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Demon Saga[]

Opening credits: The Meteor


Goku ready to battle Vegeta

Chapter 1: Spar![]

On an island, where Goku was training, Vegeta arrived.

"Kakarot!" Vegeta shouted. "I hope I'm not interrupting!"

"Oh, hey, Vegeta!" Goku shouted back. "What are you doing here?!"

"It's been a while since we've fought," Vegeta cried. "How 'bout it?" Goku thought about it for a moment. "Well?!" Vegeta asked. "I'm waiting!"

"Well..." Goku said. "I guess my training will have to wait. Let's go, Vegeta!"

"That's more like it!" Vegeta said, smirking.

The two began clashing. They exchanged blows between each other. the waves crashed on the land, The islands rumbled like an earthquake, and the clouds were blown away. Goku cupped his hands next to his side. " KA-ME-HA-ME..." Goku charged more power in the blast. "HA!" he shouted as the blast hurled toward Vegeta.

"Oh, yeah?" Vegeta asked. He put out a palm in front of himself. "Big Bang Attack!" He launched the ball at Goku's Kamehameha. The blasts collided.

They both tried to win the clash between blasts, but neither of them could get the upper hand. Desperate to win, Goku yelled "HAA!!!" as he tranformed into a Super Saiyan and was easily winning the colision.

"Kakarot," Vegeta said. "You won't win. No way!" Vegeta turned into a Super Saiyan as well. Yet again, neither sides could get the upper hand. Finally, the blasts exploded. The two went back to hand-to-hand combat. Eventually, they both punched each other in the face at the same time.

"You're good, Kakarot," Vegeta admitted, "But it's time to get serious!"

Electricity crackled around him as he turned into a Super Saiyan 2. Goku did the same and turned into a Super Saiyan 2 as well. Vegeta stretched his arms and opened his palms to his sides. He was charging a Final Flash! Goku wasn't giving up. He charged a Super Kamehameha.


"Final Flash!"

The two yelled at the same time as they launched their blasts. The blasts were equal. Wanting to win, Goku turned into a Super Saiyan 3. His blast easily dominated Vegeta's. Goku had won.

"I'm hungry!" Goku said. He went back to his base form. he flew to Vegeta. "I won," Goku said. He threw Vegeta a Senzu Bean. "See ya!"

He used instant transmission and teleported to his house. Vegeta angrily ate the bean as he pouted because of his defeat. "I sense an evil energy!" he said after a while. A warrior with pink aura flew down to Vegeta.

Chapter 2: A New Enemy[]

It was a young kid. He had red skin, and bright, red eyes. He had no hairline and his hair was black and had four spikes pointing on top. "I'm Zin," the alien boy said "Where's Goku?"

Vegeta didn't reply.

"I know you know him," Zin said. "Will I have to beat the information outta you?"

"You think you're tough, kid?" Vegeta asked. "Let's find out!" Vegeta transformed into a Super Saiyan. "I'll end you quickly! Big Bang Attack!" The blast hit Zin, so it seemed.

"That killed him!" Vegeta said.

"Oh, did it?" Zin said above Vegeta. He charged a giant red ball crackling with black electricity. "Super Red Ball!" Zin shouted as he hurled it towards Vegeta. He tried to run away from the blast, but he was caught in the explosion. The island wasn't far from Goku's home, so he could see the explosion. He went to check it out.

Goku saw an injured Vegeta on the ground.

"Hey..." Zin said. "Goku!"

Goku's eyes glowed turquoise. He was angry. He turned into a Super Saiyan. He threw punches at Zin, but he dodged them all. Goku charged a Full Power Energy Wave. He launched it at Zin. It appeared he was hit, but Zin appeared behind him and hit him with his two hands. Goku landed on one of the islands. Zin sat on Goku's chest as he hit him with a series of punches.

Gohan sensed something was wrong. ( I know Gohan was older when Goku learned Super Saiyan 2 and 3, but I thought it would be more interesting.) "Dad's in trouble," he said. He transformed into a Super Saiyan and flew to his father.

As Goku layed on the ground beat up, conscious, but beat up, Gohan finally arrived. "This kid is about my age," Zin said. He said to Gohan "If Goku and Vegeta got beat by me, what makes you think YOU can beat me?"

"I don't know," Gohan said, "but I'll try." He charged a golden blast into his palms. "Masenko!" He fired it at Zin. He easily deflected it. "Is that all you got?"

"No!" Gohan replied. "Kamehameha!" He fired it at Zin. He held it with one hand. "No way!" Gohan cried, surprised. "How did he do that?!"

Zin yelled "Super Red Blast!" as he fired a red blast with the hand he held the Kamehameha. It over-powered Gohan's blast. Gohan struggled to hold on to Zin's blast.

"Gohan!" Goku shouted. "Super Saiyan isn't strong enough! Use Super Saiyan 2!"

With his father's request, he transformed, and easily deflected Zin's blast. "Finally," Zin said, "a challenge!"

DBZ Gohan SSJ2

Gohan, eager to destroy Zin

Zin's watch beeped. "Heh!" he said. "He's almost here!"

"Who?" Gohan asked. "Heh, you'll see!"

"In the meantime," Gohan said, "I'll give you some work!"

"Die, Saiyan!" Zin yelled as he hurled a red ball at Gohan. It exploded, but Gohan dodged it. He teleported behind Zin and punched him in the face. He spit pink blood. After he got up, Gohan landed another blow in his face. Zin tried using hand-to-hand combat, but Gohan easily beat him in that area. Zin was angry. "Now you will see my true power!" Zin charged up. He was stronger, but Gohan still beat him. He was furious.

"AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" Zin's aura went from pink to red. Pink electricity crackled around it. He was transforming! Long horns grew from his forehead. He was much stronger. "Now," he said, "the real game begin!"

The two fought. Their power was amazing. Their fists pounded each other. It was an amazing battle. They smashed, bashed, and crashed. No matter how hard they tried, their power remained equal. Gohan cupped his hands. He charged a Super Kamehameha.

"KAMEHAMEHA!!!" he yelled as he fired the blast. Zin charged a Super Red Blast. "Super Red Blast!!!" Zin shouted as he too, fired his blast. They collided. It was epic. Neither side could win the clash. Their blasts tore through the island they were on. It was crumbling apart. Finally, an explosion occurred from the blasts. The two were injured from the explosion, but they still had plenty of fight in them. Zin's watch beeped again.

"He's here!" he shouted. Then another person with pink aura flew down on the island. It was a man from Zin's race. He was a tall, muscular man. Like Zin, he had red skin and red eyes. He had a white cape he wore around his neck. "Hello, Zin..." he said.

"Hello..." Zin replied. "Father!"

"Who is that?" Goku asked himself. Who, indeed, was this man, and what power does he hold?

Chapter 3: King of Planet Zin[]

"I don't get it!" Goku said to the new alien that arrived on Earth. "Who are you?!" The alien replied "I am King Zin! I am the leader of planet Zin, named after yours truly." "But what is your purpose?" Goku asked. King Zin replied "My people have sensed you and your friends' powers. People as strong as you could oppose a threat to the Zinians. Therefore, Earth must be destroyed!!!" Goku and Gohan were stunned to discover King Zin's plans. "I won't let you!" Goku shouted. He transformed into a Super Saiyan 2. "He's stronger than me in that form," King Zin admitted. "But not for long!" King Zin's pink aura became red and pink lightning crackled around it. Long horns grew out of his head. He transformed like Zin! "This form is called the Demon Mode. With it, I will crush you! Let's go!" "We have our own fight to finish..." Zin said, smirking, "Gohan!" The Zinians and the Saiyans were ready to fight!

Goku and King Zin fought first. Then, Gohan and Zin fought soon after. Both battles were intense. Goku charged a Kamehameha and blasted it in King Zin's face. King Zin stood in front of the blast and grabbed Goku's head. (The Kamehameha disappeared because Goku stopped cupping his hands when King Zin grabbed him.) "Now it's my turn," King Zin said. As he held Goku's head, he hit Goku with a Super Red Blast. Goku used Wild Sense to dodge the attack. Meanwhile, Gohan and Zin were battling it out as well. Zin fired a Barrage of red ki blasts, and Gohan deflected them all. He fired a Kamehameha, but Zin dodged it. They went back to hand-to-hand combat. After Goku and King Zin's battle seemed like it was going no where, King Zin charged a Super Red Ball, him and Zin's ultimate attack! He hurled it at Goku, but Goku held on to the blast. It was difficult for him. "I'll help you, father!" Zin said. He charged a Super Red Ball at King Zin's ball. Their energy balls combined, making a ginormous Super Red Ball. Goku wasn't able to hold on, as the ball made a huge explosion. Goku seemed to be defeated, but he used Instant Transmission to dodge the attack. He used Instant Transmission Kamehameha to send King Zin flying. Gohan hit Zin with a Kamehameha of his own as Zin, too, was sent flying. "You should have payed attention," Gohan said to Zin. "Let's finish this," Goku said to his son.

Goku and Gohan stood next to each other, then, so did Zin and King Zin. Goku and Gohan charged a Super Kamehameha while Zin and King Zin charged a Super Red Blast. Then, everyone fired their blasts. It was an epic collision of a dual Super Kamehameha and a dual Super Red Blast. After thirty long minutes of the collision, an explosion occurred. The four were injured, but still standing.

Meanwhile at the Kami House, the rest of the Z Fighters sensed the amazing power coming from the four fighting. "Woah!" Yamcha cried. "You guys feel that power?!" "Yeah!" Krillin replied. "It feels like Goku and Gohan's energy!" "Well then," Piccolo said, "Let's go check it out." Then the Z Fighters flew off.

After the two Saiyans and the two Zinians continued their battle, the Z Fighters finally arrived. "Hey, Goku! Gohan!" Krillin said. "Hey, Krillin!" Goku replied. "I'd Love to talk, but we're kind of busy here." "Look, Goku," Piccolo said. "We're going to have to stop your little battle. You know how I can hear EVERYTHING in the universe?" "Yeah," Goku replied. "Well," Piccolo resumed his talking. "I overheard your conversation with you and the king over there, how he wants to destroy us. Also, I know where his planet is. It's a couple million miles away from Pluto. I heard his people talking, they plan to have a full-scale invasion on Earth!" "Really?!" Goku asked. "Man, we're in trouble!" "Luckily for us," Piccolo said, "Bulma's dad has a spaceship. We could use it to go there and stop the people. We have to go to Capsule Corp. to get it." "That's a plan," Goku said as him and Gohan go back to their base forms. Zin and King Zin do the same. "But Gohan and I could Do it all by ourselves." He grabs Gohan and uses Instant Transmission to go to planet Zin. "That fool!" Piccolo says. "NO! YOU WON'T LAY A FINGER ON MY PLANET!!!" King Zin yelled as he uses Instant Transmission to go to planet Zin. Everyone is shocked to learn that King Zin knows this move.

"Aw man!" Zin says. "It took me a while to fly to Earth. Father expects me to fly all the way back to planet Zin?! Oh, well! I guess I could deal with these guys!" Everybody was scared. Zin is way out of their leagues! Then Zin is hit with an energy blast. It was Vegeta! "All of you go!" he said. "I'll handle this guy!" "But look at you!" Krillin cried. "You're injured! You can't fight him like this!" "I said go!" Vegeta said angrily. Then following Vegeta's command, everybody flew off to Capsule Corp. "Heh, you again?" Zin asked. "I'll finish you off." Zin charged a energy ball. "Goodbye, Vegeta!" Then Zin was almost hit with a blast from behind, but he dodged it. The blast was a Special Beam Cannon! "What are you doing, Namekian?" Vegeta asked Piccolo. "You go on ahead with the rest of them. And here's a Senzu Bean." He tossed Vegeta a bean. "You expect me to lose, and do nothing about it?!" Vegeta asked. "I will go nowhere!" "Trust me," Piccolo said, "I can handle this guy. Now go!" Vegeta ate the bean. "Very well," he said. "If you want to get beat that badly, go ahead!" He turned into a Super Saiyan and flew off. "A Namekian?!" Zin asked. "I won't even have to use my Demon Mode! I'll destroy you in a second!" "Really?" Piccolo asked. "Prove it. Let's go!"

Meanwhile, Goku and Gohan arrived on planet Zin. It was a decent looking planet. The sky was pink, the ground was red, and the buildings were black. "So this is planet Zin," Goku said. "Interesting." King Zin arrived soon after. "If you want to destroy my planet," he said, "you'll have to go through me, first! Come on!!!" Goku and Gohan got ready to face King Zin!

Chapter 4: Fighting the Zinians[]

Goku and Gohan started by turning into Super Saiyans. Goku attacked first. He threw a combo of punches, but King Zin dodged them all. He quickly knocked Goku to the ground. Gohan went as soon after. He was knocked down even sooner. They both decided to attack at the same time. But even though it was two against one, King Zin still had the upper hand. He makes an explosive wave to move Goku and Gohan back. "You guys are weak!" King Zin said. "When are you going to make this fun?!" "Right now!" Goku shouted. He Stood a distance in front of King Zin and Gohan stood a distance behind him. They both charged a Kamehameha. King Zin didn't move a muscle as the blasts hit him, causing an explosion. When the smoke cleared, King Zin barely had a scratch on him. "I give you guys an open shot," he said, "and that's all you guys got?! Now it's my turn!" King Zin charged two Super Red Blasts in each hand, hitting both Goku and Gohan.

Meanwhile, the battle between Piccolo and Zin had begun. They had begun with hand-to-hand combat. They were pretty even. "Hmph," Zin said. "I see, you're not half bad. But how do you like THIS?!" Zin fires a Super Red Blast. Piccolo counters it with the Explosive Demon Wave. The blasts were even, so an explosion occurred. Zin was pretty surprised. Very surprised, actually. "N-no way! W-wait, there's an explanation. I-I just held back my attack, Th-that's all!" Zin, in anger, rushes to Piccolo and tries to hit him with a barrage of punches and kicks, but Piccolo dodged them all. That made Zin angrier. He put more speed into his fists, and they all hit Piccolo. Then he hit him with an elbow, knocking him on the ground. When the smoke cleared, Piccolo is revealed to have a couple of bruises. "How do you like THAT?!" Zin asked, cockily. "I see," Piccolo said. "You are powerful. Now I know I don't have to hold back!" Piccolo removed his weights and powered up. "Yes," Zin said. "Show me your full power!"

After realizing that they can't win like this, Goku and Gohan turned into Super Saiyan 2. King Zin turned into Demon Mode. The two rushed to attack King Zin. They seemed pretty even against the king. There was no telling which side was going to win. Meanwhile, Piccolo was giving Zin a run for his money! He hit him with a barrage of punches and kicks. Then he knocked him on the ground. "How?!" Zin asked. "How is this possible?!" "That's because I'm stronger than a Super Saiyan," Piccolo said. "You wanna know why? That's because I'm a Super Namek!" Piccolo hit Zin with a Special Beam Cannon, causing significant damage. Zin was furious. He transformed into Demon Mode. When a Zinian transforms, all the injuries they've received in their base form are healed, which means double trouble for Piccolo! Zin hit Piccolo with several blows. he wasn't able to keep up with the Zinian. After giving several damaging hits to Piccolo, Zin hit him with a Super Red Blast, deciding the victor of the battle. Piccolo has ended up under the sea. Believing he was dead, Zin flew off to planet Zin.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Z Fighters (including Future Trunks, Krillin, Yamcha, and Tien), have made it to Capsule Corp. Vegeta came soon after. "Father!" Future Trunks said, "You made it!" "Yeah, yeah," Vegeta said. "Now can we fire up that ship and go?!" "Wait!" Krillin said. "Where's Piccolo?!" "Oh, the Namekian?" Vegeta asked. "He decided top fight that Zin kid. Hmph, the fool. Probably getting trashed!" "But we can't just leave him!" Tien said. "Thirty minutes," Vegeta said. "If he's not here in thirty minutes, we're leaving. I'm not waiting a second more!" The Z Fighters waited patiently for his return.

