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Dark Moon Rising is the first story arc told in the DBZ Fanon Wiki Category DBZ: Revelations. It takes place exactly one (1) year after the Boo saga.

This story arc is not entirely an original story. It is loosely based off of two real-life existing movies just for the sake of fun entertaining reading and writing purposes, so NO copyright is intended. The two movies that this story is based off of are: Yo! Son Goku and his Friends Return!, and Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

DBZ: Dark Moon Rising is divided into three (3) story articles:

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After emerging from their space crafts, Abo contacts an unknown person using a small communication device on his right wrist, telling the person that he and Kado had returned to Earth. Then he and Kado fly off.

Meanwhile, Goten, Trunks, Krillin, and Piccolo manage to find and collect all seven Dragon Balls quickly thanks to using Bulma’s Dragon Ball Radar. However, before they can head back to Bulma’s house, Abo and Kado suddenly confront the four friends, demanding that they hand the Dragon Balls over to them. After they refuse, Goten and Trunks start fighting the twin alien brothers. During the fight, the boys fuse into Gotenks in Super Saiyan 3 form via the Fusion Dance technique. Gotenks seems to have the upper hand, and eventually he succeeds in beating down both Abo and Kado. Thinking that the two warriors are defeated, Gotenks, Krillin and Piccolo start to leave with the Dragon Balls, when suddenly Abo and Kado surprisingly regain consciousness and start performing the Fusion Dance themselves. After finishing the technique, Abo and Kado fuse into their larger, more powerful form named Aka. Aka beats down Gotenks, Krillin, and Piccolo. After that, he performs the Solar Flare attack on them. With the three warriors temporarily blinded by the attack, Aka quickly grabs all seven Dragon Balls and flies off with them back to where he had landed on Earth. When the three Z fighters regain their eye sight, and see that Aka had taken the Dragon Balls from them, they sadly retreat back to Capsule Corp. to tend to their wounds, but only after Gotenks splits back up into Goten and Trunks again.

Aka, fusion of Abo and Kado


Aka breaks back up into Abo and Kado again and together the alien brothers bring the Dragon Balls back to their space capsules and hide the orbs in their crafts. After that, Abo contacts the same person he had talked to earlier on his small communication device, telling the person that it’s time to “eliminate loose ends.” Then he flies off in one direction, and Kado flies off in the other.

Concurrent to Aka stealing the Dragon Balls from Goten, Trunks, Krillin, and Piccolo, Goku and Vegeta finally finish their training at Kami’s Lookout center. But when they emerge from the Room of Spirit and Time, they are immediately confronted by Dende and Mr. Popo, who were waiting for them outside the Room. Dende tells the two Z warriors that, while they were training, he and Mr. Popo had sensed from the Lookout that Abo and Kado had landed on Earth, and that they had stolen all seven Dragon Balls from Goten, Trunks, Krillin, and Piccolo. After hearing this, Goku decides that he and Vegeta should avoid a fight with Abo and Kado until they know what they’re really up against. At first, Vegeta protests this since he wants to fight the twin alien brothers now. Annoyed by his frustration, Goku reminds Vegeta that they still need to find out what the information about the alien spacecraft resting on Earth’s moon has to do with them. This leads to Goku asserting that the UFO on the moon might somehow have a connection to Abo and Kado. Reluctantly, Vegeta agrees, and Goku, using his Teleportation technique, teleports himself, Vegeta, and Dende and Mr. Popo back to Bulma’s house to continue their research.

At Bulma’s house, Goten, Trunks, Krillin, and Piccolo return, informing the gang that Abo and Kado had stolen the Dragon Balls from them. Goku, Vegeta, Dende, and Mr. Popo also return, and Goku tells the gang that they should all avoid a confrontation with Abo and Kado since Goku believes that the twin alien warriors might have some connection to the Space Race and the UFO on Earth’s moon. Before the gang decides to get back to their research, they suddenly see a breaking news report on Bulma’s television set. The news station reports that at least two-hundred and thirty-seven, (237), people in the United States and three-hundred and eighty-five, (385), people in Russia have been mysteriously murdered. The news bulletin also reports that these mass killings took place in different locations within the US and Russia. After watching this breaking news, Goku and the gang come to the conclusion that Abo and Kado must be behind the mass killings, with one brother being in the United States and the other in Russia. With that, Goku finally decides that now is the right time to attack the twin alien brothers; so he, Vegeta, and Vegeta’s brother Tarble teleport to Russia, while Piccolo, Gohan, and Videl fly off to the United States. Goten, Trunks, and Krillin agree to stay behind, since they are still too battered and tired to fight Abo and Kado after their last encounter with them.

