started,powering up.Then Piccolo charged at Xorcai, with the special beam cannon, the beam did little damage to Xorcai however,Piccolo than charged at a rush attack, first he kicked him in the belly, than a punch to the face, Piccolo managed to get behind him and grab his head again to throw him to the ground. Then Xorcai got off the ground and instantly charged at Piccolo and they both start to lending kicks blows and ki blasts all over the place.After a lot of hits and blows, Piccolo fired his Scatter Shot(Volley attack) at Xorcai.This time,his attack did a lot of damage. As the battle continued Piccolo easily got the upper hand against Xorcai.He was faster,stronger and more calm than him,but for how long...

Xorcai’s 20% of power!Edit

After Piccolo started wining against Xorcai, he begun toying with him .He kept on betting him around, until Xorcai became serious…. Piccolo :"Is that all? Pathetic… I can’t believe I wasted my time fighting you, honestly I was expecting a little more, from you, but I guess I got too strong"Xorcai :"Congratulations , you managed to surpass the 10% of my power, but now am afraid am going to use my 20%, so bad so bad...It was a good fight, but all good thing things have to end sometime…"Piccolo :"Don’t be so sure of that."Xorcai started powering up to his 20%...Xorcai :"I am afraid that the battle, has already over…"Piccolo :"I'm going to saw you what’s over."Piccolo attacked him at a rage, with multiple hits, but this time with not effect, Xorcai punched Piccolo sending him 20 meters away, finally crashing to the ground, and he kept on attacking Piccolo with lots of hits, kicks and blows .But this time Xorcai had the upper hand..Piccolo and Xorcai kept on fighting at an intense rate. Until Xorcai crashed Piccolo to he ground. At a final attempt to beat Xorcai Piccolo fired a new attack..Piccolo :"Take new attack!Scatter Stick Shot!"Piccolo started firing multiple ki blasts, at first the attack seemed like the Helzone grenade but when Piccolo guided the blasts towards Xorcai they stuck all over him,Xorcai had filed with ki blasts, than Piccolo made the blasts explode…. Piccolo :"Now how do you like it?Xorcai:"well the attack was good,but not perfect,now let me show you my new attack! Deadly Blaster!"Xorcai fired a huge green ball of ki at Piccolo knocking him out…The Namekian was out of the fight and, Xorcai left the battle field...But suddenly Piccolo started moving.He was hardly breathing.He said:"I can't beat you,I admit.Ghhh."Uub stepped out:"I will be next!"

The Battle Royale!Uub's Turn To Fight!Edit

"Their battle was pointless..." He was ready to eliminate everyone he fought and lost, when Uub got in the way of the shot. "GAH!" Only a couple of cells were left, along with his heart and brain. "UUB! Why you!?" When Goku started to power up, Uub started to regenerate. "Huh?" "Ugh... I thought I died there... Anyway, YOU'LL PAY FOR TRYING DESTROYING MY FRIENDS!" He started to charge his Majin Kamehameha until it was too powerful to control. "完全な力の悪魔のカメハメハ!" The beam was so powerful it seemingly killed Xorcai. "You did it Uub! You really-" "I'm still alive... YOU FOOLS!" "HUH!?" He kicked up Uub. He then copied Uubs Kamehameha with Negative Energy. "カメハメハを拒否してください!" Uub finally stopped flying up and realized the beam was coming towards him. "陽画カメハメハ!" The beams vaporized, and the battle continued using their minds as the battlefield too small to continue their fight.

Battle Royale Part 2!The Continuation Inside The Mind!Edit

" 完全な力の悪魔のカメハメハ!" Uub shot his beam at him. "影悪魔!" Both of the pure energy waves fused together to create a monster controlled by their will. "Hmm... this will be interesting." The monster started wailing on Uub. "チョコレート光線!" The attack failed, however, because the chocolate beam only works on anything that has matter in it, but since it was inside the mind, it was just a fluke. The monster laughed a sadistic laugh. "*shouts in anger." Uub's newly found willpower helped him tame the monster. "PERFECT! 悪魔究極のカメハメハ!" He and the monster both shot their beams. "You have betrayed me, monster... NOW YOU MUST DIE!" He obliterated the monster with a single blast, and then wiped out the Uub hallucination. "Ugh..." Uub fainted. "UUB!"

Gotenk's rage!Xorcai,be prepared!Edit

Trunks was filled with rage...Why can't anyone destroy Xorcai?He decided to fight next:"Xorcai!Now,It's Gotenk's turn!"Xorcai laughed:"Heh,whoever!I just want to kill ya all!"Goten and Trunks yelled:"Fuuu-Sion!Ha"Bright light appeared as they fused into Gotenks.Xorcai was thinking:"Hh,Gotenks.If Uub was match for me in my 20%...Then I will need whole 50% to overpower Gotenks!How did they became this stronger?"Xorcai said:"You are much stronger than before!How did you did it? You made an wish,but Dragon can't make you become stronger.And you just have three days!"Gotenks smiled:"You don't need to know.I will kill you anyway."Gotenks rushed and punched Xorcai in stomach head on.Xorcai spitted blood.Gotenks smiled:"How do you like that?Then take this!Kamehameha Grenade!"Multiple spheres attacked Xorcai.Xorcai managed to dodge them once,but they turned back even faster.They all exploded in contact with Xorcai.Gotenks laughed:"How do you like that,ha? That is nothing compared to this!Galactic Sphere!" Gotenks made an sphere around Xorcai.Xorcai tried to escape but he couldn't.Gotenks said:"Nothing can go out of that sphere,but everything can go inside it.Kamehameha!"Xorcai couldn't move.He was obliterated in the blast.Dende said with relied:"Phew.He is gone now for sure!"Gotenks was exhausted:"I guess that is it..."Gotenks turned the sphere off.The dust cleared.Gotenks was shocked.Xorcai was still alive...:"But,how did you survived!?"Xorcai was barely talking:"Even I don't know.Heheh.I guess I'm stronger than I thought...Gotenks,prepare to die."Gotenks:"You don't think that you will be a mach for me like that,don't you?"Xorcai smiled.He said:"Prepare,for mine 60% of power.Haaaaaaa"Xorcai powered up:"Now...Get ready for the real deal!Pure evil wave!"Xorcai fired an giant wave of energy.Gotenks said:"I will not give up!Rasenhameha!"Two beams clashed.Gotenks was slightly winning.Xorcai laughed:"No way I am going to let you this time.Haaaa!"Xorcai's beam overpowered Gotenk's.Gotenks used the only chance he had to survive.He infused and the beam missed him.Goten and Trunks crushed on the ground as they couldn't fly anymore.Gohan yelled:"Goten!Trunks!"Vegeta said arrogantly:"Don't worry,they are okay."

The battle of the greatEdit

Goku smiled:"Xorcai!It is time to put an end to this.I will fight you.And finally,we will see who is stronger."Xorcai said:"Finally!"Goku flied to Piccolo:"Umm,Piccolo,can you materialize me fusion clothes."Piccolo was surprised:"Why would you need that,Goku?"Goku said:"I am going to fight Xorcai with my full power to win.I don't really need them,but I will move more freely in them than in mine."Piccolo nodded:"Okay then..."Goku got his new fusion clothes.He flied to Xorcai:"Let's do this Xorcai.The final battle.Oh,and,take this Senzu.I want to fight you at full power."Xorcai took it as they prepared to battle... Ultimate fight : Goku vs Xorcai!!! Goku said:"It's time to finish this Xorcai!"Xorcai nodded as they clashed.Goku was still base and Xorcai was at 20% of his power."Kamehameha!" Goku yelled.Xorcai dodged it:"Weak..."Xorcai kneed Goku and then threw him on the ground,but just before he was going to crush the ground,Goku disappeared and kicked Xorcai from behind.He was sent flying as he talked:"Good move.Haaaa!"Xorcai stopped him in the air.Goku turned into a Super Saiyan:"Heh,enough of warming up Xorcai,Let's start the real fight!"Xorcai smiled:"Heh...ok"They rushed one at each other.Goku delivered several punches at Xorcai with great speed.Others could barely see them.Vegeta was astonished by their fight:"What is this battle turning into? How could this be?"Goku yelled:"Solar Flare!"It was successful.Xorcai was blinded for a short time which made Goku got the advantage.He used it to hurt Xorcai seriously.Xorcai recovered:"You won't beat me by tricks like that!Hell Beam!"He fired an silver-red beam at Goku.Goku countered with Kamehameha.Xorcai's beam was winning as he sent it,alongside with Goku's Kamehameha directly to him.Goku dodged it with Instant Transmission.No one was stronger an inch than another.They grabbed each others hands to see who is stronger.Gohan was surprised:"Not just that they are equal in speed,even strength and power!How do you do things like this,dad?""Kamehameha!" Goku yelled.Xorcai countered with Hell Beam,and again,no one was winning the struggle.Goku yelled:"Not this time Xorcai!Haaa!"Goku added an massive amount of energy into his Kamehameha which overpowered Xorcai's attack.Xorcai dodged it but Goku used that time to knee him while he couldn't block it or dodge it.Goku was rapidly attacking with the advantage he got.Xorcai got the chance to turn the tables around so he grabbed his leg and started spinning Goku in circle.Then he threw him into the rocks and fired Ki blasts at him.They done some damage to Goku but it was like nothing to him.Xorcai got angry... They continued to fight with unrelenting force, in an already super intense battle .The continued to fight evenly, they were kicking, punishing, and throwing ki blasts all over the battle field, but they were completely even “Xorcai said:"Darn why don’t you go down?"Goku answered:"I guess you have met your match" Xorcai said:"No I won't louse to you!"Xocrai started powering up to the state he fought Gotenks.”Xorcai:"Now let’s see what you will do now, you are doomed"He then grabbed Goku’s head and smashed him to the ground .But Goku soon counter it by transforming in to a Super Saiyan 2, and immediately delivering a powerful blow sending Xorcai to the sky, Xorcai than charged at Goku with astonishing force, but Goku did the same.They started dodging,punching,kicking and throwing ki blasts.Then Goku fired his Super Ultra Gold kamehameha and Xorcai fired his Hell Beam, causing a huge explosion, destroying the battle field and throwing Goku and Xorcai to the other side of the battle field.After that Xorcai started laughing:"You are good,but how can you dodge this? Hell Bomb!" Xorcai threw

Xicor Wallpaper 2 by alessandelpho

Xorcai charging the Hell Bomb

thousands of ki blasts at Goku burying him under the ground.Xorcai:"It's over,I can't believe it, the mighty Goku has been beaten.Hahahahahahahahaha,brother!You are weak."Xorcai thought everything was over, but right after the dust cleared up, it was revealed that Goku is still alive and ready to clash again.Xorcai was trembling:" be alive...?!"Goku smiled:"I guess that I'm just too powerful for that attack to kill me.Hehe.Now,I guess it is time to finish this!"Goku transformed into Ascended Super Saiyan 3.Xorcai was thinking:"How could this be? Can he really be stronger than me? That is not possible!No,couldn't happen.And,now,as a Super Saiyan 3.He could beat me with ease...No...I will go my full-power and stop him!"Xorcai yelled:"Listen me Goku!I will destroy you.I'm going to use all of my power.Mine 100%!Prepare!"Xorcai started powering up.Everything around him trembled.Goku was surprised:"What is this new power?"Mountains around him exploded.The terrain changed.Xorcai was standing there,more devil looking than ever.His eyes were red and his power increased dramatically...