Piccolo has emerged from sea, barely able to hold on. Luckily, he had a Senzu Bean, and after he ate it, he flew off to Capsule Corp. Goku and Gohan's fight against King Zin continued. The Saiyans had a couple of bruises, while King Zin only had a few. "in that second form of yours (he means Super Saiyan 2)," King Zin said, "You guys are very powerful. But in my Demon Mode, I'm still a little stronger! You can't beat me. Your failure to stop me is inevitable, your death is inevitable, the destruction of your planet is inevitable. Just surrender! You can't win!" "Surrender?" Goku asked. "I will never surrender. If I ever surrendered, even once, planet Earth would be destroyed a long time ago. I can't give up. Planet Earth is my home, and I will protect it!"

Chapter 5: Arrival of the Z Fighters[]

20 minutes later, Piccolo arrived at Capsule Corp. "Good, he's here," Vegeta said. "Now let's go!" The spaceship flew off into space. Zin was making his way into planet Zin as well. It was about an hour later when the spaceship arrived on the planet. Zin was behind the ship by a matter of seconds. Everybody made it to where Goku and Gohan were fighting King Zin. "Guys!" Goku said. "What are you doing here?" "We said we were coming," Piccolo said. "But I told you, Gohan and I could handle this ourselves!" "I don't have time for these guys!" King Zin said. "Zin, dispose of them!" "Gladly," Zin said, grinning. "You wont be disposing anybody!" Vegeta said. "I will be disposing you!" Vegeta transformed into a Super Saiyan 2. They begun to fight.

The battle seemed pretty even at first, but Vegeta quickly got the upper-hand. He hit Zin with punches, kicks, and ki blasts. Zin found it hard to keep up. He tried his best, but he was no match for the angry Super Saiyan 2! "How?!" Zin asked. "How are you able to beat me so easily?!" "That's easy to figure out," Vegeta replied. "Because I'm the Prince of planet Vegeta!" Zin was stunned. "WELL I'M THE PRINCE OF PLANET ZIN!" Zin cried. "AND I SAY YOU CAN'T WIN!!! EAT TTTTHHHHIIIIIISSSS!!!!!!!!!!!" Zin charged all of his power into a Super Red Ball. "You fool!" King Zin said. "Are you trying to destroy the whole planet?!" Zin replied "AT LEAST I'LL DESTROY THIS FOOL ALONG WITH IT IT!!!!!!!!" Zin threw the massive ball of energy. "Is that all?" Vegeta replied as he charged an attack."Final Flash!" He fired the blast. It completely ripped through the Super Red Ball. Zin couldn't believe his eyes. The blast hit him. "NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Zin yelled as the Final Flash completely obliterated him. King Zin was shaken. He lost his son. He was supposed to be the heir to the throne. He was supposed to watch his son grow to be a powerful warrior. He was supposed to rule the universe, along with his son by his side. Now he was gone. He was all alone. He felt the pain of loss. He couldn't bottle up his anger any longer. King Zin bursted into such rage and anger. His red aura became darker, the pink electricity went from pink to red, and his horns grew longer. He was transforming again! His muscles bulged out. His power grew every second. Large wings grew out of his back. Everybody could't believe their eyes. King Zin was an Ultimate Demon!

"This...!" King Zin said, "Is the Ultimate Demon Mode! My power is amazing!!!" King Zin teleported to Krillin. His boots were shaking with fear. "You wanna go first, bald one?" KIng Zin asked. He knocked Krillin back several feet, putting him to sleep. He teleported to Yamcha next. "How about you, next, one with the scars?" He hit Yamcha with a swing of his left wing, hitting him back, knocking his lights out. Then he teleported to Tien. "How about you, 3 eyes?" Tien tried to punch him, but King Zin countered with a powerful kick, knocking him out. After, he teleported to Piccolo. "Your turn, green guy." Piccolo tried to hit King Zin with a Special Beam Cannon, but Zin countered it with a Super Red Beam. It over-powered Piccolo's beam, making him unconscious. Right after, he teleported to Future Trunks. "Hey, my purple-haired friend." Future Trunks went Super Saiyan and tried to attack, but Zin did a back flip, sending him flying, putting him out as well. Only Goku, Gohan, and Vegeta remained.

"Why meddle with those weaklings," Vegeta said, "When you can be fighting a super elite? Come on!" King Zin quickly teleported in front of Vegeta. He was amazed, but tried to hide it. "I see you've got some speed." "Please," King Zin said, "You're not even worth a warm-up." "A warm-up?!" Vegeta asked angrily. "I'll give you a challenge! Come on!" The two started with hand-to-hand combat. They seemed even at first, but then King Zin started using his wings to attack. "Darn him," Vegeta said to himself. "Those wings on his back... it's like he has four arms!" "Getting caught off guard, Vegeta?" King Zin asked cockily. Vegeta was angry. He fired a Galick Gun, but King Zin easily deflected it with his wings. "H-how?" Vegeta asked. "That's one of my signature attacks! He couldn't deflect it... not so easily!" "It's simple," King Zin said. "I'm stronger than you. Just accept your fate and die!" "Never!" Vegeta shouted as he rushed towards King Vegeta and hit him with a powerful one-handed blast. Heh!" Vegeta said, grinning. King Zin teleported behind him. "No way!" Vegeta said. "You're finished!" King Zin shouted as he blasted Vegeta with a two-handed blast straight in his face. Vegeta was sent flying. He went back to his base form as he was knocked out.

"That take cares of that pest," King Zin said, smiling. "Only you two are left." Goku and Gohan, to be specific. "Gohan," Goku said, "We're both in our Super Saiyan 2 forms. If we use all of our power together, maybe we have a chance." "Too late to make plans now, Goku," King Zin said. He teleported to Gohan. He blasted him with a Super Red Blast, knocking him out, making him go back to his base form. "Gohan!" Goku yelled. It seemed like a split second hen Gohan was hit, Goku wasn't able to see it. "You're all alone," King Zin said. "What will you do now, Goku?" Goku flew away a couple of feet to get his distance. "There's only one way to beat a guy like you." Goku charged up. His power kept growing. His hair was getting longer. Buildings and streets cracked and crumbled. He roared as he finally transformed into a Super Saiyan 3! "Now," Goku said, "Are you ready?" "This is the first I've seen this!" King Zin said. "This should be interesting!" They were ready for their battle!

Chapter 6: Goku vs King Zin![]

Goku and King Zin flew up to the sky. The two started battling. It was intense. With each blow, the heavens themselves shook. Goku was flying away as King Zin was chasing him. King Zin made a powerful sharp wind with his wings, trying to make Goku crash into a building. Goku dodged the wind. They stopped to continue their hand-to-hand combat. King Zin tried to use his wings to attack, but Goku dodged them. He also tried using his horns, but Goku dodged them, too. King Zin threw a punch at the same time as Goku, making their fists meet, sending a powerful shock wave. "You haven't disappointed me," King Zin said. "This was a good warm-up, but don't you think it's time to get serious?" "I agree," Goku replied. "I know I'm going to regret this," Goku said top himself, "but I have no choice." He cupped his hands. "Ka-me-ha-me... Ha!" He fired the blast. It hit King Zin, causing few injuries. "NIce attack," King Zin said. "Now it's my turn!" He put out his right index and middle finger. The electrified with red electricity. "Super Red Beam!" He said as he fired the beam. Goku moved to the right to dodge the attack, but King Zin immediately teleported next to Goku, hitting him with his wing, knocking Goku into a building. Goku got up from under the rubble and rushed towards king Zin. They went back to hand-to-hand combat. They traded blows. Goku punched King Zin, King Zin punched him back. Goku kicked King Zin, King Zin punched him in his gut. It was unsure who would win.

After a while, the two were pretty exhausted. King Zin was angry. This battle was going nowhere. King Zin flew up to the air, while Goku flew down to the ground. "This will finish you!" King Zin said. He put his palm out. He was charged a full power Super Red Blast! Goku was in trouble! "What am I going to do?!" Goku said to himself. He decided to counter it. He cupped his hands. He was charging a True Kamehameha! As they charged their blasts, the ground was crumbling. "Father!" Gohan said as he was unable to move. "Don't do it!" "You're gonna destroy the whole planet!" Piccolo agreed. "Stop it!" Goku ignored them. "Ka........ Me....... Ha........ Me........." King Zin said "Super Red......" The two yelled "HHHHHHHAAAAAA!!!!!!!" and "BLAST!!!!!!!" as they hurled their blasts and and an energy beam struggle occurred. The blasts didn't move an inch. Their blasts were equal. King Zin knew the explosion could destroy his planet. It was a small planet, and he didn't want anything to happen to it. So he stopped firing the Super Red Blast and dodged Goku's True Kamehameha. The blast went up into space and made a huge explosion. King Zin was tired, but Goku was even more tired. "I've noticed something," King Zin said. "That transformation uses a lot of energy, making you exausted. Soon you will lose the form, and I will win this battle!" Goku was a little angry, as he teleported in the air to King Zin. King Zin dodged his punch and teleported to the ground. "I was hoping you'd do that!" King Zin said. "Now I won't have to worry about destroying my planet!" He put a palm out in the air and made a huge energy ball. It was a Super Red Ball! It was ginormous, much bigger than it was in his Demon Mode! He hurled it at Goku. He had no way to stop that attack! "You won't win," Goku said. "I must protect Earth. If I won't, who will?!" He flew to the ball. "Dragon Fist!" The golden Dragon rushed to the ball and disintegrated the ball. "No!" King Zin said. "How is this possible?!" The Dragon Fist hit King Zin. "NNNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" he yelled as the dragon obliterated him, killing the king once and for all!

Goku went around and gave everybody Senzu Beans. "Go to the ship," he said to everybody. "Why?" Gohan said, worried. "You remember what Piccolo said?" Goku asked. "About how the people here plan to have an invasion? Well I must destroy the Planet so they don't do that." Obeying Goku's request, the Z Fighters went to the ship. With all the Super Saiyan 3 powers he had left, Goku fired a Kamehameha straight through the ground, making the inner core unstable. Goku's exaustion made him go back to his base form. "I learned a thing or two fighting Freiza," Goku said to himself. In a few minutes, the planet exploded as the Spaceship flew off. "Dad!" Gohan yelled. Soon after, he used Instant Transmission to teleport to the ship. Everybody was happy. They celebrated their victory with Goku. He saved the Earth yet again!

Ending Credits: Goku Theme

Dark Power Saga[]

Opening Credits: Cell Theme

Frieza Spaceship

A threat approaches Earth

Chapter 7: A Threat Approaches[]

From far away, deep in the areas of space, a spaceship is seen. It flies toEarth's direction. "Comander," a dark red colored alien says, the pilot of the ship, "We're about to land in a few minutes."Yeah," the commander said. "Another planet for my lord. Planet Earth." "I hear they have pretty strong warriors there," the pilot cried. "That makes it interesting," the commander said, excitedly. "But it doesn't matter, because they will all be controlled by the dark power!

Meanwhile, Gohan (now in high school), is training with his little brother, Goten. Both are in Super Saiyan form. Goten puts his palms together. "Kamekameha!" He fires the blast, but Gohan easily dodges it. "For the last time, Goten," Gohan exclaimed, "It's KameHAmeha, not KameKAmeha!" "But Gohan," Goten said, "The name is confusing!" Gohan sighs. "Look, we've been at it for a while. That's it for today."

Goku Yardrat Outfit

Goku in his Yardrat outfit

Gohan goes back to his base form. Goten sighs and does the same. "Hey, guys!" Goku said. "Wow, dad," Gohan said, "you're wearing your Yardrat outfit!" "Oh, this thing?" Goku asked. "I haven't worn it in a while. I saw it in my closet, and I wanted to try it again!" "That outfit is cool!" Goten said. "Goku!" Chi-Chi called out. "It's Bulma! She needs you on the phone!" The three went in their house to see what was going on.

"Hey, Bulma!" Goku said. "Look, Goku, there's no time for chit-chat," Bulma said. "We need you here at the Kami House, now!" "Now?" Goku asked. "What's going on?" "You'll see when you get here," Bulma said. "Now hurry!" Goku hung up the phone. "It seems important," Goku said. "Gohan, come with me. Goten, you stay with your mother. "But dad!" Goten cried. "Someone has to take care of your mother," Goku said. "Now, we're off! Gohan, grab my shoulder." Goku did what his father told him and he used Instant Transmission to get to the house. "Hey, Goku," Krillin said. "I see you got the Yardrat costume on!" "Yeah," Goku said, "but that doesn't matter right now. So what's up, Bulma?" "Look at the TV," she said. The reporter on the news said "As you can see, the alien spaceship just landed here a few minutes ago. Let's move up to get a closer look." The reporter and the camera man moved up to the ship. The commander from earlier came out. "So it seems an alien has come out! What is your purpose here?" he pointed the camera at the commander. He fired an energy blast, killing the reporter and the camera man. The camera went static. "Oh no!" Goku said. "After a couple of seconds, the camera went back to normal. The commander was on the screen. "This is a message to Earth's greatest fighters. If you are not here in thirty earth minutes, I will start killing innocent humans one by one." He fired another blast at the camera, damaging it for good this time. "Sounds like we got a job to do," Goku said. "Let's go!"

The Z Fighters arrived at the spot where the commander told them to come. "So you're Earth's greatest fighters?" the commander asked. "Right this way." "Before we go anywhere," Goku said, "tell us, who are you?" "I am Floyd," he replied. "The commander of my race, the Daggoids. And I'll say it again, right this way." The Z Fighters followed Floyd to his ship.

"Greetings!" an alien said. "This is my master," Floyd said, "Ronav. You better treet him with respect!" "What are we doing in here?" Goku asked. "You will be fighting some Daggoid warriors, to test your abilities. Each of you will fight. And you CAN'T say no.How about you, first?" Floyd pointed at Goku. "Gladly!" Goku said, excitedly. A Daggoid soldier came. "This is Lado," Floyd said, "a Daggoid soldier, our strongest one. Now let's go in here, our battling room. There's plenty of space." The Z Fighters followed Floyd into the room. Everybody, including Ronav. "Now let the battle begin!" he said. "This is going to be easy!" Lado said. Goku and Lado immediately started battling. Their hand-to-hand combat was pretty even. They exchanged blows, neither side able to get the upper hand. "You're good," Goku said. "Now it's time to get serious!" Goku charged his energy. "Kaio-ken!" He rushed towards Lado. He tried to hit Goku, but he dodged it and hit him in his back. Goku hit Lado with a series of punches. Lado blasted a Full Power Energy Wave, but Goku dodged it and hit him with a powerful kick in the gut, sending Lado flying. Goku stopped using the Kaio-ken. "You're good," Lado said, spitting blood. "I didn't think I had to use this, but I have no choice!" Lado charged his energy. His aura was getting redder and darker. The little hair he had on his head became red. "What's going on?" Goku asked. "Dark Power," Floyd replied. "The Dark Power is given to all the soldiers, giving them a large boost of power. The power can also be used to control people! That's what we do. We use the Dark Power to control beings from other planets to add them to our army. We will be the strongest empire in the universe!" "So that's what you came here for!" Goku said. "We're in trouble!"

Chapter 8: Fighting the Daggoids[]

Lado was charged up. He fired a Full Power Energy Wave. Goku dodged it, but Lado then hit him from behind. "He's powerful," Goku said. "If I can't beat him, then a Super Saiyan can!" Goku was transformed. "What is this transformation?" Ronav asked angrily. "So this is one of them, huh?!" Floyd replied. "This guy is a Saiyan. And the legends of a Super Saiyan were true!" Goku was winning the battle against Lado. Goku hit him with a barrage of punches, then hit him with a blow that pierced through his stomach. "You're indeed powerful," Lado said. "But how do you like this?!" Lado charged a dark energy ball and fired it at Goku. Vegeta blocked the blast. "No low-level vermin is killing Kakarot," Vegeta said. "You won't take my chance away of beating Kakarot!" Since Lado was weak from the blow Goku gave him, a simple energy blast from Vegeta's normal form was enough to kill him. Goku went back to his base form. The Z Fighters flew out of the ship. "Well don't just stand there!" Ronav said angrily to Floyd. "After them!" "Yes, sir!" he replied as he flew off after the Z Fighters.

