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This article, Dragon Ball Z: JLA, is a fan-made crossover between Dragon Ball and another universe.
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Note: This story contains occasional use of swearing.

Dragon Ball Z: JLA is a fanfiction written by DBZGamingAddict. It takes place about seven years after the death of Buu. The story is a crossover between the works of Dragon Ball Z and DC Comics; the "JLA" in the name being an acronym for the Justice League of America. The story revolves around the meeting between the DBZ multiverse and the DC multiverse, and the ensuing conflict. As far as canon goes, Battle of Gods is considered canon, and is therefore a part of the DBZ continuity (the story takes place a year after BOG).


Genesis Saga[]

This is the introductory saga. It covers the creation of the DC Universe and its divine hierarchy, the introduction of the DC characters, life on Earth after the titanic battle between Goku and Beerus, and it sets the scene for the conflict of the story.

Chapter List[]

1. In the Beginning...

2. A Conversation with God

3. Sharing the Love

4. What do you Mean, 'Almost'?

5. Just Another Day at the Office

6. Infinite‐Mass Punch

7. TBA

8. TBA