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Story Mode[]

Has almost every episode and movies in the game. There are more Bosses to fight.

The game has more GT and some Dragon Ball.

The GT and original Dragon Ball are shorter. Doesn't have much fights but, it will do.

Hero Mode[]

Hero mode has the story from Ultimate Tenkaichi. But, this time it does have animated cutscenes.


Fight 25 enemies. Your health will stay the same in every round.


Playable Characters[]

1. Goku (Kaioken,SSJ,Ultra SSJ,SSJ2,SSJ3)

2. Kid Goku (Great Ape)

3. Goku GT (SSJ,SSJ2,SSJ3)

4. Goku SSJ4

5. Kid Chi-Chi

6. Chi-Chi

7. Ox King

8. Grandpa Gohan (With/mask)

9. Bardock

10. SSJ Bardock

11. Kid Gohan (Great Ape)

12. Kid Gohan W/Sword

13. Teen Gohan (SSJ,SSJ2)

14. Gohan (SSJ,SSJ2)

15. Ultimate Gohan W/Sword

16. Ultimate Gohan

17. Goten (SSJ)

18. GT Goten (SSJ)

19. Videl

20. GT Videl

21. Pan

22. King Vegeta

23. Kid Vegeta