After a long chase, the Z Fighters decided to stop. "You aren't going anywhere!" Floyd said. "You," he pointed at Goku, "will fight me right now!" Floyd rushed at Goku and tried to hit him, but Goku dodged it. They were using hand-to-hand combat. Floyd fired a Full Power Energy Wave, but Goku countered it with a Kamehameha. The beam struggled made an explosion. "How do you like my most powerful attack?!" Floyd yelled. "He charged an Energy Ball. "Devastation Ball!" He fired it at Goku, but he dodged it. "You're not bad," Floyd said. "It's time to use the Dark Power!" He used the power. Goku turned Super Saiyan. They started battling. They were exactly even. "Grr!" Vegeta said. "Why is this battle taking so long?!" Vegeta said, angrily. "Vegeta!" Gohan said. "Why are you so angry?" Vegeta punched him in his stomach. "Don't question me, brat!" As Floyd and Goku were rushing towards each other, Vegeta teleported in front of them. "Vegeta?" Goku asked. "What are you doing?" "Finishing this battle!" Vegeta replied. He went Super Saiyan and dominated Floyd. "Where did Vegeta get all this power?" Goku said to himself. Vegeta hit Floyd with a blast, blowing away his whole right side. Goku and Vegeta went back into their base forms. "Why did you interfere, Vegeta?" Goku asked. "Why did you take so long to kill such a weak opponent?" Vegeta also asked. "You have to be quick and don't hold back, Kakarot! You're stupid feelings are going to get you killed! G-GAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!" Vegeta yelled. "What's wrong Vegeta?!" Goku asked. "Heh!" Floyd said, on the floor. "That red ball Lado hit Vegeta with was the Dark Power. He was already always angry and impatient. That made the Dark Power spread even quicker. It's too late for him!" Vegeta's aura became red, also did his hair. The Dark Power took control. He was under Ronav's command. Vegeta became one of them!

Dark Vegeta

Dark Vegeta!!!

Chapter 9: Dark Vegeta!!![]

Out of anger, Goku finished off Floyd. "Oh no!" he said. "Vegeta is so much more powerful! What am I going to do now?!" He came to a conclusion. "Leave, guys," he said. "But dad!" Gohan said. "We can't just leave you!" "Well if you guys won't leave," Goku said, "just watch from the sidelines." Agreeing to Goku, the Z Fighters flew off a couple of feet away from Goku and Dark Vegeta. "I'll kill you," Dark Vegeta said. "Then I'll kill your friends!" "Snap out of it, Vegeta," Goku cried. "You're getting controlled by the Dark Power!" Dark Vegeta laughed and rushed towards Goku. Goku blocked his punch. They started fighting. Goku got caught off guard a few times because of Vegeta's new power boost. "What's wrong, Kakarot?" Dark Vegeta asked, smiling. "Can't keep up?!" Goku became angry and used the Kaio-ken. They seemed even at first, but Dark Vegeta was still stronger. He hit Goku with a knee to the gut, then punched him in the face, knocking him back, and knocking him out of the Kaio-ken. Goku's anger made him turn Super Saiyan.

"That's more like it!" Dark Vegeta said happily. Goku rushed and hit him with a fist. Goku was beating up Dark Vegeta. Goku's Super Saiyan was able to beat the Dark Power. Dark Vegeta fired a Red Galic Gun, but Goku countered it with a Kamehameha, beating Dark Vegeta's blast. He bacame even angrier. He fired a Big Bang Attack, but Goku deflected it. Goku rushed towards him and hit Vegeta with a combo of punches and kicks. Then Goku fired a formidable amount of power into a Kamehameha, hitting Dark Vegeta. A smoke cloud was made after the impact of the blast. Dark Vegeta emergeed, angrier than ever. He transformed into a Super Saiyan. His power was unbelievable. "This is going to be trouble!" Goku said.

Dark Vegeta Super Saiyan

Dark Vegeta as a Super Saiyan

Dark Vegeta rushed to Goku. They continued to battle. Goku did his best to keep up. Dark Vegeta was quickly getting the upper hand. "This Dark Power thing is catching me off guard!" Goku said to himself. Dark Vegeta charged a Galick Gun, but Goku dodged it. Dark Vegeta appeared behind him and knocked him on the floor. "You can't win, Kakarot!" he said. "I'm the strongest in the universe!!!" Goku got up. "KAMEHAMEHA!!!" Goku fired it. Dark Vegeta deflected it. "Is that all you got?!" Dark Vegeta said." Goku cupped his hands again.

"Darn it!" Krillin said. "Goku is losing out there! He needs help!" "You know my dad," Gohan said. "He enjoys his battles. Don't butt in. We'll jump in when he really needs help." Meanwhile Goku was charging the Kamehameha. "Ka...Me...Ha...Me..." He used Instant Transmission to teleport next to Dark Vegeta. "Oh no!" Dark Vegeta said. "The attack he used against Cell!" "HA!!!" Goku yelled as he fired the blast straight in Dark Vegeta's face. He was sent flying into several rocks. Dark Vegeta emerged from the rubble. They resumed battling. They seemed even. They exchanged blows. "Hey, Goku's coming back!" Tien said. "But that doesn't guarantee he'll win," Piccolo said. "Vegeta's much more powerful with that Dark Power. He's in Ronav's control. Let's just hope Goku can find a way to get Vegeta back to his senses." The rest of the Z Fighters put their heads down in disappointment as Goku continued to battle Dark Vegeta.

Meanwhile, Ronav was looking at the battle between Goku and Dark Vegeta through a crystal ball. "Interesting," he said. "Floyd may be gone, but I got a stronger warrior in return. That Saiyan Vegeta!" He watched in awe as the two kept brawling. Dark Vegeta was angry. "THAT'S IT, KAKAROT!!!" Dark Vegeta said. "YOU'RE FINISHED!!!!!" He hit Goku with a punch to the stomach, and a second one in the face, sending him flying to the ground. While in the air, Dark Vegeta charged all of his energy. "TAKE THIS!!!!!" He fired a Super Energy Wave Volley. He put all of his power into it. He went H.A.M, like he did at Cell when he killed Future Trunks! He yelled "HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!" as he fired the barrage of attacks. He made a huge smoke cloud. Finally, he charged a small energy ball in his hands. "HHHHHAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!" He fired the ball. It made an explosion. A large amount of smoke was created. He couldn't sense Goku's energy. "Yes!" he said. "I won!!! Now, to report to Lord Ronav." Dark Vegeta was about to leave, but then Goku emerged from the smoke, still standing. "Man!" Dark Vegeta said. "What will it take to kill you?!" "A Lot more!" Goku replied as he turned into a Super Saiyan 2. "I see," Dark Vegeta said. "Let's even the odds!" Dark Vegeta turned into a Super Saiyan 2 as well. How will this battle end?!

Chapter 10: The Battle Continues[]

Goku and Dark Vegeta continued to battle. They seemed even. Their Super Saiyan 2 powers were extraordinary! While Goku and Dark Vegeta was in the air, Dark Vegeta fired a couple of ki blasts. Goku tried flying away, but they followed him. "You can't dodge this, KAKAROT!!!" Dark Vegeta said. Goku teleported to the ground. He charged a Kamehameha. "Kamehame...Ha!" He fired it on the ground. It launched him in the air, like when he was a kid and finished off King Piccolo. "So you're rushing towards the ki blasts, huh?" Dark Vegeta asked. Goku used one hand to deflect the ki blasts. The Kamehameha was still launching him to Dark Vegeta. "What's he doing?" Dark Vegeta asked himself. Goku hit him with a killer headbutt in his chin, making him spit out blood. While his stomach was open, Goku hit him with a barrage of punches, then kicked him, knocking him on the ground. A small smoke cloud was made. Goku rushed towards the smoke. But before he could get there, Dark Vegeta fired an energy blast, hitting Goku. Dark Vegeta emerged from the smoke and rushed towards Goku. They continued with their hand-to-hand combat.

"C'mon Goku!" Yamcha said. "Yeah you can do it!" Tien agreed. All of the Z Fighters had their fingers crossed as they continued to watch the battle. Dark Vegeta fired a weaker version of the Big Bang Attack. Goku deflected it. The battle was tiring for Goku, especially sinced it looked like Dark Vegeta had unlimited energy. "How am I supposed to beat him?" Goku asked himself. "Vegeta is stronger, and it seems he has a limitless supply of energy!" "You need a break?" Dark Vegeta asked cockily. They continued battling. It seemed even, but Goku was soon losing power. Dark Vegeta was winning. He hit Goku with a combo of punches. Goku tried his best to dodge them, but Dark Vegeta knocked him on the ground with his hands

Goku angrily charged a Super Kamehameha. KamehameHHAAA!!!" He fired it at Dark Vegeta. He countered it with a Final Flash. The blasts collided. The blasts seemed even. "Goku!" Krillin yelled. "YOU CAN DO IT!!!" The Z Fighters gave Goku a lot of support, but it didn't help. Dark Vegeta's blast soon dominated Goku's. An explosion occured. Goku lost the collision. He could lose the battle as well. Dark Vegeta made an evil laugh as he enjoyed his seemingly victory over Goku. Goku was cornered. He decided to turn into a Super Saiyan 3. "Uh...!" Dark Vegeta stuttered. "I might be in trouble!" "What's wrong?" Goku asked. "Afraid of a Super Saiyan 3?" Dark Vegeta seemed unsure if he could win or not, but Goku sure was!

Chapter 11: Who Will Win?![]

Goku rushed to Dark Vegeta. They started battling. It was clear in the first minute who was going to win. "Oh yeah!" Gohan said excitedly. "Dad's going to win!" "But he can't kill him," Piccolo said. "He must find a way to make Vegeta free from the Dark Power. But at least he has the advantage." Goku hit Dark Vegeta with a combo of punches and kicks, then knocked him on the ground. Dark Vegeta got right back up. He fired a Galick Gun, but Goku deflected it. "I'm stronger now, Vegeta," Goku said. "Give up now!" "NEVER!!!" Dark Vegeta cried, refusing to give up. He rushed at Goku. He hit Goku with a barrage of punches and kicks, then knocked him back with a powerful kick. "Is that all?" Goku asked. Veins were popping out of Dark Vegeta's head. "Don't mess with me!" he shouted, angrily. He charged another Galick Gun, but this time, with more power. He fired it. Goku countered it with a Super Kamehameha. Goku's blast beat Dark Vegeta's. Dark Vegeta couldn't believe his eyes. He put every ounce of power he had into his next attack. "YOU WILL DIE, KAKAROT!" He charged his blast. "FINAL FLAAAASSSSHHHHH!!!!!" He fired the blast at Goku. It made a giant explosion. Dark Vegeta was so tired, he went back to his base form. "It took all my power," he said, "but at least I won!" He laughed, but then Goku teleported behind him. Dark Vegeta was so surprised "How...? How did you survive that?!" "Instant Transmission," Goku replied as he went back to his base form.

"Is Goku serious?!" Piccolo asked. "Why did he go back to his base form?!" "Are you trying to die?!" Dark Vegeta asked. "I came up with an idea to beat you," Goku said. He yelled to the Z Fighters "Hey guys! I need you to keep Vegeta busy. Just for a little while." "No way!" Yamcha said with fright in his voice. "There's no way I can fight Vegeta!" "Well I'm going!" Gohan said as he flew off to Dark Vegeta. Piccolo followed. "Oh, so you guys wanna go?" Dark Vegeta asked. "Let's go!" Dark Vegeta fought both Gohan and Piccolo. Goku flew to the ground. "A Spirit Bomb is made from the Earth's pure energy," Goku said to himself. "I think it will stop the Dark Power. But I'm only making the small Spirit Bomb. I Don't want to kill Vegeta!" He put his hands in the air. "I call upon the grasses... I call upon the seas... give me the energy... for a Spirit Bomb!" "A Spirit Bomb?" Krillin asked. "Will a Spirit Bomb really do the trick?" The Spirit Bomb was ready. Dark Vegeta knocked Gohan and Piccolo to the ground. "TAKE THIS!!!" Goku shouted as he hurled the ball towards Dark Vegeta. "So THAT'S what you were planning!" He said. "But that's child's play. He dodged the Spirit Bomb. "Oh no!" Gohan said. "He missed!" Goku moved his hand, and the Spirit Bomb hit Dark Vegeta in his back. "I've been working on how to control the Spirit Bomb better. Ha!" He hurled his hand down. "NNNOOO!!!" Dark Vegeta shouted. The ball launched Dark Vegeta on the ground, making a explosion that made a huge crater.

Goku flew to the crater. "Did that do it?" Goku asked himself. A hand grabbed the edge of the crater. "Oh no!" Goku said. "I didn't do it!" "Were you trying to kill me?" Vegeta asked. "Vegeta!" Goku said excitedly. "You're back! But, you're injured. "You're not Mr. Perfect Condition, either," Vegeta said. Goku helped him up. The Z Fighters flew towards them. "You did it!" Krillin said. "No we didn't," Goku corrected Krillin. "There's one more thing we have to do. Remember Ronav's ship is still out there. We must defeat him first, then we can celebrate our victory." Krillin gave Goku and Vegeta a Senzu Bean and the Z Fighters flew off to Ronav's ship.

Chapter 12: Super Dark Power![]

The Z Fighters arrived at Ronav's spaceship. They blasted themselves in. There were a couple of Daggoid soldiers in their way. "Fire at the enemy!" A Daggoid soldier said. The Z Fighters easily beat the soldiers. Ronav watching the Z Fighters go through the soldiers through his crystal ball. "Oh no!" Ronav said. "They're coming for me!" The Z Fighters were easily going through the soldiers, until... A formidable Daggoid soldier came on the scene. "Who are you?" Goku asked him. "I... am Bolio," he replied. I'll take care of this one," Vegeta said, grinning. They started to battle. They seemed pretty even, but then Vegeta used his full power. He was winning against Bolio. They he hit him with a Double Galick Cannon. "Well that was quick!" Vegeta said, dissapointedly. They continued their search for Ronav.

The Z Fighters fought hundreds of soldiers. After a while of searching, they found a big door. "I guess this is it," Goku said. "Step aside," Vegeta cried. He fired a small Big Bang Attack, breaking through the door. "So you've found me," Ronav said. "Yeah," Goku said, "and we're taking you down!" He fired a blast at Ronav. He dodged it. "So you can fly, huh?" Vegeta asked. "That's not all I can do!" Ronav cried. He charged a pink electric blast in his hands "Super Zapper!" He fired the zapper at Goku and Vegeta. It really shocked them, literally and physically! "So you're actually not bad," Vegeta admitted. Ronav rushed towards Vegeta. He hit Vegeta with a combo of punches in his gut, then flew and kicked him to the ground. "What's wrong, Vegeta?" Goku asked, smiling. "Can't handle a little old alien?" "Don't think I've forgotten about you!" Ronav said to Goku. He hit Goku with another Super Zapper. "AAHHH!!!" Goku yelled as he was getting zapped. "This is my ultimate technique! Ultimate Zapper!" As Ronav was zapping Goku, Vegeta kicked him. "Thanks, Vegeta," Goku said. "Thank me later," Vegeta said, "after we kill this peasant!" They both went Super Saiyan. "I know I can't beat you like this," Ronav admitted. "Of course you can't!" Vegeta said. "You're just a feeble little old piece of space trash." Ronav said "Have you ever thought who was the inventor of the Dark Power? Well you're looking at him. I've given myself the Dark Power, but much more than I have everybody else. I call it......... Super Dark Power!"

