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This article, Dragon Ball Z: Universal Rulers, contains mild or major swearing. You have been warned.

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Please Note: This fanon has within itself a horrific genre of bloody death and gore.

Universal Rulerz

Fan-Fiction Title

Dragon Ball Z: Universal Rulers is a fan-fiction that tells about the rise of King Cold, the ascension of Cooler and Frieza, and how the Planet Trade came to be and how it ruled the North Galaxy with an iron fist.

Theme Song's[]

Rise of the King - Session (Linkin Park)


The Dark Princes Take Over - Reminded (Drowning Pool)

Lord of the Universe - Only a Chilling Elegy (Demon Kakka)


Rise of the King[]

The first part of the story chronicles King Colds entire life, from his "beginnings" to the end of his life cut down short by Future Trunks. It will show his formation of the planet trade organization and his imprisonment before his rise.

The Dark Princes Take Over[]

The second part deals about the untold story of Cooler, and shows the rivalry between himself and Frieza that will eventually split the family apart, and in result forces Cooler into working alone. Then shows the his death at the hands of Goku as he destroys the Big Gete Star.

Lord of the Universe[]

The last and final part reveals the upcoming of Frieza as Prince and unfolds the tale of becoming the public face of the organization. It also reveals his day-by-day training of how he became insane through his growing strength and through the manipulation of his own father.


  • Each part chronicles the entire life of each character. Meaning that they all inter-wine with each other at some point.
  • This fanon will be relatively short compared to my (The Prodigy1's) other fan-fictions