Xorcai's 100%!Can Goku defeat him?Edit

Xorcai 100

Xorcai's 100%

"Your lucky... Not many people have ever lived to see this power, and the ones who are still alive, shall not talk about it.Still,I don't believe there are any,brother!" Xorcai said. Goku struck without second thought. However, Xorcai deflected the attack with only a nod of the head. "GAH! KAMEHAM-" He was too slow.Xorcai was already behind him shooting his Hell Beam.Goku managed to dodge it.Mid-air battle started,but this time,Xorcai was winning,and Goku was barely managing to keep up with him:"Kamehameha!"Xorcai easily deflected it and punched him into stomach:"How do you like it?"Goku vanished and tried to kick him from behind,but Xorcai caught his leg and threw him onto the ground:"Not strong as you thought you are?"Goku could barely move.He said:"This has to stop!Ka-Me-Ha-Me-Ha!"Goku fired his most devastating attack he could.It was rushing to Xorcai with massive speed.Xorcai yelled:"Hell Beam!"Two beams clashed,and Goku was winning.Xorcai was angry:"There is no way that you can win!Haaaaaa!"Xorcai gave his beam an massive amount of energy to overpower Goku's Kamehameha.It hit Goku head on."Daaad!" Gohan said."Please dad,don't die!"Goten cried.Vegeta could not believe:"Is... it over...?"The beam faded,but Goku's body could not be seen.Xorcai laughed:"And this is the end of your loved Goku!I won,I'm the strongest in the universe!"Piccolo said with fear in his voice:"Everything is over.His power,I can't sense it..."Supreme Kai and Old Kai could not believe.They trembled in fear.Xorcai said:"So,Who's next.To bad there will be no match like this anymore."Suddenly,an bright sound was heard right behind from Xorcai:"Hehe,you thing It's over.Then you don't know who am I."Xorcai turned around:"Impossible!"He answered:"It would be,but no.It takes more than one beam to beat me!""Dad!" Goten and Gohan yelled:"You are alive!"Goku was standing there.In his base form.He laughed:"I think it is time to finish this,Xorcai!Haaaa!Get ready for the real deal!"Goku was generating more and more energy.Xorcai could not believe:"How is this possible?! His power,It's rising without any logic!"Goku turned into Super Saiyan 3 and then,suddenly.His hair became less sharper and it was not Golden-Yellow anymore.More like Whitish-Yellow.His energy was enormous,but he hadn't any difficulty controlling it.He smiled:"Get ready Xorcai,'cause you are outmatched!"He answered:"You made me laugh!Let me see that power of yours!"Goku nodded with a smile on his face.He vanished.Then, from nowhere,Xorcai spitted blood:"What!Ugh..."Vegeta could not believe:"He is too fast for us too see

Gogeta ssj3 DBRB by alessandelpho

Goku's new transformation

see him!"Xorcai was flying around like Ping-Pong ball.He got angry:"No way!There is no way that you can beat me.Show yourself Goku,and counter this beam!"Goku was behind him:"Okay!Good bye brother..."Xorcai powered up to his very limit.He couldn't control him anymore:"Beam of Darkness!"Goku countered with Yellow Kamehameha.The beams clashed.No one was winning.They struggled for ten minutes.Finally,Goku said:"You are strong Xorcai,but there is no way that I'm going to let you live here.So, It's time to stop playing!Haa!"Goku's Kamehameha easily outmatched Xorcai's Beam of Darkness and obliterated Xorcai.He was yelling his last words:"No!This can't be!!!"Kamehameha faded,and once,one more evil has been defeated..."You did it dad!" Gohan said."You defeated Xorcai!" Goten yelled.Vegeta could not move:"Where did he achieved this power?!""Well done Goku,you saved the day once more..." Piccolo said.

Peace again...Edit

Suddenly,sound of helicopter was heard,and Chi-Chi,Tien,Krillin and Chiaotzu came out of it.Chi-Chi ran to Pan:"Pan,Pan,say something!"Goku returned to his base:"Phew,don't worry,they are just unconscious."Trunks asked:"So,how did you guys knew that we are here?"Yamcha answered:"Easy,we sensed your energy,but we waited for that evil guy to be beaten.Hehe."Goten smiled:"Heh,well,Dad just vaporized him."Gohan said:"Now,we need to ask the dragon to repair the damage Xorcai caused."Goten said:"But,then we need to wait for one year!"Gohan smiled:"But we have Namek's dragon!"Then,from sudden,Trunks started to cry.Krillin asked:"What is it?"Trunks cried:"My mom,she isn't with you.And Xorcai got the radar..."Chi-Chi laughed:"Trunks,she isn't dead!She is at Master Roshi's house.She went there because she knew that more cities will be destroyed!We also went there."Trunks said:"Then why isn't she with you?"Chi-Chi smiled:"Oh,well she fell unconscious when she realized that you were fighting that monster.Now,Let's go there!"Trunk's nodded as they flied with airplane to Master Roshi's.They were celebrating with a party.Vegeta asked Goku:"Kakatot,when did you achieved that state of Super Saiyan 3?"Goku smiled:"It was easy,remember when we fought Cell? I was in that state of Super Saiyan.Now,I'm in the same state of Super Saiyan 3.Not really hard,just mastering it to the limit,even if I didn't use it in Hyperbolic Time Chamber,I knew I could."

Questions and Answers:Edit

1.Why did you used name Xorcai instead of Xicor?

A:Well,I wanted to make pun of Xicor.

2:Why Goku's brother?

A:I just wanted to make it that way.It would be cool.It was Broly first,but I realized that Broly is just a movie character,so he isn't canon.

3:What transformations does Xorcai use?

A:I decided to make him without need to use transformations to be at his full power.

4:If Vegeta and Goku fused,their power would be multiplied,so why wouldn't Gogeta be able to defeat Xorcai?

A:Xorcai was highly suppressed while first time fighting Z-fighters.If he used his 50-70% he would be able to beat even Gogeta.

5:How could Xorcai find the Dragon Balls which were stone with radar?

A:Read little better:"with seven stones around him, and a radar-like machine in his hands."It said radar-like machine.It is obvious that it was not an original radar.It was some Bulma's new invention.

Tuffle Android Saga

Here it is,the 3rd Saga! It happens 2 years after Xorcai. Note:Tuffles weren't shown in manga,so only Vegeta knows about them....

30th Tenkaichi Budokai!Edit

Z-fighters trained hard for the 30th Tenkaichi Budokai.Goten and Trunks trained hard as they could.Goku and Vegeta did the same, but Gohan wasn't seeming to have some interest in training .Trunks flied to Goten's house:"Hey Goten!Are you ready for the tournament?" Goten nodded:"You bet!"Goku came out of the house:"Ah...Trunks! You came!Is Vegeta ready?"Arrogant voice said:"Of course I am ready Kakarot!And this time, I'm going to win!"Goku smiled:"Heh,me two Vegeta!"Trunks asked:"So, Goten...Is Gohan going to be in the tournament?"Goten answered:"Yeah, he sure will."Piccolo flied down to them:"I will be in the tournament too. What about Bra and Pan?"Two voices said from the back of Piccolo:"We are here to!"Piccolo smiled:"Heh. Then what are we waiting for? The tournament starts for two hours!" Others nodded as they flew in the direction of the tournament.

Punching Machine!Edit

When they came, many people already joined the tournament .Pan came to register:"Hey, I'm Bra! And I want to be in this tournament!"The register-man said:"Oh, great, one more candidate for the junior division!"Pan got angry:"What?! Junior class? Hey, I can destroy the whole earth with ease and you want to put me into junior division!"Boys next to her laughed:"Oh yeah? Wipe the whole planet? In your dreams!Hahahaha!"Pan just blasted them:"Now? What do you think? Can I be in the adult division? "Register-Man said:"Um......Okay, we will make an exception."Pan jumped of happiness.The Announcer showed up:"Welcome, lady and gentlemen, to the 30th Tenkaichi Budokai.Because of the popularity we it happens every two years now! In this tournament, we have 300 participants!Also, the one and only, Mister Satan will compete in it as the main favorite!And one more thing!To compete in the tournament, every participant must hit the Punching Machine at least with the force of 30, we have 5 of them.Still, that is not all!For this tournament, there will be 16 participants in the finals!The crowd went wild as the punching time start .It was Piccolo's turn:"What is the limit of this machine?"The punching-machine scar tester said:"Um, well, 999 I guess...."Piccolo laughed:"Pathetic."He just touched the machine and it was 400.All the Z-fighters did the same.Krillin, Yamcha and Tien and 18 were in the tournament too .They all made scores around 300.Everyone was shocked, but they said that it is broken and that when Mr. Satan punched it would be over one thousand .They yelled:"Satan!Satan!Satan!"To prevent punching Mr. Satan started fake sickness acting. At the end,200 of participants were qualified for preliminary round.

Preliminary round!Edit

Preliminary round started.It had 8 groups .Goku asked Majin Buu to make himself, Vegeta, Piccolo, Pan, Bra, Goten, Trunks and Uub not to fight in the preliminaries against each other .They beaten anyone in their path with ease .Only Tien lost to Yamcha but everyone else passed for the finals .Bulma,Chi-Chi,Puar,Oolong and Master Roshi were cheering for them .Goten was worried World's Martial Art's Announcer yelled:And!Here are the 16 finalist:

  • Goku
  • Krillin
  • Pan
  • Yamcha
  • Piccolo
  • Uub
  • Futsu
  • Bra
  • Vegeta
  • Noi
  • Sai
  • Majin Buu
  • Trunks
  • Chiaotzu
  • Mask-Man


  • Mr. Satan!

