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DBZ War With The Saiyans

the Game Pic for PS3

Is a game that was published by BandaiNamco and released on 9 September 2011.The Gameplay were combined from Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit, Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2 and Dragon Ball Z Budokai aswell Dragon Ball Z Sagas and the gameplay was similar to Dynasty Warrior.


Play the game as you going to face more enemies liked in DBZ and Aswell from the Movies.


  1. Story Mode
  2. Vs Mode
  3. Tournament Mode
  4. Training Mode
  5. Skill Mode
  6. Option Mode

Playable Character:[]

  1. Goku ( Normal, Kaioken x2, Kaioken 3 and False Super Saiyan )
  2. Gohan
  3. Krillin
  4. Piccolo
  5. Tien
  6. Yamcha
  7. Saibamen
  8. Raditz
  9. Nappa
  10. Vegeta ( Normal and Great Ape [ Unplayable ] )
  11. Garlic Jr. ( Normal and Super Form )
  12. Bio-Man
  13. Dr. Wheelo
  14. Turles
  15. Lord Slug ( Normal and Giant Form [ Unplayable ] )
  16. Bardock
  17. Tora
  18. Frieza ( 1st Form )