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Dragonball Xz: Episode 75 by The dark TRUNKS

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This article is currently under construction and is incomplete at the moment.

This article, Dragon Ball Z: Raging Budokai (MajinGogito), is the property of MajinGogito.

Dragon Ball Z: Raging Budokai Ps3 Cover

Dragon Ball Z: Raging Budokai is a fighting action video game and the sequel to both Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 and Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3. It is a fan-created game that will soon be released for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. Its release date for all consoles is scheduled for May 2nd, 2015.


This game has a much larger character roster than any other game in the Dragon Ball Z franchise. The graphics are now much better and gameplay is much more smoother than the previous Dragon Ball Z games. New stages, transformations, environmental actions, animations, dialogue, game modes, and features have been added to this game that its predecessors lacked. 

Goku tired once running low on ki

Now, your player's ki plays a huge role in the game. If you are running low on ki, you may be unable to fly fast or perform combos and if you are transformed into a transformation that drains your ki tremendously (such as Goku SSj3), you must keep a close eye on your ki level or charge up your energy, since if it falls down to a certain amount, you may be forced to revert back to your base form.

The Playstation 4 and Xbox One versions also have much better graphics and gameplay than the other versions, since they are the Next-Gen Game Consoles.

Game Modes[]

Dragon Ball Z: Raging Budokai, like previous Dragon Ball Z games, has many different game modes to play and choose from. Many of these modes are unliocked from the beginning of the game, but there may be some that have to be unlocked by different methods.

Normal= Unlocked at Start/ Bold= Must be unlocked by progressing in game/ Italic= Unlocked with code or by wishing for it from Shenron

  • Story Mode- Play through the entire Dragon Ball story, starting from Dragon Ball and ending with Dragon Ball GT. Experience the adventures of your favorite characters. They are optional optional objectives to earn more Zeni also!
    • Original Path- Play through the story the way that it is meant to be played and do what the true characters did.
    • Another Way- Play through the story the way that you please. Make choices as to have mercy for someone or immediately kill them. Note that choices have effects on the rest of the story. *Unlocked by completing the Original Path on any difficulty at least once.
  • Duel Mode- Face off against a friend or against the computer
    • Single Battle: Classic One-on-One fight!
      • CPU vs CPU- Watch the computer fight with players you choose!
      • 1P vs CPU- Face off against the computer with the player you choose for yourself against the player you choose for the computer
      • 1P vs 2P- Face off against your friend to see who is the best
    • Team Battle: Your team versus their team!
      • CPU vs CPU- Watch the computers fight with a team of fighters that you choose for them
      • 1P vs CPU- Fight the computer's team with the players that you choose for your team
      • 1P vs 2P- Face off against your friend and see who has the best team for the job!
    • Co-Op Battle: Play with up to three of you other friends in a 2v2 battle
      • Tag Battle- Fight against the other team with your partner and tag out to recover and let your teammate show them what they're made of!
  • Dragon Tournaments- Compete in many different tournaments
  • Online Battle- Face off against players from all across the world to rank up your own characters and get better!
  • Ultimate Battle- This makes its return from BT3, fight some great battles
    • Mission 100- A new 100 battles, fight as hard as you can for nice rewards
    • Survival- Face multiple waves of enemies and see how long you can survive *unlocked by competing 20 Mission 100 battles
  • Evolution Z- Buy dynocaps for your characters to use and upgrade with. Customize your characters also!
  • Training- Train and practice controls and attacks
  • Legend Mode- Create your very own character and compete in their creative universe. After doing so, created characters are saved to your roster!
  • Universal Mode- Pick a character and compete in their unique story mode. *similar to Galaxy Mode
  • Chi-Chi's Library- Stack up on your knowledge of the Dragon Ball Z universe and playable characters of the game
  • Options- Change the settings
    • Codes- Put in any codes that you happen to find in hopes of unlocking new characters or items!
  • Shenron- If you have found the seven Dragon Balls, come here to summon a randomly picked (out of five) Eternal Dragons. Each of them grant different wishes. *Unlocked by collecting seven Dragon Balls

​Playable Characters[]

Note: Normal= Unlocked at start/ Bold= Have to unlock by progressing through game (method of unlocking will be shown in Chi-Chi's LibraryItalic= Unlocked by wishing on a Dragon/ Italic Bold= Unlocked by Code