All participants draw their numbers .This was the chart of the matches:

Goku VS Noi
Chiaotzu VS Uub
Trunks VS Mask-Man
Vegeta VS Pan
Goten VS Bra
Majin Buu VS Futsu
Mr.Satan VS Piccolo
Krillin VS Yamcha


Goku vs NoiEdit

Goku fought Noi in the first round.Noi attacked him fast but his punches were going through him.Announcer yelled:"Ladies and Gentlemen.Goku is too fast for an human eye to see, and because of that it looks to us that the punches are going through him!"Noi was very strong for a human but could not even make Goku have some fun .He knocked him out with one punch and Goku won .Public was impressed .They could not even see Goku's punch."And Goku is the winner!" Announcer said."Yay, Goku, show him!"Master Roshi cheered.

Chiaotzu vs UubEdit

Next match was between Chiaotzu and Uub .Uub smiled:"Goku told me about you."Chiaotzu smiled:"I guess he did! Don't go easy on me! "Uub nodded as they clashed .Chiaotzu multiplied himself and fired Dodon Ray's from different angles .Uub dodged them all and elbowed Chiaotzu which was going to fell out of ring, but he used his levitation to keep himself in air .He fired an paralyzing beam which hit Uub .He couldn't move .Chiaotzu charged an Dodon ray and attacked Uub .It was going to hit him, but Uub disappeared .Chiaotzu was surprised: "What?"He multiplied himself to confuse Uub .He looked up in the air and saw Uub charging an Kamehameha .Uub fired multiple Kamehamehas which finally made Chiaotzu unable to fight.Uub smiled:"You were good Chiaotzu, but I guess I'm stronger."

Trunks vs Mask-ManEdit

It was Trunk's turn to fight .His opponent was Mask-Man .He had some weird mask and his face could not be seen .Trunks said:"Sorry Mask-Man, you are strong, but nothing to me .I want for this tournament to speed up a little so I will just blast you."Mask-Man laughed:"You make good jokes! Haha!"Mask-Man tried to punch him but Trunks disappeared and fired a blast which obliterated Mask-Man and he won."And this is how this match finishes! Fast, but also with a great ending!"

Vegeta vs PanEdit

"Ha! Do you really think you have a chance to beat me!?" Vegeta said. "I hope I will win..." Pan replied with a slightly scared look. They started to fight. "Galick Gun!" The beam almost hit Pan, but just missed by a slice of hair. "You are good! Kamehameha!" Pan said. It hit Vegeta, leaving only a scratch. "You’re cockier than I thought... time to bust the new move out... Galick Flash!" He put his hands in a Galick Gun starting position, and then finished with a Final Flash finisher. "GAH!" Pan was unconscious. "1! 2! 3!4!5!6!7!8!9..." Pan got up."I'm going to need more fire power..." Pan thought. "Kame... Hame... Ha!!!" Pan performed a Standing Kamehameha while transforming into a Super Saiyan 2. "Galick Gun!" Vegeta countered with a Crimson Galick Gun, while transforming into Ascended Super Saiyan 3. After a little while, Pan started getting tired. "Gah... I give..up" Both beams stopped. Vegeta had won...

Goten vs BraEdit

Next match was between Goten and Bra .Bra fired multiple Ki blasts but Goten deflected them back .While Bra was busy dodging, Goten kneed her right into face .Bra transformed into Super Saiyan 2 and got an advantage against Goten .Still, Goten was smiling:"Heh, Super Saiyan 2 is not enough for me .I can beat you only using Super Saiyan."Bra smiled:"Oh really, what about this? Energy Grenade!"Bra fired an attack similar to hellzone grenade .Goten vanished .Bra couldn't find him:"Where are you!"Goten's voice said:"Right behind you!"Bra crushed into ground .Goten laughed:"You are strong, but I'm stronger.Super Saiyan!"Goten punched Bra in the face and knocked her out.

Majin Buu vs FutsuEdit

Majin Buu flied into the ring .Futsu, an ordinary human, was his opponent .He smiled:"You little pink-whatever you are, are going to be beaten."Majin Buu got angry .He attacked Futsu, but he vanished."Goodbye!" Futsu said as fired a Kiai on Majin Buu which flew out of the ring .Goten and Trunks ran to Majin Buu:"Are you okay? "Buu laughed:"Yes! Buuu looost, Buuu okay!"Mr. Satan was shocked:"How could he defeat Majin Buu?"Goku,Vegeta,Uub,Goten,Trunks, Pan, Bra and Piccolo flied to Futsu.Vegeta asked:"Who are you?"Futsu laughed:"Right where I need to bee.Great!Haa!"Everyone vanished.Announcer's glasses fell on ground:"Umm...What the heck did just happen?!"

Futsu? Not an human?Edit

Goku opened his eyes .They were far from the tournament, on some island:"Where..Where are we..."Just when Goku said that, blast attacked him head on .Goku jumped to dodge it:"Whaaaat?"Futsu was standing there:"Heh, now I can beat you!"Vegeta yelled:"What do you want? "Futsu smiled:"Oh ,I want your death!"Futsu was powering

Island where Goku and others have been teleported

up:"I am not an human!"Goten stepped
Concept art Freeza 5th form by Gothax

Futsu's real look

backwards:"What are you?"Futsu attacked them without answering .Goku said:"Futsu, you are strong, but it is 8 vs 1, so we have an advantage!"Futsu smiled:"Oh really?"Futsu attacked Trunks with ki blast .Trunks deflected it and transformed into Super Saiyan .He punched Futsu in stomach and then Goku kicked him from the side right into head .It made Futsu crushing into the mountain, almost breaking it .Futsu used kiai to clear the rocks around him."Wow, you are really good .You wasn't affected by that attack at all."Goku said .Futsu smiled:"Hpmf..."He attacked Goku from behind but Goku vanished and elbowed him. Futsu was seeming unharmed .Goten yelled: You are mine!"He transformed into Super Saiyan 3
SSj3 T Gohan Thick Lineart by 2D75

SSJ3 Goten

:"Kamehameha!"Futsu firstly dodged the blast but Goten guided the kamehameha to hit him.Futsu was obliterated in the blast .Goten untransformed:"Huh, huh...there is no way he survived it without wounds."Trunks said:"Great one, Goten!"Goten replied:"Thanks! "The dust cleared .Futsu was standing there .Extremely wounded from the each side of his body .He was spitting blood:"Hhhh, hhh....How could you, damage me like this? I'm going to kill you first, Saiyan!Ugh...."Futsu collapsed, his wound made him almost
Concept art Freeza 5th form by Gothax.jpg

Futsu wounded

unable to move .Vegeta said:"You are weaker than I thought."Futsu said:"Oh, really..."Futsu's body started to recover .First his antennas, then arms, legs and finally tail."What?!"Bra said .Futsu laughed:"Round two!"

Futsu's end! His mission accomplished?Edit

Futsu attacked Goku .Goku blocked his attack .Series of punches and kicks started, and Goku was slightly loosing. Goku transformed into Super Saiyan 2 and matched himself with Futsu .Futsu was being pushed back:"Heh, there is no way that you can win .Bio-Impact!"Futsu rushed head-on to Goku .Goku knew he couldn't stop him so he turned into Ascended Super Saiyan 3 and blocked Futsu:"Surprised, aren't we? I think it is time to vaporize you!" Goku fired the one-handed Kamehameha .Futsu deflected it:"Heh, that attack is weak! "Futsu blasted Goku away:"Now, It's time to pay, you little brat!"Futsu charged at Goten .He was about to hit him when, like from nowhere, Futsu crushed 500 meters from there .Goten was surprised:"Wha...t happened?"He looked left and saw Gohan:"Gohan!Where were you?"Gohan smiled:"I trained a little, I don't want to be weaker than you guys."Vegeta smirked:"You couldn't do that before the tournament, huh..."Gohan laughed:"Yeah...Now, who is this guy?"Trunks answered:"We don't know, he teleported us here to fight us, and he knows how to regenerate!"Gohan said:"Then, let me show him what I can do!"ohan charged to Futsu .He was going to block it but Gohan vanished right before the impact and hit him from behind sending him flying into air .Gohan then fired multiple Kamehameha's which hit Futsu head-on .Still,It was not enough for Gohan .Before Futsu could even got control of him, Gohan elbowed him in the mid-air, crushing him into the ground .Futsu stood up:"How could this be?"Gohan yelled:"Hey, It's not yet over!"Gohan kneed Futsu into air. Gohan yelled:"Ultimate Flashing Kamehameha! "Gohan fired a yellow beam which obliterated Futsu .Gohan flew to what remained of him .Futsu weakly said:"Heh, mission accomplished .Be prepared for the second one...."Gohan blasted remains of Futsu:"Second one? "Vegeta said:"Heh, you are not too bad..."Goku yelled:"Great job Gohan! "Pan asked:"Dad, dad! What is it?"Gohan answered:"There is another one like him..."Bra was shocked:"Another one? He said that..."Gohan nodded:"Well, there sure is...His last words wouldn't be that if it wasn't truth..."Uub was thinking:"Then, will we train more than usual to beat him? Even I could beat him .But second, Is he stronger?" Goku said:"Nahh, we train like we already do...We need to find a challenge."Everyone agreed except Bra:"I will skip this one .I can't fight every evil that hits the Earth..."

Waiting for the second one! Time for fun!Edit

Theese are some little stories which could take part as a filler if this was an anime.

Some serious training! Edit

Uub just came back from visit to his village .He asked Goten:"Goten, what about a little match?"Goten nodded .He turned into Super Saiyan and attacked Uub .Uub dodged it and fired multiple Kamehamehas above Goten .Goten deflected them and fired One-handed Kamehameha .Uub countered with Majin Kamehameha as the beams clashed .Goten yelled:"I'm going to win this one, Uub!".He transformed into Super Saiyan 2 and overpowered Uub's Majin Kamehameha and wounded him .Uub crushed into ground:"Hhhh..It's not over yet!"Uub powered up to his max and landed many hits of Goten."It isn't! Super Saiyan 3!!!"Goten yelled and transformed to match Uub .Mid-Air battle started .Goten fired thousands of Ki blasts which Uub dodged, but leaved him open to attack .Goten used this chance and kneed Uub in stomach numerous times .Uub could hardly move:"Heh...I said that it isn't over!Haaaaaaa!".Goten stepped backwards:"Where...does he gets...this energy?"Uub attacked with Majin fist, his own version of Dragon fist, the attack Goten used to counter it .Two fists clashed, and no one was wining .At the end, their attacks exploded, and the match finished as a tie.