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Saint Petersburg, Russia.

After teleporting to Russia, Goku, Vegeta, and Tarble arrive in the Russian city of Saint Petersburg, where they survey numerous dead bodies in the streets of the city that are being tended to by Russian police and medical personnel. As they walk outside an Orthodox Christian church, they suddenly discover an old Russian man mysteriously following them. After spotting him, they demand to know who he is. The old man immediately reveals himself to be Dmitry Koslov, the former Soviet cosmonaut who secretly landed on Earth’s moon in 1971. Koslov explains to the three friends about his mission to the moon and that the whole mission itself was falsely reported to the rest of the world’s nations as just another launch of a Soviet military satellite. He also confesses that he did explore the crashed UFO on the moon and that he knows it was a Saiyan ship from Planet Vegeta. However, before he can explain to Goku, Vegeta, and Tarble how he knows of the ship’s origin, and how he knows of the three of them, Kado suddenly appears out of nowhere and quickly kills Koslov with one blow to his head. Then he quickly attacks the three Saiyan warriors by using the ‘Solar Flare’ attack on them, temporarily blinding them and allowing him time to escape by flying away fast. After Goku, Vegeta, and Tarble quickly regain their eye-sight back, Vegeta admits that Goku was right the whole time: Abo and Kado did have something to do with the Space Race, and were killing anyone associated with it. The question was why. With that, they immediately teleport back to Capsule Corp. to tell the rest of the gang about their discoveries in Russia.

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California.

Meanwhile, Piccolo, Gohan, and Videl arrive in the United States in the US city of Los Angeles, California. There, they discover a number of dead bodies being tended to by both police and medical personnel. They then come across a dead male body not being tended to, and discover that he’s wearing a NASA identification “ID” card attached to his shirt. After looking around some more, the three friends suddenly see that almost all the dead people in Los Angeles all have NASA ID cards attached to their shirts. This leads to Gohan asserting that all the people who died in America and Russia had some connections to NASA and possibly other organizations that had to do with the Space Race, proving that his father Goku was right about Abo and Kado having some connection to the Saiyan spacecraft on Earth’s moon. Afterwards, Piccolo tells Gohan and Videl that he must return back to Capsule Corp. to inform the rest of the gang of this revelation, and that the two of them must stay in America a bit longer in order to confront and defeat Abo and Kado if they spot them. Gohan and Videl agree, and Piccolo flies off. Eventually, after looking around the outskirts of Los Angeles some more, Gohan and Videl come across a man named David Griffin, who invites them to his mansion on the outskirts of Los Angeles to have a drink to calm their nerves after looking at dead bodies. While at the mansion, Griffin explains to Gohan and Videl that he is the Chairman and CEO of a super large financial accounting firm in the US called Vigilant Accounting Inc., which he inherited from his father, Walter Griffin. He claims to the two that he wants to help them understand why certain US citizens who had ties to NASA and the Space Race are being killed. Videl asks Griffin what’s in it for him, which leads to Griffin answering that, when his father was running the Vigilant company long ago, the primary organization that Vigilant was in charge of budgeting and accounting for was NASA. After the conversation, Gohan and Videl decide to quickly leave the mansion since they both don’t understand why Griffin wanted to help them. As soon as the couple walks out onto the large front yard of the mansion, Abo suddenly appears, and grabs Videl away from Gohan and, in an instant, imprisons her in a small electrified cage of his, which Gohan can’t penetrate, not even in his Super Saiyan 2 form. Gohan then prepares to fight Abo, only to see Griffin, some of his friends, and multiple black suited bodyguards standing by and just watching the event unfold. Gohan demands to know why Griffin and his friends aren’t doing anything to help, which leads to Griffin revealing the shocking revelation to Gohan of how Abo and his twin brother Kado had played a major, yet ultra-secret part in the Space Race between the United States and the Soviet Union long ago:

Griffin explains to Gohan that Abo and Cado had sensed about the Saiyan spacecraft crashing on Earth’s moon many decades ago, and that it was carrying a secret Saiyan technology called the Wormhole Sphere, a round device that was capable of opening a wormhole through space to transport any type of matter from one place to another. He continues by explaining that both Abo and Kado had secretly raided the Saiyan ship back in 1972, and stole the Wormhole Sphere from the ship so that they could give it to their warlord Freeza so that he could use it to conquer the known universe. However, after stealing the device, both brothers had realized that only a Saiyan warrior could easily activate it since it was made by Saiyan scientists, thus they decide that they should search the universe for any survivor(s) of the Saiyan race and have him/her/them turn it on. However, before they could have set off to find a Saiyan survivor, Abo and Kado suddenly discover, (via footprints on the moon), that humans from Earth had already discovered the Saiyan ship. Not wanting the humans on Earth to explore the Saiyan ship on the moon any longer, (since they feared that it would only ruin their mission), Abo and Kado had devised a scheme in order to shut down the human moon program. So in 1972, the same year that they raided the Saiyan spacecraft, the twin alien brothers secretly land on Earth in their round space pods, undetected by anyone. After they land, Abo flies off to the United States, and Kado flies to the Soviet Union. In the US, Abo had secretly confronted an adult male human, Walter Griffin, David Griffin’s father. In their secret confrontation, Abo forces Walter and his accounting firm to forge false accounting information to NASA, in the attempt to make it seem like NASA had run out of money to send more American astronauts to the moon when it really hadn’t. In return, Abo spared Walter’s life and the lives of his family and friends, and had even told them about the Saiyan ship on the moon and Freeza. The entire Griffin family and friends keep everything they hear from Abo a complete secret from the public sphere, including their responsibility of shutting down the US Apollo moon program. Griffin then reveals to Gohan that Abo’s brother Kado, who had gone to the Soviet Union, had done the exact same thing that Abo was simultaneously doing in the United States; Kado had confronted a small group of Soviet government financial accountants and forced them to shut down the Soviet moon program by threatening to kill them if they didn’t. When they did as he said, Kado also spares their lives and also tells them about the Saiyan ship and Freeza, thus the small group of Soviet conspirators and their families and friends also keep their deal with Kado a secret from the rest of the Soviet Union. With their evil scheme complete, Abo and Kado had left Earth still in possession of the Wormhole Sphere to begin their search for a Saiyan survivor who would turn on the device, (unaware that one baby Saiyan was living on Earth the whole time, who was Gohan’s father, Goku). Griffin then explains that, many years later, Abo and Kado had sensed that their leaders, Freeza and his father King Cold, had been killed back on Earth by an unknown Super Saiyan warrior, (who was Future Trunks), thus Abo and Kado had decided to wait until they felt the time was right to return back to Earth and collect all of Earth’s seven Dragon Ball orbs and use them to wish both Freeza and King Cold back to life, that way they could use the Saiyan device to rule the universe.

David Griffin ends his story to Gohan by stating that Gohan and his family and friends’, (Z gang’s), worst enemies had been working with humans ever since 1972, and that he and his friends had helped both Abo and Kado kill their fellow American human allies in order to “eliminate loose ends.” Gohan is completely speechless at Griffin’s story. Finally, utterly outraged at the whole revelation of the great conspiracy, Gohan attempts to lash out at Griffin, only to be stopped by Abo and two of Griffin’s bodyguards. Griffin and Abo then threaten to kill Videl, (who is still locked in Abo’s small electrified cage), if Gohan doesn’t help them activate the Saiyan device since he is a hybrid Saiyan. Reluctant and filled with rage, Gohan agrees to help them turn on the Saiyan device in order to save Videl’s life. Nonetheless, he promises to kill Griffin and Abo and Kado once he’s done helping them. With that, Abo, Griffin, and Griffin’s bodyguards lead Gohan and the still locked away Videl to a helicopter to transport them to the location of Abo and Kado’s space pods, where the seven Dragon Balls and the Saiyan device are still at.

Unbeknownst to Gohan and Videl however, Piccolo hadn’t returned back to Bulma’s house like he had said he would. Instead, he had secretly followed Gohan and Videl, and had watched the whole scene at Griffin’s mansion unfold from a faraway distance. Piccolo was about to intervene to save Gohan and Videl, when he suddenly received an inner vision from Kami, the former Namekian Guardian of Earth who had fused with Piccolo during the Android/Cell saga. In the vision, Kami assured Piccolo that Gohan and Videl would be alright, and that he should return back to Japan now to inform the rest of the Z gang what he had just seen and learned in America. Reluctant, Piccolo angrily flies off, swearing that he would track down Gohan and Videl in order to rescue them both from Abo, Kado, and their human allies.

Meanwhile, Goku, Vegeta, and Tarble, after returning to Bulma’s house, inform the Z gang about their confrontation with Kado and with former Soviet cosmonaut Dmitry Koslov. Moments later, Tarble suddenly senses on his head scouter that he can no longer detect Gohan and Videl’s power levels, (chi levels), which leads to both Chi-Chi and Hercule yelling at Goku for sending their children off to fight Abo and Kado by themselves. But Goku reminds Chi-Chi and Hercule that their children are with Piccolo, and that he wouldn’t let anything bad happen to them. With that, Goku and Vegeta decide to go after Abo and Kado one more time in order to get the Dragon Balls back from their possession. The rest of the Z gang, however, demand that they all accompany the two Saiyan warriors to get the Dragon Balls back, as they are exhausted from doing their manual research on the Space Race and are looking to take action to help Goku. Goku and Vegeta agree, and together they fly off with Tarble along with a regenerated Goten, Trunks, and Krillin, while the rest of the gang board one of Bulma’s large capsule airplanes and follow after them.

Meanwhile, Gohan and Videl, still in Abo and David Griffin’s custody, arrive via Griffin’s private helicopter at the planes of Africa, where Abo and Kado had crashed landed back on Earth in their space capsules. There, they find Kado waiting for them after returning from his confrontation with Goku, Vegeta, and Tarble back in Russia. When they land, Abo and Kado reach into their capsules and take out the seven Dragon Balls that they stole from Goten, Trunks, Krillin, and Piccolo earlier on. They also take out the Wormhole Sphere, the round Saiyan device that they had stolen from the Saiyan spacecraft on Earth’s moon back in 1972. After placing the Dragon Balls together on the ground, Abo, Kado, and Griffin order Gohan to say the magic words in order to summon Shenron the Eternal Dragon. Still not wanting them to kill Videl, Gohan reluctantly says the magic words, thus the sky around them turns black, and Shenron appears from out of the Dragon Balls. Shenron asks the gang to make their two wishes. Abo goes first, asking Shenron to bring the alien warlord Freeza back to life. After that, Kado uses the second wish to wish Freeza’s father King Cold back to life. Gohan and Videl are distraught as Shenron grants both Abo and Kado’s wishes, then he bids them farewell and disappears back into the Dragon Balls. Then the seven orbs separate and fly off in seven separate directions, and the sky turns blue again. And with that, much to Gohan and Videl’s raw fear, Freeza and King Cold appear before them, with Freeza no longer appearing in his cyborg form, but as he appeared while he fought Goku on Planet Namek many years ago. Immediately after their appearance, Abo and Kado kneel before Freeza and King Cold, welcoming them back to life. Freeza commends Abo and Kado for their actions to obtain the Saiyan device for him to use in order to conquer the whole universe. He then honorably thanks David Griffin and his friends for more than forty, (40), years of service to him and to Abo and Kado. Griffin then asks Freeza if he and his friends could conquer and rule planet Earth on their own while he and King Cold could conquer the rest of the universe. This leads to Freeza asking Kado where his former Russian human allies were at. Kado explains to Freeza that he had killed all of his Russian allies. Freeza then asks Abo why he had allowed some of his American allies to live while his twin brother had killed all of his human allies. Understanding what Freeza was saying, Abo decides that it’s time to “finish eliminating loose ends.” Then, in a shocking turn of events, Abo suddenly kills Griffin with one blow to his head, much to Gohan and Videl’s disgust. Shocked and scared, Griffin’s friends and bodyguards start to run away, until Kado gets in their way and, in one quick move, blasts them all to dust via an energy blast from his right hand. With all their human allies officially gone, Abo, Kado, Freeza, and King Cold finally confront Gohan and Videl, who is still locked in Abo’s small electrified cage. Freeza explains to Gohan that he hadn’t forgotten what his father Goku had done to him on Planet Namek many years ago. Nonetheless, he now has his sights set not just on Goku, but on Vegeta’s son, Trunks, whose older future-self had killed both him and his father years ago.

Freeza and King Cold

Freeza (right) and King Cold (left) after being brought back to life.