Dark aura surged around Ronav. He was becoming taller and very muscular. He ripped out of his shirt. "Well?" Ronav asked. "Am I feeble and little now?! I'm twice the size of both of you!" He rammed his arms in Goku and Vegeta's troats and ran with them through several walls then hurled them through the roof of the ship. Ronav flew in after them. Goku was to Ronav's right, and Vegeta was to his left. Goku fired a Kamehameha while Vegeta fired a Big Bang Attack. Ronav deflected the Big Bang Attack in the air while he dodged the Kamehameha. The Kamehameha hit Vegeta then the Big Bang Attack hit Goku. Then Ronav fired a Super Zapper at the both of them. The Z Fighters left the ship to check out the fight. Goku and Vegeta stood next to each other. They both yelled "HHHAAAA!!!!!" as they transmormed into Super Saiyan 2s. Goku fired a Super Kamehameha while Vegeta fired a Final Flash. Ronav countered it with an Ultimate Zapper. The blasts were even. Goku and Vegeta gave it all they got as their blasts dominated Ronav's. "IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!" he yelled as the blasts destroyed him, and the ship along with it. Goku and Vegeta went back to their base forms and joined the Z Fighters. "You guys won!" Gohan said happily to Goku and Vegeta. Yeah..." Goku agreed. "Now, let's go home, Gohan, cuz I'm starving!"

Ending Credits: Vegeta Super Saiyan Theme

New Android Saga[]

Opening Credits: Menace

Chapter 13: Island Invasion[]

DBZ Island

Danger walks on this island

On an island that lies in the middle of the ocean, in the south region of the world, a large population of people can be seen. But those people have no idea how much trouble they're in...

A group of two men fly on the island. They observe the area. "This is a nice little place," the tall one says. "Yeah," the shorter one agrees. "Let's wipe it out!" An average Joe walks up to the guys. "I've never seen your type around here," he says. "Who are you?" The short man fired an eye beam right trough the man's chest." People scream and run away, but they couldn't escape from the wrath of the two guys.

"You feel that?" Goku said as he stopped eating. "Feel what, dad?" Gohan asked as Goten kept eating. "If you focus, you can feel many power levels being extinguished. People are dying. We must go!" "Goku!" Chi-Chi yelled angrily. "you are not going on another mission!" "But we have to!" Goku said, trying to hide the fear in his voice. Ignoring Chi-Chi, the three GOs went to the island.

Goku, Gohan, and Goten were on their way to the island. "So what do you think we're up against?" Gohan asked his father. "I don't know," Goku replied, "but I'm excited to find out!" Krillin and Piccolo joined the three. "Hey, guys!" Goku said. "So you felt the decreasing power levels, too, huh?" "Yeah," Piccolo replied. "We had to check what was going on," Krillin cried. "Well if we wanna get there, let's pick up the pace!" The Z Fighters flew off with their full power.

Finally, everybody arrived on the island. Vegeta and Trunks was there. "Late again, Kakarot?" Vegeta asked cockily. "Hey, Vegeta!" Goku said. "Hey, trunks!" Goten cried to Trunks. "W'sup, Goten," Trunks said. Plenty of explosions were happening at the island. "Can you sense them?" Goku said. "No," Krillin said to himself. "Maybe they're masking their energy, lowering it after every blast. Let's fly down and check it out." "Okay," Goku agreed. The Z Fighters flew down to the island.

Chapter 14: His Name Is Brocc[]

The Z Fighters looked for the enemies, but couldn't find them. "Darn!" Goku said to himself. "I can't believe they can hide their energy!" He flew for a better view, but the smoke and fire everywhere didn't help him. An explosion was seen. "That's where they must be!" he said. He flew off to the explosion site.

Soon, everybody arrived at the explosion site. The enemies were fighting a human, with a formidable amount of energy. "So that's what you guys are!" the human said. "Let's go," the short one said. The two men flew off. "Who were those guys?" Goten asked. The Z Fighters went to the human. "It seems you put up a good fight against those guys," Goku said to him. "Thanks." "No problem," the human said as he fell down the floor, collapsed. "Oh no!" Goku said. "He was hurt by the fight against those two! Would you happen to have a Senzu Bean with you, Krillin?" "Nope," he replied. "And I don't think anybody has one on them." "I see," Goku said. "Well I guess I'll take him to Korin. Goku picked up the human. The Z Fighters flew off.

The Z Fighters arrived at Korin's Tower. "Hey, Korin," Goku said. "Hey!" Korin replied. "It's been a while," Yajirobe said. "Do you have a Senzu Bean we could keep?" Goku asked. "Here," Yajirobe said as he tossed them a small bag. "You can have a whole bag of 'em!" "Thanks," Goku said. "Now let's go to Kami's Lookout." The Z Fighters followed Goku to the Lookout.

The Z Fighters arrived at the Lookout. "Hey, Dende Mr. Popo!" Gohan said. "Hey guys!" they both cried."We found this Earth warrior," Goku said as he put the human on the ground. He fed him a Senzu Bean. The human opened his eyes. "Where am I?" the human asked. "Hey!" Goku said. "I saw that you put up a pretty good fight against those other creeps. My name is Goku. Who are you?" "Who am I?" the human asked. "My name is Brocc!"

"Brocc, huh?" Goku asked."Yeah," Brocc replied. "When I was a child, I was trained by my father. That's why my power differs from ordinary humans, I'm special... like you guys." Why does the name "Brocc" sound so familiar? Vegeta thought. "So you were fighting those guys," he asked Brocc. "Were they strong?" "Yeah" Brocc said. "They were pretty strong. And that's not even the scary part." "No?" Vegeta asked."Then what is?" Brocc replied. "Well those guys weren't human, they were androids!" "ANDROIDS??!!!" Goku asked. The Z Fighters were shocked to discover the news and listened to Brocc's story.

Chapter 15: Androids... Again?![]

"Androids?" Goku asked shocked. "How many of those things are there?!" "What are androids?" Goten asked his father. "Yeah, what are they dad?" Trunks asked Vegeta. "There these robots with unlimited energy that is unsensible," Vegeta replied. "You don't remember them because they were around about the time when you were a baby." "They told me they were androids," Brocc said. "Their creator was Dr. Gero, a famous scientist. They said there were other androids like them. Their plan is to take over the world, to do what the other androids failed. The tall one told me his name was Android # 12 and the short one's name was Android # 11. And that's not all." "What?" Goku asked curiously. "They have these things on their palms," Brocc cried, "which takes away your energy! "So those were energy-sapping androids?" Vegeta asked. "Yes," Brocc replied. "Man! If I knew they absorbed energy, I probably coulda won!" He put his head down in frustration. "Well there's no use sulking over it now," Goku said. "There going to cause some damage, and we're going to find them!"

Brocc and the Z Fighters waited on the Lookout for the androids to make a move. "Man," Brocc said to break the silence, "how are we supposed to find them if we can't sense them?!" "I have an idea to make you stronger, Broc," Goku said. "Since you lost to the androids, you need to get stronger to help us win this fight." "What did you have in mind?" Brocc asked. "The Hyperbolic Time Chamber," Goku said, answering his question. "What is that?" Brocc asked. "It's a room where you can get a year's worth of training in a day," Goku replied. "A year in there is a day out here. But I warn you, the temperature swings are insane, and the gravity's ten times stronger. Be careful." "I think I can handle it," Brocc said, smirking. "Now," Goku said, "Mr. Popo will take you there." "Follow me," Mr. Popo said. "Good luck," Goku said. Brocc flashed a thumbs up as Mr. Popo escorted him into the room.

It's been almost a day since Brocc went into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, 22 hours to be exact. The Z Fighters were still at the Lookout. Power levels were going down quickly. "That must be the androids," Goku said. "Let's go!" "But what about Brocc?" Gohan asked. "He'll catch up with us," Goku said. The Z Fighters flew off the Lookout and headed to the androids.

Chapter 15: Battling With The Androids[]

The Z Fighters arrived at the town where the androids were causing destruction. "So it's you guys," Android # 12 said. "Look, # 12," Android # 11 said, "It's that guy, Goku! The one we were supposed to kill !" "So it is," # 12 said. "Kakarot," Vegeta said, "you get the short one and I'll get the tall one. Let's go!" The two Saiyans rushed towards the androids. They started battling. Goku threw a punch at Android # 11, but he dodged it and kicked Goku. He got back up and punched the android in the gut, then hit him with a combo of punches and kicked, finally knocking him on the ground. Vegeta put his palm out. "Big Bang Attack!" "No, Vegeta!" Goku yelled. "Remember the androids absorb energy!" Vegeta didn't listen. He fired the ball, but Android # 12 absorbed it. "Thanks for the power boost, he said. "# 12!" Android 11 said. "That's enough fun, now let's go. These guys are formidable opponents. Let's go to the lab and heal our injuries." The androids flew up and were ready to take off. But as the androids flew away, Goku put a good amount of power, about 20%, into a Kamehameha. The blast blew off #11's left arm. "GAAAAHHH!!!!!" he yelled. "Oh no # 11" Android # 12 shouted. He grabbed # 11 and flew off. "Darn!" Goku said. "They're getting away!" "C'mon, Kakarot!" Vegeta said. "We can catch up to them!" The Z Fighters flew off to chase the androids.

The androids arrived in a rocky area, the place where the lab was. They decided to go down, because the area had several fissures and gaps, so they would be hard to find. The Z Fighters spent a few hours looking for the androids. Android # 11's arm was really busted. "Man!" he said. "This arm is slowing me down!" "Don't worry," Android # 12 said. "We'll be at the lab soon. This could be easier if we didn't have so many people looking for us." He watched Krillin right above their heads. He didn't see them, though. # 11 came to a decision. "Go, # 12," he said. "I'm only going to slow you down." "But # 11! You're the one with the blown off arm! Wouldn't it make sense if you were to go to the lab?" "# 12!" # 11 said. "Go," Android # 12 said bravely. "I'll catch up with you later." Android # 11 ran as fast as he can to the lab. "Now, I'll think I'll absorb Krillin first!" He flew to Krillin. "Gotcha!" he said as he was ready to grab Krillin. "Oh no!" he said. # 12 was hit in the face and hit a couple of rocks. "Thanks, Brocc!" Krillin said. "No problem!" Brocc said. The rest of the Z Fighters flew to Krillin and Brocc's direction. Android # 12 emerged from the rubble. "I'll take care of this guy," Brocc said. He charged at the android.

The android and the human started battling. Since Brocc got much stronger in his training, he was winning the battle. # 12 fired an eye beam, but Brocc deflected it. "How-?" the android asked. "How is he winning?!" "I'm stronger, obviously!" Brocc said, cockily. He put his hand to his side. A blast was spinning in his hand. "Spiraling Blast!" He fired it. # 12 put his palms out. "I'll easily absorb it!" The android did indeed absorb the blast. "I see," Brocc said. "If that won't work, this will!" He knocked Android # 12 on the ground then flew up the air. He charged a small energy ball in his palm. "No!' Goku said. "He'll just absorb it!" "Not his one!" Brocc said. He threw the ball. It grew in size. "Idiot!" the android said. "I'll just absorb it!" He put his palms out again. The ball stopped, then it split into several smaller energy balls. "You can't absorb all of those!" Brocc said. "Eat my ultimate attack! Bullet Rain!!!" He swung his hands, and the energy balls flew down like rain, hence the name. They hit # 12. The energy balls were gathering as they hit the ground, making a bigger energy ball. Finally, it exploded. "GGGGGAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" Android # 12 yelled as the blast destroyed his body. The explosion leveled almost the entire area. "He won!" Krillin said. "But where's the other android?" Goku asked. "He probably tried to escape to their lab," Brocc said, "but I doubt he escaped that! We won! The Earth is safe!" Brocc and the Z Fighters flew off to their homes.

Chapter 16: Super # 11![]

Android # 11 finally came out of the lab with a repaired arm. He was surprised at what he saw: Nothing. "Where's # 12?" he asked himself. He flew around to look. He was shocked to see Android # 12's metals and scraps on the ground. "Oh no!" he said. "# 12!" He was very upset. But there were two things that weren't broken : Android # 12's chip and his heart monitor. He was transforming into Super # 11! When he did fully transform, he was taller, stronger, and his power has greatly increased. "Now," he said, "to get my revenge!"

Super # 11 was blowing up cities to attract the Z Fighters. Soon, they did arrive, along with Brocc. "I thought you said he was dead!" Goku said angrily to Brocc. "I thought he was!" Brocc said. They flew to the android. "So you guys are back, huh?" he said. "I'll kill you all!" "Are you sure about that?" Goku asked. Him, then Vegeta, turned into Super Saiyans. Brocc was really shocked to see it! The Saiyans rushed toward the android. Super # 11 was stronger than both of them. He fired a one-handed blast. Goku and Vegeta dodged it. They continued with hand-to-hand combat. "You can't beat me!" the android said. "Wow," Goku said. "He's strong!" Super # 11 charged at Goku and hit him with a series of punches and kicks, than knocked him on the groud. Then he hit Vegeta with an eye beam.

"We must work together to fight him!" Goku said to Vegeta. "Come on!" Goku fired a Kamehameha and Vegeta fired a Maximum Flasher. "Is that all?!" Super # 11 asked. He charged an energy ball in his hands. "Avenging Power Ball!" He fired it. The blasts and the ball collided. They were equal at first, but then the android got the upper hand. "Come on, Vegeta!" Goku said. "Give it all you got!" The two yelled as they put all of their power into their blasts, tearing through the ball. "IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!" Super 17 yelled as he was completely destroyed by the blasts. The Saiyans went back into their base froms. They each got a Senzu Bean. "Now we won for real!" Goku said. The Z Fighters enjoyed their victory. "Goku," Brocc said. "Can I talk to you...? Alone?" Goku seemed curious. You guys go on ahead. We'll catch up later." The Z Fighters flew off. "So what's up?" Goku asked Brocc. "Fight me Goku..." Brocc replied. "Fight me right now!" "Huh?" Goku asked. "But why?" "I said fight me, you coward!" Goku didn't understand what was up with Brocc, but after a while, he said "Okay."

Ending Credits: Heat Capcity

Brocc Saga[]

Opening Credits: Power Scale

Chapter 17: Brocc's History[]

Goku and Brocc flew to a couple of islands to do battle. "Why are you in such a hurry to fight me all of a sudden?" Goku asked. "Trying to test your abilities?" "Kinda," Brocc said. "Well? Come on!" Brocc rushed towards Goku. They started battling. Goku noticed that Brocc has gotten stronger. "So the Hyperbolic Time Chamber did you some good," Goku admitted. Goku cupped his hands. "Kamehameha!' Goku fired the blast. Brocc countered with a Spiraling Blast. The blasts collided. Brocc was easily winning. "He's so strong!" Goku said to himself. The blast hit him. An explosion occurred. Goku became angry and used the Kaio-ken. Brocc dodged his blows. He hit Goku in the chest then punched him hard in the face. He knocked Goku out of the Kaio-ken. "You can't beat me," Brocc said. "Now for my ultimate combo!" Brocc hit Goku with a punch, an elbow, another elbow, and another punch. Then he kicked him in the air then hit him with a combo of punches and kicks. Then Brocc hit Goku with a powerful punch in the gut. Goku closed his eyes. When he opened them, Brocc was gone. "Behind you!" Brocc said. He fired a Spiraling Blast. It lauched Goku far. The impact made plenty of rubble. Goku emerged from the rubble. He transformed into a Super Saiyan.

Dbz ssj goku

Goku ready to fight Brocc

"It surprised me when you turned into a Super Saiyan, Kakaorot," Brocc said. "How do you know about Super Saiyans?" Goku asked. "And how do you know my Saiyan name. Unless..." "That's right," Brocc said. "I'M A SAIYAN!!!" Brocc transformed. "I'm in trouble!" Goku said.

Brocc Super Saiyan

Brocc as a Super Saiyan

"How are you a Saiyan?" Goku asked. "Me and Vegeta are the only ones left. How did you survive?!" "I escaped with my spaceship. My father tried to escape with me, too. But he... wasn't so lucky. He was caught in the explosion. I landed on a random planet. I had no idea what my fate was going to be... But enough of the talking. Let's go!" Brocc rushed towards Goku. They continued battling. Brocc fired a Dual Spiraling Blast. Goku countered with a Dual Kamehameha. Brocc's blasts beat Gokus'. Goku deflected the Dual Spiraling Blast with his aura. "I know that can't be it to the story," Goku said. "So you really want to know that badly, huh? Okay..."

"My father knew Frieza was going to destroy Planet Vegeta. He managed to put me in the closet spacepod. I was captured by a man who reminded me of Frieza. An anger bottled up inside me. It released all at once. I became.... A SUPERSAIYAN!!! " He rushed towards Goku. He hit him with a powerful punch in the gut, and it gave off a gold shine. Goku was in pain from the punch. " Like that?" Brocc asked. "I call that technique a Golden Blow! You thought you could beat me!? I was one of the most powerful Saiyan babies in history! I was born with a power level of around 10,000! Now it's time to finish you!" Brocc charged a yellow ball. He hured it at Goku. Goku closed his eyes, thinking he would get hit, but the ball went up in the air. It split. "I see!" Goku said. "This is a Bullet Rain!" "Too late to catch on now!" Brocc said. "TAKE THIS!!!" Brocc swung his hands and all of the "bullets" poured down from the sky. A huge explosion occurred. Goku emerged from the smoke. He transformed into a Super Saiyan 2. "What now, Brocc?" Goku asked cockily. "And I'm supposed to be scared WHY?" Electricity crackled around Brocc. His hair was getting longer. He transformed into a Super Saiyan 2 as well. "Oh no!" Goku asked. Not this one, too!"

Chapter 18: Super Saiyan 2 Battle[]

"How did you get this one?" Goku asked. "This one?" Brocc asked. "Oh, you mean this form? Well I was already at the peak of my Super Saiyan abilities. But I wondered if there was a form beyond it. I trained and trained, but I couldn't surpass it. I got stronger, but I haven't transformed. I unlocked a few forms, like this one where my muscle mass increased." "That' called Ascended Super Saiyan," Goku said. "And this other form where my muscles got even bigger, but my speed deceased." "That's called Ultra Super Saiyan," Goku said. "They were improvements of the Super Saiyan, not an actual transformation. I completely gave up on trying to surpass the transformation, then, something tragic happened." "And what would that be?" Goku asked curiously. "The man who took care of me on the new planet was killed. The anger and frustration made me transform into this new form!" "A Super Saiyan 2!" Goku shouted.

Brocc rushed towards Goku. They went to hand-to-hand combat. They seemed pretty even. Goku fired a Kamehameha and Brocc fired a Spiraling Blast. The blasts collided. An explosion occurred. Brocc rushed towards Goku. He hit him with a combo of punches and kicks, then hit Goku with an upside-down kick. Then while upside-down, Brocc fired a golden-yellow blast. Goku teleported behind Brocc. "How'd you dodge my blast?" Brocc asked. "Instant Transmission," Goku said, smiling. Goku rushed towards Brocc and hit him with a combo of punches and kicks, then hit Brocc with a golden-yellow blast. Goku used the Meteor Blast. Brocc teleported behind Goku. "You're not the only one who knows the Instant Transmission technique!" He said as he punched Goku.

The Z Fighter were at Kami's Lookout. "You feel that energy?" Krillin asked. "It feels like Goku and that Brocc guy!" "But do you feel the energy Brocc is putting out?" Gohan said. "It's Super Saiyan energy!" "So Brocc's a Saiyan?!" Piccolo asked surprised. "I know why the name 'Brocc' sounded so familiar," Vegeta said. "It's a Saiyan name." "I think it's time I finish this!" "Brocc said. He threw a Bullet Rain. It split, but this time, all around Goku. "You can't dodge this one!" Brocc said as he swung his hands. A huge explosion occurred. When the explosion was over, Goku was in his Super Saiyan 3 form. He used it to protect himself. "What is that?!" Brocc asked. Goku replied "It's a Super Saiyan 3!"

Chapter 19: No More Games![]

DBZ Goku Super Saiyan 3

Goku revealing the Super Saiyan 3 to Brocc.

"A Super Saiyan 3?!" Brocc asked. "There's a third transformation?!" "Yes," Goku replied, "and it's far stronger than the second one!" Goku rushed towards Brocc. They continued their battle. Brocc was getting a little weaker. "I see you have gotten stronger," Brocc admitted. "But you still can't beat me, YOU LOUSY LOW-CLASS SAIYAN!!!!!" Brocc fired a Spiraling Blast, but Goku easily deflected it. Brocc grinned angrily. He fired a sharp looking wave from his hand. It was very fast, but Goku still dodged it. It hit a mountain, then exploded. "How is that possible?!" Brocc asked. "That's my fastest technique! A Slicer Attack! It's a sharp wave that cuts through anything and explodes on impact! And how did HE dodge it?!" Brocc rushed towards Goku and tried to punch him, but he used Wild Sense to dodge it. Brocc hit an island and a gold shine was given off. "GRR!" Brocc said in frustration. Goku rushed towards Brocc. While Goku was right in front of Brocc, Brocc fired a blue energy wave. "Heh!" Brocc said cockily. "I bet he didn't expect that!" he said. Goku teleported behind Brocc. "What?!" Brocc shouted. "You can't beat me," Goku said. He cupped his hands. "Ka... Me... Ha... Me..........." "His palms glowed blue. "HAAA!!!" He fired the blast and it hit Brocc. It launched him to an island. He emerged from the rubble with scratches and bruises. "He's not kidding anymore. This is the real deal. I- I might be in trouble!"

Brocc didn't give up. He never does. He's a Saiyan after all. He threw punches, but they were wild. Goku was easily dodging them. "I see you're beginning to understand that you're losing," Goku said. Brocc angrily threw his punches faster, but Goku still dodged them. Brocc flew back a couple of feet. He thought of how to beat him. He couldn't think of anything, since he was so angry and frustrated. He charged a Spiraling Blast, but put a lot of power into it. "That's all?" Goku asked. "That won't help." Brocc fired the Spiraling Blast in an energy wave volley, a Spiraling Blast Barrage. It made smoke as it kept firing towards Goku. It made an explosion. Goku teleported behind Brocc and punched him. He landed into an island. He emerged from the smoke. "Darn it!" Brocc shouted."I thought Super Saiyan 2 was the last transformation! I never bothered to look further! How is this transformation achieved!?" "It's simply the energy deep inside of you. But enough talk. Let's finish this." The two flew down to a large island. The energy within, huh? Brocc thought. He charged all of his energy.

Brocc was at his full Super Saiyan 2 power. "Forcing it is not gonna help," Goku said. "Oh really?" Brocc asked. "We'll just have to see!" Brocc went deep into himself and felt his power growing. "Yes! I feel the power within! HHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "Oh no!" Goku said to himself. "He's doing it!" "Oh yeah!" Krillin said excitedly. "You feel that Super Saiyan 3 power!?" Goku's on fire!" "No!" Gohan said. "That's not my dad's energy. He already transformed. And it doesn't feel like my dad. The energy is... oh no! BROCC!!!" Brocc's hair was getting longer and longer. The ground was breaking and waves were splashing on the islands. "NNNNOOOOO!!!!!" Goku shouted as he fired an energy wave at Brocc. Brocc formed a golden energy shield. "This is a Super Shield," Brocc said. "I can also use it as an explosive wave. YOU CAN'T BEAT ME!!!!! HHHHHHHAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" He finally transformed. The island was destroyed in the process. "Now you're finished!!!" Brocc said.

Chapter 20: Goku On The Ropes[]

Brocc rushed towards Goku. He's stronger than me, Goku thought, and he's mastered all of my forms! Goku fired a Kamehameha. Brocc deflected it. "Is that all?" Brocc asked, cockily. Brocc fired a Spiraling Blast. Goku dodged it then rushed towards Brocc. They continued with their hand-to-hand combat. Goku used a Rapid Fire Kamehameha, but Brocc countered with a Spiraling Blast Barrage. Explosion after explosion, the volleys collided. The volleys were equal, as an explosion occurred. "Wow!" Brocc said. "This power is amazing!" "But you can't hold it forever," Goku cried. "But at least I can hold it better than you," Brocc said. "I know that this form uses a lot of energy, but I can make the form last much better than you! " "DARN YOU!!!" Goku yelled as he rushed towards Brocc. He used a Super Shield to block Goku's blows. "You can't penetrate this shield," Brocc said. He used the shield as an explosive wave. Goku landed on an island several feet away. He emerged from the smoke.

DBZ Goku Ssj3

Goku, refusing to give up against Brocc.

"Giving up yet, Kakarot?" Brocc asked. "So you know my Saiyan name, huh?" Goku asked. "Of course I do," Brocc said. "Now answer my question are you giving up!? "I never give up on a fight," Goku shouted. "Take this!" Goku fired a Super Kamehameha. "What power!" Brocc shouted. "NOO!!!" He yelled as the blast hit him. " I hope that did some damage," Goku said as he was breathing heavily. Brocc appeared next to Goku. "No way!" Goku shouted. Brocc punched him hard in the face and launched him several feet away. Brocc teleported next to Goku. "I can't believe it," Goku said. "That attack did nothing!?" "Don't worry," Brocc said, "that did some damage, but unfortunately, THAT MADE ME MAD!!!" Brocc rushed towards Goku and hit him with a combination of punches and kicks, then kicked Goku in the air, but not that high. While Brocc held his hand up, Goku landed on it. Brocc fired a large golden blast from the hand he held Goku. Goku was launched up high in the air, but he quickly recovered.

"Darn!" Goku said to himself. "I can't win, not like this!" "You finally see the writing on the wall," Brocc said. "You can't win!" "Oh yeah!?" Goku aske. He cupped his hands. He started charging a True Kamehameha. "KA..." Brocc rushed towards Goku. "ME..." "Give up, Kakarot!" Brocc shouted. "HA..." "You're finished!" Brocc shouted. "ME..." Brocc shouted "YOU CAN'T WIN!!!" Goku yelled "HHHHHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!" "GGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Brocc yelled as the True Kamehameha ripped open the seas and blasted out of the Earth, like the Final Flash Vegeta used against Cell. "It's over..." Goku said to himself. "I think..." "You're wrong!" Brocc shouted as he appeared behind Goku. "How is this possible?!" Goku asked. "I told you, I know Instant Transmission," Brocc replied. "It's over," he said as he charged a blast in his hand in Goku's face. But before he could fire it, Brocc got hit by two blasts. Brocc got up. Goten and Trunks fired the blasts. They were in their Super Saiyan forms. "What are you two doing?!" Goku asked. "Saving you, of course!" Trunks replied. "A 'thank you' would be nice!" "Yeah!" Goten said. "He's going down!"

Chapter 21: Gotenks Does Battle![]

Goten and Trunks Super Saiyan

Goten and Trunks challenge Brocc.

"Kids?!" Brocc asked angrily. You sent Super Saiyan kids to battle me?!" "I didn't send them," Goku said. "But the knuckle-heads decided to come." "Hey we saved you," Trunks said, a little angry, "so don't complain!" "Let's do it, Trunks!," Goten said. "Yeah," Trunks agreed. They went back into their base forms. What are they doing? Goku thought. He gasped. They must be going to fuse into Gotenks! "You guys didn't have a chance in your Super Saiyan forms," Brocc said, "so what makes you think you'll have a chance in your normal states!?" "Just wait and see!" Trunks said. Goten and Trunks flew a few feet apart from each other. "Ready, Goten?" Trunks asked. "Ready!" Goten replied. They both said simultaneously as they did the Fusion Dance "Fuuu........ sionnnn.......... HAAAAA!!!!!" A blue light shined everywhere. "What's going on!?" Brocc asked. "You're dead!" Gotenks said, cockily.

Goten Stance

Gotenks prepares to fight Brocc.

"It seems they merged their bodies!" Brocc asked himself. "What is this phenomenom?!" "Fusion!" Goku replied. "They didn't merge their bodies, they became one being! Don't be fooled by their size. Their even stronger than me at their full power!" "Ready to do this!?" Gotenks asked. "You're a cocky little bastard aren't you?" Brocc asked, smiling. "Would you consider a person who knows he could win cocky?" Gotenks asked. "Now come on! Let's do this!" "I'll teach you to respect your elders," Brocc said. He rushed towards Gotenks.

The two started battling. They were pretty even. "I'm gonna bust out one of my attacks," Gotenks said. "Go ahead," Brocc said. Gotenks charged his attacks. "Galactic Donuts!" Gotenks held Brocc with the Galactic Donuts. Brocc just sat there smiling. "Time to bust out another attack!" Gotenks said. He charged a Big Tree Cannon. Brocc grunted, trying to break free. "Huh?" Gotenks said. Brocc broke free of the attack. "Is that all?" Brocc asked. Gotenks still fired the Big Tree Cannon. Brocc deflected it. "If this is all you can do, then you're finished," Brocc said. "I don't think so," Gotenks said, cockily. He can transform into a Super Saiyan, too!" Brocc said, amazed. "That's not all I can do!" Gotenks said. "Just in case you didn't know, I only have 30 minutes and I already use 5 of it, so I'm gonna finish this quickly. HHHHHHAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" His hair got longer and longer. He transformed into a Super Saiyan 3. Brocc had a shocking look on his face. "You ready?" Gotenks asked.

99328-super saiyan 3 gotenks

Gotenks waiting for Brocc to attack.

"Come on!" Gotenks said. "Attack!" "Why are you in such a hurry for me to make my move?" Brocc asked. "I wanna see your full power, before I finish you," Gotenks said, cockily. "Well? Attack!" "You asked for it!" Brocc said as he rushed towards Gotenks. They continued battling. "Spiraling Blast!" Brocc shouted as he threw the blast. Gotenks blocked the blast, but Brocc appeared behind and knocked him to the ground. As Brocc flew to Gotenks, Gotenks opened his mouth. "Huh?" Brocc said. Gotenks fired a Revenge Cannon. "Grah!" Brocc yelled as the wave launched him in the air. "Darn kid!" Brocc said angrily. "You can't beat me!" Gotenks said. Then he spit out 3 Ghost Kamikaze Attacks. "What kind of attack is this?" Brocc asked. "Heh! You'll see!" Gotenks replied. "Go, Ghost Kamikaze Attack!" The ghosts rush towards Brocc. "Are you serious?" Brocc asked. He punched one of the ghosts, and it exploded. "Heh!" Gotenks said. "Got him!" "Not quite!" Brocc said as he appeared behind Gotenks. "Instant Transmission!" "So you kniw that technique, huh?" Gotenks asked. "It won't matter. You two ghosts, after him!" The ghost rushed towards Brocc. Brocc flew around as the ghosts chased after them. Then he teleported behind Gotenks, but the ghosts were stupid enough to fly towards him. "Wait!" Gotenks cried. "Don't fly to me!" At the last second, Brocc teleported away and the ghosts hit Gotenks. The smoked cleared, but Gotenks was still standing, injured. "Time to unleash my ultimate attack," Gotenks said. "Not if I can help it!" Brocc said as he rushed towards Gotenks. Gotenks put out his hands. "Spiky Buu Ball Slam!" Gotenks fired a few Galactic Donuts, but Brocc used Instant Transmission to dodge it. He appeared right n front of Gotenks. "How do you like this!?" Brocc asked. He grabbed both of Gotenks' arms and kicked him with a Golden Blow straight in the chest. Gotenks split and went back to Goten and Trunks. They were unconscious.

"Oh, no," Brocc said. "It seems you're finished! Ha!Ha!Ha!" Goten and Trunks regained consciousness. "Darn!" Goku said to himself. "I guess I'm going to have to help them!" "Too late, Kakakrot!" Brocc said as he threw Goten and Trunks high in the air. They both yelled as they were launched in the air. "Goten! Trunks!" Goku yelled as he knew he couldn't do anything to save them. "Time to die!" Brocc shouted as he fired two energy balls. "I guess this is it, Goten!" Trunks said. "Yeah!" Goten said. "GOODBYE!!!!!" A large explosion occured. "BOYS!!!!!" Goku yelled. Goten and Trunks opened their eyes. When they did, somebody was holding them. "Gohan!" Goten said excitedly. It indeed, was Gohan, wearing his father's combat Gi. He was in his Mystic form. He put the boys down. "Brocc, that's enough," he said. "Oh, it's you!" Brocc said. "You're in your normal state and I'm a Super Saiyan 3, and you think you can beat ME!?" "Of course I can!" Gohan replied. The stage was set for an epic battle!