Little talk...Edit

Goku was relaxing by river .Suddenly, he said:"Heh, Vegeta, what brings you here?"Vegeta flied down to him:"Kakarot, we need to talk."Goku stood up:"About what, Vegeta?"Vegeta answered:"The next guy, how strong is he going to be?"Goku replied:"How could I know, I just know that Futsu was stronger than Xorcai, so this new guy must be even stronger than him."Vegeta smirked:"Yes ,I know that, but...Did you found anything weird in Gohan?"Goku was surprised:"No, why would I?"His rival said:"Did he trained this days? You saw how strong he was when he showed up and beaded Futsu."Vegeta's question made Goku think:"Uum, he didn't trained .I know, he sure was weakened from fighting me!"Vegeta elbowed Goku in head:"I highly doubt it."Goku was holding his head because of pain:"Aye, aye, aye, aye .Why did you do that?"Vegeta yelled:"Answer the question, Goku .Did you saw Gohan how strong he was."Goku was thinking:"He sure became stronger, but he could achieve that much power in Hyperbolic Time Chamber .I mean, I could beat Futsu too, if I was serious .Why does that matter to you?"Vegeta said:"I don't know, he never showed that power while training with us."Goku asked:"So, Vegeta, do you have a clue who Futsu was?"Vegeta shrugged:"I don't...""Goku!Goku!Lunch is ready!" Chi-Chi's voice said .Goku jumped:"Lunch!Great! Vegeta, want to join us?" Vegeta said:"Sorry, but I have more important things to do..."

Old friends keep coming!Edit

"Goku! Lunch is ready....."Chi-Chi said...Goku ran to the kitchen when someone knocked on the door .Goku was thinking:"Who could it be?"Goku opened the door:"Umm...Who are you?"The man replied:"Don't tell me that you forgot me!I'm Nam!"Goku jumped from surprise:"Nam? You mean the Nam I battled in my first Tournament?"Nam nodded:"Yeah, that's me!"Chi-Chi came with anger on her face:"Goku, what the hell does lunch mean?"Goku looked at her:"Um....eating?"Chi-Chi slapped him:"It means that you must eat ,now!Uum...and who are you?"Goku smiled: Oh, his name is Nam ,he fought me in my first tournament .Chi-Chi laughed:"Oh..Sorry mister Nam, Goku knows sometimes to anger me .Come in, I will make some coffee."Nam smiled and walked into the house."So, is your village short on water?"Goku asked .Nam replied:"No .There was one giant rain two years ago, and from then, we have even more water than we need!"Goku said:"That is really great .But how did you found me?"Nam laughed:"It was easy, I knew where Master Roshi lives so I asked him to tell me where you live .Oh, and he said me to tell you that Launch came back."Goku jumped so hard that he hit the ceiling:"Ouch...Really! Launch, I didn't saw her from the time I saw Raditz! Great! This requires some party! Let's go with me, heading to the M. Roshi...

The time has come!Edit

It was 1 and a half of month from the day Z-fighters fought Futsu, and they are more and mοre thinking that Futsu's last words were lie .Trunks was training with Goten .He had the upper hand:"Big Tree Canon!"Goten dodged it and rushed to Trunks:"Super Kamehameha!"Trunks smiled:"That is weak!Haaaaaa!"Trunks deflected the blast away:"Now, get ready for a real battle! Multiple Big Tree Canon!"Trunks multiplied himself and attacked Goten from many sides .Then, the beams diluted into even more little blasts .Goten jumped to dodge them but they followed him:"Haaaaa!"Goten used Kiai to block all beams around him and then he transformed into Super Saiyan 3."Rasenhameha!" Goten yelled .Trunks crossed his arm and waited .When the beam hit him, Trunks was still unhurt but he was sliding throw the forest unable to deflect the attack:"Hhhh.....Haaaaaa!"Trunks got a great burst of energy and deflected the attack .Goten clapped:"Bravo....You managed to ascend..."Suddenly, Goten and Trunks felt something .Trunks was thinking:" this .Could he be the next one?"Goten said:"Only one way to know!"Trunks nodded and they flew in the direction of the new-sensed energy .The energy was coming from the islands located over a thousand miles from any city .Trunks asked:"So, Goten, what do you think, will the others be there? You could teleport them so we can fight together."Goten answered:"I think that they will be there, no reason for any teleporting."

Futsu again?!Edit

Goten and Trunks came to the place where all the energy was coming, but no one was there."Who made that energy?" Goten said with disappointment .Trunks replied:"Who knows ? We can wait, can't we?"Suddenly, pink blast attacked them from behind .Goten and Trunks dodged it:"This new villains really love hiding, ha?"The dust cleared, and Futsu was standing there:"Hehh, surprised?"Goten stepped backwards:"How...can you be alive?!"Futsu said:"There is no need for you to know .Ha!"Futsu disappeared and tried to kick Trunks from the rear, but he caught his leg and threw him into the rocks:"Goten, I want to finish this quick .Let's fuse."Goten nodded and they fused .Gotenks stood there:"Come on, Futsu...Are you scared?"Futsu got angry and rushed to Gotenks, but he easily blocked his punch:"Sayonara..."Gotenks vaporized Futsu and defused .Trunks was thinking:"How could he be alive? I mean, Gohan destroyed him."Goten shrugged:"I don't know .Still, I think this is the easiest job Gotenks has ever done."Trunks smiled:"Yeah, we really are the best..."Suddenly, a voice from behind of them said:"Well done....You did well against Futsu."Goten and Trunks vastly turned around but there was no one .Trunks laughed:"We really are crazy, aren't we..."Goten nodded:"Yeah, let's fly away .They flied but, from sudden ,an energy sword appeared in front of them."What the!?" Goten yelled from surprise .He looked to the direction from where sword comes and he saw one shadow, still unclear for them to see its face.

New villain!Edit

"Heh...who do we have here...Saiyans!"The shadow said.Trunks yelled:"Come on you chicken! Show yourself!"Shadow muttered:"Okay, okay.."The shadow stepped out .Goten was surprised:"What...who are you?"
Baby Goku by BloodyMsK


"Just call me Tsufu!" The shadow, now Tsufu said .Trunks smiled:"So what do you want?"Tsufu said:"Your death .Haa!"Tsufu rushed and kneed Trunks .Then he elbowed Goten .They crushed into ground .Tsufu laughed:"So how do you like that?"Goten stood up:"My turn .Haaaaaaaa!"Goten transformed into Super Saiyan 2 and attacked Tsufu but he dodged:"You could beat Futsu like that, but not me.""Finish Buster!"Trunks attacked Tsufu from behind and hit him .Goten smiled:"Great one, Trunks."Trunks nodded." that!!!"Tsufu rushed through the smoke and punched Trunks many times in stomach, then he threw him in the mountains and fired a giant beam at him .Goten yelled:"Trunks!!! Noooooo!"Trunks was obliterated in blast .He could barely move .Tsufu rushed to kill him:"Dieeeeeee!" Just before he could hit him, someone kicked him from above and Tsufu crushed into ground."Hpmf...If you are that guy who is stronger than Futsu then I'm not impressed."Vegeta said .He threw senzu to Trunks to recover and so he did .Goten smiled:"Dad, you also came!"Goku and Piccolo also came .Tsufu stood up:"Great! Now I can kill even more of you."Vegeta yelled:"Tsufu, don't make me laugh, tell us who you are .You are weaker than us, there is no point in fighting. Who are you and why do you want to kill us?"Tsufu laughed:"Hehehheh......You, stronger than me? That is a joke!"Tsufu raised his arm and concentrated .He created a dark orb in front of him .Slowly, the orb was turning into a shape of living being .Vegeta stepped backwards:"But,!"The orb formed the shape of Frieza .Finally, it got his color.
180px-216676-100 power frieza super

Frieza forming

"What!? How could I be here?"Frieza yelled .Tsufu laughed:"Just try to kill them, I brought you here by ripping the dimensions."Frieza smiled:"Oh..well..thank you .Now, Saiyans! You will pay!"Frieza rushed to Goku but he vanished and kicked Frieza into the air .Vegeta smirked:"Frieza? You have to do better than that to beat us!"Vegeta attacked Frieza several times and crushed him into the ground .Frieza got angry:"Ghhh..No one will beat me!"Tsufu laughed:"Frieza, the clock is ticking, you can't be here forever, you know?"Frieza was surprised:"What?!"Tsufu said:"I saved you for hell just to kill them, so just do it .If you can't, and I know you can't then I will destroy you."Frieza's rage burst:"What?! I will destroy them! Don't you dare to send me back before they are dead!"Frieza powered up to his very limit and attacked Goten but he dodged it:"You are slow."Frieza got angry and attacked Goten million times but he never managed to hit him:"This is enough!"Frieza charged a Supernova and threw it to Goten:"What?! Nah... Just joking.You can't beat me."Goten held the Supernova and started running.At the end, he threw it to Frieza:"Hpmf...Once again, you are beaten."Frieza yelled:"No, how can this be?"Frieza dodged his attack in order to save himself:"I am sick of you .You will die now! Get ready for my most devastating attack, son of Goku!"Goten laughed:"Bring it on, I will deflect it like your Supernova .Frieza charged his power to the max:"Now! Dieeee!!!"

Frieza using his most devastating attack

Frieza fired two orbs:"Black Sun!!!"In the middle of his attack there was a black orb, and on the edges, It was like the surface of the Sun.This attack consumed all of his energy and he slowly faded, returning to hell, but two of his orb were still rushing at Goten .Goten smiled:"This is your best....Weak!"Goten concentrated and fired double Kamehameha at two orbs:"Haaaaaaa!"Finally, the Kamehameha's went through Frieza's attack destroying it .Tsufu was laughing:"Well...I expected for you to win against Frieza....At least .He is weak..."Vegeta yelled:"Who are you!?"Tsufu said:"Heh........I am Tsufu..."Vegeta attacked Tsufu but he dodged it .Tsufu laughed:"Come on...Let's have a little fun!"Vegeta smirked:"Hpmf .And what is Fun for you? You don't even know what does it means .You can bring the residents of hell here, but it won't help you, we are stronger than all of them!"Tsufu smiled:"You really think that I would attack you if I didn't know that I am stronger than you....Heh...Let me show you real power....Haaaaaaaaa!"The earth started trembling while Tsufu was powering up .Finally he said:"Now...Fight him!"Tsufu pointed in front of himself where one more black ball was forming, but it didn't took a look of anyone in hell .Goku was surprised:"Me?!"

Goku?! A creation of Tsufu!Edit

The orb that Tsufu created turned into a figure of Goku."Wait?! I'm not in hell! How can he make me?"Tsufu smiled:"I have more powers than summoning from hell...."Finally, the orb turned into evil-looking Goku .He said:"Hpmf .You are all weak .Haaaaaaa!"

