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Dragon Ball Z: The Heretic is a novel by Majin Krillin. It is the first book in the Codex Trilogy.

Silent Reflection[]


It was a rather large atrium, thought Peran, a Saiyan who stood in the middle of the autrium in question. A simple tunic, of the blue color, was rapped around his chest, accompanied by white trousers and undershirt. His black eyes stared up at the tree planted in a small green clearing in the center of the atrium. His hands where clasped behind his back, and though he appeared to be staring intently at the tree, the slight haze over his eyes revealed the truth. He was contemplating something.

The door behind him slid open, and another Saiyan walked in, this time dressed in full battle armor, with a small cape wrapped around his chest. He looked at Peran with a gaze some might call regret.

"So you've come," Peran said, calmly.

"As you always knew I would," the other Saiyan replied. He walked over and joined Peran by the tree, contemplating.

"You know why they sent me." he said.

Peran nodded slowly. The other Saiyan sighed, and then, in a fit of rage, launched a Ki blast at the tree, which absorbed it, oddly.

"Why, Peran?" he cried, looking at the blue-tuniced Saiyan, "why defy the King?"

Peran sighed, and shook his head. "When I became a scholar for the King, I swore to confront the truth, without thought to consequences. We are dying, Arik, languishing in decay. Frieza and our king only hastened that death."

"That is heresy!" Arik cried.

"It is the truth! And I swore to uphold it."

At this, Arik sighed, a resigned look on his face. "I have come to carry out your sentance," he finally said. Peran nodded.

"And what of my wife?" he asked, "or my son?"

"Your wife will die with you," Arik replied, "you son will be sent to a remote world to survive. An exile."

Peran nodded slowly, and Arik signaled a guard at the door. The guard opened it, and a Saiyan woman walked in, calm and serene. She walked next to her husband, who took her hand.

Arik nodded again, tears beginning to make their way down his face. "Goodbye, my friend," he said, then lunged foward, his fist striking their heads in an arc. They crumpled.

Arik looked down at the bodies, then sighed in unhappiness. He was crying in earnest now. As he looked at his two friends, he choked back a sob.

"May the eldest gods show you mercy that our elders did not," he said, then turned and walked away.

The Temple[]