Chapter 22:Mystic Form Vs Super Saiyan 3[]

Mystic Gohan Confident

Gohan, confident that he could beat Brocc

Brocc laughed very loudly. "You think you can beat me?! Honestly?!" "Yes," Gohan replied. "I'm stronger than you, ya know!" "FOOL!!!" Brocc yelled as he rushed towards Gohan. Gohan teleported to dodge the blow. "Huh?" Brocc asked. "Here you go, dad," Gohan said as he handed Goku a Senzu Bean. Brocc looked in Goku's direction. Gohan really was next to his father. "How'd he get there so fast?!" Brocc asked. "Thanks," Goku said as he took the Senzu Bean, then ate it. He then went back into his base form. "Good luck, Gohan," Goku said to Gohan. "Don't ignore me, peasant!!!" Brocc yelled as he fired a blast at Gohan. An explosion occurred, but Goku didn't receive any damage. When the smoke cleared, Gohan was gone. "Huh?" Brocc asked again. "You guys need Senzu Beans, too," Gohan said to Goten and Trunks. "How is he that fast?!" Brocc asked. The kids took the Senzu Beans and ate them. Gohan quickly flew to Brocc. "Sorry," he said. "I had things to do, but now I have your attention. Let's do this!" "I'll kill you!!!" Brocc yelled as he rushed towards Gohan. "Hmph!" Gohan said, cockily. They started battling.

The two seemed even, but everybody knew that Gohan was stronger. "Yeah!" Goten said, excitedly. "Gohan's got this!" "Yeah!" Trunks agreed. "Go Gohan!" The two continued battling. What's going on here? Brocc thought. I'm losing power, fast! I know that the Super Saiyan 3 from takes a lot of energy, but... I'm losing more than I'm supposed to. This kid... he's wearing me out! Brocc put more speed into his blows. "We just started, and you're already losing," Gohan said, cockily. "I think you should just give up." "Grah!" Brocc shouted as he put even more power into his blows. "All you're doing is wasting energy," Gohan said. Brocc fired a Deadly Wave in Gohan's face. Gohan appeared behind him and knocked him on an island. Brocc emerged from the smoke. Gohan rushed towards Brocc. Brocc used the lightning in his aura to electrocute Gohan, and it caused a LITTLE damage, but just barely. "What's your motive, Brocc?" Gohan asked. "Why do you want to kill us???" "My motive?" Brocc asked. "My motive?! You want to know my motives??!!! I just want to battle. I enjoyed the fights between everyone here. I'm a Saiyan, after all. I enjoy fighting my enemies, Saiyan blood runs through my veins, I crave battle, don't you understand?! I guess not... You're a half breed, after all. I'm a Saiyan, and that's all there is to it." "Well I may be a half breed, but that doesn't mean I can't beat you." Gohan said, cockily. "Grr......." Brocc said. "I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU!!!!!!" Brocc shouted as he charged all of his power.

"Gohan!!!" Goku yelled. "Get outta there! You may be stronger, but if he charges all of his energy, YOU COULD DIE!!!!!!" "What?" Gohan said as he looked in Goku's direction. "PAY ATTENTION, FFFFFFFFFOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Brocc yelled as he fired a large yellow Spiraling Blast. The Spirals were replaced with lightning. Gohan was surprised. "G---GGGGGGAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he yelled as the Spiraling Blast hit him and ripped through the seas. The wave blasted out of Earth. It was a very enourmous blast. The water was split, like Frieza did while fighting Goku. The smoke cleared, and Gohan was in his blocking stand, injured, barely survived. "You're finished," Brocc said. "Maybe, but you have no more power," Gohan said confident. "I STILL HAVE ENOUGH POWER FOR ONE MORE BLAST!!!!!" Brocc shouted as he fired a blast to launch Gohan in the air. "NNNNOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" Gohan yelled as a large explosion occurred. "GOHAN!!!!!" Goku yelled. 1 minute later, Brocc is hit with a golden blast. It was Vegeta! In his Super Saiyan form! He was holding an injured Gohan. "Vegeta!" Goku yelled in excitement. "Prince Vegeta....." Brocc said. "I guess I'll have to kill you, too."

Chapter 23: Stop Brocc!!![]

Wow, Gohan thought. I can't believe he saved me. Gohan had a brief flashback of the incident. Gohan was launched in the air. "NNNNOOOOOO!!!!!!!" Gohan yelled as he was being blasted away. Somebody grabbed his shirt. When he looked, he saw that it was Vegeta, in his Super Saiyan form. He gasped. "Vegeta!" Vegeta pulled him out of the way and flew quickly as the blast exploded. Vegeta received the damage of the blast. "GAAHH!" He yelled as he crashed on an island along with Gohan. "Oh no!" Gohan said. "You're hurt!" Vegeta tried to pick himself up, but he became unconscious and went back into his base form. Gohan fed him a Senzu Bean. Vegeta woke up. He transformed again and flew off. The flashback is over as Brocc is seen rushing towards Vegeta. They start battling. "Grr!" Vegeta grunted as he realized he was already losing. Brocc kicked him into an island. "I'll help!" Goku said as he transformed into a Super Saiyan. He rushed towards Brocc. Brocc kicked Goku back. Vegeta got up. They both attacked Brocc, but he dodged all of their blows. Darn, Brocc thought. I'm about to lose power. He looked at Gohan. The kid, he has those beans that replenish your energy! Brocc rushed towards Gohan. He punched him and took the beans. "No Gohan!" Goku shouted. Brocc ate a Senzu Bean. His health and energy were completely recovered. He laughed loudly. "I'll finish you first," he said to Gohan. He fired a large blast at Gohan into an island. Since he was already weak, that one blast knocked him out.

"Darn!" Goku cried. He and Vegeta ruched towards Brocc. He used a Super Shield to block their blows. Brocc used the shield as an explosive wave. Goku and Vegeta were sent flying in the water. They quickly emerged. "HHHAAAHHH!!!" Vegeta yelled as he transformed into a Super Saiyan 2. "That's the way to do it!" Goku said. "HHHAAAHHH!!!" he yelled as he transformed into a Super Saiyan 2. Goku charged a Super Kamehameha and Vegeta charged a Final Flash. They rushed towards Brocc while charging their attacks. "Ka-me-ha-me..." Goku said. "Final..." Vegeta said. They flew right next to Brocc. "HAAAAAAA!!!!!" and "FLASH!!!!!!" They yelled simultaneously as a HUGE explosion occurred. "Is it over?" Goku said, breathing heavily. "No way!" Brocc said as he was floating above them. "Instant Transmission works all the wonders!" He hit them with a Dual Spiraling Blast. They both crashed into an island. The impact made them go back into their base forms. "Kakarot..." Vegeta said, exhausted, "You know I hate doing this, unless we have no choice......." "What is it, Vegeta?" Goku asked, also exhausted. "We have to do fusion..." Vegeta said. "I think you're on to something..." Goku agreed. They got up. "You remember how it's done?" Goku asked. "I wish I hadn't," Vegeta said. They got into position. "Let's do this quick!" Goku said. They both said "Fuuuuuuuu... sion......... HAA!!!" A large golden light was seen. "So they're fusing, too?" Brocc asked.

There was Gogeta, powerful, in his Super Saiyan form. "Brocc," he said, "you're finished." "Let's help, Goten!" Trunks said. "Right!" Goten said. "Fuuuuuuuuu... sion.......... HAA!!!" Another large golden light is seen. "Super Gotenks!" Gotenks said. Hmph!" Gogeta said. "I guess we could use the help.

Gogeta and Gotenks

Gogeta and Gotenks, a powerful duo!

Gotenks rushed towards Brocc. "You damn peasant!" Brocc shouted. "I have full power! You can't beat me!" He kicked Gotenks backed, but it barely phased him. "How about a Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack!" He burped out a ghost and it flew quickly towards Brocc. Brocc didn't expect that, as an explosion occurred. When the smoke cleared, Brocc was seen in a Super Shield. "That was too close!" he said. "I felt some of that!" "My turn," Gogeta said as he flew towards Brocc. They started battling, but Brocc was already losing. "DAMMIT!!!" Brocc yelled. "I CAN'T LOSE!!! I CAN'T LOSE!!!!!!" Brocc swung harder. Gogeta teleported away from him. "It's over," Gogeta said as he threw a Stardust Breaker towards Brocc. It seemed nothing happened at first. "HA!" Brocc said. But then his hand was peeling. "No... GGGGAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!" he yelled as his whole body peeled off and sparkles shined in the air. "Gotenks," Gogeta said, "get Gohan. We're going home!"

Ending Credits: Goku Super Saiyan 3 Theme

Hell Saga[]

Coming soon! It will be epic!!!

Opening Credits: Hyperbolic Time Chamber Theme/ Gohan Super Saiyan 2 Theme

Chapter 24: Gates of Hell: Open!!![]


Check-In-Station, where the afterlife of a being is decided by King Yemma

Brocc yawned very loudly as he was in line for King Yemma's decision. "Hey!" an alien said. He was next, and Brocc was right behind him. "I'm right next to you, ya know! Cover your mouth!" "Shut up," Brocc said, not caring what-so-ever. "You're a rude fella, aren't ya?" the alien asked. "You're definitely going to Hell!" "Spiwing, huh?" King yemma said. to the alien. "You've destroyed several planets. HELL FOR YOU!!!!!!!!" "WHAT?!" Spiwing asked. "Who's going to Hell now?!" Brocc asked. He laughed as Spiwing was taken to Hell. "BE QUIET, YOU!!!" King Yemma shouted to Brocc, "OR I'LL SEND YOU THERE WITH HIM!!!!!!!!!" Brocc quickly stopped as he had a bit of fright in his face. "So, Brocc's your name, huh?" King Yemma asked. "Hm, it says that you tried to destroy the Z Fighters. You could go to Hell for this, they are the Universe's greatest fighters." "But---!" Brocc said. "Wait, look at my early life! I've protected the planet I've lived in plenty of times!" "Hm.........." King Yemma said as he flipped through Brocc's file. "Oh, yes! I see! You protected the planet, and you've protected that island which the Androids attacked. It says you've lived there." "You see!?" Brocc asked. "So am I going to Heaven!?" "Yes......." King Yemma said, "or you could go train with King Kai. He's right across that path over there. Don';t fall off, or you'll fall in Hell. But remember, I've got my eye on you. NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he yelled. Brocc flew off to King Kai.

"Darn!" Brocc said to himself while flying. "This path is too long! That Kakarot.............. He will pay, because I have a plan!" He stopped. "I'll just Instant Transmission myself to the guy." He put his index and middle finger on his forehead. He teleported. King Kai was just standing there watching ovver his galaxy, then suddenly Brocc appeared behind him. King Kai turned around. "GGGAAAHHH!!!" King Kai yelled, since he didn't expect Brocc to come. "Are you King Kai?" Brocc asked. "I'm Brocc, and I'm a Saiyan. "Aren't you the one that tried to destroy Earth?!" "It's okay," Brocc said. "I'm over that now..." "So you wanna train?"

King Kai Bubbles Gregory

King Kai, willing to train with Brocc.

King Kai asked. "It's gonna be hard to trust you, but I can train you!" "It's okay," Brocc said. "I just wanna stay here. "Sure!" King Kai agreed.

It's been a few weeks since Brocc's death. He usually just sits there and meditates, eat, trains, and think about ways to get his revenge. He was meditating this one time. I'm coming for you, Brocc thought. Mark my words, Kakarot, I'm coming for you! Hm..... King Yemma said if I go down those orange clouds, I'll end up in Hell. Brocc came up with his plan, a plan that would alter the dimensions! It seems that King Kai is in his little house, Brocc thought. Time to move. Brocc jumped into the clouds. He landed right in front of the Gates of Hell. There were dozens of Ogres guarding the gate. Man, security's tight! Brocc thought. He decided to fight the guards anyway. They had swords and were wearing armor. "Hey!" an Ogre said. "What are you doing? Did you accidentally fall here? It's okay, we'll escort you back up." "That's not what I want at all," Brocc said. "Open the Gates of Hell! Now!" "But if we open it, a large portal will open up on Earth!" another Ogre said. "That's your plan, isn't it? Well, we'll stop you!" "Surround him!" another Ogre said, he was the leader of the guards. "This is gonna be a drag," Brocc said as he went Super Saiyan. A guard charged at him. He dodged the guard and punched him in the face. He beat up and blasted the rest of the guards. "I'll kill you myself," the leader of the guards said. "I'm here, so come on!" Brocc said.

"What's your name?" The Ogre asked. "I like to know the name of opponents I face." "My name is Brocc," Brocc replied. "Take off that helmet! I like to see the faces of opponents I defeat!" "Defeat, huh?" The Ogre asked, as he touched his helmet. He removed it. "I'm not like the other Ogres you just faced. My name is Stake. Let's do this." Brocc charged at Stake. He threw a punch, but Stake blocked it with his sword. "Darn punk!" Brocc said, angrily. "Gotta use your sword to fight!" "I don't have to," Stake said. He pulled back his sword and blasted Brocc away. "But I prefer to use it," Stake said. Brocc got up. Stake swung his sword quickly at Brocc. Brocc dodged them all. Brocc flew back. Brocc charged a Spiraling Blast. "Take this!" he said as he fired it. Stake deflected it with his sword. "What?!" Brocc said, surprised. "This isn't a regular sword," Stake said. "This is made from the strongest material around the galaxy." He swung his sword and fired several sword slash beams. A large smoke cloud was made. When the smoke cleared, Brocc was in scratches. "I'VE HAD ENOUGH!!!" he said as he transformed into a Super Saiyan 2. He rushed towards Stake and punched through his armor. Stake was bleeding badly. "Gahh!" he said, couching up blood. "Now, open that gate!" Brocc said, angrily. "F-fine, but kill me after that. I can't live with myself after helping scum like you..." "Don't worry, I wasn't gonna let you live, anyway," Brocc said. Stake released some energy, and the gate opened. An alarm rank in King Yemma's office. "What's going on?" he asked. "The Gates of Hell has been opened!" an Ogre said. "WHAT?!" King Yemma asked. A large portal was seen in Earth. "What is that, mommy?" a little girl asked her mother. "I don't know," her mother replied, "but let's get away from it!" Earth is in trouble!!!

Chapter 25: Earth, In Trouble!!![]

"Goku!" Chi-Chi yelled. "Come look at the news!" Goku, Gohan, and Goten rushed to her. "What's going on, Chi-Chi?" Goku asked.


Villains escape from Hell!

"It seems there is a giant portal in the sky!" the news reporter said. "AND IT SEEMS A BUNCH OF ALIENS ARE COMING OUT OF IT!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!" The camera man disconnected the camera on purpose so he and the reporter could escape. "That looks like trouble!" Goku said. Come on guys!" "OH NO!" Chi-Chi said, gnarly. "YOU ARE NOT TAKING MY BOYS TO YOUR LITTLE BATTLES!!!" Goku had a serious face on, instead of that frightened one he usually has when Chi-Chi screams at him "I'm sorry Chi-Chi, but this is a serious matter. Hell has been opened. We must go!" He flew away along with his sons.

"Whoa........" Goku said as he and his sons watched the portal. "How is this happening???" Gohan asked. "What is that, Daddy?" Goten asked. "I don't know," Goku replied to both of them. "KING KAI?????" He shouted out loud. "Yes, Goku!!!" King Kai replied. "What's going on???" Goku asked. "Oh, it's terrible!" King Kai replied. "That Saiyan, Brocc forced an Ogre to open the Gates of Hell!!! Now all of your past villains are escaping!!!!!" "Brocc!?" Goku asked. "Darn!" "I wouldn't worry about him if I were you!" a familiar voice voice said. "I know that voice!" Goku said as he looked behind him. "IT'S FRRRIIIIEEEEEZZZZZZZZZAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!" Frieza chuckled. He was in his Final Form. "I will get my revenge for what you have done to me, Goku! And that other kid, with the sword, where's he? I want to kill him, too!" "He's gone," Goku said. "And he's not coming back. But your problem is that I'm still here, so you're going down!"