Evil Goku rushing at Goku

Evil Goku rushed to real Goku and tried to elbow him but Goku dodged and tried to kick him from behind .Still, Evil Goku predicted this and evaded the attack:"You are weak..."Goku was thinking:"Huh, we can predict each others moves, I will never win like this."Goku transformed into Super Saiyan and got an advantage against his evil-counterpart .He was smiling:"You think that you are the only one who can transform? I am you, remember? Haaaaaaaaa!"
Bebi Goku SS 1 by arab30002

Shadow Saiyan

Evil-Goku transformed .He got red lines on his face, and unlike blonde hair, he got silver hair in his Super Saiyan:"This is a Shadow Saiyan, evil-counterpart of Super Saiyan."Goku smiled:"There is no point in fighting you, we will always have with same power."Evil Goku smirked:"Why would you tell that, I am stronger."Goku smiled and elbowed Evil Goku and then fired kamehameha on him, but he dodged .Evil Goku smiled:"Heh .This will be interesting."He fired an kamehameha on Goku which countered .The beams clashed, no one was winning .Evil Goku smiled:"Heh..I am just holding back!"He put more energy into his Kamehameha and overpowered Goku's who managed to dodge it .Goku smiled:"I am holding back also, what you are thinking?"The mid-air battle started, no one could harm another .They could predict each others moves like nothing .Goku was exhausted: How can I be exhausted when he is the same as before? He is a copy of me and is made by Tsufu, so he must've using his own energy .But is it possible that Tsufu has more energy than me? Or.....! I know how to beat him! He is a copy of me, so it would be stupid to transform because he will do the same .He copies me, because he sees me."Goku flied to his evil-counterpart and yelled:"Solar Flare!"It was a direct hit .Goku smiled:"Great!"Goku attacked Evil one many times, but he dodged all of his attacks, even some he couldn't .Goku smirked:"His weakness, busted!" Vegeta could not believe:"Why is Goku so confident, that guy isn't exhausted after all of this and he can dodge attacks which even I can't while he is affected by Solar Flare."Goku rushed and tried to elbow Evil Goku but he dodged .Suddenly, Evil Goku crushed on the ground .Tsufu was surprised:"What!?"Goku smiled and attacked again with multiple Ki blasts. Evil Goku jumped from the ground and evaded Ki blasts, but again, like from nowhere, he was sent flying and crushed onto another island without any logic .Tsufu stepped backwards:"How..How!?"Goku looked at Tsufu:"Heh .Nice trick you got, but I have even better ones."Tsufu yelled:"Tricks? What are you talking about?!"Goku smirked:"Come on .You think that I will not figure it out? You are the eyes of Evil Goku itself, that is why I can't hit him .You are looking at my fight with your creation .You are trying to confuse me .To confirm my theory, I used Solar Flare on Evil Goku, for him to be blinded, but he dodged even better than I could .Your trick worked once, but it doesn't mean that it will work forever."Tsufu was trembling:"Hhh....Then...I...will...make....him....stronger!"Suddenly, Evil Goku changed .His hair turned red
BUDOKAI AF m Evil Goku by pgv

Evil Goku(New Power)

and the lines on his face disappeared .Now, he emitted a lot more energy than before .He said:"Prepare, Goku! Multiple Kamehameha!!!"Evil Goku fired 4 Kamehameha's to Goku

Multiple Kamehameha's attacking Goku

.Goku smiled:"Okay! Haaaaaaaa!"Light covered Goku's body just when the 4 beams fused into one .They could not go through the light Goku emitted but they were slowly cracking it .Goku yelled:"Super Kiai!!!"Suddenly, everything around Goku was repelled by the strength of his Ki .Light covered the whole island .Finally, light faded .Tsufu stepped backwards:"What! Where is Evil Goku?!"Goku laughed:"I destroyed him, while the light was covering the island, I destroyed him .It was easy, because I have senses, and he doesn't .Just uses yours "Trunks was surprised:"So that is the way we fought Futsu! You created him!"

Fight with Tsufu!Edit

Goku smiled:"So, Tsufu, ready? Here I go!"Goku rushed to Tsufu, Vegeta, and Piccolo did the same .They've got a huge advantage and Tsufu was losing .Vegeta smiled:"You are weak without your tricks! Big Bang Attack!!!"Vegeta fired one of his strongest attack to destroy Tsufu .It was a direct-hit as the Big-Bang exploded with contact of Tsufu .Piccolo said:"You may think that he is gone, but he isn't."Still, when the smoke cleared, Tsufu wasn't there, like he disappeared .Finally, Goku saw him above of them .Tsufu laughed:"You really think that you can compare to me, Saiyans? Let me show you a little of my power! Planet Crusher!!!"Tsufu created a gigantic ball of energy, several times bigger than Kid Buu's Planet Burst he used to destroy the Earth, and fired it to Goku, Goten, Trunks, Piccolo and Vegeta .The attack created an enormous light, so Z-fighter's could not watch at the direction of attack, also making them impossible to dodge .Finally, the ball crushed, and hit the Z-fighters, and it was slowly going through the Earth's core .Tsufu was laughing:"Hahahahah! I said that I was stronger, you can't survive that attack, Saiyans!"After several minutes, the ball started fading, leaving a giant crater into the ground, which filled with water because they were on islands, in the middle of ocean .Tsufu laughed:"What a good death for Saiyans, buried under ocean...A death they deserve!"The water calmed down, like nothing happened .Then, in the most unexpected moment, something started bubbling on the surface of ocean .Tsufu trembled:"What?! There is no way...."After several seconds, Goku, Vegeta and others raised from the ocean .Goku smiled:"Hey, If you want to beat us, you will need more than that. We didn't even used Super Saiyan 3 on you. Are you joking, or are you hiding your power."Suddenly, Vegeta disappeared, and appeared behind Tsufu, with his hand inch from his head .He said:"Now, talk, who are you? Why are you here? You have some explaining to do..."Tsufu was trembling, with death right behind him:"O..kay..."Vegeta smiled:"That's right, be a good boy and tell us who are you."

The story of revenge and hatred...Edit

Tsufu started the story:"Ghhh....Okay.First of all,I am an android,Futsu is also.We were created to destroy the Saiyans,and revenge us,the..."Vegeta yelled:"The?"Tsufu muttered:"Tuffles....."Vegeta was surprised:"All Tuffles were destroyed by Saiyans! Don't lie me!"Tsufu yelled:"I'm not lying.You should know who Tuffles are,prince of all Saiyans.We were a peaceful race living on planet Vegeta sharing it with you...Saiyans.You were primitive,and you wanted to destroy us.You wanted the whole planet to be yours! You attacked us numerous times,but we had better technology than you,so we could win every fight....Then,that day....You attacked us, from nowhere...the moon showed up.It turned you into giant apes....Hhhhh....When you transformed,you became much more wild,and you managed to destroy us,even with our advanced technology...."Vegeta yelled:"Then how can you be alive?"Tsufu said:"Because we were a secret.The greatest scientists of Tuffles,united,and created us.The Tuffle-Androids.We were created from bodies of ordinary Tuffles,enhanced by science.We were made to destroy every Saiyan alive.Futsu and me were still in experimental state,when you attacked.To save us,as our last attempt,they sent us into spaceship.Floating in space,we were growing stronger and stronger.Our spaceship sent camera's to every side of universe to record best fighting techniques attacks......Finally,one camera got to Earth,and found you.This camera released a little robot which can rip a very small part of tissue of any being.It used Frieza's,Cell's,Majin Buu's and even Xorcai's,through we hate him.Finally,the robot gave that samples to spaceship which were finally,modified and injected in our body.We didn't got any of their techniques,but we've got an enormous burst of power and created me and Futsu up to 10000 stronger.Finally,we landed here a day after we attacked you.That is everything..."Goku was surprised:"Woow...A great story,Vegeta,you didn't told me about Tuffles."Vegeta said:"Shut Up Kakarot."Tsufu laughed:"Now,Vegeta,I finished your story.Now it is time to destroy you."Tsufu elbowed Vegeta in stomach and then kicked him with both legs sending him to ocean.

Tsufu,stronger than we thought!Edit

"Heh,should we continue now?"Tsufu smiled.Goku said:"I guess I will need to fight you serious!"Goku turned into Super Saiyan 2 and attacked Tsufu.They were even.Goku smirked:"Heh...I'm not going serious on you and we are even."Tsufu smiled and yelled:"Vaporizer!"Tsufu fired a concentrated white beam,which Goku dodged:"You'll have to do more than that!"Right after Goku said this,the Vaporizer changed direction and attacked Goku again.This time,Goku pushed himself from Tsufu's chest with legs and evaded the beam.He yelled:"Kamehameha!"Goku used the Kamehameha to destroy Vaporizer and he succeeded.Tsufu's face was covered with anger:"Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"Tsufu generated tons of energy and said:"Time to die!"Tsufu rushed to Goku,but he disappeared and appeared behind him and tried to kick him but it was unsuccessful as Tsufu also disappeared.Goku heard Tsufu above him:"Now,die!"Tsufu fired an giant white beam which Goku could not dodge:"Ghhh......"Goku was obliterated in the blast.Tsufu laughed:"I don't think that you could fight some time after that blast!"Goku was thrown into ocean.He reverted to base:"Heh.Ok,If you want a real fight you will get it.Kaaa-meee-haa-mee-haaa!

Feint Kamehameha

"Goku created two Kamehamehas in his palms.He fired one.The first (Feint) Kamehameha Tsufu dodged,but it was a distraction for Goku to double kick him from behind.Tsufu was going to hit the ocean when the second (Feint) Kamehameha hit him from behind sending him back to Goku who kicked him once more sending him high into the air.Goku yelled:"Kamehameha!!!"Tsufu could not dodge this beam and was obliterated in the blast.Piccolo smiled:"Good job Goku."Vegeta was not impressed:"Hpmf..."The smoke cleared and showed Tsufu,wounded:"Hhhh......Time to be serious!"Tsufu rushed to Goku which was exhausted from his last attack:"Gah!"He transformed into Super Saiyan 3 and fought evenly but he reverted to Super Saiyan because of lack of energy.Tsufu was going to punch Goku,but Vegeta blasted him:"How many times do I need to tell everyone,If someone is going to beat Kakarot,then it will be me!"Vegeta transformed into Super Saiyan 3 and kneed Tsufu,then elbowed him and pinned him in the near island:"Get ready! Dimension Flash!!!"Vegeta's attack was so concentrated that it ripped the dimension around the attack.Tsufu was obliterated.Vegeta reverted to base:"Huff...Huff..."The smoke cleared.Tsufu was still alive,heavily wounded,with ripped armor:"Gh...."Suddenly,he started laughing:"Hehheheheh.You think that you are strong.You really want to die,don't you.Then,I will show you my true power! Haaaaaaaa!!!"Everything started shaking,Tsufu was rapidly gaining more and more energy.Piccolo was trembling:"How could he he have this much energy!?!"Piccolo gave Goku and Vegeta a senzu:"Come on,eat it.We will need all the power we got to beat this guy."Goku and Vegeta recovered."!" Trunks was surprised.