Meanwhile, Goku and the rest of the gang are flying off to find Gohan and Videl. On their way, they run into a frantic Piccolo. Piccolo informs the gang of the revelations about the American and Russian moon landings that he, Gohan, and Videl obtained while in America, and about the Saiyan wormhole device. With that, Goku starts to sense out Gohan and Videl’s location. After succeeding, he leads Vegeta, Tarble, Trunks, Goten, and Krillin, along with Piccolo, to where Abo and his American allies had taken Gohan and Videl to, while the rest of the Z gang follows at a slower pace in their plane.

Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks

Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks.

Finally, the Z warriors arrive on the planes of Africa and confront Freeza and King Cold, demanding that they release Videl from her electrified cage. Freeza then makes an offer to Goku: he’ll release Videl from her small prison only if Goku activates the Wormhole Sphere, since only a Saiyan could activate the device. When Goku and the rest of the Z fighters refuse, they all turn into their Super Saiyan forms, excluding Piccolo, Krillin, and Tarble, ready to fight Freeza. At first, the Z fighters are confident that they’ll easily defeat Freeza and his father, since they’ve all grown stronger over the years since they’re last encounter with him. But Freeza informs the fighters that his return from the afterlife had only strengthen both his and his father’s power levels, making them more powerful than they were many years ago. Freeza even boasts that he and King Cold have become more powerful than Kid Majin Boo. At first, Krillin thinks that Freeza is just bluffing, but Vegeta yells at Krillin stating that Freeza was, unfortunately, telling the truth. With that, Goku, Vegeta, Goten, Trunks, and Gohan finally start to fight Freeza, King Cold, Abo, and Kado, while Piccolo, Krillin, and Tarble stand by and watch since they figured they’re not powerful enough to take on Freeza. Videl also stands by in her cage, watching the fight unfold. As it turns out, Freeza wasn’t bluffing as Krillin had thought; he and King Cold truly had grown much stronger and powerful since their duration in the afterlife, as they and Abo and Kado seem to have the upper hand against the Z fighters. During the battle, Gohan gets beaten down by King Cold, which leads to Goten and Trunks to once again perform the Fusion Dance and fuse into Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks, in order to save Gohan from getting beaten any further. After seeing that, Abo and Kado also perform the Fusion Dance and fuse into Aka once again and start to fight Gotenks. Meanwhile, while he continues to fight, Goku notices that the plane carrying the rest of the Z gang finally arrives not too far away from where he and Vegeta are fighting Freeza and King Cold. At first, Goku yells at the rest of his friends to stay back with Piccolo, Krillin, and Tarble, since the fighting has become intense. But seeing that Goku, Vegeta, Gotenks, and Gohan were almost losing ground in their fight, the gang decides to help out in any way they can. Piccolo, Krillin, and Tarble finally get involved with the fighting, and even Krillin’s wife, Android 18, (Eighteen), gets involved as well, along with Good Fat Boo. With the extra help, Freeza, King Cold, and Aka start to lose momentum. With the three evil alien warriors distracted with the fighting, the rest of the gang approaches Videl to try to free her from her cage. At first, it looks hopeless to unlock the cage since it’s electrified. A battered and bruised Gohan then arrives and reveals that he has the physical key to unlock the cage, telling the gang that he had quickly stolen it from Abo’s pocket during his fight with him alongside the rest of the Z warriors. After finally freeing Videl from the cage, Gohan proceeds to take the Wormhole Sphere Saiyan device and destroys it via a Ka-Me-Ha-Me-Ha energy wave. Seeing the Saiyan device destroyed and his chance to conquer the universe gone, Freeza, starts to fight more aggressively than his father and Aka, unleashing his full fury on the Z fighters. Completely hysterical, Freeza then flies upward high into the Earth’s atmosphere and starts to form his famous sun-like energy ball in order to blow away planet Earth just as he had done to Planet Vegeta many decades ago. King Cold and Aka also join him high in the sky in order to avoid the blast. Back on the ground, before they can pursue the three alien warriors into the sky, Goku asks Vegeta to perform the Fusion Dance with him in order to fight Freeza alongside Gotenks. At first, Vegeta is reluctant, as he doesn’t want to be fused with Goku forever like last time when they fought Super Majin Boo. But Goku reminds Vegeta that the Fusion technique only lasts for a mere hour as opposed to the Fusion Earrings that were given to them by the Supreme Kai a year ago. Convinced, Vegeta agrees, and he and Goku immediately perform the technique and successfully fuse into Gogeta, in Super Saiyan 3 form. After the successful fuse, Gogeta, along with his fused son Gotenks, quickly fly off into the sky and confront Aka, King Cold, and Freeza, whose energy ball has almost reached maximum power. While Freeza continues to build up his energy ball, King Cold fights Gogeta, while Aka fights Gotenks. After seriously wounding Aka with his “Kamikaze Ghost” attack, Gotenks helps Gogeta fight off King Cold, also severely wounding him after many energy blasts. Eventually, Gohan and Piccolo arrive in the sky and take over fighting Aka and King Cold, allowing both Gogeta and Gotenks to take on Freeza together. Finally, Freeza’s small yet powerful sun-like energy ball finishes reaching maximum power, and he unleashes it right at planet Earth. Luckily, Gogeta and Gotenks quickly get in front of it and both launch two massive Ka-Me-Ha-Me-Ha energy waves right at it. The fused energy waves strike at the energy ball as Freeza fights to push his attack back at Gogeta and Gotenks’s attacks. Meanwhile, while fighting King Cold and Aka, Piccolo tells Gohan to go help his father and brother fight off Freeza’s attack, while he takes on both King Cold and Aka, who at this point are both severely weakened by all the fighting, thus their power levels had gotten very low. Gohan agrees, and flies up and launches his own Ka-Me-Ha-Me-Ha wave directly at Freeza, in order to weaken him while he fights off Gogeta and Gotenk’s attacks with his energy ball. This proves to work, as Gohan, Gogeta, and Gotenks give everything they have at Freeza until he can’t take it any longer. After an exhausting time fighting back, Gogeta, Gotenks, and Gohan finally succeed in pushing back Freeza’s energy ball, and the sun-like energy blast strikes Freeza, disintegrating and killing him once and for all. After that, seeing that Piccolo is also weakened by fighting both weakened King Cold and Aka, Gogeta, Gotenks, and Gohan direct their energy waves right at the two alien warriors. The energy waves succeed in killing King Cold for good. Aka tries to fight back, until Gohan arrives and finally kills the larger alien warrior via his own Ka-Me-Ha-Me-Ha wave blast, and with that, the battle ends with the Z fighters victorious once again.