Frieza In Fusion Reborn

Frieza comes back from Hell.

"Don't forget me!" Vegeta said. Frieza turned around. "Vegeta! I thought I killed you!" "Well I'm back, and the situation is gonna be different, I'm gonna kill you!" He transformed into a Super Saiyan. Frieza gasped. "Big deal," Gohan said, as he took off his Saiyaman glasses and Do-Rag. "I can do the same." "You're that brat!" Frieza said. "Goku's son!" "Yeah, Gohan said, "and you're going down!" He transformed into a Super Saiyan. "Not you too!" Frieza said. "Don't forget about me!" Trunks said besides Vegeta as he transformed into a Super Saiyan. "No way!" Frieza said. "A Super Saiyan toddler! Wait a minute! You look like that guy who cut me down!" "That was him, from the future," Goku said. "Hey!" Goten said. "I'm here, too!!" he said as he transformed into a Super Saiyan. "Impossible!" Frieza said. "Why is there so many Super Saiyans?!" "Have you forgot about this Super Saiyan?" Goku said. He transformed into a Super Saiyan. "GAHH!!!" Frieza shouted. Goku and Goten fired Kamehamehas, Gohan fired a Masenko, Vegeta fired a Maximum Flasher, and Trunks fired a Big Tree Cannon. "NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" Frieza yelled as he was obliterated by the blasts. "Spread out, guys," Goku said. "All of our enemies are back. We must defeat them all!" Everybody flew away.

Chapter 26: KAKAROT!!!!![]

"Kaka..." Broly said. "Kakarot...!" "What's up with you?" Ginyu asked Broly. "Whatever. Come on, men!" he said to the rest of the Ginyu force. "Goku may have beaten us alone, but he can't beat us together!" Ginyu beeped his scouter. "He's over there! What?! His power is huge! It can't be...... Come on!" The flew away. "Kakarot..." Broly said. He had a brief flashback of the time he was a baby, those annoying tears that came from Goku. "Kakarot!" he yelled as he flew off.

Goku went to his base form. The Ginyu Force finally arrived.



Ginyu Force performs their intro.

"So it's you guys," Goku said. "This is gonna be a piece of cake!" "You think so?" Ginyu asked. He laughed. "KAKAROT!!!!!!" Broly shouted. He transformed into a Super Saiyan. He threw an Eraser Cannon at the Ginyu Force. They were obliterated. "Kakarot is MINE!" Broly shouted. "Why am I not surprised???" Goku asked.


Broly, ready to fight Goku.

"KAKAROT!!!" Broly yelled as he rushed towards Goku. Goku transformed into a Super Saiyan. They started with hand-to-hand combat. Man, Goku thought, he's still stronger than me! But I can't give up! He's as much of a threat to the earth as Brocc! "KAKAROT!" Broly yelled. He threw an Eraser Cannon. Goku dodged it. Broly appeared behind him and punched him to the ground. Goku got up. "Ka.........Me.............Ha............Me......................" Broly rushed towards him. He swung, but Goku used Instant Transmission. "Huh?" Broly said. Goku appeared behind him. Broly turned aroud. "HA!" Goku yelled as he fired the blast. "GAAH!!!" Broly yelled as he was launched. Broly emerged from the smoke. "KAKAROT!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Broly yelled as he transformed into a Legendary Super Saiyan. "OH CRAP!!!" Goku shouted. "Oh man, this is not good!"

Broly The LSSJ

Broly, eager to pound Goku.

"Kakarot," Broly said, "say your prayers, cuz you will die now! Huah!" He rushed towards Goku. "Hyah!" Goku yelled as he transformed into a Super Saiyan 2 and rushed towards Broly. They engaged in hand-to-hand combat. "Die, Kakarot!" Broly yelled as he threw an Eraser Cannon. Goku countered with a Kamehameha. The blasts were even. Broly teleported behind him and hit him with both hands. Goku crashed down to the ground. Goku emerged from the smoke and fired a Rapid Fire Kamehameha. Broly just stood there. It's like his chest was eating the blasts! "That kinda hurt, but like a pinch," Broly said. He laughed as he rushed towards Goku. Goku rushed towards him. He used the Meteor Blast. Broly laughed. All you managed to do is put these scratches on my chest. PREPARE TO DIE!!!!!!!!!! HHHHUUUUUUOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" He charged his full power.

Broly Seond Coming LSSJ

Broly prepares to finish Goku.

"Darn it!" Goku said. "He's so powerful!" "But I can't give up," Goku said. "Not ever!" He cupped his hands. "YOU READY TO DIE KAKAROT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!" Broly asked. "I'm not the one who will die here," Goku said. He charged his full power. Broly put his hand out. "YOU AND THIS PLANET WILL BE TURNED TO DUST!!!!!" Broly charged his power into a green ball. It was an Omega Blaster! Goku charged a Super Kamehameha.

Broly Omega Blaster

Broly charges his Omega Blaster!

Broly laughed very loudly. The land glowed green with Broly's attack. "KA........................" Goku said. "ME....................." "GET READY TO BE EXTINGUISHED!!!!!!" Broly shouted. "HA......................." Goku said. "ME........................" "HHHHHHHHHHUUUUUUUAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Broly yelled as he threw the Omega Blaster. "HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Goku yelled as he fired the Super Kamehameha. They collided. It seemed even. Broly laughed as he fired energy balls into the Omega Blaster, making it stronger.

Omega Blaster VS Kamehameha

Omega Blaster and Super Kamehameha collide!!!

Broly laughed really loudly. "I WIN!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!" "NO!" Goku shouted. "I CAN'T LOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!" He shouted as he transformed into a Super Saiyan 3. The blast tore through the Omega Blaster.. "KAKAROT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Broly yelled as he was blasted into space and the blast exploded. "Now," Goku said. "Time to deal with Brocc," he said as he looked to the portal that led to Hell. He flew to the portal. He quickly arrived in Hell, with his Super Saiyan 3 speed. "Hey, Kakarot," a familiar voice on a mountain said. "Brocc!" Goku said as he pointed to him. "You're going down!"

Chapter 27: The Ultimate Saiyan Battle[]


Brocc and Goku prepare to fight in Hell.

"What's the meaning of this?!" Goku said. "I just missed you, Kakarot," Brocc replied. He laughed. "My energy is back," Goku said to himself, "and my injuries are gone." "It's all because of here," Brocc said. Hell heals all your injuries and restores your energy. But that's only if you aren't receiving damage. You can't heal and receive damage at the same time." "Enough talk!" Goku said. "Let's do this now so I can find a way to close the Gates of Hell!" "You're in a eager to die, huh?" Brocc asked. "I'll be happy to fulfill that wish!" Brocc rushed towards Goku. They started battling. The victor would decide the fate of the Earth! Brocc charged a Spiraling Blast. But he threw it like a ball instead of a blast. Goku countered with a Dragon Shot, a ball Kamehameha. The energy balls clashed, and an explosion occurred. "You got stronger in only a few weeks," Brocc said. "But not strong enough to beat me!" Brocc rushed towards Goku. "You're stronger?" Goku asked "Let's find out! HA!" He used the Kaio-Ken. He punched Brocc in the face, then kicked him in the gut onto some rocks. Brocc emerged from the smoke. He fired a Dual Spiraling Blast. Goku dodged them both and punched Brocc back. He then fired a Kamehameha.

Brocc emerged from the smoke. "Not bad," he said. He charged his energy. His aura changed from blue to yellow, but he wasn't a Super Saiyan. "How ya like this, Kakarot?" He asked. "I learned how to use the Super Saiyan power, without having to transform. It's just a little boost, but it doesn't use much energy. HA!" He rushed towards Goku. The Kaio-Ken wasn't a match for the Super Boost. Brocc kicked Goku into the blood pool. Goku tried to emerge, but Brocc held his head under. Then Brocc fired a huge blast while holding Goku's head. The blood pool made a huge splash. Brocc teleported to a mountain. He deactivated the Super Boost. "But," he said. "This boost doesn't give me the full effects of Super Saiyan, only 60 percent. And it's hard to control." Goku emerged from the blood pool. "HAA!" He yelled as he went Super Saiyan. "This is interesting!" Brocc said as he went Super Saiyan as well.

Chapter 28: Reunion[]

Gohan was flying around Earth looking for some bad guys. "Where's all the villains???" Gohan asked himself "They're right here!" Somebody shouted as they fired a blast. Gohan was hit, but a lot of power wasn't put into it. "Who was that?" Gohan asked. "It's been a while," Zin said. "You've grown!" "Well you haven't changed a bit," Gohan said. "You're attitude hasn't changed, either. Where's you father?" "He's right here!" King Zin said. "The Zinian Family, huh?" Gohan said. He transformed into a Super Saiyan. He rushed towards Zin. "Hmph, are you serious?" Zin asked. They started with hand-to-hand combat. "Man, he's powerful!" Gohan said to himself. "Of course I am!" Zin said. He kicked Gohan back. "I'll have to be serious," Gohan said to himself. "No games." He went Super Saiyan 2.

Gohan Super Saiyan 2

Gohan prepared to fight Zin.

"You're stronger than me NOW," Zin said. "But not in my Demon form!" Zin transformed. "Let's go!" he said as he rushed towards Gohan. Gohan fired a Kamehameha. Zin countered with a Super Red Blast. The blasts were even. Zin fired a Super Red Barrage. Gohan deflected them all. Darn, Gohan thought. He's still stronger! Zin punched Gohan onto the ground. "You haven't been training much, have you?" Zin asked. He laughed. "This is entertaining!" King Zin says to himself. "But Zin's won this battle! And it barely started!" He laughed. "NO!" Gohan shouted. "I CAN'T LOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He fired a Super Kamehameha. "So THAT'S how ya wanna play it, huh?!" Zin fired a powerful Super Red Blast. The collided. The blasts seemed even. "HAAA!!!" in yelled as he put more power into the blast. Gohan stopped firing the Super Kamehameha and dodged the Super Red Blast. They resumed with hand-to-hand combat. "You were stronger," Zin said, "when you were a kid!!!" he kicked Gohan very far. Gohan went back to his base form. "HHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!" He yelled as he charged his energy. "What's going on?" Zin asked, worried. Gohan was now in his Mystic Form.

Gohan Wrath of the Dragon

Gohan in his Mystic Form.

"His power just shot up insanely!" Zin said. "GGR! I'm not worried! You're still weaker than me!!!" He rushed towards Gohan. They continued with their hand-to-hand combat. Gohan was already gaining the advantage. "DARN IT!!!" Zin yelled as he was wildly swinging. "ZIN!" King Zin yelled to Zin. "Calm down! Do you expect to win like THAT?!" ZIn stopped. He took a deep breath. "Your right, Father. Come on, Gohan, let's do this!" "Now I'm mad," Gohan said. "I'm gonna destroy you, then your father!" He rushed towards Zin. They continued with hand-to-hand combat. "You won't win, Zin!" Gohan said as he was getting the upper hand. "I WILL NEVER LOSE AGAINST A WEAKLING LIKE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" HE kept swinging wildly again. "Calm down, Zin!!!" King Zin said, angrily. "Leave me alone, dad!!!" Zin said, still swinging wildly. "I must defeat this bastard, no matter WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "That's enough!" Gohan shouted as he kicked Zin in his face. He crashed onto the floor. "That's IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Zin yelled as he flew up above Gohan and charged a Super Red Ball. "TIME TO DIE WITH THIS PLANET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He yelled as he threw it. "ZIN!!!!!" King Zin yelled angrily. "Are you crazy?!?!?!?!?!" Gohan Put his palms together. "Ka................ me................... ha................. me................" A golden Kamehameha appeared in his hands. "HA!!!!!!!!" He yelled as the blast tore through the Super Red Ball. "GAH!" Zin shouted as he tried to dodge, but he still was hit. "GAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!" He yelled as he fell to the ground. He was lucky enough not to be hit by even half the power of that blast. Zin crashed to the ground. He went back to his base form. "He's better than I thought..." He said, coughing. "GGR!" King Zin yelled as he transformed into an Ultimate Demon. "Zin! Give me your remaining power! I'll need it to battle this kid!" Zin agreed. He raised his hand as his red energy was being given to King Zin. Zin fell asleep, as he was drained. King Zin charged his energy. His aura was large, with more electricity. He has become much stronger than before. "Let's do this," Gohan said.

Zin rushed towards Gohan. They bagan with hand-to-hand combat. Wow, Gohan thought, King Zin really is stronger. I'll have to be serious! He backed up and charged a Kamehameha. King Zin shielded himself with his wings. "Was that all you got?" King Zin asked. "I hope not." "Don't worry," Gohan said, a little angry, "I barely used 5% of my power in that blast. King Zin made a powerful wind blast with the flaps of his wings. It was so sharp that it started cutting Gohan. "I better get outta here!" he said. He started flying away. King Zin flew after him. He glided perfectly, thanks to his wings. He was as gracious as a bird in the sky. He was right behind Gohan. "Oh no!" Gohan said. He tried to dodge, bu twas cut a little bit by King Zin's wings on the side of his chest. "Grr..." Gohan said. "Come on, kid!" King Zin said, angrily. "I know that's not all you got!" "Hmph!" Gohan said, smirking. He charged his energy. "Come on!" King Zin said, very angry. "COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!" he yelled as he charged his power. He fired a Super Red Blast, a powerful one Gohan countered with a Super Kamehameha. The blasts collided. The blasts were even, as an explosion occured. "I'm ready to finish you off, and this planet!" He charged a Super Red Ball. It was very huge, twice the size of a Super Nova. "No way!" Gohan said. "I'm stronger with my son's power, ya know!" He hurled it towards Gohan. Gohan breathed. He held on to the ball. "Grr....." He struggled to hold on. "No way!" King Zin said, shocked. "I didn't know he HAD all this power!" "I've been saving it," Gohan said. "I coulda finished you off already. HAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!" He fired a very powerful Super Kamehameha. "NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" King Zin said, as he was obliterated. Gohan looked at Zin on the ground. He flew to him. "I'll finish you off, too," Gohan said to him. Zin got up. "I give up," Zin said. "I'm done. It's best for me to just go back to Hell. "Wow!" Gohan said, surprised. "I didn't think you'd cooperate!" "Well, I usually don't," Zin said, "but it's obvious that you're stronger. You have no idea how much this hurts my pride! If I ever see you again, I WON'T lose!" He flew off into the portal, and it was the last time Gohan ever saw him..............

Chapter 29: Battle In Hell Continues[]

Goku rushed towards Brocc. He threw a few punches to Brocc's stomach. Then he kicked him to his face. Brocc fell to the ground. He got up. "You've gotten stronger, Kakarot," Brocc admitted. "And in only a few weeks...I hope you can finally give me a challenge!" He charged a blue ball. "Grenade Ball!" he shouted as he threw it. "GRR!" Goku said, angrily. He put his hands in front of him. He tried to block the ball. He deflected it. While Goku was blinded by the view of the ball in his face, as soon as he deflected the ball, Brocc flew to him and punched him, sending him to the ground.

Goku SSJ3 Fusion Reborn

"Enough of this!!!" Goku shouted. He charged his energy. "Oh, skipping Super Saiyan 2 and going straight to 3, huh?" Brocc asked. "Well come on!!!!!" He charged his energy as well. They both were in the Super Saiyan 3 transformation. Goku charged towards Brocc. Brocc charged as well. The two were at hand-to-hand combat. It was the clash of the century! The two collided blows, they smashed and crashed and bashed, it was a fight to see! Brocc charged a blast. "Rocket Blaster!" He fired it. Goku dodged it and punched Brocc's face. Brocc quickly turned around and kicked Goku. The two continued with hand-to-hand combat. Some villains were angry at the fact that Goku is so strong, others were so excited with the battle that they were actually cheering! It really was a battle to see! Goku charged a Kamehameha. "KA......" Brocc charged towards him. "ME...... HA....... ME..............." Brocc disappeared. He appeared behind Goku and was about to kick him. Goku quickly turned around. "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!" He yelled out as he fired the blast in Brocc's face. Brocc was blasted to a mountain. The sky crackled with thunder during the battle, Two Super Saiyan 3s were exciting, indeed. The smoke from the mountain cleared. "You are a powerful Saiyan, Brocc," Goku admitted."I'd love to have you on our side. But you've done a lot. You've disrupted the balance between the living and the dead. I still think there is hope for you. I will try to bring you to the light, but if you are too far into the darkness, I will kill you."