Tsufu's true power!Edit

Tsufu's appearance changed.His skin became more dark.Goku smiled:"Finally!"Goku and Piccolo charged at Tsufu but they could not even touch him.Tsufu smiled:"Tuffle Rage..."A giant beam came out of Tsufu's hands hitting Goku.Goku made an

Futsu (True Power)

energy shield but it couldn't help him.When the beam faded,Goku was shown,with torn up clothing's:"Huh? Where did you got this much energy?!"Vegeta rushed and tried to kick Tsufu but he grabbed his leg and kicked him in stomach.Tsufu calmly said:"Is that really everything you've got?"Vegeta got angry:"You think that you can toy with us,don't you? You think that you are stronger than us? Well let me tell you something!!! That is NOT true!!!"Vegeta's body started gaining more and more energy.Finally,he turned into Full-Powered Super Saiyan.Tsufu was shocked:"What? How can Vegeta reach that level?"Vegeta smiled and rushed to

484px-SSJ3 Vegeta in RB2

Full-Powered Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta

Tsufu.Vegeta smiled:"Now! The real fight begins!"Vegeta kicked Tsufu and fired Double Galick Gun at him.Tsufu dodged it and tried to punch Vegeta but he dodged.Vegeta said:"You see,in this state,Tsufu,I could fight you whole day without break.But can you? I don't think soo!"Vegeta kneed and then pinned him into the mountain.He yelled:"Take this!"Vegeta fired thousands of Ki blasts which Tsufu tried to dodge,but he couldn't.Tsufu got angry:"Okay then.If you want a battle,you will get it"Tsufu rushed to Vegeta.They clashed with a giant explosion.Vegeta smirked:"Big Bang!"Vegeta created many Big Bangs in the air,not in his hands.Then,they all attacked Tsufu and exploded.Tsufu got angry:"I will show you who is the strongest!"Tsufu rushed to Vegeta with his full-power.They grabbed each others arms and powering up to push their rival.Trunks was surprised:"Dad,when did you got all that power?"Vegeta won the struggle of strength and threw Tsufu in ocean.They continued fighting there.Vegeta yelled:"Final Flash!"Tsufu dodged the blast and jumped.He was surprised when he realized that the Final Flash was a distraction for Vegeta to knee him and send him into the air.Vegeta smiled:"We both know that I am stronger this way,so I'm just going to finish this."Tsufu was trembling.Vegeta punched Tsufu as hard as he could:"Full-Powered Dimension Flash!!!"Tsufu could not dodge the strongest beam Vegeta ever fired from his arms.Vegeta smiled:"Now! Die!"Vegeta added even more energy into his blast.The energy of the Dimension Flash created earthquake on the whole Earth.Vegeta reverted to base and saw Tsufu,who could barely stand.Piccolo rushed to him and fired the Demon Wave which hit him but he was not wounded.Tsufu said:"Vegeta......You are the first man who damaged me like this.So,just die."Tsufu fired a beam which obliterated Vegeta:""Vegeta fell into ocean.Suddenly,Tsufu was hit by the blast from behind of him crushing him into the island.

Long time no see!Edit

"Sorry,but I thought of helping them,if you don't mind."The new voice said.Tsufu stood up:"Who...Who are you?!"Piccolo was surprised:"But....There is no way!""Oh,yes there is!"he said.Goku recognized him:"Sevente...en?!"
17 arrives

"Long time no see,huh?"

17 laughed:"Long time no see,huh?"Goku nodded.Seventeen smiled:"Yeah.I didn't wanted you guys have all the fun.Heh,I was training."Goku was surprised:"Wait,but you are a cyborg! How could you train?"Seventeen smirked:"You will see,you will see...."Tsufu flied up to 17:"Hpmf,an android too? Too bad you aren't even as half as strong as me..."Seventeen said:"Oh,really.You see,I'm an android too,and I know my weakness,but do you? We are almost the same,just made of different body.And I know every way to beat you,but do you? I don't think soo!"Tsufu laughed:"You are lying!"Seventeen smirked and punched Tsufu in the chest many times and fired a Photon Flash at him.Piccolo was thinking:"How could 17 be soo strong.Androids don't grow in power,at least not mechanical ones."Seventeen rushed to Tsufu and tried to punch him but he dodged.Tsufu laughed:"An android like you can't beat me."Seventeen laughed:"Oh really? Haaaaaaaaa!!!"Seventeen fired an giant wave to Tsufu.Piccolo could not believe:"Wait,17...He emits energy?!"Tsufu deflected the blast back at 17 but he stopped it with a hand.Piccolo said:"Explain."17 laughed:"Okay..okay....I am an android,but I am just a modified human,so I can still use Ki.That is all."Piccolo smirked:"Heh....I didn't expected that one coming."Tsufu rushed and punched Seventeen but he managed to stay in air.He said:"You are stronger than me a ton.I know that,but as I said,I know your weakness."Android 17 powered up.He created two balls in his palms and fired them at Tsufu.They hit him.17 smiled:"How,you are doomed!"Tsufu was unhurt by the blast:"Heh,It didn't do anything to me."Android 17 smiled and attacked Tsufu.They battled for long.At first,Tsufu was winning,but slowly,17 was gaining an advantage:"I said that you are doomed.That blast that I fired at you,isn't an ordinary blast,It is made of an specifically energy which makes androids like you and me all weaker and weaker.But you didn't knew it,right?"17 kneed Tsufu and then elbowed him from behind.Piccolo joined him:"It is funny,at first we were enemies,and now?"17 smiled and delivered an strong blow to his enemy.Piccolo said:"Heh,you sure have got some weight in your punches,unlike last time."Seventeen smirked:"Yeah."Tsufu got angry:"You are going to pay!"Tsufu fired an enormous blast which hit 17:"Die!!!!"Tsufu smiled:"I finally killed that little pest."A voice behind him said:"I don't think sooo...."Tsufu stepped backwards while trembling:"What are you! A ghost?!"Seventeen smirked:"Oh,and can a ghost do this?"Seventeen fired a Photon Flash at Tsufu obliterating him.Vegeta stood up,still to exhausted to run or fly:"Good job...."Tsufu raised:"I am going to kill you!"Seventeen said:"You will never learn to stop?"Tsufu attacked 17 which easily dodged the attack.Tsufu yelled:"Why am I loosing my power at this rate!"Tsufu fired an giant beam to 17 but it was reflected back by someone.Goten cried from luck:"Brother!"Gohan said:"Heh,17,Piccolo,should we do this as a team?"They nodded and fired the strongest wave they could:"Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!"Tsufu could not dodge."Hufff..hufff...."Seventeen was exhausted.Gohan said:"So,I don't sense him anymore.....I guess he is gone now."Vegeta yelled:"Look behind you!"Tsufu said:"Nice....Very....Nice......I could die from that,but I didn't.So,It's your time!"

Vegeta and Goku,the Saiyan sacrifice!Edit

""Gohan yelled.Tsufu smiled:"You are forgeting one thing.I can regenerate.And,now,the effect of your attack,17,faded.So! Die!"Tsufu hit Piccolo and Seventeen,but Gohan deflected it:"There is no way! I will not let you do that."Gohan powered up.Goku looked at him:"Wait! A Super Saiyan!"Gohan's hair was going upside-down.Finally,It got a blonde color.Gohan said:"Get ready for the Ultimate Super Saiyan,a creation of Unlocked Ability of Old Kai plus Super Saiyan!"
Ultimate SSJ

Ultimate SSJ Gohan

Old Kai,on his planet was surprised:"How could he do that!"Gohan rushed and put a barrage of punches and kicks on Tsufu which was helpless.Tsufu said:"I will not lose!"Gohan smirked:"Do you have the choice?"Tsufu raised his hand:"Of course! I will open the hell,and all the villains you fought will fight you again,but teamed!"Tsufu opened the portal,and Frieza,King Cold,Raditz,Nappa,Ginyu Force,Cell,Babidi,Bibidi,Xorcai and many others came out of it.Gohan said:"I can fight them all at the same time and win!"Villains attacked Gohan,but he rep puled all of them with Kiai.Gohan said:"It's useless!"Cell yelled:"It is not! Haaaaaaaaaa!!!"Everyone who escaped from hell charged their strongest attacks and turned it into ball."Now! Dieee!!!"Cell yelled!"Gohan yelled:"No! Kamehamehaaa!"The beam and ball clashed.All the characters from hell disappeared.Tsufu said:"Now! Dieeee!!!!!"Tsufu added more

energy into the attack from hell which overpowered Gohan's Kamehameha:"Gasp! What did I do wrong?...."The ball was going to hit him when Goku kicked it from the side:"Gohan,Goten! It's time to say bye."Vegeta joined him:"Kakarot,Let's do this."Goku nodded.Gohan said:Dad! No!"Goku smiled:"It was nice to meet you and fight you.But you just need to be destroyed in order to bring peace to the universe.Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"Vegeta yelled:"You can't regenerate from this! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"Goku and Vegeta charged the strongest wave they could.They yelled together:"Dieeeeeeeee!!"They fired an wave of enough power to destroy the whole galaxy.Gohan joined them:"I will help you!"Tsufu was trembling:"What is this!!!"He was hit by the blast.Down,deep in hell,Xorcai was thinking:"When will they be destroyed by someone another and not themselves...Ughhhh.........."

Tsufu's death

Goku smirked:"I did it once more."Vegeta smiled:"When did I became a fool like you,Kakarot?"They fell on floor from losing every bit of their energy and their bodies faded.Goten cried:"Daad!"Trunks was yelling:"Don't die!"Piccolo said:"They died while saving the world once more.You should be proud.Tsufu is dead.I know that for sure.Don't worry,we just need to ask the dragon to revive them."

Questions and Answers:Edit

1.Why Tuffle Androids?

A:Do I really need to explain? I liked the idea.

2.Where did names Futsu and Tsufu came from?

A:They are just a pun of Tsufuru-jin(Tuffle) and Futsuru(Fruit).

3:Why 17?

A:Because he is cool.I thought of not involving him when I watched DB Kai episode 72 and said:"Why the heck did Toryama forgot one of the coolest characters?"

4:Why would they die?

A:Because they used every tiny bit of their energy.When that happens,you die.

5:Why didn't Gohan die?"