Super Saiyan 3 Gogeta

Super Saiyan 3 Gogeta.

After Gogeta splits back up into Goku and Vegeta, and Gotenks splits back up into Goten and Trunks again, the Z warriors fly back down towards the Earth’s surface to reunite with the rest of the Z gang. After they land however, they are surprised to find a group of men in black suits and six black helicopters on the ground as well. One of the men calmly walks up towards Goku and asks him and the rest of the Z fighters to come with them. They reveal that they’re all special agents with the US Central Intelligence Agency, (CIA), and that they’re fully aware of all the events that transpired in both America and Russia. Knowing that the US government is now fully aware of the Z fighters’ existence, Goku and Vegeta both agree that there’s no point in keeping their alien powers a secret anymore. Reluctant and scared, the Z fighters and the rest of the Z gang are all escorted into the six black helicopters and flown to Washington, D.C., the capitol city of the United States. When they arrive, they head to the White House and are quickly ushered into the Oval Office, where the US President, (Barack Obama), and other US government and military officials are waiting. Much to the Z fighters’ surprise, the President had invited them all over to commend and honor them for their fight against the American traitors who shut down the NASA Apollo moon program back in 1972. He especially thanks Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Goten and Trunks for defeating Abo and Kado, the twin alien brothers who had blackmailed humans into helping them try to conquer the world and the universe. After awarding each of the five Saiyan Z fighters the US Presidential Medal of Freedom, the President gives Goku and the Z gang the upmost permission to help governments around the world to resolve human conflicts. The Z gang humbly accepts their new jobs. A few days later, a large parade is held in New York City near the United Nations headquarters, where the Z gang meets with other world leaders who humbly accept them as Earth’s new super heroes. Among the world leaders is the Russian President, (Vladimir Putin), who, like the US President, personally thanks the Z gang for revealing the conspiracy between certain Russian government officials and Abo and Kado. At the ceremony outside the UN HQ, the US President announces that the US and its allied nations like Russia will begin production on sending new astronauts and cosmonauts back to the moon since they now know that they had always had the money to do so.

Orion at the Moon

Orion spacecraft at the Moon.

Many months later, the Z gang is invited to Houston, Texas at NASA mission control to watch via a large TV screen a joint American-Russian space mission to Earth’s moon. The mission is carried out by using both the Russian Soyuz spacecraft and the new American Orion spacecraft.