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Dragon Ball Z: Rising Moon begins before Dragon Ball and starts three years before Frieza destroyed planet Vegeta. It follows a young Saiyan boy named Sonyo. BE WARNED THIS FANFIC FEATURES GRAPHIC FIGHTING AND DEATH SCENES.
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Characters in Dragon Ball Z: Rising Moon


Planet Vegeta Saga Edit


Sonyo and Manori

Ghosts of the Past

Tournament Tidings

Less like you

Destuction SagaEdit

Frigid SagaEdit

Planet Earth SagaEdit

Bio Saiyan SagaEdit

Mecha Frigid sagaEdit

Ice SagaEdit

End Game SagaEdit


  • This story was inspired by The Forgotten
  • Originally the Frigid saga was three sagas, the Frigid saga, the escape saga, and the Icejin saga.
  • This is a long story with a total of eight sagas.
  • The End Game saga has not one but three main villains.
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