A:Because he was just helping.He didn't went with full power when he knew that it will be more than enough to beat Tsufu.

6:Didn't you stolen the Baby and Super 17 saga idea and mixed them?

A:Kind of.But there are many differences.

Future Buu Saga

Finally,Future Buu Saga! Enjoy!

Ungranted wish...Edit

It was 5 years after Tsufu, the Tuffle Android.The Earth is living peaceful except one thing....

Five years ago:

"Arise! Shenron!" Gohan yelled.The sky turned black,and once again,Shenron was summoned:"Tell me your wish..."Gohan said:"Shenron,we want you to revive Goku and Vegeta!"Shenron's eyes glowed.Then,the light faded:"Your wish can not be granted.""W..what? Why not?"Goten was surprised.Shenron said:"Because of your last wish.The wish to create the new Hyperbolic Time Chamber.It used almost all of my power."Trunks said:""Piccolo said:"But we've still got Namek's Dragon."Shenron speaked:"Porunga can't help you."Uub was surprised:"Why?""Me and Porunga are connected.When one loses power,other loses it too."Goten got tears in his eyes:"Why....why did this happen.If I only didn't asked for that stupid wish!"Suddenly,a voice in his head said:"Goten! Don't cry.Me and Vegeta have a great time here with King Kai! Don't worry,with time,Shenron will gain power,and he will be able to bring us back.Meanwhile,you and Uub can use Instant Transmission,right.You can visit us every day if you want."Goten got a smile on his face:"That's right! Shenron,how many time will you need to gain your power back?"Shenron answered:"It is a hard question.I will need at least 4 years to gain the lost power..."Trunks said:"We can wait for that time and we can also visit them by Instant Transmission,there is no need to be sad."Gohan smiled:"I guess.Goten,you must teach me that Instant Movement!"Goten smirked:"It is called Instant Transmission,but call it what you want..."

Visit from the future!Edit

An machine appears from nowhere...One person came out of it:"Hmmm....Now.Where are they?"Gohan was in the middle of lunch:"Wait....It....can'!"Gohan got a smile on his face and said:"Goten,Uub,come with me!"Goten asked:"What is it,Gohan?"Gohan said:"I'll explain..."Gohan used his instant transmission to bring Trunks with him.He asked:"Hey,Trunks,do you feel something weird?"Trunks was surprised:"What weird? Wait......I"Gohan laughed and they flied of to the source of the power.They found the place in five minutes."Hehe! If that isn't Gohan!" someone behind them said.Gohan smirked:"Long time,isn't it,Trunks?"Trunks jumped from surprise:"Trunks?!"Gohan smiled:"I present you Trunks from the future,hehe..."Trunks was stunned:"Trunks? From....future?"Future Trunks said:Yeah,Trunks,I'm your future yourself."

Future Trunks

Trunks said:"Then I guess I need to say "Hi,me?"Future Trunks laughed:"No need for that,hehe."Goten asked:"Gohan,how do you know him?"Gohan said:"It's a long story..."Gohan explained Goten everything.Goten asked:"Oh,so what brings you here,Trunks?"Trunks answered:"....I need your help......"


Uub asked:"What kind of help?"Trunks said:"It is really difficult to explain.I was at the world martial arts tournament,when two competitors appeared and one introduced himself as the Supreme Kai.""Supreme Kai!?!" Both Gohan,Uub,Kibito Kai and Old Kai yelled the same thing.Trunks said:"Yeah,they were talking about a great new threat called Majin Buu.""Majin Buu!?" Everyone yelled.Trunks was surprised:"So you beat him! Great.""Wait,Trunks" Someone appeared behind him.Trunks was stunned:"Wait, Supreme Kai,but different...."Kibito Kai said:"Yeah,I am a fusion of Supreme Kai and Kibito,but it is a long story,Trunks,please,tell me more."Trunks continued his story:"When they told me about Majin Buu and how he is more powerful than any threat I ever faced,I was forced to use the time machine to ask you guys for help.So,do you want to help me? We can use the time machine to go to my present."Gohan asked:"But Trunks,you are way more powerful than before,why do you not think that you could beat him?"Trunks turned his had to the left with sad look on his face:"Because,I will never make the same mistake again...When I became a Super Saiyan,I thought that I am more powerful than Androids and I attacked them,but I barely survived...."Uub said:"Trunks,I will come with you,I am a human form of Buu.When Goku was going to destroy Buu,he wished for him to be back as a better person,as a human.I am the result of that.I will fight Buu,I never had the chance...."Uub heard:"Yeah,you have a great opportunity,Uub,use it."Kibito Kai said:"I also want to go,I want to be of use this time and to beat that Majin Buu!"Trunks smiled:"Thank you guys!"Gohan said:"Then I guess there is no need for me to join you.Uub is really strong,Trunks."Trunks nodded:"Follow me,I will lend you to the Time Machine!"

A new adventure starts!Edit

Trunks said:"Here,Go inside."Uub and Kibito Kai nodded.They went into time machine.Trunks smirked:"Get ready! Go!"They were traveling into the future for several minutes.The only thing that could have been seen is Blue-Black stretching of space.Finally,they arrived.Trunks said:"Here we are,this is the time right after I went to you.Kibito Kai,can you teleport us to the tournament,it should start about now."Kibito Kai nodded and teleported them."Here we are."Trunks said.Supreme Kai said:"So you came back,Trunks? Great!"Supreme Kai flied down to them:"Wait? Who are you?"Supreme Kai pointed to Kibito Kai.Trunks said:"He is from another timeline.A result of fusion between you and Kibito."Supreme Kai was surprised:"Uuummm,Ok,and he?"Uub said:"I'm here to help.You don't know,but in my timeline Buu was destroyed and I am the result of his revival."Supreme Kai yelled:"What?"He fired an energy blast at Uub.Trunks said:"Don't attack him,he is a good guy."The smoke cleared and showed unharmed Uub:"I'm good,not evil,you must to believe me!"Supreme Kai attacked Uub multiple times,but he couldn't land a hit on him.Finally,Kibito Kai grabbed his arm from behind:"Wake Up! He is not the Majin Buu.He is Uub,one of us!"Supreme Kai said:"....Ok,but if he does anything suspicious,I will kill him...."Uub smiled:"Sorry,Supreme Kai,but you couldn't do that even if you wanted.Right now,I'm about 100000000000000 stronger than Majin Buu."Trunks laughed:"Yeah,right....You are maybe 100000000 stronger,but not more than that."Uub laughed:"Key,key...Hey,trunks,It's your turn."


The announcer said:"And! Ladies and Gentlemen,the second round starts! I please for Trunks and Kibito to step out!"Both of them flied to the ring.Kibito Said:"Please,Trunks,show me your Super Saiyan state."Trunks was surprised:"Well,I guess you are a kai...So,do you want me to show you the level of Super Saiyan,or level above that?"Kibito was stunned:"What? There is a level above of Super Saiyan?! Please,show me it..."Trunks's aura went wild.Uub smiled:"So,you have mastered it...."Trunks got lightnings around him and said:"This is an Super Saiyan 2,Kibito!"
Trunks SSJ2 by hsvhrt

Trunks Super Saiyan 2

Uub was stunned:"Wait...Now.....Oh!" Suddenly,someone rushed to Trunks.Just before he was going to hit him,Uub punched him in face:"Hh... Spopovich,I should've known...."Then,like the first time,this time Yamu,rushed at Uub,but he was thrown in the air with an kiai from one hand by Supreme Kai.Uub smiled:"Great shot,Supreme Kai,Buu would've been released if you didn't saved me."Trunks was surprised":Wait? What...who was that?"Supreme Kai said:"They were wanting to use your energy to release Majin Buu."Trunks got a smile on his face:"Hehe...Thanks!"Uub said:"I feel him...Majin Buu....We are connected,I guess."Supreme Kai asked:"Can you tell me where is he? We can destroy him!"Uub showed the direction and leaved the tournament.Trunks asked:"So,Supreme Kai,what is the story of Buu anyway?"Supreme Kai explains him everything about Babidi,Bibidi....Uub said:"Heh,here we..."Suddenly,Uub could not move."Someone behind them yelled:"Die!"Supreme Kai and Kibito Kai said in the same time:"Dabura! Ugh..."Uub was slowly turning into stones.Trunks yelled:"Dabura,or whatever your name is.How dare you do such as thing like this....Haa!!!"Trunks rushed as a Super Saiyan 2 and almost killed Dabura which tried to turn him into a stone but Trunks dodged.Dabura got angry and started fighting Trunks as strong as he could,but Trunks was still stronger.Supreme Kai said:"Ugh,they are giving their energy to Buu!"Suddenly,what left of Uub started trembling.He turned into human and said:"Now,Dabura,your tricks wont work on me!"Uub crushed Dabura in mountain and charged an energy wave which will finish him.He yelled:"Dabura,I don't have time for this!"Just before Uub could fire the attack,he lost his conscious and fell on ground.Kibito Kai yelled:"No! Uub!"

Buu emerges!Edit

Trunks yelled:"Dabura! What did you did to him!"Dabura was greatly harmed,unable to fight:"I didn't do nothing...Please help me!"Trunks got angry:"I know ones of your kind,you search for help when you need and then continue with your rampage.I am not going to let that happen!"Trunks charged a Burning Attack and used it to kill Dabura.He flied to Uub:"Are you ok? Please,Uub!"Supreme Kai said:"It is okay,he is still alive..."Uub stood up:"Hhhh....What...happened?"Trunks said:"I don't know.You just fell on ground.Are you O.K now?"
Ada majin nego sta --

Buu's cocoon

Uub said:"I'm feeling weaker a ton...But he...he is getting stronger."Kibito Kai was stunned:"Who? Majin Buu?!"Uub nodded:"He is using my energy,I told you that we were connected...."Suddenly,a voice behind them said:"Now,Supreme Kai,prepare!"Supreme Kai looked behind him and saw Babidi:"Why are you here?!"Babidi laughed:"Because now I will release Buu!"Uub sniffed:"Uh...Buu energy...."Supreme Kai got angry:"It is all because of you! You gave the energy to Buu.I don't care if you did it because you wanted or not.You are threat to this world!"Babidi said:"I think that you now have bigger problems than blaming your friend!"Buu's cocoon started shaking.Buu was going to be released.In order to stop him,Trunks fired his Shining attack.Babidi was shocked:"No...Buu! Noooo!!!"The smoke cleared,and showed up Buu's cocoon,unharmed.Babidi laughed:"What a pathetic try! You can't beat Buu!"Trunks got anger all over his face:"I'm going to stop this!!!"Trunks powered up:"Here goes! Ka-Me-Ha-Me-Haaaa!"He