  1. Kid Goku (Base, Great Ape)
  2. Goku <EARLY> (Base, Kaio-ken x3, False Super Saiyan)
  3. Goku <MID> (Base, Super Saiyan)
  4. Goku <END> (Base, Super Saiyan, Super Kaio-ken, Ascended Super Saiyan, Ultra Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 3, Super Saiyan God)
  5. Goku <GT> (Base, Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 3, Golden Great Ape, Super Saiyan 4)
  6. Kid Gohan (Base, Great Ape)
  7. Tween Gohan (Base, Super Saiyan)
  8. Teen Gohan (Base, Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2)
  9. Gohan (Base, Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, Great Saiyaman)
  10. Ultimate Gohan 
  11. Future Gohan (Base, Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2)
  12. Ultimate Future Gohan
  13. Kid Vegeta (Base, Great Ape)
  14. Vegeta <SCOUTER> (Base, Great Ape)
  15. Vegeta (Base, Super Saiyan, Super Vegeta)
  16. Vegeta <END> (Base, Super Saiyan, Super Vegeta, Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 3, Super Saiyan God)
  17. Vegeta <GT> (Base, Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 3, Golden Great Ape, Super Saiyan 4)
  18. Majin Vegeta (Base, Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2)
  19. Baby Vegeta (Base, Super Baby, Super Baby 2, Great Ape Baby, Super Baby 4)
  20. Kid Goten (Base, Super Saiyan)
  21. Teen Goten (Base, Super Saiyan)
  22. Goten <GT> (Base, Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2)
  23. Kid Trunks (Base, Super Saiyan)
  24. Teen Trunks (Base, Super Saiyan)
  25. Trunks <GT> (Base, Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2)
  26. Future Trunks <EARLY> (Base, Super Saiyan)
  27. Future Trunks (Base, Super Saiyan, Ascended Super Saiyan, Super Trunks, Super Saiyan 3)
  28. Kid Krillin
  29. Krillin
  30. Yamcha
  31. Tien Shinhan
  32. Chiaotzu
  33. Piccolo <EARLY>
  34. Piccolo <END>
  35. Nail
  36. Pikkon
  37. Tarble (Base, Great Ape, Super Saiyan)
  38. Raditz (Base, Great Ape, Super Saiyan)
  39. Tarditz (Base, Great Ape, Super Saiyan)
  40. Turles (Base, Great Ape, Super Saiyan)
  41. Nappa (Base, Great Ape, Super Saiyan)
  42. Kid Gotenks (Base, Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 3)
  43. Teen Gotenks (Base, Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 3)
  44. Gotenks <GT> (Base, Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 3)
  45. Kid Trunkten (Base, Super Saiyan)
  46. Teen Trunkten (Base, Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2)
  47. Trunkten <GT> (Base, Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 3)
  48. Gogeta (Base, Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 4)
  49. Vegito (Base, Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 4)
  50. Cui
  51. Malaka
  52. Appule
  53. Frieza Soldier
  54. Orlen
  55. Dodoria
  56. Zarbon (Base, Post Transformation)
  57. Guldo
  58. Recoome
  59. Burter
  60. Jeice
  61. Captain Ginyu (Base, Goku's Body)
  62. Frieza (1st Form, 2nd Form, 3rd Form, Final Form, 100% Final Form)
  63. Mecha Frieza
  64. Cooler (Base, Final Form)
  65. Meta Cooler (Base, Meta Cooler Core)
  66. Android 8
  67. Commander Red (Base, Android 9)
  68. Android 13 (Base, Fusion)
  69. Android 14
  70. Android 15
  71. Android 16
  72. Android 17
  73. Hell Fighter 17
  74. Super 17
  75. Android 18
  76. Hell Fighter 18
  77. Super 18
  78. Android 19
  79. Dr. Gero
  80. Cell (Imperfect Form, Semi-Perfect Form, Perfect Form, Power-Weighted Form, Super Perfect Form)
  81. Cell Jr
  82. Demon King Dabura
  83. Mr. Buu
  84. Evil Buu
  85. Kid Buu
  86. Ultra Buu
  87. Super Buu (Base, Piccolo Absorbed, Gotenks Absorbed, Gohan Absorbed, Frieza Absorbed, Cell Absorbed, Vegeta Absorbed, Vegito Absorbed)
  88. Bardock (Base, Great Ape, Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 4)
  89. Shugesh (Base, Great Ape)
  90. Fasha (Base, Great Ape)
  91. Gine (Base, Great Ape)
  92. Tora (Base, Great Ape)
  93. Borgos (Base, Great Ape)
  94. Bartora (Base, Great Ape, Super Saiyan)
  95. Salza
  96. Broly (Base, Super Saiyan, Legendary Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 3)
  97. Bio-Broly
  98. Hatchiyack (Base, Giant Form, Super Form)
  99. Zangya
  100. Bojack (Base, Super Hera)
  101. Kid Chi-Chi
  102. Teen Chi-Chi
  103. Pan (Base, Super Saiyan)
  104. Bulla (Base, Super Saiyan)
  105. Marron
  106. Master Roshi (Base, 50% Max Power, Max Power)
  107. Grandpa Gohan
  108. Yajirobe
  109. Hercule
  110. Videl (Base, Great Saiyawoman)
  111. Supreme Kai (Base, Kibito Kai)
  112. Kibito
  113. Tapion
  114. Minotia
  115. Kid Uub
  116. Uub (Base, Majuub)
  117. Mercenary Tao
  118. Cyborg Tao
  119. Tambourine
  120. Cymbal
  121. Drum
  122. King Piccolo
  123. King Cold
  124. Spopovich
  125. Yamu
  126. Pui Pui
  127. Bibidi
  128. Babidi
  129. King Vegeta (Base, Great Ape, Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 4)
  130. Bargeta (Base, Great Ape, Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 4)
  131. Chilled (Base, Final Form)
  132. Garlic Jr (Base, Super Garlic Jr)
  133. Dr. Wheelo
  134. Lord Slug (Base, Giant)
  135. Hirudegarn (Base, Final Form)
  136. General Rilldo (Base, Meta Rilldo, Hyper Metal Rilldo)
  137. Nuova Shenron (Heat Armor, Full Power)
  138. Syn Shenron (Base, Omega Shenron)
  139. Kami
  140. Master Shen
  141. Abo
  142. Kado
  143. Aka
  144. Android 8000
  145. Android 19000
  146. Bacterian
  147. Bandages the Mummy
  148. Beerus
  149. Whis
  150. Bora
  151. Upa
  152. Teen Upa
  153. Kid Bulma
  154. Bulma
  155. Dende
  156. Eis Shenron
  157. Veku (Base, Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 4)
  158. Goku Jr (Base, Super Saiyan)
  159. Vegeta Jr (Base, Super Saiyan)
  160. Gogeta Jr (Base, Super Saiyan)
  161. Vegito Jr (Base, Super Saiyan)
  162. Haze Shenron
  163. King Kai
  164. King Yemma
  165. Mighty Mask
  166. Ninja Murasaki
  167. Paragus
  168. Naturon Shenron (Base, Pan Absorbed)
  169. Oolong
  170. Ox-King
  171. Lord Luud
  172. General Blue
  173. Pirate Robot
  174. Saibaman
  175. Tiencha
  176. Prillin (Base, Super Namek)
  177. Krilatzu
  178. Spike the Devilman
  179. Arale
  180. Janemba (Base, Super Janemba)
  181. Emperor Pilaf (Base, Pilaf Bot, Fused Pilaf Machines)
  182. Giran
  183. Bear Thief
  184. Major Metallitron
  185. Yakon
  186. Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy
  187. Ledgic
  188. Oceanus Shenron
  189. Rage Shenron
  190. Dore
  191. Neiz
  192. Bido
  193. Bujin
  194. Kogu
  195. Toobi
  196. Cabira
  197. Kuriza (Base, Final Form)
  198. Arbee
  199. Nam
  200. King Chappa
  201. Colonel Silver
  202. Colonel Violet
  203. Dr. Raichi
  204. Fangs the Vampire
  205. Farmer with Shotgun
  206. Garlic
  207. General White
  208. Giru
  209. Gokule
  210. Mai
  211. Princess Snake (Base, Giant Snake)
  212. Ranfan
  213. Grand Supreme Kai
  214. Southern Supreme Kai
  215. Western Supreme Kai
  216. Northern Supreme Kai
  217. Staff Officer Black 


