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Dragon Ball Z: Rising Moon begins before Dragon Ball and starts three years before Frieza destroyed planet Vegeta. It follows a young Saiyan boy named Sonyo. BE WARNED THIS FANFIC FEATURES GRAPHIC FIGHTING AND DEATH SCENES.

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Important Pages[]

Characters in Dragon Ball Z: Rising Moon


Planet Vegeta Saga []


Sonyo and Manori

Ghosts of the Past

Tournament Tidings

Less like you

Destuction Saga[]

Frigid Saga[]

Planet Earth Saga[]

Bio Saiyan Saga[]

Mecha Frigid saga[]

Ice Saga[]

End Game Saga[]


  • This story was inspired by The Forgotten
  • Originally the Frigid saga was three sagas, the Frigid saga, the escape saga, and the Icejin saga.
  • This is a long story with a total of eight sagas.
  • The End Game saga has not one but three main villains.