Trunks's attempt to destroy Buu

used all of his energy into his attack:"Huff,huuffft..."Supreme Kai was stunned:"Unbelievable,to survive that attack,It is impossible."Kibito Kai got an angry smirk on his face:"I'm afraid not...."His words stunned his Future Timeline part:"Why not!"Kibito Kai said:"This attack is far from enough,that cocoon of Buu's is almost unbreakable."Kibito was trembling:"Wait! It's....opening!"His words were true,the cocoon was slightly opening and pink smoke came out of it.Babidi said:"Now,prepare!"Kibito Kai was thinking:"Now,Buu is hatching and the Fat Form of him will form...As I am a result of fusion between two strong characters,I maybe could be able to beat him,but only in this form,but It's to risky.Also,I can't kill Babidi,it will let Majin Buu totally out of control and that is the least thing I want to happen.Then,maybe....."Babidi laughed:"Come,Buu! Appear!"The smoke finally came out of the cocoon but nothing was in there.Babidi was shocked:"W...w...hat?! It is empty!"Supreme Kai smiled:"Hahaha! You did all of this to open a cocoon that is empty! Trunks,we did it!"Uub,still weak,said:"I would be sorry to say,but it is not."His words stunned Supreme Kai:"What! How could you say that?"Kibito Kai got a sad face:"Look,up there.There he is....Like you,I also thought that there is nothing in cocoon,but he is there...That pink cloud."Supreme Kai looked where Kibito Kai told him and saw a pink cloud,spiral in shape.Slowly and slowly,the cloud was taking a form.Several minutes passed and the cloud finally turned into Majin Buu,the fat form of him.He yelled:"Yeeeyyy! Buu is free!!!!"

Kibito Kai's plan!Edit

Supreme Kai was trembling:"He..he is released..." "Buu think remember you. Buu don't remember hims though." Buu said. He was pointing to Trunks, Kibito Kai and Uub. "This evil won't be unleashed again. Energy's Last!" Kibito Kai fired a purple sound wave. "Buu hungry... Buu want candy!" "Candy!? Are you insane!? It's coming right at you Buu!" Babidi said. "I know, I turn energy into cookie!" He turned the Energy's Last into a cookie. "Buu want cookie!" Buu devoured the cookie. "Dang! Bushitsu Shyutsu Gen Majytsu!" He brought out the Z-Sword. "I fixed the Z-Sword from my timeline.Let's battle... Shining Z-Slash!" The blast turned into a Vice Shout:"Absorb the demon!" The portal absorbed Majin Buu. "Buu! You little." The portal imploded into Majin Buu. "Buu don't like you! Buu want you dead! Buu thinks to turn you to chocolate!" He shot a Chocolate Beam at Kibito Kai. "Look out!" Trunks pushed him out of the way. "Are you mad!? Like things aren't bad enough!" Trunks told him. "We're doomed..." Supreme Kai said. "No we're not. Kibito, heal Uub and bring him to a safe area." Kibito did what he was told. He healed Uub and got him out of there. "Now, let's fight." "Flashing Attack! Shining Slashes!" Trunks started to form a Burning Attack, but instead of throwing it, he was continuing charging in a Kamehameha-like fashion. He released it like a Spirit Ball. He then slashed it it to bite sized pieces. "Buu! Deflect it!" Buu did as he was commanded to. "Gah! Sorry, I'm out!" Trunks said. He knew if his most powerful attack didn't work, nothing would. He flew away. "Fine, we'll take care of it. Your Evil Will Be Punished!" Kibito Kai said, firing his Z-Sword."Bushitsu Shyutsu Gen Majytsu! 10,000 Z-Swords!" Kibito Kai fired the 10,001 Z-Swords attack.10,001 copies of Z-Swords which are made of ki and do great damage,trough only one of the swords is real and he deals much greater damage. "Come on Supreme Kai! Use your power!" Kibito Kai yelled. "Right! Take this!" He kicked Majin Buu up in the air. He kicked Majin Buu up and down until he resorted to an Energy's Last. When Majin Buu was knocked down, the Z-Swords finally hit Majin Buu. "We're... almost... done! I can't believe it" Supreme Kai said exhausted charging an blue wave of energy. "Wait Supreme Kai! I have to tell Majin Buu something..." Kibito Kai yelled "Buu confused... Buu don't know what you mean..." Buu looked at him. "Here, let me tell you..." Kibito Kai said:"You are the best fighter I ever fought." "Thank you!" Buu said. Kibito Kai smiled:"Here,Buu.In three days we will come again,stronger than ever.How do you like it?" Buu was thinking for little and then he said:"Okay! Buu not fight you for three days." Kibito Kai nodded and teleported himself and others to the place where Uub was lying.

Things get complicated...Edit

Uub woke up:"Gah....what.happened...." Kibito kai said:"You were healed,Uub.It looks like Majin Buu used your energy to feed himself and release him." Uub got a sad expression on his face,realizing that Buu has awoke because of him. Trunks said:"Don't be sad.We have three days!" Supreme Kai was nervous:"Why did you let Buu go? I could finish him!" Kibito Kai looked at him:"It would not work.Buu would regenerate anyway..." Supreme Kai read Kibito Kai's mind and found out everything about Majin Buu's powers:"I see.So,what will we do now?" Uub answered:"I think I have an idea." Everybody started listening to Uub's plan:"When Goku told me the story about Majin Buu I found that the Fat Form of Buu is childish and that he thinks that killing is fun,so....We could send someone to make friends with Buu and teach him that killing is bad.This happened in our universe,when Mr. Satan did it..." Trunks thought:"That is a nice idea,Uub,but Buu remembers us all,he would recognize us. Why don't you attack him,Uub,you are much stronger!" Uub looked to the sky:"I would like,but Buu took me energy that Kibito can not give me back,the power of Majin's..." Kibito said:"Then we can only wait." Uub nodded.

The terror of Buu!Edit

There were little differences in personality of Babidi and his father's creation in Trunks's timeline and Uub's.They started the destruction of planet Earth as soon as they could..Buu started by blowing up the Penguin Village.He was blowing cities and villages with Mouth energy waves,explosive waves,ki blasts,vanishing beams,finger beams and many more.Majin Buu went on Training Island,first training site of Goku and Krillin, and started,this time eating people in the people of the village.He used used every technique he knew,with a childish smile on his face.News were full about his terror,while people were feared of the chance to be next victim of the pink monster.Babidi,feeling unstoppable,using his magic powers,told all the citizens of the Earth:"People of Earth! Meet me and my pitiful servant,Majin Buu.We are on this planet to destroy it.There is nothing you can do!" Kibito and others trembled,but not of fear,because of hate toward him.Buu didn't listened to Babidi,he went fishing,which Babidi made angry:"You fool! You are fishing? You should destroy the world." This made the population of Earth laugh.Buu didn't agreed with Babidi:"Buu doesn't want to destroy the world,Buu wants a cake!" Babidi got an idea:"Oh,Buu? You want a cake.I know where can you find it.Tons of cake!" Pink demon changed his plan and followed Babidi.They went in the direction of West City which stunned Trunks:"West City? No,you are not going there...."He flied in the direction of Buu.

Future Super Saiyan 3!Edit

Trunks rushed to Majin Buu,as an attempt to stop him from destroying the West City.He transformed into Super Saiyan 2 and overpowered them in speed,slowly but surely,getting close to them.Unlike him,Majin Buu was flying really slow with Babidi on his back,but he got hit by an attack from behind.Trunks yelled:"Stop right where you are!" Babidi looked at him:"What do you thing you're doing? We gave you three days,you really want to die now." Trunks said:"No...You gave us three days,but West City is not a part of this planet which you can destroy...." Babidi got an evil smile on his face:"Oh! And who tells us this?" Trunks smirked:"Me,Trunks,a Saiyan who will defeat you!" Buu was confused:"Saiya-jin?" Trunks smiled:"Yes,Buu.Let's make a deal.If I beat you now,you'll skip this city,but if you beat me,you can kill me if you want." Babidi yelled:"Don't do that,Buu!" Buu said:"Okay! Buu wanna fight!" Trunks charged to Buu without second thought.He tried to punch him,but Buu dodged it and slapped him.Trunks went flying to ocean but he disappeared and kicked Buu from behind.Babidi transmitted the fight to the population of Earth,letting Supreme,Kibito and others look the fight like in front of them.Trunks fired multiple Ki blasts at Buu,but without effect on him.He yelled:"This is enough!" He kneed Buu into air and fired a massive Ki Blast at him,obliterating Buu.Babidi yelled:"Buuu!" The smoke cleared and revealed Buu,unhurt.He smiled:"Now Buu's turn!" Buu slapped Trunks several times and then threw a part of his body at him,squeezing him.Trunks spitted blood:"Gh...hhh...." He was desperate,but then he remembered his mother and the citizens of West City.He yelled:"I will not.....die Here!!!!"


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  • Pictures of Goten,Trunks,Pan and Bra are from Dragonball Multiverse:One of the greatest Fan-Fics on internet!
  • In this fan-fiction,Goten has a totally different look from the GT one.
  • The 1st official logo was made by NomadMusik.The 2nd official logo of Dragon Ball Z : NS is made of four pictures which Raging Blast edited in Paint.
  • Xorcai is pun of Xicor,a main villain in Dragon Ball AF
  • Lesse is a pun of Valesse,Goten's girlfriend in Dragon Ball GT
  • Small note from NomadMusik: Kamekameha is actually a seperate move from Kamehameha that Goten uses in Dragon Ball Z.
  • Battle with Piccolo is the first fight of Dragon Ball Z : NS written by Raging gohan.
  • Pushing to the LIMIT was the first fight written by NomadMusik and Training to the Third is the first one with no one editing it other than grammar in DBZ: NS
  • Rasenhameha is a pun of rasengan.It would be translated as:"Spinning Destruction Wave" and it is Gotenk's most devastating attack.
  • Goku's new transformation in Xorcai's saga is Full Powered Super Saiyan 3,but as it is a name given by fans,Goku and others don't use it.
  • Xorcai is the first main villain to be defeated by Full-Powered Super Saiyan state.
  • Xorcai Saga is somewhat a mixture of Frieza and Cell saga.It has elements from Frieza like precents of power of the main villain and the great fear from him,and Cell saga elements are easy to see.
  • Futsu is a double pun.First,he is a pun of japanese word Futsuru which means fruit,and also a pun of Tsufuru-jin,which means Tuffle.
  • Tsufu is also a double pun.(No need for explaining)
  • Shadow Super Saiyan was Raging gohan's idea which was used in the Tuffle Android Saga.
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