Story Mode[]

Main Article: DBZ: Raging Budokai Story Mode (MajinGogito)

In Story Mode, you will fight in almost every single battle that took place in the Dragon Ball Z storyline. The harder and better you fight the higher you can rank with a F, B, A, S, or Z and the higher you rank, the more Zeni you will earn. Some storyline missions may unlock characters upon completion as well. 

Dragon Tournaments[]

Mission 100[]

Main Article: DBZ: Raging Budokai Mission 100 (MajinGogito)

In Mission 100, its function is exactly the same as in Budokai Tenkaichi 3. All 100 of the missions are unlocked from the start and you can earn the ranks of F, GT, A, S, Z, or DBZ (all in order of higher rank). The higher your rank, the more Zeni you earn and the higher that the possibility of earning a Dragon Ball or new item is. You can also replay missions to try to compete for a higher score. There is also an achievement/trophy for beating each mission with each rank.


Evolution Z[]

Legend Mode[]

Universal Mode[]


If you have found the seven Dragon Balls scattered around the game, (like in other DBZ games), you will be able to press this mode to summon one of the five Eternal Dragons (Dragon is chosen randomly every time). The five available Dragons are: Shenron, Porunga, Ultimate Shenron, Black Smoke Shenron, and Omega Shenron.

Each Dragon grants a 

Chi-Chi's Library[]

Main Article: DBZRB: Chi-Chi's Library (MajinGogito)

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