"You think I'm evil, huh?" Brocc said. "In most people's eyes, I could be seen as that. Those androids attacked my home, I had to stop them. I have a family as well. I was defeated unfortunately. Then I saw you and prince Vegeta. I was shocked. I remember seeing you as a baby, Kakarot, or Goku as you like to be called. Something told me you would be strong. I wanted to battle you someday, and when I saw you, I knew that was the day. I pretended to be human to gain your trust so then I could battle you. When I died, I couldn't just keep the loss down my throat. The battle I've been wanting for so long I lost? I had to battle you again. Battling is everything to me. It runs through my Saiyan blood. Don't you see? This was meant to be! If I die, at least I'll die fighting the battle that I've been waiting for all my life! But your death would be so much more satisfying! I'm not evil, I just love to battle!!!" Brocc flew towards Goku.

"Hmph," Goku said. "You're too far into darkness, I must finish you." "DID YOU NOT HEAR ME?!" Brocc said, still rushing. "I'M NOT EVIL HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" Goku rushed towards him as well. They continued with their hand to hand combat. After a while, the two stepped back. Goku charged a True Kamehameha. Brocc charged a Golden Spiraling Blast. The area was crumbling from the amazing power being charged. "YEAH!" A bunch of Ogres and other beings shouted. "Uh guys???" An Ogre said. I think we should get outta here! Those blasts could blow this whole area apart!!!" They agreed with the Ogre and ran away from the battle. "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Goku yelled as he fired his True Kamehameha. "GOLDEN SPIRALING BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Brocc shouted as he fired his blast as well. The blasts collided. Neither side was able to get the upper hand. The blasts made a huge explosion that covered the entire area and blew all of the other beings away.

A humongous smoke cloud is seen. Brocc is seen with his shirt and pants partially ripped. Goku's orange shirt is burned off and only his blue one remains. The two stop to take a breath. "Hey!" Gohan is seen, in his Mystic Form next to Gotenks as a Super Saiyan 3. "Don't think you're gonna get all the fun!" Gotenks said cockily.

Gotenks and Gohan

Gohan and Gotenks arriving to help Goku.

Chapter 30: Help Arrives: Gohan and Gotenks[]

"Dammit!" Brocc said, annoyed. "These pests!" "HEY GUYS!" Brocc refereed to the other beings in Hell."TAKE CARE OF THEM! I'LL FINISH GOKU OFF!!!" Several Hell beings surrounded Gotenks and Gohan. "We can take em," a familiar voice said. "I'd expect to see you," Gohan said with a smile on his face. The voice was none other than Cell! "You think you can destroy me and expect me to just sit down?" "You realize that I'm 1000x more powerful right?" Gohan asked? Cell proceeded to absorb several Ogres. This increased his power immensily. "HAHAHAHAHAHA" Cell laughed as he kept gaining power. "Grr!" Gohan said, frustrated by Gohan's power increase. "Heh!" Gotenks grunted as he was ready to face Frieza and Cooler. "Ready, brother?" Cooler said. "Yes!" Frieza said smiling. "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU" They said at the same time. "Oh no..." Gotenks said. "SIONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN" "NO NO NO NO NO NO!" Gotenks said, being unexpected of this? "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Frieza and Cooler fused. 


Frieler, fusion of Frieza and Cooler.

"Dangit we're in trouble!" Gotenks said. "Don't worry," Gohan said to Gotenks, smirking. With your Super Saiyan power, you should be able to crush him." "That won't be the case with me," Cell said, smiling. "I have absorbed several Ogres. They must be weak, but absorbing several of them increased my power greatly. You cannot win." "Well see," Gohan said.

Frieler fired a large death beam. Gotenks barely dodged it, as it scratched his shoulder. "WHOA!" Gotenks shouted. "That was enough to make a large hole through my chest!" Gotenks fired a Die! Die! Missle Barrage! and Frieler countered it with a Death Beam barrage. Frieler's Death Beams were much larger than Cooler and Friezas', so they were able to match Gotenks' Die! Die! Missile Barrage! "HAH!" Gotenks shouted as he trapped Frieler in 3 Galactic Donuts. Gotenks took this opportunity to charge towards Frieler and get a couple hits in. Frieler fired Eye Lasers, which injured Gotenks. "GAH!" He said as he was hit. Frieler broke free and tossed Gotenks, making him crash to the ground.

Gohan fired a blast at the more powerful Cell. Cell countered with his own blast, making an explosion. Cell made 4 Cell Jrs. and sent them after Gohan. "These things again?" Gohan said to himself. The Cell Jrs. kept throwing punches while Gohan shielded himself. "Enough!" he said as he fired an Explosive Wave, sending the Cell Jrs. far back. "Now you." Gohan said, smiling. "You think you can beat me just because you beat my children?" Gohan and Cell engaged in hand-to-hand combat. The two seemed pretty even. Cell used Instant Transmission to appear behind Gohan and kicked him back. "I forgot you know that technique..." Gohan said. Gohan charges a Kamehameha. Cell used Instant Transmission again. He appeared behind Gohan. Gohan quickly turned around and fired the very powerful Kamehameha. "You're predictable Cell." Gohan said smirking. Cell appeared behind Gohan and hit him very far into some rocks. "You think this will be so easy? I can use this technique all I want!" Gohan got up. "This will be harder than I expected. He uses Instant Transmission a lot and he is much more power than before."

"HAAAAH" Brocc yelled as he threw a ball version of the Spiraling Blast. Goku dodged it. "Is that all?" he said, feeling confident. Brocc charged a Spiraling Blast. He teleported in front of Goku then fired it. "AGH!" Goku yelled as he was blasted away. Meanwhile, Gotenks was still battling Frieler. "Ready for my ultimate attack?!" Gotenks said. Frieler chuckled. Gotenks covered Frieler in a ball of Galactic Donuts. "Hehe!" he chuckled as he held the ball. He sledge-hammered it to Gohan. "GOHAN HEADS UP!" he shouted to him. Gohan looked up. "Okay!" He spiked it to Goku. Goku looked up. "Got it!" He spiked it back to Gotenks. "HAH!" Gotenks shouted as he spiked the ball, sending it flying to the ground. At the last second, Goku used Instant Transmission to grab Gohan and Gotenks to bring them far away. An explosion occured from the Buu Buu Ball, and Brocc and Cell were caught in it, so it seemed....

Brocc and Cell used Instant Transmission to get out of the way! "Come on guys!" Goku yelled angrily. "Let's finish this!" He charged a Super Kamehameha. Gohan charged a Masenko and Gotenks charged a Big Tree Canon. They fired it at Brocc and Cell. "Bye bye," Brocc said as he pushed Cell directly into the blast and he teleported away. "AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Cell yelled as he was disintegrated by the blasts. "So dad," Gohan said, "how do we close Hell's gates?" "We must kill all the beings that have returned from it, then it will seal. It won't close up if a single soul that was revived is taken again." "Too bad you won't get that chance," Brocc said. "You may have killed the others, but if they leave Hell they'll just regain life again!" "So then I guess we'll have to finish you off quickly" Super Saiyan Vegeta said from a distance.

Chapter 31: Is Fusion The Only Way?[]

"Ah, Vegeta!" Goku said. "Prince," Brocc said. "Glad you can come. Now I can kill you off along with the rest!" Goten and Trunks separated. "Bad timing!" Trunks cried. "Boys," Goku commanded, "leave now. This battle is very dangerous for you, especially since you're unfused. Go! NOW!!!" Trunks and Goten listened as they flew through the portal back to Earth. Goku went to his base form. "Are you kidding me?!" Brocc said, laughing. "YOU HAVE NO CHANCE THAT WAY HAHAHAHAHA!" "Gohan," Goku said, "can you hold him off?" "Piece of cake," Gohan replied. He charged towards Brocc. They used hand-to-hand combat. Goku flew to Vegeta. "Hey Vegeta, fusion is the only way." "What?!" Vegeta replied, upset. "You know I hate that thing!" "Come on the whole UNIVERSE is at steak!" "Grr fine!" Vegeta said.

Goku went Super Saiyan and they got into their stance. "FUUUUU" they said together. "SIONNNNNNN." Brocc noticed Goku and Vegeta fusing. "NO! NO WAY YOU'RE NOT DONG THAT THING AGAIN!" Brocc used a Super Shield then used it as an explosive wave, dealing Gohan great damage since he was at point-blank range. "Oh no!" Goku said as he saw the explosive wave moving rapidly towards him and he and Vegeta were blown away. Brocc was on top of the rubble, breathing heavily. Goku and Vegeta emerged from the rubble. "Oh no Gohan! He got that right in his face!" Brocc charged towards the two. He rammed his arms in their necks then flung them back. He flew towards them again. "HAH! SOLAR FLARE!" he shouted as he did the attack. "AGH!!!" Brocc yelled as he was blinded. "Now Vegeta!" The two backed up far and started to do the dance again. Brocc fired ki blasts everywhere blindily to avoid them fusing. "Dammit!" Vegeta said frustrated as he dodged the blasts with Goku. Brocc regained his vision.

"YOU WON'T FUSE!" Brocc said angrily. "YOU HEAR ME?!?!?!" He charged towards them again. As he was about to hit them, he was fired by a blast in the back. Brocc turned around. It was Gohan, very injured, bloody, but still standing. "Damn you child..." he said a little quietly. "DAMN YOUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!" He charged two Golden Spiraling Blasts, one for Goku and Vegeta, and one for Gohan. He was planning to finish them! "We're in trouble!" Goku said, shocked. He grabbed Vegeta then Instant Transmission to Gohan and Instant Transmissioned with the two of them to Earth. Brocc stopped charging. "They're heading for Earth, I bet." he said to himself. He teleported to them.

Chapter 32: People of Earth, Give In Your Energy![]

Goku teleported Goku and Gohan to a grassy area. "Dammit!" Vegeta said, frustrated. "We can barely get a chance to do the damn fusion!" "We can fuse now while we have the chance!" Goku said. Brocc teleported in front of the three. "Maybe not!" Gohan said. "Spirit Bomb, then," Goku said. He went to his base form and flew into the air and raised his hands. "Guys hold him off!" "You gotta be freaking kidding me!" Vegeta said. "DAMMIT I'M THE SAIYAN PRINCE I NEVER GIVE UP!!!" He transformed into a Super Saiyan 2. Gohan charged his power as well. "OH PLEASE!" Brocc said confident. "VEGETA, YOU'RE TOO WEAK, AND GOHAN, YOU'RE TOO INJURED!!!" He charged towards them and did hand-to-hand combat with the both of them. "I call upon the grasses, trees, animals, land animals, sea animals, humans, every living thing on Earth!!! LEND ME YOUR ENERGY!!!!!!!!" The Spirit Bomb started charging.

"You feel that?!" Krillin said to Piccolo and Tien. "It's Goku!" He put his hands up. So did Tien and Piccolo. Other people of Earth put their hands up as well. Brocc blew Vegeta and Gohan back. "I don't know what you're doing, but you're going down!" he said as he rushed towards Goku. He punched his gut then kicked him to the ground. Vegeta and Gohan fired blasts at Brocc's back. "YOU'LL PAY FOR THAT!!!" Brocc shouted. I must be careful, Brocc thought. This isn't Hell where you're energy constantly recovers. My energy is almost out, I must make this quick. Brocc teleported to Vegeta.

Chapter 33: Memories[]

"Don't you remember me, Vegeta?" Brocc said to him. "From Planet Vegeta? We were very good friends, ya know!" "I know Brocc is a Saiyan name..." Vegeta said, "But I don't know you!" "Come on!" Brocc said as he kicked Vegeta to the ground. "Remember dammit!" He kicked him again. "REMEMBER!!!!" He yelled as he kicked him so hard, the ground cracked up. Memories went through Vegeta's head. He had memories of him as a child with a young Brocc. Vegeta got up. "I remember you...." Vegeta said, shocked. "We were very good friends...." Gohan charged towards Brocc. Brocc elbowed his chin then blasted him away.

"Brocc," Vegeta said, "why are you doing this?" "Why???" Brocc asked. "Because I'm a Saiyan. I always knew someday I would fight you and Kakarot. You two are special. I dreamt of it. The ultimate battle with you and Kakarot! But then our planet was destroyed and it crushed my dreams. But then I saw you and Kakarot! My dream was alive again! But then you two crushed me with your fusion. I wasn't just gonna let this slide. I had to get my revenge. Since you killed me, all I want to do is crush you two! If you consider me evil then it's your faults I'm like this!!!" He grabbed Vegeta by his hair and blasted him away.

Goku got up. He put his hands up again and continued charging the Spirit Bomb. "You're still alive?!" He teleported to Goku then flipped and kicked him to the ground. Brocc charged a Golden Spiraling Blast. "GET READY!!!!!" Goku transformed into a Super Saiyan 2. "GOHAN! VEGETA! IT'S ALL OR NOTHING NOW!!!!!" Goku and Gohan charged a Super Kamehameha. Vegeta charged a Final Flash. "GET READY TO DIEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!" Brocc yelled as he fired his blast. Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan fired their blast as well. The blasts collided. "GRRRRR" Brocc yelled as he put more power into his blast. "I WILL WIN!!!!!!!!!" Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan's blasts were getting pushed back. "I WILL WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Brocc yelled even louder as his blast became much larger and beat Goku, Gohan, and Vegeta. Brocc has won the struggle. The Z-Fighters seemed to have lost.........

Chapter 34: Spirit Bomb, Win!!![]

Goku, Gohan, and Vegeta were on the floor, unconcious. Goku opened his eyes. He got up, but wobbly. He put his hands up again. "When will you freaking die???" Brocc said, grinning evily. Brocc flew down to the ground. "I will blast you into space, then you will blow up with lovely fireworks, do you like that, "Goku"?" He charged a blast. Brocc was fired in the back by two blasts. He turned around. "I'M FREAKING TIRED OF BEING FIRED IN THE BACK!" It was Vegeta, in his base form, and Gohan who fired the blasts. Brocc blasted the two away. He then turned around. "NOW! KAKA----" He was shocked. He saw the massive Spirit Bomb. "GET READY BROCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Goku yelled as he threw the massive ball of energy.

Brocc fired a Golden Spiraling Blast and it collided with the Spirit Bomb. Neither side won. "GRRR!" Goku grunted as he struggled to push the Spirit Bomb. "I WILL NOT LOSE!!!!" Brocc yelled, angrily. "NOT AGAIN!!! NO MATTER HOW BIG YOUR ATTACKS ARE, I WILL NOT LOSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He put all of his power into the Golden Spiraling Blast. Vegeta and Gohan kept firing blasts at Brocc's back, which made him keep losing energy quickly. "DAMMIT!!!" Brocc said, frustrated. Brocc's blast was vaporized. "CRAP!!!!" He yelled, shocked. "NO CHOICE! I GOTTA HOLD IT!!!" He put his hands out to stop the Spirit Bomb, and loss his energy. He was in his base form. "YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!!!" He yelled. The Spirit Bomb hit him. "AGHAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I WILL NOT LOSE!!!! I WILL NOT---!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he was destroyed. Goku fell on the floor. "Good job, guys!" he said to Gohan and Vegeta. "We did it!" Vegeta and Gohan were smiling. The portal to Hell closed up. Earth was safe again.

King Yemma was at his desk. "A lot of work," he said smiling, "but the universe is safe!!!" He kept stamping papers. Brocc went in line. "Dammit, you gotta be kidding me!" He said, upset. King Yemme yelled "YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" His massive voice shook his office. King Yemma calmed down and smiled. "Everybody in Hell will suffer, but you Brocc? You will get special treatment." Brocc cocked an eyebrow. "Special treatment? That can't be very good!"

The end!

Ending Credits: Innocent World

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