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Dragon Ball Z: Revelations, or DBZ: Revelations, begins exactly one year after the Boo Saga, starting with the story Dark Moon Rising. DBZ: Revelations tells the stories of the Z gang and their unexpected quests to unraveling revelations of the past, while fighting off evil forces that threaten the universe. The stories told in DBZ: Revelations star familiar new enemies of the Z gang like Birus, only portrayed in different roles. DBZ: Revelations does not take place on the "Earth of Dragon Ball." It rather takes place on the "Real Planet Earth" as we, (DBZ fans), are familiar with, consisting of nations like the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, and of course, Japan, where the Z gang lives in DBZ: Revelations. The written stories of this DBZ Fanon category aren't that original. They are only written for entertainment/reading purposes. After all, that's what DBZ Fanon Wiki is all about!


There are only three (3) main stories written for Dragon Ball Z: Revelations, no more, no less. The titles of the three stories are as followed: